This is the last chapter of Twilight in Seattle!

I felt Carlisle go still beside me and I stared at my legs while I let the word rush over me. Goosebumps rose on my skin and a liquid warmth spread through my veins. I found that I wasn't scared. That I believed him and yet I wasn't scared.

Perhaps I am going crazy.

"Really." I said, more than asked, still staring at my legs.

I felt Carlisle's thumb move over the back of my hand, the hand he still clutched in his. Yet he didn't move anything else. I wasn't even sure he was breathing.

"Bella. We're vampires."

I looked at Carlisle, forcing my eyes to focus on his as he explained their diet and what they do, why they are the way they are. He explained that Alice has visions of the future; Jasper, her husband, has pathokinesis; and Edward, the other brother I had never met, is telepathic. That they are an anomaly among their kind. They both explained the process of becoming a vampire and at first, I thought it was odd that they share that with me until the light bulb went off over my head. I listened intently as they both spoke of the burn and pain for three long days and nights before I would be forever immortal, forever frozen. I could never have children, never grow old. I would watch my family and friends die of old age as I remained young, having to lie to them and have them think I was dead. Never getting to say goodbye. They both told me that we would have to leave the area, that I could not be seen in the area at all for at least one hundred years. He even told me about his bond with me.

Carlisle explained the bond so well that I thought he was the telepath, pulling my own thoughts straight out of my head. I stared at him, wheezing and bleeding, sick and dying, and yet I listened.

I believed.

A long stretch of minutes went by as I processed everything, staring into Carlisle's eyes as he lovingly wiped the blood from my hands, nose, and mouth with a cool brown wash cloth from my bathroom. I was glad he chose a dark color. It wouldn't be so obvious of a stain once I washed it. I snorted to myself at that thought. I wouldn't be around to wash it. One way or another, I'm dying today. Either by the ebola or because I'm turned into a vampire. I found that permanent death scared me too much. I didn't want to simply not exist anymore. Emmett left the room and returned with a visibly shaken Alice.

When I turned to look at her, I opened my arms. She came flying - literally flying - into my arms, wrapping herself around me as she sobbed into my neck. I shushed her between coughs, that Carlisle wiped away again, and rubbed my hands up and down her back soothingly.

"Shh, Alice. It's okay. You know I love you." I whispered to her, petting her hair and her back.

"Bella, I have to ask. You need to answer me, please." Carlisle stated quietly. His look was solemn and I knew what he was expecting. "Do you want to go to the hospital?"

Thoughts of Charlie and Renee bounced around my skull, the memories making my skull pound in pain as I thought of never seeing them again. Of course, at the rate my body was deteriorating with the ebola, it was highly unlikely I'd ever see them again as it is. If I become a vampire, become like Carlisle, perhaps I could at least watch over them. Maybe someday I will become as immune to the scent of blood as he is, to be able to work in the medical field still, doing good for the rest of eternity. I could develop a cure for ebola, not just a vaccine. I could develop a cure for cancer and diabetes. I would have limitless time to make myself evolve into something better than the demons vampires were portrayed in stories and legends.

Another severe wave of nausea passed through me and before I had finished heaving, the basin from before, now clean, was back under my face. Alice removed herself from my arms quickly as I heaved. The sound of the vomit hitting the plastic and the smell churned my stomach even more as my abdomen clenched painfully. I groaned as liquid heat spilled from my nose and Alice backed away, standing still as stone. I glanced at her long enough to see her apologetic look before my eyes watered and overflowed with stinging tears. Wiping the tears away, I choked on a sharp inhale. My tears were bloody.

"No. No, don't take me to the hospital." I croaked, closing my eyes against the sting of the hot tears.

I don't know what they'll think of for my 'death' or how they'll cover it up. I did know that I trusted the bond I felt with Carlisle. The close, family bond I felt with Alice and Emmett. I love them both and if I can keep them forever, so be it. If I can never vomit or bleed again, so be it.

"Change me." I gasped as I wiped my mouth with my wrist.

A sequel is in the making at this exact moment. I'm still updating Her Alpha and I promise I will reread She's Ours and start the sequel for that because somewhere along the way, I lost the outline I already had for one with all my notes.