Lupin was driving back home.

Raditz stuck behind a cliff.

Raditz: (So this is his family...)

Lupin: (I could sense your energy Raditz far away from here for some Weird reason you're not attacking us.)

Raditz: I guess I will not attack you...

Raditz was thinking to himself...

Raditz: What is this feeling?

Raditz: Why am I being so kind-hearted all of a sudden?

Lupin: I know what you're thinking Raditz...

William to Lupin: Who you're talking to Dad?

Lupin reply to William: It's no one son...

Lupin to William: Anyway, how did you do your homework?

William to Lupin: Oh, I have been passing them very well, Dad.

Lupin to William: Well if you deserve to take a break.

Raditz watched from afar ways distance from the window.

Raditz: Look at him being so kind to his son... Why am I peeing so kind and soft-hearted all of a sudden?!

Raditz walked far away from house and punched a rock.

Raditz: What exactly is wrong with me?

Raditz was thinking of what is wrong with him.

Stephen notices Raditz, And walk up to him.

Stephen to Raditz: Is something wrong?

Raditz to Stephen : Would you mind your own business?

Stephen to Raditz: Come on now. There's no need to be rude.

Raditz to Stephen: You don't understand what I'm going through.

Stephen to Raditz: Well, I understand what you're going through.

Raditz to Stephen: How exactly do you know that?

Stephen to Raditz: your understanding. What is right and what is wrong?

Raditz to Stephen: I mean, I kind of feel like I've been confused all my life.

Stephen to Raditz: I mean you have been thinking of a lot of things you have done wrong, right?

Raditz to Stephen: I mean, I have done a lot of things wrong in the past...

Stephen to Raditz: See what exactly you're going to learn about this.

Raditz to Stephen: Look, my race was gone from the universe itself. And the only ones that were alive that were me and my brother.

Stephen to Raditz: I'll come on now all that's very sad...

Stephen pat's Radix on his shoulder.

Raditz to Stephen: You know, you did gave me a little bit of comfort..

Lupin: I see you have been thinking of the things you have been doing.

Raditz saw Lupin walking outside of the dark corner.

Raditz to Lupin: Look, I'm sorry for attacking you...

Lupin to Raditz: Hey, come on now. There's no need for that.

Raditz to Lupin: There's something I need to tell you right now!

Lupin and Stephen Look at each other with concerned and looked back at Raditz.

Lupin to Raditz: Okay, what exactly is it?

Raditz to Lupin: This information about to tell you is very classify. So I'm going to tell you this now. I'm not the only one that survived there are two more Saiyans out there stronger than me...

Lupin to Raditz: I see this is urgent news...

Raditz dropped his scooter and destroyed it with his foot.

Lupin to Raditz: You realize we could just reprogram it.

Raditz to Lupin: Forget it. They will know about my betrayal...

Stephen: Looks like this make things a lot considering for the whole planet itself.

Lupin: we're going to need to train twice as harder.

Raditz to Lupin: Can I please come to train with you?

Lupin to Raditz: Well, I do need a new sparring partner.

Raditz to Lupin: heh.. You're on.

Lupin and Raditz fist bump each other.

Stephen: It looks like this is the beginning of something.

To Be Continued...