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School starts tomorrow morning and I was dreading having to show up in the cruiser when Dad drops me off. I'd suck it up though because he's been so amazing. I was not going to complain about a ride to school. At least I'd be dry since it rains here practically everyday and it was better than a school bus any day. It was bad enough I'd be the new girl. My nerves kicked in this last week, thinking about being stuck in the wall again, watching my life pass me by because I am just a plain Jane. All the girls at Scottsdale High were typical blonde, busty, and beautiful with glowing skin and their lashes up to their hairline. They had all the attention and let it be known that Bella Swan was just an ugly duckling.

I took my time packing my backpack with the necessary supplies and made sure to lay my outfit out on the dark gray end table by the bed, next to my charging phone. I had confided in Charlie about my nerves and he reassured me to be myself and I'd be fine.

"You won't be walking in the foot prints of those valley girls anymore, kid. Make yourself whomever you want to be."

His words really resounded within me and I felt a little bit of my discomfort ease. The fidgeting disagreed as I twirled my ponytail and watched my foot bop back and forth of its own accord. Taking a deep breath, I settled under the sheets, which were just as soft as I had initially suspected, and forced myself to relax. Thankfully, I was actually tired despite my nervousness because the alarm screaming at me to wake up at five am, jerked me out of my dreams.

Slamming the off button as I hopped out of bed, I got dressed for the day in my usual boot cut jeans and v neck tee. It would be chilly all day, I assumed so I grabbed one of the many colorful Aeropostale flannel button ups Renee had made sure to send with me. She said in a town as dull as Forks, I needed to make it bright. At the time, I rolled my eyes and laughed at her but I found that I really liked the fit of them and that I could wear them buttoned or unbuttoned and it looked great with almost any one of my tee shirts.

My morning routine went quick with brushing my teeth, splashing water on my face, and brushing my hair out, leaving it hang loose around my shoulders. When I got downstairs, I grabbed a granola bar and stuck it in my bag as I slipped my Converse on. Charlie was just coming down the stairs as I sat on the couch with my breakfast bar, all ready for his shift at the station.

As he dropped me off at school, he wished me a good day and I kissed his cheek before heading straight inside the double glass doors. Surprisingly, I didn't garner the looks as I thought I would, arriving in the cruiser. The school secretary gave me all kinds of information for Charlie to fill out along with a map of the school and a page with my locker information and combination code. It didn't take me long to find the correct locker and I tested the combination as someone leaned against the locker next to mine.

"Hey there. You're the new girl?" The boy next to me asked with a cocky smile on his face. His blue eyes and perfect blonde hair was combed just right and he had a Letterman jacket on.

I smiled politely and shut my locker. "Yeah, uh, I'm Bella. Bella Swan. Nice to meet you…"

"Mike Newton." He grasped my hand and I fought to keep a grimace off my face. His palm was clammy and his skin was too soft.

Pulling my hand from his as nicely as I could I reiterated that it was nice to meet him with an awkward chuckle. I didn't really like the way he was looking at me. As if I was some new game to be conquered. I nodded slowly at him as he stared at me with that same sly smile on his face and I turned away from him. I kept my puzzled eye on him for a moment longer before I turned around and immediately felt a grip on my shoulders, keeping me from running headlong into another kid.

"Whoa there. Hey," A large boy that had to be close to six and a half feet smiled at me. His dark hair is curly and neat, his eyes are the strangest color of brown I've ever seen, bordering on gold, and his black tee under his white dress shirt was so tight, I swore I could see his pecks jumping as I stared at him. "Easy killer. Where you going in such a rush?"

The words he spoke were creepy, should have been creepy, but I saw him eyeball Mike behind me and the new boy immediately put his arm around my shoulders with a wink.

"Um…" I stuttered, dumbfounded. This boy seemed to know I felt awkward around the other boy and all I could feel was relief as he started to lead me away from him. "I'm Bella."

"Hello, Bella. I'm Emmett. What's your first class?" He asked as we walked slowly together down the hallway.

I was thankful I'd paid attention to my schedule before stuffing it my bag haphazardly. "AP Lit and Comp with Mr…" The name escaped me.

"Nice. Mr. Peterson. I've got him third period. You'll be in class with my little sister though. You're a sophomore right?" He asked, a friendly smile on his face as he dropped his arm now that we were further away from the jock.

I stopped when he did in front of a classroom and turned to face him, pointing awkwardly down the hall where we'd just come from. "No, I'm a junior. Thanks for that, by the way. That was a nice save."

Emmett laughed lightly and chucked my shoulder with an easy fist. "No problem, shorty. Mike's a douche but he's harmless. New girl and all," he waved his hand up and down toward my body. "You're fresh meat. I'll look out for ya. Wow, a junior? You're Charlie's girl right? I thought you were only fifteen?"

I chuckled, feeling a little more at ease with the big guy. "Yeah, I skipped a grade and am actually testing out at the end of the year. So I'm a junior but I'll be a senior by the end of second semester." I explained.

"Smarty pants too. Nice. I gotta go. See you around, this is your stop." He grinned, pointing at the door to the classroom behind me.

Before I could say anything else, he sauntered off in the direction of his own class and I stared after him for a moment before shaking my head. So far I wasn't a wallflower, that's for sure.

As it turned out, Emmett has a little sister and she was definitely little. A wispy, willowy thing with short dark hair and sharp yet delicate features. She reminded me of a little fairy or an elf. Her eyes, the same ocher color as Emmett's, almost glowed with happiness when she set her sights on me. She patted the desktop next to her with a fast rhythm and practically hopped in her seat, beckoning me closer.

"Hi Bella! My name's Alice. I saw you outside the door talking to my brother, Emmett. Isn't he such a nice guy?" Her words were quick and her voice was pitched higher that I would have thought.

I set my bag on the floor by the desk legs and took the proffered seat beside her. "Hello, Alice. Yeah, Emmett's nice. He saved me." I finished lamely with a blush.

"Oh, let me guess. Mike Newton."

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Uh, yeah."

"His reputation precedes him. I think Emmett might just make himself your personal bodyguard." She snickered into her small palm. I noticed her fingernails were amazingly pointy and painted a deep blood red. It was such a contrast to the cream colored long sleeved dress she wore. My gaze traveled down, wondering why such a small person would wear so little in this type of weather. September in Forks wasn't known for sunbathing. It made sense, however when I saw matching fleece leggings on her lean legs and a pair of fluffy booties on her feet.

"Your outfit is adorable." I blurted. I bent down to pull out a notebook from my bag to hide my blush.

The rest of the day went by fairly quickly. I made fast friends with Alice and Emmett, who both walked me to my classes to make sure I knew where I was going. How much I'll retain for the next day is unknown since they both talk very fast and Alice dances rather than walks so I was paying attention to them and not where I needed to go. I sat down with a few kids from my study hall at lunch; Jess, Angela, and Lauren. Angela is a tall, thin girl with long dark hair and bangs she kept blowing out of her face. Her glasses were large and round, very geek chic. Jess is short, like me, and her nose tilts up just a bit at the tip. Her eyes are friendly and her hair looks pretty with all those auburn curls. I could do with a little less Lauren. She was just like the girls back in Phoenix, all snobby stares and loud gum chewing, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. Jess was friendly enough, though I felt like she kept trying to take cues from Lauren. Angela was extremely nice. She's shy and likes books and takes lots of pictures with a camera she keeps hanging around her neck. She said it was just for the Yearbook Committee, but I wasn't sure how much of that was a stretch of truth.

At lunch I saw Alice and Emmett sit across the cafeteria. They were sitting with other people and I didn't have a good view of them from where I was sitting so I kept my conversation to the table and just waved. As the bell rang to go back to class, the pair continued showing me to my classes and at the end of the day, they even walked me to my car. Alice was chatty Cathy the whole time and Emmett's dimpled grin and near vulgar sense of humor had me in stitches. As I got into my dad's cruiser, I waved at them and watched them head to the opposite end of the parking lot where three more of the most beautiful people I had ever seen stood by fancy looking cars. I tried to think if they mentioned anything about siblings but found that oddly enough, they only asked me questions. I didn't get a word in edgewise.