AN: crazy idea that came to me while listening to the music from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. What would happen if The Evil League of Evil responded to Voldemort's supposed application similar to how Bad Horse replied to Dr. Horrible...

First letter is from November 1981

To: Tom Marvolo Riddle, AKA Dark Lord Voldemort


Your enemies have partied because they think you're dead

But no one can find your body, you're just missing instead


Because of a prophesy you were scared of a little boy

You turned a rat into a traitor as your secret ploy


You killed the lad's father and then made your advance

You offered to spare the boys mother, you gave her a final chance


When she wouldn't step aside, you simply killed her too

But when you attacked the tot it rebounded back at you


The Evil League of Evil was definitely not impressed

For when you claim to be so powerful yet can't pass a simple test


We know that you will return on some future day

But to your application we must say, "Neigh"


When you think you're able you can reapply of course

But for now you're not worthy

Signed, Bad Horse