The next, and hopefully last trial, was to begin soon. He had almost perfected his formula, and once it was complete, humanity's next step in evolution could begin. Dr. Richard Murdoch picked up the latest version of his chemical, a red liquid contained within a glass vial, careful not to damage the casing. He put it in his pocket before strapping on his specialized gas mask with blacked out eyeports, the only thing containing his Semblance. His "gift" was more a curse. Instead of exhaling carbon dioxide, out came a gas that ate through flesh, except his, of course. As a side effect, he was also immune to gas-based threats. Aura could protect against it, but inhaling it directly would still kill you, as Aura doesn't protect against internal damage.

So to combat this, Richard designed a custom reverse gas mask to contain his gas within filters, which he later modified to include a button that, when pressed, would deactivate the filter and unleash the gas. Alternatively, when a filter was filled to capacity, he could utilize it like a grenade, flooding a certain area with flesh-eating toxins.

As he turned on the ventilation fans and stepped out of his office, he strode through the hidden lab. He had constructed it in secret in the heart of Vale, right under the Council's nose. After being exiled from the scientific community, much like Dr. Merlot, the man who had inspired him, he became a fugitive, being unable to leave the lab. So, he struck a deal with the local crime families. He would manufacture illegal substances for them to sell, and in exchange, they would provide him with funding and manpower for his research. Of course, he didn't tell any of them what he was working on, but as long as he provided them with drugs, they didn't care.

He walked through the bleach white halls, his equally white lab coat fluttering behind him, passing an occasional thug that was doing whatever job was assigned to them. He finally reached the test lab, punched the code into the keypad, and walked through the open door. He approached the viewing glass, a control panel in front of it. On the other side of the glass was the test room, with a row of cages built into the opposite wall. He pulled a voice recorder out of his pocket before putting it up to his filter and hitting 'record'.

"Chemical V-1, trial 164, beginning now." He spoke, his voice aged and slightly muffled by the rubber mask. He hit a button on the panel, and one of the cages opened.

"Subject 164, please step forward." He ordered through the mic on the panel. Someone walked out of the cage, clearly frightened.

"W-where am I? Who are you?" He questioned. He was a male wolf Faunus of average height and build, though slightly malnourished from his history of homelessness.

"That is unimportant as of this moment. Please approach the device on the other side of the room." As he said this, he inserted the vial into a port, watching as the liquid was drained. The test subject timidly approached the aforementioned device, a metal sleeve, and began looking it over.

"Insert your arm into the device." The subject did as instructed and placed his arm in the sleeve. It quickly clamped down, restraining him.

"What the hell?!" He shouted in surprise, tugging at it. A needle jabbed into his wrist and began injecting the compound into his body. When it had drained its contents into the man's arm, the clamp released. He stumbled back, coughing excessively, red gas coming out. He fell to the floor and began convulsing as if he were having a seizure. Black mist then began seeping out all of his orifices, including his pores. Eventually, he was completely enveloped by it. Then the man started to grow larger and larger, though he was still veiled in the mist. After several minutes of silence, the mist subsided, and instead of a man, there was a fully grown Alpha Beowolf.

"Test subject has evolved successfully, though appears to be unconscious. Awakening now." He pressed another button, and a high pitch sound started emitting from the speaker. The Grimm immediately awoke, and dove at the glass, intent on shredding the Doctor. However, the glass was heavily reinforced, and work require several breaching charges to even crack. The creature continued it's feeble attempt.

"Subject 164, can you understand me?" He inquired. The beast continued its assault.

"164, do you know what I'm saying?" He questioned again, growing frustrated. No response. He slammed his fist into the console.

"Dammit!" He sighed. "Trial number 164 was a failure, subject remains feral. Termination is scheduled for-" Before he could continue, the Alpha went limp and rested on the floor.

"New development, subject has lost consciousness spontaneously, continuing to observe." His hope was swelling. Maybe this really was the one, then he could finally begin the process of evolving humanity.

The subject eventually woke up, standing on its hind legs and clutching its head like it was nursing a hangover, before growling to itself. It regained its bearings before looking down at itself, and panicking at its appearance.

"Subject 164, can you understand me." Dr. Mardoch asked, hopefully.

It looked at him with wide eyes and nodded. It nodded. It said yes.

"Can you remember your life before this?"

Again, it nodded, starting to realize what happened. Richard couldn't have been more ecstatic. It worked, years of work had finally paid off. But to test if it truly worked, he pressed a final button on his panel, and one of the other cages opened. A lesser Beowolf walked out, sniffing around. Richard killed the lights in the observation room so the Grimm couldn't see him. The subject immediately backed itself into a corner, fearing for it's life. The other Grimm trudged up to the subject, sniffed it a bit, then left it alone, preferring to look for a way out of the test room. Richard reactivated the lights, and the Grimm began attacking the glass after spotting him.

"Trial 164 was a complete success, subject successfully evolved and, after a few moments of savagery, regained it's humanity and began acting normally. Should anyone find this tape, let it be known that I, Dr. Richard Mardoch, has discovered a perfect way to end the war between Man and Grimm. End log." With that, he turned off the voice recorder and replaced it in his pocket. It was time for him to make history.

Junior's Club, one week later

Junior was relaxing in his office, cooling off after that yellow haired bitch came and trashed the place again. As he was about to get a drink, his Scroll started buzzing. He looked at the number, and saw it was unknown, though he could hazard a guess as to who it was.

"Who is this" He answered.

"Hello Mr. Xiong!" A very familiar voice answered.

"Dr. Murdoch, what a surprise. I'm guessing you need money?"

"No actually, I have a very special gift for you. My experiments have resulted in complete success, and as a result, I have improved one of your men beyond human ability." That piqued his interest. Whatever the madman had been doing worked? He had to see this.

"Alright, when can you send him back?"

"I'm afraid it isn't that simple. Come to the docks, I'll be waiting." With those final words, he hung up. So whatever it was he did, it can't be shown in public. Interesting. He'd definitely have to go now. He would bring security, in case he tried anything, but he'd been working with him long enough to know that he wouldn't. He wasn't a back-stabbing type of person. He hoped anyway.

The Docks

Dr. Murdoch was getting worried. It had been an hour since he called Mr. Xiong, and he was concerned he wouldn't come. But that didn't make any sense, he dealt primarily in information, and information on his research would be valuable indeed. As he was about to call him again, a car pulled up, along with two others trailing behind, all with tinted windows. The lead car's doors opened, and out came Mr. Xiong along with his bodyguards, the Malachite twins. Out of the other cars came some of Mr. Xiong's men.

"Ah, Mr. Xiong, I'm glad you could make it." He greeted, approaching the burly man. "And I see you've brought extra security, though I'm afraid that won't be necessary."

"Why not?" Hei questioned, looking at the shipping container behind him.

"This is why." He said. He brought out his onyx black revolver he kept with him at all times, then shot the lock off the container. He opened the doors, and inside was a large Alpha Beowolf. Everyone present, except Dr. Murdoch, immediately readied their weapons.

"Have you lost your mind?!" Hei yelled.

"Hold your fire, gentlemen!" He calmly shouted. Nobody fired, though none holstered their weapons.

"What is this? Why isn't it attacking?" Hei questioned.

"This, my friend, is the man I referred to over the call." Richard revealed, smiling madly under his mask.

"What the hell did you do to him?" Hei asked, putting his rocket launcher away and slowly approaching the Grimm, him doing the same.

The mad doctor chuckled lowly. "I have elevated him to the next stage of human evolution. Grimm, but with the mind of a human. He still retains his consciousness and memories, but is stronger, faster, and at no risk of wild Grimm attack."

"So this is what you were doing in your little lab? That explains why you used underhanded dealings to get money. But how do you expect us to get this guy back to the Club without bringing major attention to ourselves?" The rest of the men had gotten used to the normally hostile creature, and had holstered their firearms.

At that, Richard held up a key and gestured to a nearby moving truck.

"What's the catch here? This kinda offer with no strings attached? Kinda hard to believe." He was suspicious. Reasonable, everything considered.

"There is no catch, I only ask that you spread the word of what I can do. That would be payment enough."

Hei ordered his men to start the truck, then got the Alpha to get in the back. He should serve as excellent labor for moving large crates of alcohol, but he wouldn't be able to perform more public jobs That would cause large amounts of panic, and he couldn't be exposed before the next phase of his plan was complete. As Hei and his men drove away with their latest edition, Richard got back in his own personal car, before making his way back to his lab.

Dr. Murdoch's Laboratory, the next morning

As Dr. Murdoch once again entered the observation room, he examined the vial in his hand. It was like the one used for chemical V-1, but this time it was filled with a red swirling gas, labeled 'V-2'. He had finally managed to make a stable version of V-1 in gas form. It would be far easier to spread than the liquid form. He took out his tape recorder and hit 'record'.

"Chemical V-2, trial number 1. Formula is stable, and ready for testing. Beginning trial, now."