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It started out as any other day. Harry sat with Edward and the Cullens at lunch and pondered over his dilema, He and Edward had been dating for a few months but he felt as though Edward didn't truly understand that this wasnt some highschool romance, that their love would last an eternity.

He had already had it confirmed by the fey, He and Edward were mates. destined to be together for eternity, two souls that could not exist without eachother now that they were together. The Problem? Edward didn't trust him. he knew Edward didn't trust him because Edward had yet to tell Him that he was a vampire.

It didn't matter that Harry knew already, That Harry had known since he'd laid eyes on them. ( you can blame Snape for making them do an in depth essay on identifying Vampires in sixth year) what mattered was that Edward had yet to share his secret with Harry, and as soon as Edward shared that he was a vampire Harry could tell him and his family that he was a wizard

its not that he Didn't trust the Cullens, He trusted them with his life, its just that he didn't want them sharing their secret just because he had shared his, he wanted them to trust him enough to share.

of course he knew some of the Cullen family trusted him enough. using Legilimency he had skimmed their surface thoughts, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper were pushing Edward to tell him. but the others just wanted Edward to take things at his own pace.

but Edwards lack of trust wasn't what had him worried, what had him worried was that his love, his mate. his reason for living was staring across the Lunch room at the new girl Isabella, he recognised the signs. Edwards eyes shifting to black, his tense posture that screamed of how powerful her sent was and above all the low rumbling deep in Edwards chest that couldn't be anything other than Edwards vampire side screaming to break free.

Edwatds siblings all looked at their brother warily, they knew what this meant as well. Isabella Swan was Edwards Singer. and Harry didnt know why, but that realization made His stomach drop.


it began that week, with each day that Edward was absent Rising panic began to flood Harry's system. it was that feeling he got whenever something was about to go wrong in his life, He decided to tell the Cullens as Edward wasn't there to comfort him.

"Something bad's going to happen." Harry blurted out at lunch, on the fourth day of Edwards absence. "Why do you say that?" Alice asked confused. Harry sighed and looked at the table. " This may sound odd but I have a gut feeling, it started a few days ago. the first day Edward was absent. I've had this feeling before.

I got it a day before I was attacked by that teacher when I was 11, a week before that snake bit me when I was 12, Three days before I was attacked when I was. 13, two weeks before My classmate almost died when I was 14. four days

before I found out about our new teacher when I was 15 and a month before my headmaster died when I was 16." Harry said. of course he had ghosted over the stories of his days at Hogwarts, not really lying but only giving the general gist of them and promising to tell the full stories later

Alice blinked. "So do you know whats going to happen thats so bad?" She asked hesitantly. Harry shook his head. "No but I feel like its going to be torture for me." Harry said ominously.


Three days later Harry knew why he had been getting a bad feeling. Edward was breaking up with him. And to be with the Swan girl no Harry didnt cry (infront of Edward) or break down. he simply nodded and shrugged."Your taking this awfully well." Edward hedged warily.

Harry nodded. "It makes sense, you dont trust me. so you cant be confident in your feelings for me, though you didnt mean to. you simply saw me as the bright shiny toy to use until a new one came along." Edward looked stricken, Did Harry really think that? "No Harry, thats not-" Here he was cut off. "Goodbye Edward, I'll always love you." Harry said before closing the door in his now Ex-boyfriends shocked face.

Now it was Monday, and Harry was subjected to seeing Edward Staring at that Swan girl during lunch. Harry knew the entire school was gossiping about his and Edwards break up, But he refused to crack, He built up up his stodic mask once again and pretended to be engrossed in his book because he refused to seem weak.

Harry smiled as he found the charm he was looking for. ( He had spent the weekend. contemplating on how to get Edward to realize that They were mates)

a good luck charm, it was incredibly old. and used prior to the invention of Felix Felicis. The charm guaranteed a persons good luck for 24 hours. the only down side was that the caster couldn't cast the charm on themselves.

So Harry wandlessly cast it on Edward. hoping that would be enough.


after school came as a relief to Harry, He didn't think he could take anymore of those pitying looks he got. as soon as he got into the parking lot he put in his headphones, turned the volume on his phone up to its highest setting and pressed play on his favorite playlist.

Unfortunately for him he didn't notice the out of control van Heading straight for Isabella Swan, He didn't know about Edwards silent plea of 'Not her. Anyone but her.' He Didn't see The vans tires magically shift to grant Edwards plea. and he didnt Hear people frantically begin to call his name...

The next thing Harry knew, He was in pain. blinding pain as Tyler's van rammed into him, he fell onto the windshield. cracking the glass before the momentum carried him over the van. He rolled like a rag doll over the top of the van before falling hard onto the asphalt cracking his head open.

The students began speaking frantically as they milled around him. The Cullens stood in stunned silence as everyone panicked. "Careful what you wish for." Came a musical Voice.

The Cullens turned to se a woman in her early 20's with fiery red hair and peircing green eyes. "And you are?" Edward asked calmly. still numb over the incident. The woman smiled. "Lily Evans, and you really should be careful what you wish for, fate has a sick sense of humor." She said matter of factly.

The Cullens were about to question her further when someone approached them, it was Isabella. "Um hey Edward? Charlie wants to speak with you and your family when he gets here, to see if you saw what happened with the van." She said. The Cullens all looked at her for a moment before turning back to speak to the woman only to see that she had vanished.

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