Somewhere In The Deep depths of space a space pod was flying to the destination of Earth.

Inside the space pod was Raditz.

Raditz to himself: come to think about it I never heard anything from my little brother...

Raditz: what is exactly has my brother been up to.

The space pod kept up flying.

On Earth, Lupin was just doing some training. Until William came in.

William to Lupin: hey Dad, what exactly are you doing?

Lupin reply to William: oh you know I was just doing some martial arts training.

William to Lupin: what exactly is martial arts?

Lupin explains to William: let's just say it's a type of fighting style in Japanese.

William with excitement: so cool if only if I could finish with my study and then trained with you someday.

Lupin to William: you will my son. someday you will be strong..

Lupine walked out of the house when you saw a shooting star.

Lupin: What the heck is that?

Meanwhile somewhere, a Saiyans pod soon crash-landed.

Raditz came out of the Pod and looked around the area.

Raditz: just as I suspected the planets and the creatures are still alive...

Raditz: Kakarot you have failed us, I will find you..

Raditz was about to take off when some police officer pointing a gun at them.

Officer to Raditz: freeze right there you're definitely under arrest for property damage!

Raditz to Offcer: do you really think a week insects like you can defeat to me!

Raditz use double Sunday at the police officer to blow in ashes.

When Raditz scouter picked up a power level of 2500.

Raditz to himself: Well well power level of 2500.. No that cannot be Kakarot could be another saiyan on this planet..

Raditz flew off to find where the power level was coming from.

Lupin was driving his Fiat, when you notice someone was coming.

Lupin: what the hell was that?! how I'm much does a sense someone from a Faraway distance..

Lupin parked his car in the side of the road, Lupin sense Raditz coming his way.

When Raditz came where Lupin was, he landed in front of him.

Lupin to Raditz: who exactly are you..?

Raditz to Lupin: my name is Radiz and I am I saiyan from the planet of Vegeta

Lupin to Raditz: saiyan?... What does that make you an alien?

Raditz reply to Lupin: that's what you humans said.

Lupin to Raditz: what exactly do you want with me..?

Raditz to Lupin: for some reason I could send Saiyan blood within your body...

Lupin reply to Raditz: what you talking about I'm nothing like you!

Raditz to Lupin: you know this planets must have made you weak including my brother Kakarot!

Lupin to Raditz: I do not know where your brother is but if you want to fight me then fight me here and now!

Lupin ran up to Raditz quickly and punched him in the chest hard.

Raditz yelled in pain: aaaggghh!?

Raditz: how in the world did you do that?!

Lupin to Raditz: let's just say I've been training. I have been getting stronger than you could ever imagine!

Raditz charge at Lupin full force and punched in the chest twice as hard, and grabbed it in the neck and throw him out of Fiat.

Lupin to Raditz: not bad... I have to admit you're pretty good..

Lupin powered up his power energy.

Raditz to Lupin: what's his power levels rising up to 1000 no.. 2000... 30,000?!

Lupin to Raditz: what's the matter are you scared?

Raditz was becoming even more tense by Lupins hidden potential.

Raditz: (impossible how was he able to conduct this much amount of energy inside of him how long has he been training..?)

Raditz to Lupin: how in the world did you get that strong..!?

Lupin reply to Raditz: I have to admit you have been stronger than me but I've been training a lot Don stop to become stronger to defeat people like you..

Lupin pointed his Walter at Raditz.

Raditz to Lupin: what are you actually going to kill me with that puny weapon if yours..?

Lupin did not shoot Raditz, Lupin put away his Walter and walked towards his car.

Raditz to Lupin: what's the matter are you being a Chicken!?

Lupin reply to Raditz: look here I got more things to take care about that find you, I have a family to take care of!

Raditz not even say a word what Lupin said to him back.

Raditz: ...

Lupin drove away from Raditz.

Raditz to himself: what exactly am I fighting for anyway...

Raditz follow Lupin carefully without noticing him.

To Be Continued...