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Cullen POV

The Cullens were troubled. Ever since Ginny had let the name of their old school slip the Cullens had been trying to get information on this school, but no matter how hard they searched, they couldn't get more information beyond a small passage claiming it was a School for hand-selected kids all over Europe.

And so they tried the next best thing, getting information out of the girls, Jasper had noted that Ginny would let little buts of information slip accidentally if they got her talking long enough, and as long as no one pointed it out she didn't seem to notice, Hermione was harder to crack, though she sometimes referred to things using odd terms.

And so Rosalie and Alice had been assigned to getting information out of them. At first, the Cullens didn't know what the information meant or how it related to each other. Then, Surprisingly Emmett put it together.

He pointed out that both girls had mentioned brooms, cloaks, and pointy hats. Leading him to think they were witches. The others were stunned. They had been trying to make all the information fit together in one when really they should have been trying to put a few pieces together and see if that had fit anything.

Though that wasn't what had them troubled, they didn't care if Harry was a witch. What had them bothered was the fact that Rosalie and Alice had just gotten back from 'having tea' with Hermione and Ginny. -Which was how they had gathered their information- and told the family some troubling news. Ginny was hoping to convince Harry to move back to England with her and Hermione when his leg healed.

More so than that, she confessed to wanting to set him up with someone! "We can't let her just take him!" Emmet said. Harry was like his little brother. "If he wants to go we can't stop him, Emmett," Esme said sadly. Harry was like her son. She didn't want to see him go.

"If he does move back why can't we just go with him. It's almost time to move anyway, next year Alice and Edward graduate, what's leaving one year earlier?" Rosalie said. She had grown to love Harry like a brother as well, and she wouldn't mind moving to stay with him.

Carlisle vetoed that idea. "If it were that simple I would agree, however, you must consider the fact that we might not be able to find him once he moves. If they are witches they have been hiding from humans for hundreds of years,

and from what the girls let slip it could be very likely that they have their own community hidden by magic. If that's the case we might not be able to track him down." He said seriously. The rest of the family deflated as they realized the truth in his words.

"We have to tell him," Edward said. Speaking up for the first time. The rest of the family looked at him. "We have to tell him we're vampires and that he's my mate, even if we can't convince him not to move we can at least try to convince him to let us come with him," Edward said confidently. He would not lose his mate.

The others nodded. It only seemed fair, after all, they knew his secret. "I'll invite him and the girls over for dinner," Esme said, going to the house phone.


Harry POV

Harry arrived later that night and offered Esme his apologies on behalf of the girls. They had made prior plans to dine in Seattle that they couldn't cancel. He sat down to eat, making no mention of the fact that none of them ate. After he was done they all headed into the living room to talk.

Carlisle being the leader began. "Harry, we have something we'd like to tell you. You see, we're a family of vegetarian vampires," he said. Harry smiled. "I know." He said. The others looked at him shocked. "You know? How? When?" Rosalie asked

Harry smiled. "Yes I know, the how is at school, the when is the moment I saw you. Any 16 year old like myself would know, I'm assuming you know I'm not normal myself? The girls certainly dropped enough hints, though they think I have no idea what they were trying to do." He said, amusement dancing in his eyes.

Emmett smiled broadly as the others were still getting over their shock. "You're a Witch." He said confidently. Harry choked a laugh and shook his head. "I don't think Edward would like me quite the same way if I were, the correct term is a wizard. The girls are witches," he said.

The others finally came out of their stupor. "What do you mean what the girls were trying to do?" Jasper asked. Harry rolled his eyes in amusement. "They'd concocted this whole overly elaborate plan to convince you to tell me your secret so I'd tell you mine and me and Edward would make up. They seem to have forgotten that I can throw off the imperious curse,

And thought a minor compulsion charm would work on me. Never mind the fact that my friend Luna, overheard her boyfriend Fred talking with his Twin brother George and warned me. She thought the plan was cute but completely over-elaborate. She also thought that we should just allow them their illusions and see if they could actually pull it off.

Though Ginny could have been less obvious. She's nowhere near as vapid as she's been acting, that mixed with the compulsion charm would have tipped me off if Luna hadn't." Harry mused. "What's a Compulsion charm and imperious curse?" Esme asked. "A compulsion charm does exactly what it sounds like, it compulses you to do what the caster wants, though it's more of a suggestion in your head, anyone with a strong enough will can throw it off.

The imperious curse is a foul bit of magic, it's one of the three unforgivable curses, and using it is an instant life sentence to the Wizarding prison Azkaban. It's a controlling curse, you are completely under the command of the caster and would be helpless to resist all the while knowing exactly what you're doing.

Until I overcame it in my fourth year no one thought it was possible to throw it off without long-term exposure to it. That curse could make devoted mothers kill their children, it could make committed spouses cheat and much more." Harry said seriously.

The Cullens stared in horror at the thought of the devastation that one curse could create. Edward shook his head. "While I'm sure we all want to know more about you and your world there is something else I have to tell you. You're my mate." Edward said warily, he didn't know how Harry would take the news.

Harry beaming happily certainly eased his worry. "I know that as well," he said as he walked across the room and plopped himself into a surprised Edwards lap. He knew he should probably wait until Edward actually apologized for being such a Git, but he really just missed his mate's arms around him. Edward didn't disappoint. He wrapped His arms tightly around Harry and pulled the smaller boy to his chest. "Harry, I'm so sorry-" here he was cut off by his little mate. "You're forgiven now hush," Harry said as he leaned forward and covered Edward's lips with his own.

Edward melted into the kiss and brought his hand up to cup Harry's face as he deepened the kiss. He had his mate back, and he would never let him go again He could properly apologize later, right now he had a much more important task of finding out how long his mate could hold his breath.

He might have actually found out if someone hadn't cleared their throat. Both Edward and Harry broke off the kiss to glare at Emmett for interrupting them. "Just for that, Jaspers now my favorite brother," Harry said scowling. "What! No fair!" Emmett whined as Jasper smiled smugly. "Who's your favorite sister?" Alice asked innocently. To innocently.

Harry narrowed his eyes at her, "That's a Trick question, I plead vow of silence." He said. The others looked at him questioningly. Harry smirked. "It's almost like the American Muggle version of pleading the fifth, it means that you've taken a vow of silence on the matter you're asking to testify on. If you break a vow of silence your magic will punish you,

so it's against the law to make someone answer if they've taken the vow. Of course, you have to swear on your magic that you actually have taken a vow of silence on the matter. If you're found to be lying the Wizengamot. -That's our courts- declare you a hostile witness and you're forced to then give testimony under Veritaserum, that's a truth serum." Harry explained.

That seemed to open up the floodgates of questions, Harry simply smiled and answered all of them happily, no one minded the time, and half the night was spent in conversation as Harry tried explained everything in the wizarding world. He had only gotten past his Hogwarts years, -having stopped throughout the stories to explain the things The Cullens didn't understand- before he fell asleep in Edward's arms. Edward smiled down at his mate, they could question him more tomorrow, right now His mate needed his sleep. He stood, Cradling Harry in his arms as he headed to his room and laid his mate on his bed.


"So you knew this entire time?" Hermione asked incredulously. Harry smirked and nodded from his place on Edwards lap, it was the day before the girls were scheduled to leave by portkey back to England, with solemn promises to bring everyone over to visit in the summer.

Harry had explained to the Cullens -After his laughter died down- that he never would have moved back to England, and all his friends knew it. He hated how everyone treated him as if he had just solved world hunger and cured cancer with a wave of his hand.

Though he was very touched that they would have followed him anywhere, "That's what we get for trying to pull one over on Harry, really, we should have known, I mean, the twins haven't been able to prank him for ages, and with his little Luna spy -Don't argue with me Harry, you know just as well as I that she reports directly to you- we really never stood a chance." Ginny reasoned.

"I keep telling Fred to watch what he says when she's in the same building, Luna hears everything, remember when she told us about that time she caught McGonagall and Snape-" Here she was cut off by Harry yelping in disgust and plugging his ears.

"NO! I just got those images out of my head! I don't need reminders, I don't want to know anything about the Headmistress and Snape, or what they do in broom cupboards!" Harry exclaimed wildly as his friends laughed at him. Edward began Chuckling as well until Harry deliberately dropped his shields and pushed all the images he wanted to bleach from his mind directly towards Edward.

Edward suddenly seemed to look a bit green, as his face crumpled in disgust. "Why did she have cat ears and a tail?" He asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer. Hermione, Harry, and Ginny shivered. "We made Luna swear on her magic to NEVER tell us," Ginny said.

And with that Harry promptly changed the subject and told His friends about one of the cute ways Edward was making up for being a bad mate these past weeks. Following Emmett and Jasper's advice, He had Given Harry a book of "Coupons" for various things such as Hugs, kisses, snogging sessions, back rubs, foot rubs, and breakfast in bed.

He didn't think Edward knew about the pole dancing coupons Emmett had added, and Harry had no plans to tell his mate until he produced one, after all, his mate was very good looking. Now add in easily removed stage wear… hmmm…

"-rry, Harry, HARRY!" Harry jumped as he finally came out of his daydream of Edward slowly stripping off a fireman's uniform as he twisted around a pole and grabbed his…hose. "Hmm? Sorry, I was thinking." He said.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "What in Merlin's name were you thinking about?" Hermione asked. Harry grinned wickedly as he eyed his mate with a suspicious glint in his eyes.


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