New Changes.

~Raven's POV~

"Okay, I got to get to work." Lilo's sister, which Stitch and I now know is named 'Nani', told Lilo, "Stick around town and stay out of the roads, okay? I'll meet you at 1:00."

Stitch was watching a tv movie through the window of the electronics store. The movie was of a large monster attacking humanity. A real classic. Stitch started stomping around, roaring and snarling like the monster.

"Okay, I guess we should be going." Nani finished, giving Lilo a raspberry on the cheek.

"What about Stitch and Raven?" Lilo asked, gesturing to Stitch and myself. Nani left without saying another word.

Stitch heard something coming our direction and growled. Lilo and I turned to Stitch's direction and saw more little girls, around Lilo's age, riding on their tricycles.

Lilo gasped and smiled, "My friends!"

The girls saw Lilo, gasped and tried to cycle away from her. But Lilo was able to run in front of them and stopped them in their tracks.

"What do you want?" The ginger-haired one with glasses asked in annoyance.

"I'm sorry I bit you... And pulled your hair... And punched you in the face." Lilo apologized. Wait, Lilo bit someone? This girl really is broken.

"Apology not accepted." The girl shook her head, "Now get out of my way before I run you over."

Stitch and I joined Lilo. The girl screamed at the sight of us.

"I got new dogs." Lilo smiled, "Their names are Stitch and Raven."

"Those are the ugliest things I have ever saw." The girl frowned.

"Yeeeeeah!" The other three girls agreed.

Stitch ignored the girls and approached the ginger-haired girl's tricycle. The girl flinched and stayed away from my brother, "Eww! Get it away from me! I'm gonna get a disease!"

Stitch looked to his right and then nudged me. I looked and saw Jumba and his accomplice, wearing human-like disguises. Stitch flipped the tricycle, to knock the girl off, and rode the cycle away. Lilo and I joined him.

"Somebody do something!" The girl cried.

Stitch cycled the tricycle out of the town and we ventured to the edge of the island. Frustrated, Stitch cycled to the other side. Still nothing but water and no large cities. Stitch cycled across the island again, and met with another cliff.

"It's nice to live on an island with no large cities." Lilo smiled.

Stitch gasped and collapsed on the ground screaming. Then started freaking out. I guess my brother's destructive programming was a failure, since there's no large cities on this island. To be honest, I'm not very certain what my programming is centered on. Jumba said during the Council court that Stitch's instinct is to destroy everything he touches. And mine is get into my victim's head. Not sure how I do that. Maybe because I stare too much.

"Are you okay?" Lilo asked Stitch in confusion.

And so, Lilo, Stitch and I spent the day together. First, Lilo was teaching Stitch and I to play fetch. It was Stitch's turn to fetch the stick, but he kept getting side-tracked by something else. Lilo sprayed him in the face with water, but that only annoyed him, as Stitch grabbed the bottle from her and threw it away.

Next, it was lunch time and Nani was getting us lunch. Stitch reached for the food in the lunch box, but Nani closed the lunchbox and told him no. Stitch got angry and was about to punch Nani. But he noticed Jumba and his accomplice, sighed in annoyance and stayed close to Lilo.

Later that day, we were wondering around the beach. Lilo found a seashell and showed it to Stitch and I. Stitch knocked the shell out of her hand and back into the sand. Then he was hit on the head, by a volleyball.

"Hey, over here, little buddy." A surfer called to Stitch. Stitch picked up the ball and threw it back into the surfer's face, knocking him into the sand.

After spending time on the beach, Lilo, Stitch and I returned to the town to get a snack called 'snow-cones'. It's basically shaved ice with flavoring. Stitch was searching postcards, until Lilo gave him a snow-cone. Stitch ate the snow-cone until he found a small dog sniffing his tail. In retaliation, Stitch threw the rest of snow-cone on top of the dog's head and shouted at it. The dog left us and we resumed trying to be normal.

We took a stroll down the town, until Stitch found a red spaceship hanging around the front of a convenience store. He tried to get the spaceship to move, but Lilo proved that the spaceship was actually a kid ride. Lilo was having fun, while Stitch was just giving up on this planet and its confusing customs.

We heard Jumba chuckle, "When you're ready to give up just let us know, heh?"

*Later, at a Luau...*

Stitch and I were watching a fire-dancer perform on the stage of of a place, called 'The Luau', while Lilo was drawing in her book. The performance was quite good, until the roof of the stage caught fire and collapsed in front of the performer. Stitch laughed and clapped at the misfortune.

Lilo showed us her book, "This is you two."

In the book was a drawing of Stitch and I. However, Stitch's picture was colored 85% red, and the rest was white. The same was for my picture, but the red only reached my knees.

Lilo pointed to the red, "This is your badness levels. It appears the only one well-behaved out of you two is Raven. We have to fix that."

Finally, Nani arrived, "Ay-yi-yi, Lilo!" Then she whispered to the little girl, "Your dogs cannot sit at the table."

"Stitch is troubled." Lilo sighed, then smiled, "He needs desserts."

Nani picked up Lilo's plate and frowned, "Oh, you didn't even eat your sweet potato. I thought you liked them."

"Desserts!" Lilo repeated. Nani sighed and made her way to the back. Lilo saw the performer walked by us, half-covered in soot and ash, then called, "David! I got new dogs."

The performer, David, turned to look at me and Stitch, then raised a brow, "You sure they're dogs?"

Lilo nodded, "Uh-huh. Stitch used to be a collie before they got ran over." Then Nani returned and place three plates of cakes. Lilo smiled, "Yum!" But Stitch grabbed the pieces of cakes and started chomping on them. "Hey…" Lilo moaned.

Stitch spat out the cakes onto a plate and sat them upright, complete with a cherry from the back of his throat. Then he pushed the plate to Lilo and I. Lilo flinched, "Eww!"

David waved to Nani, "Howzit, Nani?"

Nani turned to him and noticed the ash and soot he was covered in, "Did you catch fire again?"

"Nah, just the stage." David shrugged, "Listen, I was wondering if you're not doing anything this…"

Nani shook her head, "David, I told you, I can't." She looked at Lilo, Stitch and I, "I…" Then whispered to David, "I got a lot to deal with right now."

David shrugged again, "I know. I just figured you might need some time…"

Nani sniffed David and leaned back, "You smell like a lawn mower." David checked his breath, then Nani looked across from us for a second, "Look, I got to go. The kid at table three's throwing poi again. Maybe some other time, okay?"

With that, Nani was gone. David was about to say something else, but wasn't able to. He lowered his head until Lilo spoke up, "Don't worry. She likes your butt and fancy hair. I know. I read her diary."

"She thinks it's fancy?" David asked with a smile.

Stitch checked his claws in boredom, but spat in disgust. Then he and I smelled something delicious in the air. Stitch wondered off, sniffing for the object. I sensed something was off and stayed where I was. He found it in a nearby bag and it turned out to be a piece of chicken drumstick. A drumstick?! Stitch was about to eat it, until I gasped and tackled him across the diner. Stitch turned to me with an angry growl, until I got grabbed by Jumba and his accomplice.

"Look what I find!" Jumba laughed, then told his accomplice, "Get restraints!"

The accomplice nodded, "Right."

Stitch gasped, then threw himself on top of Jumba and bit his wrist. Jumba yelped, "Ow!" Then punched Stitch back, "Take that! Hurry!"

"Uh, hold still just a…" The accomplice told Stitch and I, but Stitch threw the drumstick at the accomplice and started chewing on his head.

The accomplice screamed and it caught Nani's attention. Nani quickly at the scene and tried to pry Stitch off Jumba's accomplice, but Stitch continued to chew on his head. Nani splashed Stitch's face with punch, but Stitch growled and chewed on the accomplice's entire head. I jumped out of Jumba's grip and forced Stitch off the accomplice by using my psionic abilities to pull him off the accomplice. Stitch spat out the accomplice's head and we fell to the ground. Stitch was ready to strike back, but I kept him in a psionic force-field.

"Hey, Nani!" A man called Nani. Nani stood up and turned to the man as he asked, "Are those your dogs?"

Nani rubbed her arm in uncertainty. Then the accomplice spoke up, "All is well. Please, go about your business. I'm okay."

Nani turned to the accomplice and flinched, "Oh, your head looks swollen."

"Actually, she's just ugly." Jumba retorted.

The accomplice, acting like the wife, laughed, "Darling… He's joking. Ugly- Look at me…"

"Uh, this is not working out." The man told Nani.

"Uh, b-but…" Nani stuttered, but the man folded his arms and shook his head. Nani frowned, "Yeah? Well, who wants to work at this stupid… Fakey luau anyway." She turned to leave and turned to Lilo, Stitch and I, "Come on, Lilo."