Chapter 2: a hero is chosen

A thin well built man is swinging in a park staring at his watch.

" oh man, Seth was supposed to be here hours ago." The man pulls out his phone for the 15th time this hour.

" yup still dead...dame." The man continues to swing as the day slowly gets later and later till finally a ambulance come Barreling into the park.

" took him long enough." The vehicle stops in front of tim and a very excited man comes running around the front to greet him.

" I'm so sorry buddy the paint job got put back."

" Ahahaha it's fine Seth my phone died so I couldn't call you so I just waited."

" I got so scared when I couldn't reach you."

" anyway the ambulance looks good."

" I like the look but maybe waiting till the night before we leave to get it done wasn't a good idea."

" probably not but we're burning day light and we have a 40 minute drive to our camp site." The boys then jump dramatically into there dream making machine and took off. After some time Tim charges his phone and looks into the back for his bags.

" your bags are in the top compartment."

" good I'll just wait till we're parked to pull everything out."

" yeah everything is just thrown in for now but we have one night at this site to make sure everything works before we truly take off."

" have you named the ambulance yet Seth?"

" you know, I haven't really thought about it."

" should name it the chrisper."

" yeah! I really like that Tim but what does it mean?"

" the crisper is a dna manipulation machine."The boys then keep talking as they get closer and closer to there destination. The boys then see the camp ground slowly comes into sight. The sights are cramped but it's on the edge of both of the biggest travel locations in Tennessee Seeingville and Gatlinburg, so the sights themselves aren't used much. They get there site and start setting up the ambulance.

" so the chairs are out drinks in hand and nothing to do. What needs needs to be checked on the ambulance?"

" well I checked the electricity as we was setting up and the water system is full proof so we're done." As Tim looks up he sees a shooting star.

" look Seth a shooting star."

" ahaha looks low we should go into the woods to see if we can find where it lands." The boys then take off into forest. They walk for awhile trying to stay on the path of the lost faking star until they see another one on the same path and again almost as if its circling the earth. Once they stop and look up the shooting star turns straight down onto the boy.

" Seth look watch out!" They boys jump out of the way as the falling object splits and launches two balls into the ground.

" Tim I don't think that was a shooting star."

" probably not Seth it launched at us, or I think it was at us. Should we check out wreckage?"

" that's what we came out here for so yeah." Seth then charges into the stand slowing from dodging the falling object.

" it's ok Timmy nothing to be afraid of just a shooting star." Tim tries to reassure himself before finally walking up to the cliff side.

" umm Seth this just looks like a ball with weird making on it. Do you think it's a satellite?"

" no Tim satellites aren't just balls in space." Tim walks slowing to the ball. As he steps right in front of it the marking turn green and it starts speaking.

" both users in range. User selected omnitrix." After speaking the ball pops open revealing a bulky watch.

" that's werid what's a watch doing in outer space?" Time seems to slow as he reaches in and in an instant the watch jumps from its container on its his left arm.

" ahh!" He screams in fear as he crawls out of the ditch. As he gets out he sees Seth with a stick digging at a much smaller watch...actually Tim notices it more resembles a watch compared to his almost gauntlet. Tim calms down relieved he's not alone.

"Are you ok?"

"It doesn't hurt but I can't get it off." Seth keeps digging at it till the stick breaks. Seth then looks up notices that the watch is on Tim's left arm.

" Tim why did you reach for that with your left hand?..your right handed."

" I figured if it exploded my left hand was less needed." Seth then looks down at his left arm.

" I should've thought of that."

" probably but the bigger question is. What does these things even do?" Tim then feels around the device trying to find a, button, a switch, or something till finally touching the disk with an hour glass printed on it. He spins the dial till he hears screaming from be hind him.

" I'm a monster!" A Frankenstein's monster has appeared out of no where standing much taller then Tim himself. Tim continues to look around hunting for Seth.

" Seth! Where are you? There's a monster." Tim starts to run away past the crash site.

" wait buddy it's me."

Tim then stops realizing the monster isn't chasing him.

" Seth, Is that really you?"

" yeah I hate the button and the dial popped up so I hit it becoming this monster."

" Maybe your not a monster?"

" How would I not be a monster Tim?"

" Well look at you to begin with. Human technology couldn't make being live are being stitched together like that, and are those electric towers like from a power plant?"

"I don't know! How would I know this information!" Seth starts to mumble getting angrier bye the minute.

" what if I'm stuck this why Tim, what the hell am I supposed to do. I'm already hated at school. He continues to rant as a massive blast of green light floods his vision. As Seth look up he sees a bi pedal...rock creature.

" Tim are you made of green rocks?" Tim looks at himself and admires the formations of his body.

" How am I able to move? Like it doesn't look like I have joints."

Tim the walks over to a near by rock formation wanting to climb it.

" what are you doing Tim?"

" well if I'm made of rocks I should have enhanced strength to support the weight." When Tim touches the stone the color and texture crawls up his body from his hand. The boys stare in amusement as in only a couple seconds he's blended with his environment.

"Well dame Seth I guess that's my powers."

" So we're testing powers?"

" I didn't mean to but might as well if we're stuck like this." Seth then closes his eyes and thinks for moment then lifts his arms and shoots what looks like lighting from his hand.

" I seem to be electrodynamic."

The boys then look at where the tree was realizing it's caught on fire from the lighting.

" How do we take care of that?" As the boys run around confused for a moment a girl in a purple suit with a cat mask on jumps off a cliff near bye and a person in a light blue helmet comes running onto the scene.

" what happened here?" The two boys stand in shock till Tim still as the rock monster walks forward and starts speaking.

" Umm our ship crashed near bye, and umm we're just collecting the pieces. When this fire started." The man then seems to get really annoyed.

" Don't bullshit me kid. I know the omnitrix's are here. The girl then ties the two men up with purple mana as the man calms the fire with a fire extinguisher. When the man finishes he walks over the boys still stuck as monsters. Seth then piped up after a moment of silence.

" umm sir why are we tied up, and what's an omnitrix." Tim the looks at Seth confused.

" Seriously Seth clearly the watches on our wrists, or at least is called the omnitrix."

"At least one of you is smart, so I'll talk to you. What's your name boy."

" my name is Tim sir." As Tim responds a sound is heard from the chest of Tim and Seth. Then after a bright flash of red, the boys are back to normal.

" Alright lucky girl we done our part. Don't cause another fire." The two then walk away without another word.

"What the hell was that." The boys exclaimed in unison.