Experiment 626 and R-V-N.

~Narrator's POV~

Planet Turo, home planet of the United Galactic Federation. A large room was surrounded by the voices of others in attendance, as they waited for the Galactic Council to arrive.

A light shine in the center of the front of the room, as the Grand Council Woman arrived with her grand presence of authority.

"Read the charges." She instructed with a strong tone.

"Dr. Jumba Jookiba." A giant, shark-like alien, named Captain Gantu, read the piece of paper in his hands, gesturing to a large, four-eyed alien in a white lab-coat, "Lead scientist of Galaxy Defense Industries. You stand before this Council accused of illegal genetic experimentation!"

The audience gasped as a small shuttle entered from the back of the room, carrying two small eggs underneath.

"How do you plead?" Grand Council Woman asked Dr. Jumba.

"Not guilty!" Dr. Jumba answered, folding his arms, "My experiments are only theoretical. Completely within legal boundaries."

"We believe you actually created something." Grand Council Woman pointed out.

"Created something?" Dr. Jumba repeated, then laughed, "Ha! But that would be irresponsible and unethical. I would never, ever-" The eggs lowered to two separate platforms next to Dr. Jumba. They opened to reveal two little critters in glass capsules, "Make more than two." Dr. Jumba finished sheepishly.

The first critter was a blue, koala-like creature with large ears and antennae on top of its head. Four arms with long claws and three spines running down its back. Deep blue, almost black eyes and wore an orange-red jumpsuit with yellow elbow and knee-pads and red belt and trimmings.

The second was quite similar to the first one. The second one is almost identical to the first creature, but its fur was shades of indigo and black, instead of blue. Large, purple eyes and a longer, slender body. Longer tail and longer antennae and lashes. It shared the first one's four arms and spines running down its back. It wore a black and purple jumpsuit similar to the first one.

The first once snarled at the Council and threw itself against the glass capsule. The audience gasped and flinched at the creature's actions. The second one, however, just sat down calmly and looked around its surroundings. As if observing and taking mental notes in it mind.

"What are those monstrosities?" Captain Gantu asked with a hiss in his baritone voice.

"Monstrosities?!" Dr. Jumba repeated in shock, "What you see before you are the first of a new species. I call them 'Experiment 6-2-6' and 'R-V-N'."

The first creature, Experiment 626, started climbing around the glass, looking around the room. Experiment R-V-N just sat still, looking at the Grand Council Woman, as if it was waiting for something.

"They are bulletproof, fireproof and can think faster that supercomputer." Dr. Jumba explained the duo's capabilities, "They can see in the dark and move objects three thousand times their size. 626's only instinct; To destroy everything he touches. And R-V-N can get into your head without even trying!"

Dr. Jumba fell back on his platform, laughing.

"So they are monsters." Grand Council Woman concluded.

"Hey! Just little ones." Dr. Jumba answered, as he stood back up.

"They are an affront to nature." Captain Gantu shouted, "They must be destroyed!"

"Calm yourself, Captain Gantu." Grand Council Woman calmly told the large commander, "Perhaps they can be reasoned with." She turned to the little critters, "Experiment 6-2-6 and Experiment R-V-N. Give us some sign you understand any of this: Show us that there is something inside you that is good?"

626, who was examining his glass cage, turned to face the Council and cleared his throat. The Council members leaned in closer to hear what the creature had to say.

"Meega, nala kweesta!" 626 shouted with a cheerful smile. The members of the Council were taken back by what 626 has said. Some where nauseous, some were repulsed and others were speechless.

"So naughty!" Grand Council Woman gasped.

626 laughed with joy from the reaction he got, while R-V-N just sat there with a calm look on its face.

"I didn't teach it that." Dr. Jumba quickly defended.

"Place that idiot scientist under arrest!" Captain Gantu instructed angrily.

A glass capsule encased Dr. Jumba within seconds. "I prefer to be called 'Evil Genius'!" Dr. Jumba shouted, as he was carried downward from the room.

Grand Council Woman turned to the two creatures, "And as for those abominations..." 626 was licking the glass and wiping his face against it, "They are the flawed product of a deranged mind. They have no place among us." R-V-N blinked for first time in the entire time it was in the room, "Captain Gantu, take him away."

Captain Gantu stepped forward and cracked his knuckles, "With pleasure."

With that, court was adjourned and Captain Gantu transported the two creatures into a shuttle. 626 and R-V-N were bound in another capsule, which only left their heads open for movement. The security officers hoisted to two critters up-side down in their joined prison cell and one of security officers used a staff to take a blood sample from the two critters, which 626 tried to bite in retaliation.

The warden took the samples and inserted them into two security guns. The guns activated and turned their arm at the two critters.

"Uncomfortable?" Captain Gantu asked the two creatures, "Oh... Good! The council has banished you to exile on a desert asteroid. So, relax... Enjoy the trip and don't get any ideas. These guns are locked onto your genetic signature. They won't shoot anyone but you." Gantu pressed his finger against 626's nose, which 626 bit with his yellow-tinged teeth.

"Ow!" Gantu yelped, removing his finger and forced 626's head into his plasma gun, "Why, you...!"

The warden cleared his throat to get the captain's attention, "May I remind the captain that he is on duty."

Gantu withdrew his gun and glared at 626 for another second, before he left the cell, "Secure the cell!"

The warden saluted, "Aye, Captain."

With that, the cell doors closed and the shuttle took off to its destination. After a few minutes of waiting, 626 began thinking of a way to escape. He moved his head from side to side, the guns followed his movement. He moved his ears up and down, the guns followed. An idea came to the blue koala as he glanced at R-V-N. R-V-N glanced back at her brother and closed her eyes. A figure of dark energy exit from her body and lowered to the ground underneath her. The guns followed the astral projection and then the figure of dark energy returned into R-V-N. The guns aim followed.

626 smiled and encouraged R-V-N to do it again. R-V-N nodded and used her astral projection powers again.

The warden rolled his eyes in annoyance and turned to the two prisoners, "Quiet, you."

626 growled at the warden and spat in his direction. The guns fired at the floor close to the warden, as the spit landed on the ground. The warden hugged close to the door behind him, his legs shaking in fear. 626 chuckled, then glanced at his sister. R-V-N nodded and used her astral projection ability to project her astral form in front of the warden. The guns aimed at the astral form and the warden ducked. The guns fired and blasted the door open. R-V-N's astral form returned to her body before the guns could touch it.

626 broke himself and R-V-N free from their capsules and used their capsules as shields against the guns, as they ran toward the exit of the cell room. Once out, another heavier door was closing on them. 626 and R-V-N dashed toward the door and 626 tried to pry the door open. R-V-N used her astral projection ability and phased through the door, while 626 was able to lift the door to get to the other side.

"Security, converge on door seven!" Captain Gantu's voice shouted from the intercoms, "Deadly force authorized. Fire on sight!"

Three security officers arrived at the scene and caught sigh of 626 and R-V-N, "There they are!" They fired their blasters at the two genetic experiments and R-V-N grabbed 626's hands and ran toward a ventilation grate. She opened the grate and 626 and herself entered the ventilation system, without getting shot.

"Security to Bridge. They're in the ventilation system." One security officer alarmed.

The two journeyed through the ventilation system, navigating their way to the main hangar of the shuttle. Gantu was able to hear them and fired his blaster at the vent above the Bridge. 626 was able to find the main power grid and shut it down. 626 and R-V-N were able to find the hangar and gained access to a red police cruiser. Using the police cruiser, 626 piloted outside of the shuttle, "Yee-haw!"

Of course the victory was short-lived, as more police cruisers chased after 626 and R-V-N, shooting their blasters at them. 626 turned the red cruiser around and fired back. However, 626 failed to see where he was going and rammed into another police cruiser, damaging the red cruiser in the process. The other police cruisers surrounded the red cruiser from the back.

626 chuckled and punched the glass to reach for a handle and pulled it out. A automated voice spoke, "Hyperdrive activated. System charging." With a smile, 626 turned the handle, while R-V-N braced herself by leaning back into the chair, "Warning- guidance is not functional." The system was fully charged and 626 readied himself, "Navigation failure. Do not engage Hyper..."

626 pushed the handle down and the cruiser jumped into Hyper-Space, creating waves that attacked the main ship and the shuttles. With that, 626 and R-V-N were gone.

Captain Gantu slammed his fist on his chair and sighed in frustration. Once he calmed, he instructed, "Get me Galactic Control..."