Spencer expected more teasing on the ride from his apartment to the building where the two of them worked. Derek was surprisingly silent, not that he minded it. They had just finished up a case. What was so important that it would force the members of the BAU back into the office at such an early hour?

Not knowing what else to do with the offered container of deserts, Spencer carried them in with him. He did not miss the curious looks from the other members of the BAU as he and Derek walked in. Rossi was the first to speak.

"I didn't know you baked." He motioned towards the container.

"I don't." Spencer sighed. Here it comes.

"Pretty boy has a girlfriend." Derek announced.

"She's not my girlfriend, ok?" Spencer found himself snapping, "She's...she's just a friend. I think."

J.J lifted an eyebrow, "You're not sure?"

"We, ah, we just met."

Rossi snatched one of muffins from the container, sinking his teeth into it. His eyebrows lifted, "Well, whoever she is, she certainly knows her way around a kitchen."

Emily was the next to take a muffin. "Oh my god." She groaned, her eyebrows shooting up in surprise.

Hotch appeared. He regarded the muffins with a curious expression etched across his face before motioning that it was time to get started. Spencer snatched a muffin, one of the last, from the container before following the others.

"This one's a doozy." Garcia spoke.

This is why Spencer was hesitant to divulge just what it was he did for a living to Jessica. Despite their two brief conversations, he felt as if she was someone he could grow to care for. It was something he hadn't felt since Maeve. He didn't know what to do with those had been special, unique. With her, Spencer had envisioned a life away from the BAU. Marriage. Kids. The works.

When she'd been taken from him, Spencer was positive he'd never have those feelings for someone else again. The only one among them that could even begin to comprehend his loss was Hotch. He'd lost his own wife some years earlier to a serial killer. He and he alone knew that the loss Spencer experienced was not something he could simply "get over."

The gruesome images flashing across the screen turned the muffin in his stomach sour. The victims were all women, ranging in age. There seemed to be no common thread between them. One woman was hispanic with dark hair and dark eyes, another was caucasion with blond hair and green eyes.

They didn't need the jet for this one. This one took place in Alexandria, which was roughly a thirty five minute drive from their current location. Hotch gave them each their assignments. He and Rossi would go to the latest crime scene, to be if the local cops had missed anything. The meeting ended. He and Rossi piled into the dark SUV provided to them by the agency they worked for.

It was barely an hour's drive to where they were going. "So, this friend of yours…" Rossi began, "Tell me about her."

"There's not much to tell." Spencer admitted, "She's my neighbor. We had coffee. Once."

"Must have been one hell of a coffee."

Spencer couldn't help the smile that tugged at his lips. "Her name is Jessica."

Rossi nodded, "And you like this girl?"

Spencer shrugged but didn't say anything, not at first anyway. More silence followed. "You should ask her out." Rossi suggested.

Spencer sighed, "it's…"

"-complicated." Rossi finished, head nodding slowly.

Rossi didn't push like the others did. He still wanted him to move on, to maybe meet someone new. But he wasn't as demanding as the others were. He also seemed to know when the conversation was over. Like now, for instance. Spencer didn't want to talk about Jessica...especially when they were investigating the murder of women so close to home.

The crime scene had become flocked with local media, the news of a possible serial killer in the area attracting them like moths to a flame. The Unsub had disposed of his latest victim in a high traffic area, not even bothering to cover up his crime. He wanted them found.

"Our Unsub certainly isn't shy." Rossi muttered, eyes sweeping over the area.

Spencer didn't comment. He agreed with Rossi. Whoever this unsub was, he did not mind the attention. In fact, it would appear that attention was his main motivation. Each victim was displayed in a high profile area of the city. Spencer had no doubt that this unsub would continue killing until he was caught.

The case was nothing but ordinary to him at that point. Another day, another murder. Spencer was beginning to once again question his involvement with the BAU. Each case was more draining than the last. This one proved to be no different.

They caught the unsub fairly quickly. Once news of FBI involvement reached the unsub, he grew sloppy. He had a personal involvement with the last victim. That's how they caught him. His name was Roger Daniels. He worked a menial job in construction and was no mastermind.

Before Spencer knew it, they had all returned to Quantico. It wasn't too late this time around. Maybe he'd manage to get a somewhat restful night's sleep. The rest of the team were preparing to go out for drinks.

Though offered the chance to go with, Spencer declined. He gathered his belongings, preparing to head home. Derek met him at the elevators.

"Hey, man, look. I'm sorry about earlier."

Spencer shrugged. "It's okay."

"You know I just want you to be happy, right?"

Spencer nodded. He knew that. It's what they all wanted for him. They entered the elevator together. The two were silent for a moment. Derek couldn't help himself.

"But, hey, she IS pretty cute. I mean, you could do worse. She's definitely in to you."

Spencer didn't say anything. The pair fell back into silence. Not having a car, Spencer got off the elevator at a different part of the building than Derek. He hopped onto the metro. Before long, he was climbing the stairs to his apartment. Once again, he hesitated in front of Jessica's door. This time, he knocked.