-Chapter one:the choice is made

A man in a lab coat walks into a large laboratory from a side room.

" hello azmuth!" A bi-pedal squid woman turns around lowering her hood.

"Hey paradox, azmuth is down stairs."

"Sorry for the mishap mygaxx. I didn't know azmuth let you come back."

"Yeah boss needed some extra muscle after this last suit got damaged and anything's better then that prison planet."

"And your lucky I thought of you first mygaxx. I should've just left you there to rot." A deep robotic voice is heard from the The big suit reaches the top of the stairs it starts to smoke from the right shoulder and the glass bulb breaks. A hatch then opens from the front as a tiny gray bi-pedal frog crawls out.

" blast thing! Do you all understand how long it takes to break in a Bio-suit this large."

" sorry about your poor luck azmuth But what have you called upon me for."

" yeah-yeah-yeah time issue doesn't even effect you so give me a moment. Actually follow me." As the town men walk down a corridor they start to chat.

" vilgax is becoming a increasingly dangerous opposition so I pulled together all my tests to create two more omnitrixies and I want to send them earth." As azmuth finishes his statement the two men enter another rock walled room seeing two balls with Galvan markings all over them.

" Eunice will you please do the honer." A small tube then ejects from the wall spinning then materializes a thin blonde girl.

" yes of course azmuth!" The girl the walk over and opens the ball finally revealing the omnitrixes to paradox.

"pick me up Eunice my suit broke."

" so azmuth why two." paradox asks abruptly.

" the original omnitrix was made to bring peace allowing beings of different species to step into another persons shoes. These bring that and so much more the one on the left is thinner much smaller allowing its user to fit into there society better and less undetected but it's aliens are more based on strength and brute force. The one the right is more of a gauntlet more noticeable but it's aliens are more based on strategy. And of course there are out liars."

" are there any technical differences azmuth?"

" why yes the left has a evolution feature like one of my old companions was trying to perfect before I left Galvan prime. The feature allows us see what our society may look like under certain conditions and what it may look like it society would collapse. The right has a fusion ability. The fusion ability takes parts of both aliens putting them together creating a new species."

" this is all very fascinating news azmuth but why did you call me here? It's not like you to want another's opinion. If you want to send them to earth... it's your choice." Azmuth then sits on Eunice's hand looking at the ground.

" did I make a mistake paradox... Ben was just a boy when ghost freak. Is releasing two more omnitrix's into the universe a good idea!" Azmuth stands up " I didn't make these for peace but I can't give the omnitrix's what they need to fight vilgax myself I don't see them as tool...I don't feel right just sending them to earth and the plumbers don't want anything to do with me anymore."

" azmuth the universe needs the omnitrix...every timeline has one every Ben has one or at least his family has...maybe wait give me a moment." Paradox then walks through a portal.

" what do you think Eunice?" Eunice walk over to a computer with earth showing on the monitor.

" I think that your making the right decision...paradox is right the universe needs the omnitrix and with Ben gone, two more humans could take his place as the hero of hero's."

" how could we choose though so many choices, a whole planet of choices." Asmuth seems saddened while saying this.

" Actually azmuth I know just the two." Paradox struts in through another portal.

"I thought you wasn't supposed to mess with time just observe."

" it's not messing it if I'm fixing it." Paradox walks up to the computer moving the mouse over the earth over a camp site in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

" Try these two on for size azmuth."