Hello everyone! This is the first smut story I have written and is more of an experiment then anything to see how I am at it. Please do not take this story to seriously as this. I would also like to point out that this might only be two part story or even a series of shots, so do not expect it to develop into something more. Anyway I hope you enjoy it.


A time where children would dress up in different costumes and go from door to door hoping to earn some candy. A day usually filled with smiles and laughter and delicious confections.

However on this particular Halloween night of 1981, in a house much like everywhere else, a family of three would not end their day in joy but in tragedy. As the families outside were going around enjoying themselves, the three within, a father, mother and their one year old daughter sat together enjoying each others company.

It was as the baby was giving out a cute yawn to indicate that it was time for her to sleep, the front door of what was supposed to be a house hidden from those not in the know, blew open and in stepped the most feared wizard of their age: Lord Voldemort.

"Lily, it's him! Take Violet and run!" The father ordered as he cast spells in quick succession to but his family time to escape.

The mother did not waste time and took off upstairs, all the while holding a crying baby in her arms as the sounds of battle raged downstairs. It was as she slammed the door closed and locked with a quick spell did the sounds of battle become muffled and then eventually silent. Lily cried silently as she knew that her husband would not last long against Voldemort in a one on one dual.

Violet continued to cry in fear, not understanding anything that was going on but the sounds of loud banging and shouting. Her mother tried to soothe her fears and quiet down her daughter, but it was all for naught, for as soon as she picked up her daughter, the door to the nursery was blasted open, causing Violet to let out another wail of fear.

Lily quickly put her baby down in the crib and stood directly in front of the Dark Lord, defiance and anger clear in her emerald green eyes as she stood protectively in front of her child, as any mother would. She raised her wand to attack but before she could utter a spell, Voldemort disarmed her leaving her defenseless.

"Stand aside." Voldemort hissed out to which Lily simply narrowed her eyes, silent. Voldemort answered her silence by quickly casting a Crucio. He watched as the once silent mother, quickly dropped to the floor and writhed and screamed in pain. He kept the spell upon the woman for a few more seconds before lifting the curse.

Lily by then with tears flowing down her beautiful face, pleaded with her enemy. "Please, she's just a baby. She can't do anything against you."

Voldemort glanced at the crying baby in the crib and looked down at the mother. "Not yet." Was all he said before he raised his wand once again.

Lily quickly got to her knees and grabbed onto Voldemort's robes, gaining his attention. "Wait! Please! I'll do anything you want, just leave my baby alone."

This gave the Dark Lord pause as he studied the the woman that was on her knees begging for her child's life. "Anything?" He asked for clarification. Lily nodded, unable to speak for fear of saying something that might cause him to kill her daughter. Voldemort grabbed a fistful of Lily's red hair and pulled it back so that she was looking directly at him. "And how much are you willing to sacrifice in exchange for the life of your child, girl?" he sneered in question.

Lily, unable to look away from the Dark Lord's handsome features, could only utter one word. "Everything."

Voldemort narrowed his eyes in concentration in order to seek out any lie or form of deceit that could be found within the woman's eyes and mind. Finding none, the Dark Lord did not have to think long to come up with a solution to his current problem.

"Tell me girl; are you willing to obey my every command, no matter what they are? Willingly become my slave to do as I please, even if it means being degraded by my Death Eaters? Are you willing to surrender yourself mind, body and soul to me for your daughter?" He asked, gleefully waiting for her the woman's answer. To him there would no losing in this, if she said no, she would die and the then the baby would soon follow.

Lily's eyes had widened with each word that came out of the Dark Lord's mouth, telling her what was in store for her if she was truly willing to give up herself for her daughter. Everything that had been said was being played out in her mind as her imagination began to run wild. While she loved James with all her heart and the sex they had was wonderful, at times her mind would go wild and give her entire scenarios of being beaten in a dual against a Death Eater and instead of being killed would be raped there and then. Bonus if it was with multiple Death Eaters.

She even fantasized about being taken by the Dark Lord himself at times, and it would always leave her horrified and extremely aroused. There was just something about being dominated by someone or something so wrong that always left her wanting more of it. Hell, she was picturing it right now as her mind gave her a scenario of her with two cocks in of her hands being stroked and a another cock in her mouth, ass and pussy, all the while other Death Eaters and Voldemort watched.

Voldemort smirked as he could clearly see what was going on in her mind with a simple probe of Legilimency. He concurred with the witch's imagination. While he could influence her decision, he wanted Lily to want this willingly. "I see what is in you mind, dear Lily Potter. If you willingly submit to me your daughter will not come to harm from me or any of my Death Eaters. Of that, you have my word."

Lily did not like that the Dark Lord knew what her mind showed her and more so about the situation at hand, but she was a mother, and a mother would do anything for their children. So she nodded.

Voldemort smirked in glee. "Prove it." he said, letting go of Lily's hair.

Lily, still on her knees, looked up at the Dark Lord's face, seeing him waiting for her to prove that she was willing to do anything for her daughter. She turned to look at her daughter, who was looking at her, her eyes squinted, her cheeks puffy from crying. She turned back to the Dark Lord's face, who was still waiting patiently.

With steady hands that belied her nervousness and, shockingly excitement, Lily took hold of the waistband of Voldemort's pants and tugged it down firmly. She was surprised when she was smacked on the head with the biggest dick she had ever seen in her life. Seven inches of pure man meat lay on her head as hard a rock. Thick and veiny with a heavy scent of musk. She felt her pussy become wet in arousal at what this cock could do to her, drool filling her mouth.

"Impressive isn't it?" Voldemort's voice broke from her trance. She looked up to see him smirking at her. "Worship me." he ordered.

With that order, Lily began licking the cock slowly at first, from base to tip before giving smaller licks. The heavy scent of musk filled her nose as she rubbed the cock on her face. Taking hold at the base, she wrapped her mouth around the cock and began to bob her head to and fro, giving her greatest enemy the best blowjob she could give.

She was so concentrated on her work that she did not feel her clothes being vanished until she felt the cold air around her pussy. Not wasting any time, she began to rub her clit to pleasure herself as she increased her tempo of her bobbing before shoving her face forward until her lips was at the base. Seeing as she did not have much of a gag reflex, she had no problem deepthroating.

Voldemort chuckled darkly as he watched Lily Potter suck his cock with such fervor. "Yes, very good you mudblood slut. Worship this cock." He said as he held the back of Lily's head to have some control.

Lily moaned at the derogatory term used at her, her pussy leaking it's juices at the dirty talk. She increased her speed as she began to jackhammer her head sucking and licking for all she was worth. She continued this for a few minutes, worshiping the cock in her hands, bathing it and the balls that hanged under it in her saliva all the while giving herself pleasure from the sheer wrongness that seemed to emanate from the situation. With how well she was worshipping the Dark Lord's cock, it was no surprise that he was ready to burst.

With his hand still gripping her hair, Voldemort took the reigns from Lily and began to smash her face along his cock. With a grunt and a drawn out groan, Voldemort unleashed copious amounts of his load down Lily's throat before pulling out of her mouth and releasing more ropes upon ropes of cum on her face.

Looking down at the results he smirked at the visual that lay before his eyes. Lily Potter, recent widow of one James Potter and mother to one of two children that were said to be the one to end him, sat on her knees, cum staining her face and her mouth flooded with it. She was looking up at him with a heavily lust filled gazed as she showed her open mouth before closing it and swallowing the entire load in one gulp before opening her mouth again to show it empty.

"So much cum." She muttered softly, but loud enough for him to hear. "So good." she moaned.

Still smirking, he leaned down and asked one simple question. "Who am I to you Lily Potter?"

With a lusty smile, she answered. "My master."

"Very good. Very good." Voldemort said, chuckling. "Blinky!" He cried out, though not loud enough to wake the now sleeping baby. With a pop, a House Elf appeared, not caring about the naked woman that was kneeling in front of her master.

"How can Blinky be of service Master?" He asked.

"Take the baby and everything in here back and place them in one of the rooms where she can rest peacefully. If she wakes up, attend to her." Voldemort ordered. Blinky bowed in acknowledgment and with a snap of his fingers, everything in the room disappeared except for the cradle. Blinky then took the sleeping babe in his arms and with another snap of his fingers the cradle was gone and another crack, so was the elf and baby.

Once they were gone, Voldemort turned to the woman still on her knees and ordered her to stand. Once she did, he grabbed onto one of her arms and disapparated out.

With a crack the duo landed within the master bedroom of wherever Voldemort was based in. Without any warning, the Dark Lord threw Lily onto the bed where she landed on her hands and knees, giving him a perfect view of her firm ass and pussy that was leaking her juices running down her legs. Placing a hand on her bare ass, he rubbed it for a moment before giving a quick spank on it, to which he got a yelp in surprise and then a moan of pleasure.

Rubbing small circles on her ass, Voldemort slowly inched his had down until his fingers touched her virginal lips. Lily moaned at that brief contact before giving out a cry as Voldemort penetrated her pussy with two of his fingers, slowly entering and exiting her. This continued on for a few minutes, with the occasional spank on her ass cheeks, sometimes going long and slow to fast and hard. But never enough to make Lily come. Everytime she came close to release, Voldemort would stop and let her calm down before assaulting her once again with pleasure.

"Please master! Let me cum!" Lily cried out in pleasure and want as Voldemort stopped his fingerfuck and denying her another chance at orgasm.

Voldemort did not answer her as he pulled his drenched fingers from her pussy, nor did he when he licked the juices from his fingers, tasting the nectar that came from the woman before him. Grabbing her hips, he flipped her on to her back and laid on his stomach, his head coming in between her thighs and facing the glistening pussy in front of him. Glancing upwards, Voldemort smirked at the glazed over look of lust that was plastered on Lily's face as she stared at where he was positioned at.

With any preempting or warning, Voldemort dived tongue first into her pussy and began to probe it with his tongue. With a wail, the immediate overload of pleasure that came from her nether regions sent her mind to heaven as her pussy exploded with cum. Yet even that did not stop her master from giving her the best oral sex in her life. Pleasure spread throughout her body as she shook her head from the stimulation coming from below, her red hair in disarray from all the shaking.

And then the pleasure stopped.

With a confused groan, she was about to ask what was wrong when the pleasure returned, only it seemed to skyrocket into impossible heights as she came immediately. In fact she did not stop coming, for whenever one was finished, another would slam through her causing an unending cycle of pleasure.

"AHHHH!" Lily screamed as she grabbed onto her master's hair and forced more of his face into her. "DON'T STOP! DON'T EVER STOP MASTER! MAKE THIS SLUT CUM! YES! YES! YES! YES! YESSSS!"

Voldemort chuckled inwardly at wheat Lily was screaming out before stopping so he could finally get to the fun part. Pulling his head away from her thoroughly soaked pussy, he stared at the beauty that lay before him. Hair splayed on the bed, body glistening with sweat from pleasure, her chest rising and falling as she took ragged breaths, legs spread out, giving him a clear view of where he was before and the results of it.

As for Lily, she was in a state of euphoria and bliss as she slowly came down from her high. She had just experienced the best oral sex in her life. Not even James, who was a fantastic lover when it came oral sex or just sex in general could give her what she had just gone through. She never would have imagined that she could cum that much in so short a time span just by being orally pleasured.

"by Merlin, if's he that good with his tongue, just wonder what his cock would feel like.' Lily thought as she stared at her master, his cock pointed straight at her.

"What do you want my pet?" Voldemort asked as he slowly stroked his cock, Lily's eyes never leaving.

"I want you to fuck me master." Lily replied as she licked her lips.

Smiling in triumph, Voldemort, cock still in hand, guided the head to the entrance of her pussy before stopping, the cock head just touching her lips. Pausing for a moment, he smirked as he was about to claim a massive victory from Dumbledore before shoving his full length inside of her, his cock sliding all the way in without any problems due to how wet she was until his head touched her womb.

With a cry, Lily through her head back, arched her back and moaned in pleasure as she felt her pussy walls clamp down on his cock. Even after childbirth, she was still extremely tight.

There was no lovemaking, no slow sensual start to the coupling. No, there was just sex. There was just the Dark Lord taking what was his. Grabbing her hips, the Dark Lord began to jackhammer into her pussy, his cock slamming at the entrance to her womb whenever he bottomed out into her. With his mouth he, would latch onto her shaking breasts and suck on them, his teeth biting her nipples, causing the woman under him to cry out even more in pleasure from the rutting.


Removing his mouth from her tits, Voldemort smirked and flipped Lily over so that she was on her hand and knees again, all the while his cock was still pounding into her. "WHO DO YOU SERVE!?" HE ORDERED.

"YOU MASTER! AH!" Lily yelped as Voldemort gave a harsh spank on her ass, leaving a red mark on it.


"YOU MASTER" Another spank.





Voldemort gave a triumphant smirk as he grabbed a fistful of her beautiful mane of hair and yanked it back, making Lily arch her back. He continued to slam his cock into her pussy as he bent over her, his other hand drifter around her body and down to her clit and began to flick it with his fingers. This caused Lily to come once again. Even as she came, he did not stop his relentless pounding.

"YES! OH GOD YES MASTER! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Lily chanted. "Fuck this worthless mudblood whore with your cock. Breed this slut with you child."

"After I'm done with you my dear, after you have sired me a son, you will serve as my followers fuck toy. You will serve to pleasure my Death Eaters and when your daughter is old enough she will join you as a pleasure slave. You both shall kneel to me and my Death Eaters, be fucked and bred by us." Voldemort stated as he continued to fuck thee bitch below. "what do you say? Doesn't that sound good?"

"YES!" Lily cried out.

Voldemort grunted as he felt himself getting close to release. Letting go of her hair, he grabbed her hips with both hands and with the increased hold on her, he began to pound her with everything he had. This caused Lily to cry out in pleasure as her arms gave out, causing her face to fall onto the bed. With barely any strength left in her arms, the most she could do is rub his clit as the cock behind her ravished her.

With a final grunt and shove, Voldemort bottomed out, his cock entering Lily's womb and painted it white with his essence filling her to the brim. Lily at the same time cried out as she too came. With a few more thrusts, the Dark Lord pulled out, his cock now flaccid. He gazed at the sight of his former thorn laying in front of him, her pussy flooded with his seed.

Victory was going to be his. Of that he was certain.

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