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She read the letter, glanced over her shoulder then read it again just to be sure. She sat on her bed and thought, thought for almost ten minutes, weighing the pro's and Con's before deciding she should just go, see what he's desperate enough to contact her for. She can always come back after, even if she gets caught they never had much on her but it was always better to be with as much family as she could, and Dom was definitely family. So was Mia but as she had more of a record then Mia did, it was better for her to run and Mia stay, the girl still had an education she was working on after all. She glanced down at the letter again, reading it one more time before she got up to grab her go bag and leave a note for Dom.



I know, I ruined things. Made you guys have to run, but the truth is...I am too now. They didn't take to kindly to me letting Dom go. But I'm not writing to get you to understand or stop being mad at me. I ruined the life yall were living and for that you have every right to be mad But the thing is, so much about me you knew, wasn't a lie. And almost everythin' I know about family yall taught me.

I know what I'm about to ask is a lot, especially since you have no reason to trust me. But Letty...despite the few friends I've made here I need to let someone from LA know. I can't try Mia, their probably gonna keep an eye on all her calls if they can and just being in contact with me could get her brought in.

I can't do it.

So here's hoping that not only you come as soon as possible but also that it reaches you unread by anyone else.

I'm in Florida, look for the local point man.

Please come,


It told her everything she needed to know. He was in Miami, it had the best racing scene in Florida and he was on good terms with the local point man, Probably one of the better if not the best racer on sight. He had trained under Dom after all, hell he could beat anyone in the crew but Dom himself and they never lost to anyone but each other so he was good, he could be the best racer in an area, as long as he was away from Dom. They all could but they rarely were away from the man for too, long they were family and preferred to stick close together after all. She took one more look around her room before slipping out the door to place the letter on the table studying the house one last time before leaving, she didn't look back once she got in the car, just kept on driving, she'd be back. She didn't know when, but she'd be back and if she wasn't then her family would still be with her wherever she went, she knew that, if she couldn't come back here, there was a good chance they'd follow as long as they were free.