Chapter 3: the robot attack!

The boys start to walk back from the extinguished fire. Tim is still fiddling with the omnitrix as Seth ignores his.

"Why is your red and mine green."

" it seems to be off Tim, but personally I don't really care."

"Why not Seth! This is amazing. We could save people like heros."

" Tim!" Seth stops and grabs Tim by the shoulders.

" we already have people following us. We don't know what this thing is. For all we know it could have a bomb hidden inside."

" woah bro calm down. If it was a danger to our health or anything those guys would've taken it." Tim's words have calmed Seth down, and they continue walking back to chrisper. When they get back they see a old rusted rv parked right next to them.

"Tim that thing looks like it's rusted infested."

" She's not that bad, but that is why I called her the rust bucket." An old man walk into view as they get closer. Tim responds quickly to fix the situation.

" Hey so sorry I don't think he meant anything bad by that."

"Don't worry about it, I've lived out of this baby for years. Wear and tear comes naturally with time."

" let's just hope it aged like wine." The older man just laughs.

"Good one boy, Hey I've got an idea how about you guys come over for dinner. I'm making deep fried squid tentacles with chopped celery." The boys just looked stunned at this old mans eating habits.

" grandpa! I bet these two don't want any of your weird food!" A teenage girl walks out of the rust bucket wearing black baggy sweat pants and a tight fitting pink tank top with a cat printed on it. Tim just stands shocked by her appearance.

" max pats Tim on the shoulder nocking him back to his senses.

" stop eyes her and go talk to her." Seth then perks up.

"It is getting dark I think we will stay for dinner." Tim just stands still shocked from all the events that are transpiring. Gwen then walks up.

"Hey what are those weird watches are your wrists."

" oh um, my mom likes to collect weird nick-nacks and gave them to us before we left." Gwen's just smiles at his answer, and walk over to a fire that max had started rest of the gang join up and right as everyone gets comfortable, a massive explosion is heard a few miles away. The boys look at eachother and scream

" we need to be excused!" They both start running in the direction of the explosion. Tim looks over at Seth.

" I'm glad you think like me."

" yeah because I want to run away but fuck it there probably here for the omnitrix." As they reach the explosion there in the middle of town as two giant robots are standing on there tripod like legs.

"Seth do they look old to you."

" yeah there's like moss and vines growing all over them." As the boys are talking the man in the blue suit and girl in the cat mask shows back up.

" stand back citizens we've got this." Tim's eyes then go wide.

"Seth that's lucky girl! We got caught by lucky girl."

" Who's lucky girl?" The fight continues to go on around Tim and Seth as they talk.

"Bro luckygirl has been all over you know."

" Oh I don't get on there much but don't you think we should help." The boys turn in the direction of suited man and lucky girl.

" Who's winning?"

" I actually can't tell Seth, but we should go help turn the tides."

" Alright I'm going to use that Frankenstein guy."

"It's not Frankenstein...never mind I don't have time let's just call him frankinstrike since he uses lighting as a power. Go ahead I have to decide who I want." Seth runs forwards slamming on his watch turning into frankinstrike. Tim cycles the dials.

"The rocky thing, a cat man maybe, human with a weird head...I don't know who to choose." The man in the blue suit runs up.

" You don't have time to fiddle, Tim people are getting hurt hurry." Tim's eyes widen as he looks at the destruction around him, and slams on the watch on a random alien.

"What! I'm the cat man! The cat who's all that! No the rath attack!" Tim has turn into a muscular tiger man.

" umm what Tim!" Rath angrily turns around.

"No! Let me tell you something Man in uniform clearly following us after we received the stupid watches! We need code names for all the aliens so the public didn't know!"

"And you've named yourself what?"

" let me tell your something helmet! I'm now rath!"

" ok then rath stop wasting time and get the robots." Rath then falls off his high horse.

" oh yeah I should probably do that." Rath then jogs to the giant robot about to crush a building.

" let me tell you something giant robot about to crush the store with a giant shark as an entrance I don't go often to! Rath will destroy you!"rath then jumps full strength at the robots chest. Then immediately getting bitch smacked onto a building on the opposing side of the street.

"OW! That really hurt!" Rath falls from his hole in the building and charges the robot.

" I will destroy you!" He jumps onto the knee of the robot and starts punching at the connection.

" why won't you just die!" As he goes to punch a claw extends from his wrist.

"OH YEAH! Your so screwed now!" He continues to punch the robot as continues to shoot at cars on the road.

"Will you stop that!" Rath jumps up to one of the arms and punches into the bottom of it and pull out a bunch of cables till the arm goes limp and he falls.

" oh yeah! See told you I had it!" The robot continues to fire with the other hand.

"Dame what is it that you want!" The robot looks down at rath and a censer on it's for head starts to glows a dark red. It starts to say.

" A new omnitrix location earth. location earth." Raths ears goes down and he like he's done something extremely wrong.

" That can't be good." The robot then only targets only rath in his one arm attack.

"Go back to attacking empty building dammit!" Rath starts running from the robot. The robot then stops as a mana ring raps around its chest and Frankinstrike punches out its forward most leg causing it to fall forward. Rath then rolls out of the way and once he catches himself punches directly into the robots neck pulling out all the wires

"This is for attacking my planet! This is for attacking me! This is for attacking luckygirl!" And the cycle of him screaming continues till the watch timer blinks him back to between deep breath Tim tries to talk.

"That..alien is rough on the lungs." Tim collapses on the concrete.