Goku Lupin gets hit by Ōzaru Vegeta. Goku Lupin getting launched by Ōzaru Vegeta's attack.

Ōzaru Vegeta: I've had enough of this. (grabs Goku Lupin) I'm going to crush the life out of you, you insolent little... (squeezes Goku)

Goku Lupin being crushed by Ōzaru Vegeta.

Ōzaru Vegeta: And now...I'll crush you... It's been nice knowing you Kakarot! That power level?...where?

William to Ōzaru Vegeta: You let them go!

Lupin to William: what are you doing here!

Ōzaru Vegeta: So, it's Lupin's son. Oh how nice! Did you come to say goodbye to your father, Sonny?

Raditz charging his double Sunday.


Ōzaru Vegeta dodged the Double Sunday attack.

Raditz: WHAT?!

Ōzaru Vegeta: Well take a good look... Cause it'll be the last one you'll ever get! Nice try... Your pathetic little friend won't catch me off guard, Kakarot. I'm too smart for their tricks. No?... No! I don't believe it... You little

insect... How dare you...You're starting to make me very angry! You want to

play with me... Then let's play, boy!... Are you ready?!

Raditz try to think of a way to get the tail off of Ōzaru Vegeta.

Raditz: Damn, it's what the hell should I do?

William to Raditz: Hey, you must be. Raditz.. Please let me help you..

Raditz to William: What exactly can you do? You're not supposed to be here. It's dangerous.

William raised his power level to 1.0000.

Raditz: [Incredible is power levels beyond anything I've ever imagined.]

William flew over, and Ōzaru Vegeta tail.

Ōzaru Vegeta: What in the world are you doing?

William to Ōzaru Vegeta: raditz, GET READY TO DO IT!

Ōzaru Vegeta: WHAT!

Raditz charges his Double Day aimed at Ōzaru Vegeta, tail gets cut off by Raditz.

Ōzaru Vegeta drops Goku Lupin.

Ōzaru Vegeta: God... God dammiiiiii...

Lupin: Well, that's my son.

Vegeta reverts back to his original form.

Vegeta: : ...iiiiiit!

Goku: It's a great thing that makes things even.

Lupin to Goku: Yeah, thanks to my son.

Raditz to Lupin: It's good to have you back.

Goku to Raditz: Well, thank you so much for the help, bro.

Raditz to Goku: Well, it's my pleasure, bro.

Vegeta: This time I'm going to destroy all of you!

Lupin to Vegeta: We'll see how the results go..

Lupin, Goku and Raditz powered up to their maximum to fight against Vegeta.

To Be Continued...

Nappa to Vegeta: Uh! Uh... Veg... Vegeta... I need your help! What! No! Vegeta? Vegeta!

Vegeta reply to Nappa: You're a disgrace to all Saiyans! Goodbye!

Nappa: Vegeta!

Vegeta destroyed Nappa into a ashes.

Lupin to Raditz: he actually killed his own partner.

Raditz to Lupin: He's nothing more than a selfish fool..

Goku: He's a cold hearted monster..

Raditz to Goku: I have to agree with you, Kakarot...

Vegeta to Goku: Kakarot do you have any idea how lucky you are that a super-elite

warrior like myself has decided to let you have a fighting chance?

Goku to Vegeta: Hey thanks, but I don't expect a fair fight... it doesn't seem like your style.

Goku and Lupin powered up with Kaioken x 20 and 80.

Lupin dodged some of the Vegeta punches, Lupin did a double kick on Vegeta's chest.

Goku punches Vegeta in the face and proceeds to attack him with a barrage of punches before knocking him away. Vegeta however recovers from the attack and kicks Goku in the face.

Lupin did a few ki blast at behind Vegetas back, And Lupin kicked Vegeta in the face.

Vegeta headbutts Goku, Vegeta elbows Goku towards the ground.

Goku punches Vegeta in the face, sending him screaming and flying into a plateau.

Raditz: That's some amazing stuff

Raditz to Goku: Be careful to not underestimate him.

Goku to Raditz: Don't worry. I can handle it.

Goku: HA!

both energy waves clash in mid-air.

Lupin joints it and was ready to charge his Super move.

Lupin: KAIO GUN * 8!

the Kaio Gun was mixed with a Kamehameha enough to Stop the Gatling gun enough.

Vegeta: FUUUUUUUUUUU... (still getting carried off by Goku's Kamehameha) ...UUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

where Vegeta lands in front of Goku, Lupin and Raditz.

Lupin: What exactly is he up to?

Raditz to Lupin, I think I know where does it going?

Lupin to Raditz: Now I feel like I have a bad feeling about this..

Vegeta creates an artificial moon and shoots it into the sky.

Lupin: What exactly is that thing?

Raditz: Oh no..!

Lupin to Raditz: do you even know what that light is..?

Raditz to Lupin: He's about to transform into a great ape...

Lupin to Raditz: Turn into a great what?!

Vegeta begins transforming into an Ōzaru.

Lupin: Oh my God...

Vegeta to Goku: Don't you see Kakarot, you don't have a chance against me!

Lupin: What looks like we are very screwed!

Goku to Vegeta: Whoa...What enormous energy. He sure is big... This'll be tough for sure, but I'll be ready for him. I'll just have to give him everything I've got...you big ape!

Lupin to Goku How in the world can we stand against him?

Goku to Lupin: Looks like we have to come up with an idea.

To Be Continued..

A/N: However, now that Vegeta became a great ape things will be a lot difficult for ZFighters.