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The sun shone through the windows of the chamber as Maple's eyes looked around the strange place. It was an elegant place, marble scaffolding structured to hold up what at first appeared to be a granite roof. Looking behind herself, she could see sitting on a pedestal a golden sword that screamed elegance.

'Huh, that kind of looks like a rare item? Where am I anyways? Is Sally nearby?'

Her eyes began to wonder again, searching for her answer to such questions. Finally lowering themselves to the ground, she could see a series of older men standing about them. They were busy high fiving and celebrating, as if they had accomplished a big task that went over her head. She didn't mind though, since most of them looked to be happy after all that must be a good thing for her.

"Oh honorable Heroes, please save our world!" A middle aged man who kind of looked like a priest stepped forward exclaimed with joy.

"Wait, what?" Maple's eyes shifted to rather handsome young men. The one to step forward was the youngest, but still a small bit older than Maple herself.

"Please, before you ask questions I implore that you come visit our liege, King Aultcare Melromarc the Thirty Second. I am a simple priest." He then gave us a slight bow.

None of them, not even Maple could speak up for moments after the man did that. The lul had to end sometime though, and it was another of the young men who did it.

This one was much more 'Japanese' then the other two, and was for some reason carrying a Sword, "Very well, if he can explain the situation then we will listen."

"Thank you, my Lords." The priest took a step back and showed a hand towards the door.

Noone really needed any more prompting as they began to walk forward. Within moments they had exited the chamber to cross a massive bridge that was, well, REALLY high up.

Maple took a moment to look over the edge to see a valley of buildings and civilization, "So pretty, everyone is so small from up here!"

"Liking the sights?" Maple quickly turned around to see a blonde with a spear giving her a charming smile, "Makes you feel like you are on top of the world, eh?"

"Yup!" Maple cheered as she rejoined the party, "Hey, uh, do you know where we are? I was in the library with Sally and then I picked up a book and then I-"

"Whoa whoa there miss." The man raised his hands as if he was being assaulted, "To your question, I don't really know myself. Though I'm pretty sure we just got Isekied."

"Eh, really?"

"Yup, you saw those Priest back there and we all got these weapons too." The boy made a motion with his right hand where a spear was held, "I don't remember really ever holding a spear in my life."

"But I'm not holding anything?"

"You're holding a Shield though?"

"Eh?" The girl took a moment and looked to her side. Sitting on her arm was a rather plain looking buckler, "Huh, I guess it was so light I never noticed it."

"Light, what do you mean by that?"

"Oh, I always carried a Tower Shield around, so this little one feel so light compared to it."

"Is that so, well I feel bad for you." The face of the Spearman simply retorted.

"Huh, but the Shield is the best weapon!"

"No its not, without any offensive capabilities you would be a sitting duck without a party."

"That's why you get some Counter Skills! If they hit you, they take part of the damage they inflict!"

"Such skills are unreliable when you can just stab someone with a spear!" The man made a few quick stabbing motions with his spear.

"When we get a chance after this, I will prove you wrong!" Maple couldn't help but pout at the man's ignorance of her favorite item!

He gave a short laugh, "Yeah, we'll see."

Before Maple knew it they had arrived in a massive great hall, one comparable to the Great NPC Courts of New World Online. To say it was a wonder to Maple was an understatement, everyone seemed even more life like than the VRMMO game she was playing before.

Did I really get Isekied? It was so random though and I didn't get hit by a truck. Wasn't that one of the Rules Sally said, that you needed to die?

Does that mean I'm dead?

No silly, how can you be dead when you can still smell things!

The Hero of the Shield quickly hit her head for thinking such silly thoughts. If she was really in a new world, she must try her best to stay calm, collected, and positive. Yes, that is exactly what she should do!

By the time Maple had finished her train of thought the group was settled in the middle of the room. There was an old man who sat on the throne, who Maple could easily guess that he was this King, uh, she did not really catch his long title.

"Welcome, Heroes of the Cardinal Weapons to Melromarc." The man announced with a very booming voice, "I am the King of this Country, Aultracy Melromarc the Thirty Second. As I appear before you, I ask for your names as well."

The first to announce himself was the one with the Sword, "My name is Ren Amaki of age, I am a High Schooler."

The others soon announced themselves, the bowman being Itsuki and the spearman being Motoyasu. As soon as they had finished I was ready to give my own name.

Before I could however the King spoke, "Alright, the Heroes names are Ren of the Sword, Itsuki of the Bow, and Motoyasu of the Spear. So the weapons have declared!"

Did he forget about me? Hmm, if he did then would it be okay to correct a King? No, that would be silly and unbecoming of me! I'll just need to talk to him after words!

"You see Great Heroes, I beseech thee to help our world and save it from the the brink of destruction…"

The girl listened intently to every word that was spoken to them. How the world was being attacked by the Waves, and that they would result in the deaths of millions if not contained by the Heroes proper. How the summons were a last ditch effort to summon people who would defend the people from being annihilated by the monsters that came from it.

That sounds horrible! These people are in such peril! We really need to help them!

"As such, I petition you Heroes to help save our world and protect Melromarc from these waves." The King announced while lowering his head towards the group of Heroes.

"Do you expect us all to do that for free?" Maple watched as Ren took a step forward to call out the King, "Even if we wanted to, we can't live just doing that. We all require some monetary compensation in order to pay for food and housing."

"Yeah, I'd do anything for a pretty face but I'd hate to rely on them for keep me afloat."

"Indeed, we cannot live without food and necessities." The line was ended with Itsuki who stood with his chest high in the sky.

"Indeed! Which is why I have developed a reward policy for you three." The King's head rose as his hand motioned with a swipe, "We will give you initial funding and companions, as well as with every Wave you defeat will be followed by a reward based on performance!"

The group looked between each other, though Maple felt a little let out of the process. Yeah, they need money to survive but asking for it outright like this is a little much. Even an airhead like herself could figure they would be giving them funds as well. It would be horrible to have your heroes starve before they even get to fighting!

"Yeah, that is an agreeable arrangement." Ren announced to the room of guards and trusted advisors of the King.

"Indeed, that is grand." The King sank into his chair as if a great weight was taken off his shoulders, "Then Heroes, I ask that you confirm your statuses!"

While two people in the group were taken over by confusion, Maple instinctively toggled her menu with ease. To her delight it was just like New World Online, including the point spread that she was given at the start. A small, diabolical smile grew on her face as she went straight to increasing her Vitality (Def).

Yata! Increase my precious Defense. Increase it so that I can never take damage again!

By the time she was finished with the initial distribution, it looked kind of like this:

Str: 0

Agi: 0

Int: 0

Vit: 125

Dex: 0

A warm bubbly feeling was what Maple felt when she saw those numbers. It was really just a good bit of Nostalgia, remembering her initial foray into the world of online gaming. Though oddly enough her vitality increased a bit more than it did back in her original game.

It's probably nothing to be too worried about.

By the time she was finished she heard the ending words of the King, "Now while there is a grand adventure awaiting you all, I ask that you stay the night. I need to requisition the necessary funds together as well as assemble your Champions."

Maple heard the others reply in the positive, which lead to everyone dispersing. Someone had called out to the Heroes to take them to their rooms, but Maple had a King to talk to!

And so she moved, slowly of course, towards the King. While most did not pay attention to the slow moving object, not even the King. As she ascended the steps, the girl had to resort to her tried and true method of, "Mr. King! I need to talk to you!"

"Hmm?" The man turned around just as his guards were assembling. He suddenly assumed a look that seemed to call out seething annoyance, anger, and general confusion, "Do you need anything?"

"I, uh, sorry I am so slow!" The girl exclaimed as she was still only halfway up the stairs, "I wanted to introduce myself to your majesty, but I didn't want to interrupt you!"

"Is… that so?" With those words the King's expression was filled almost completely with confusion, "Very well Hero, what is your name?"

The girl thought about giving her real name to these people, but she was feeling her name was a little complicated, even for herself. So she simply stuck to her game name and gave a bow, "Maple!"

"Maple… is that so?" The man's face grew a small blush, as if the unexpected events did something to his cold hatful heart, "May I ask you why you move so slow?"

"That? Oh it's because of my build!" She said cheerfully as she finally got up the staircase, "Maximum Defense! No one will be able to pierce my Shield!"

The small group of Guards and King watched as the little girl pointed her shield into the air, as if inspiring praise. While the guards did not respond at all, there was a small chuckle from the none other than the King.

He soon just shook his head, "Interesting, I had heard that each Hero takes a different approach to their strength, but it seems you have devoted your entire being to your strongest."

"Well I don't see a reason why not! I'm a super tank after all!" Maple quickly cheered with a gigantic smile.

"Is that so…" The man simply shook his head, "You should make your way to your room, Hero Maple. It will be a long day tomorrow."

Before the man could take a step from her the little girl called out, "Actually, I was wondering if you would tell me where a good hunting grounds is. I want to get some skills before the day ends!"

"But…" The man looked a the innocent face of Maple for another moment, "The forest near our fair Castle is infested with Balloon Monsters. I would suggest you head there if you wish to grind for the night."

"Thank you!" Maple cheered as she turned around and slowly made her way down the stairs. Though she was not getting anywhere fast. There was a small murmur from behind her as Maple turned to see a guard come to her.

He was a modest looking man who seemed to be in his late forties, "His Majesty wishes to extend you thou his mercy, in that I am instructed to take you to the forest so you might arrive before nightfall."

"Is that so? Great!" Right as she finished her words the girl was picked up by the man, almost being manhandled, "Hey, can you put me on your back or something!"

"Hmm?" The man looked over to Maple for a moment, "Nope."

And within ten minutes she was unceremoniously tossed outside of Castle Town's Walls.