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Her name was Lily Potter and it has been 13 years.

That is how long it has been since that Halloween night all those years ago.

13 years since she was taken from her home by her master and became his whore.

In that time, her master had thought to have been perished by the boy-who-lived, Neville Longbottom. He was praised and worshiped for saving Britain from war. Though his parents, Frank and Alice were killed, he was brought up by his grandmother Augusta Longbottom. Many believed that he would grow up to be a great wizard, that was sadly not the case.

Due to his upbringing, what with people praising him and saying that he was the Chosen One and the next coming of Dumbledore, he was in fact a rather slightly more then average wizard. True that he could cast spells without a problem and that his grades were by his own merit, but his lack of respect and his arrogance just for being the boy-who-lived caused quite a few problems for him.

But after 13 years of hiding in the shadows, her master was finally ready to return.

They were in Little Hangleton, more specifically, the graveyard situated close by Riddle Manor. Tonight, Lord Voldemort would be brought back to life and nothing, not even a boy could stop that. All they had to do was wait.

It did not take long something to disturb the quite stillness of the graveyard. From out the air, two figures stumbled onto the ground, one a slightly pudgy faced teenager and the other a beautiful veela. The pair of them looked both lost and confused for a moment, not knowing what was going on or if this another part of the Triwizard Tournament that no knew about.

"There are two of them master, Longbottom and a veela." Lily stated.

"Stun the girl and prepare the boy." her master wheezed out softly so as to not alert the pair.

Lily nodded and jerked her head to the person standing next to her. That person being her daughter, Violet Potter.

Her daughter had grown up to be a beautiful young girl, with dark back hair and her own emerald green eyes, she was quite the eye catcher to many. She wore a simple robe and hood that blocked anyone from seeing what she wore underneath, or rather what she did not. She, as well Lily herself both wore only simple shoes to keep their feet safe and nothing else.

Lily watched as her daughter sneaked through the graveyard until she was right behind the confused pair before stunning the veela off her feet and on the ground, out cold. Longbottom meanwhile tried to raise his wand to attack only for it to be disarmed by Violet and then lifted of his feet and held onto the large statue, trapping him.

"Quickly Violet, the master must have his body now!" Lily stated as the fire under the large cauldron that was left unnoticed sprung to life. She then dropped a large black bundle into the cauldron.

Violet nodded and proceeded to begin the ritual. First, levitating an old bone above the cauldron. "Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you shall renew your son." Next, a short pudgy rat faced man came forward and with a whimper, cut off his left hand. "Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your master." Here Lily took out a sharp ritual knife and cut a single line down Neville's forearm. "Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you shall resurrect your foe."

As soon as the final word was said, the fire burst up brighter, causing all to shield their eyes. when the bright light and fire died down, there, standing where once the cauldron was, was a fully revived and still human looking Lord Voldemort. Fully clothed in a black robe, he breathed his first full breath of fresh air as a true living being.

"Master, welcome back." Lily greeted with a low bow as she gave her master his wand, mirrored by her daughter.

"You both have done well my dears. You both have served me well." Voldemort replied with a smirk that made both females' pussies gush.

"Will we be rewarded master?" Violet asked.

The newly revived Dark Lord nodded. "You both shall be rewarded by my Death Eaters soon enough.

"Thank you master." Lily and Violet thanked with wide smiles under their hoods as they could already feel themselves get fucked.

"Now to the matter at hand. Wormtail, step forward!" Voldemort commanded.

Wormtail, or Peter Pettigrew to those who knew him scurried forward, pain and fear clear in his eyes. "Yes master?" he asked quietly.

"Hold out your arm." Voldemort said as he held out his hand.

Relief and gratitude shone in Wormtail's eyes as he held out his cut off forearm. "Thank you master-."

He was however cut off by his master. "Your other arm." he sneered.

Wormtail's relief was immediately replaced with sorry as he dutifully held out his other forearm, the one bearing the Dark Mark. Voldemort then pressed the tip of his wand onto the Dark Mark and waited as he summoned all of his Death Eaters to him. He did not have to wait long for a massive group of twenty Death Eaters landed within the graveyard, all of them dressed in black robes and the mask of the Death Eaters upon their face.

Once that was done, Voldemort, with a swish of his wand replaced Wormtail's bloody stump with a silver hand that worked just as well as the on he had just cut off. "I reward loyalty well Wormtail."

"Thank you master. Thank you." Wormtail praised and bowed as he stared at his new hand.

"Ah my friends, how nice of you to join me on this rather momentous occasion. For after 13 long years, I have returned." Voldemort greeted his Death Eaters, a small smile on his face before it was immediately lost and he frowned. "Here you stand, as if it were yesterday. I find myself...dissapointed."

The entire graveyard was still as the Death Eaters that had escaped Azkaban shifted nervously.

"Not one of you, those that had escaped imprisonment tried to find me." Voldemort sneered at those that shifted. "Only my most loyal of slaves tried. Tried and succeeded. It is because of them that I stand before you, so they shall be rewarded. You are all fortunate that I am in such mood." He said with a smile before walking over to the still unconscious veela.

He smirked as he stared at her. "My, my, such a beautiful girl. Just ready to be taken." He then looked up and gave an even bigger smirk. "Oh, but I almost forgot, young Neville has come seemed to have roused the knocked out to join us in my return."

"Let me go and face me you bastard!" Nevielle cried out in anger.

"Tut, tut, tut. Such a dirty mouth you have there, Nevielle. Didn't your mother teach any manners?" Voldemort mocked, to which he got a bunch of laughs from the crowd. "Oh, but you don't have one do you? Yes, I distinctly remember killing her."

"You'll pay you bastard for what you did to my family!" Nevielle declared.

Voldemort simply laughed at that. "My dear boy, as much as I would like to put you in your place, just could not be bothered. You are nothing compared to me Longbottom, and so for my plans to continue, you must die." Voldemort finished with a creepy smile. "Aveda Kedavra!"

The sickly green cursed that haunted so many sped towards the defenceless and helpless Nevielle. As the curse struck him, the body that was trapped there went limp, the soul within perished.

"and thus ends the story of the Boy-Who-Lived." Voldemort stated to which he received a great cry of triumph from his followers. "Now my friend, we shall rejoice for tomorrow, our campaign begins once more!"

The deafening cry that echoed through the area woke the unconscious veela who had no idea what had happened in the last few minutes and was thus confused and more then a little apprehensive. She was about to try and sneak to the Triwizard Cup that she saw when she felt something large and scaly slither along her leg.

Locking down, the veela could not help but let out a terrified shriek as she the massive snake that continued to slither towards the large crowd, which had by that point heard her scream and investigate. The girl did not know what to do but she had a feeling that she should not stay where she was and tried to make a run for the cup only for thick ropes to wrap around her body, making her lose her balance and cause her to fall.

"And where do you think your going, my dear." a voice asked.

The veela turned her head and saw for the first time to Lord Voldemort, though she did not know who he really was. She blushed as she took in his handsome features and his imposing figure as he towered over her fallen body. She blushed even more she felt her veela nature latch on the power the man was exuding. Already she could feel herself get wet from this man's intoxicating aura.

"Tell me girl, what is your name." The man asked.

'Merde! Even his voice in breathtaking!' The veela thought as she felt her body shiver in desire from the sound of the man's voice. "Fleur D-Delacour." She stammered out, face beet red.

Voldemort chuckled at the reaction he seemed to be garnering from the veela below him. Oh he knew what she was, he had come across a few of them in his travels, and all of them had the same reactions upon meeting him back when he first had a body. "Well then Miss Delacour, How did you come to arrive at mt little reunion party?"

Again he noticed how Fleur shivered slightly when he spoke. "I grabbed onto the Triwizard Cup and was brought here." She replied in perfect English, something she could do and only acted with a heavy french accent to fool everyone into thinking she was just a stupid french bimbo, only to prove them wrong with her performance.

Voldemort smirked, looking down at the girl below him. "I can feel your powers reaching to touch mine, my dear. Why don't your reach out and touch it?" He invited slightly to Fleur.

He knew all about veela and their allure and affinity for powerful magicals. It was like a drug to them, when they sensed an especially powerful wizard. Their magic would reach out to touch said powerful person's own and be claimed, as veela magic sought out those that would best protect them. Thus the need for powerful wizards. This however would lead many veela to be enslaved as sex toys and whores by the ones they were bonded with, though the veela would not care as they would serve in any way to please the one who would protect them.

So when a young veela, especially one who has never felt such immense power from an individual in such close proximity, caused her magic to want to reach out and be claimed and protected. Thus Fleur was unable to resist the pull by her own magic and nature and reached to touch this man's own magic with her own. As soon as she felt the tendrils of their magic entwine, she let out a gasp and then a moan as she felt the man's magic drape over her like a warm blanket.

Voldemort watched all of this with the same smirk still on his face as he felt his magic envelop the girl within, claiming her. She was now his and his Death Eaters do with as they pleased and she would not even care as long as she was with him in some form or fashion. That was what happened with all the other veela that he claimed and this was no different.

"You are mine now, my dear." Voldemort said, to which he got a delirious wide smile in return.

"Yes master. I am yours to do with as you please. My body is yours." Fleur said, drunk from the power that was coursing through her from her master.

"Go to my other slaves girl." Voldemort ordered, to which Fleur nodded enthusiastically and, with the ropes removed, quickly bounded over to Lily and Violet, who still wore their cloaks. Once she was with them, he turned to his followers. "My friends, with our victory tonight, our celebrations should not take place in such a disgusting place as a graveyard. Tell me Lucius, am I still allowed into your home?" He asked.

"Yes my Lord, you and everyone, except the slaves are allowed entry." The Death Eater answered.

"We shall be celebrating in your home, Now let us leave this place." Voldemort stated, before vanishing in a crack.

If one were to walk just past the door leading into the large meeting hall, they would hear the sounds of slapping skin, moans, groans and squeals of pleasure. In fact if you were to walk in at that moment, that is what was exactly happening.

Twenty Death Eaters stood around the room, Voldemort sitting upon an ornate comfortable chair that was more akin to a throne. Everyone within the room was as naked as the day they were born. Kneeling in front of the Dark Lord was Lily Potter, servicing her master with a blowjob, hoping to make for the 13 years without being ravaged by him.

Meanwhile her daughter, Violet was on her knees being sandwiched between two Death Eaters, the bottom one in her pussy while the one above drilling her ass. Her mouth was otherwise occupied with a cock that she was deepthroating while both her hands were stroking another two. Already she has came twice and was on a way to a third while most of the men surrounding her has come only once in each of her holes and was prepared to fill her up even more.

The newest addition, Fleur Delacour was having the time of her life as she serviced not five but seven Death Eaters at the same time as she sat on her knees rapidly giving out hand and blowjobs in rapid succession. Using her veela llure to heighten the men's pleasure it did not take long for Fleur to be showered in Death Eater cum. By the end of the cum shower, her face, hair and breasts were covered in spunk, which turned Fleur even more on as she rubbing said all over body as it was lotion, even scooping up some of it and swallowing it or inserting it into her pussy.

"Plus s'il vous plait. Je veux que tu me baises. Ravage-moi. Traitez-moi comme votre cumdumpster." Fleur said in french as she got on her hands and knees and crawled away until her perfect round ass was facing them. Looking back, Fleur gave a coy smile, winked and spanked her own ass before playing with her own pussy right in front of her audience.

Immediately one of the seven Death Eaters rushed towards Fleur and, cock in hand, slammed into the french veela with everything he had, eliciting a loud moan from the girl. This prompted the other Death Eaters to surround the girl, all of them stroking their cocks to the sight of her getting screwed.

"You like getting your pussy ravaged like this, don'y you, you veela whore!" The Death Eater fucking said.

"Yes! I love being fucked like this!" Fleur exclaimed.

"We know you have a veela mother and younger sister." The Death Eater grunted as he pounded her. "Imagine when they learn that their sister/daughter is nothing but a fucking whore, who wants nothing more then to be screwed over by those better then her. When we're done with you, your mother will be next and then when your sister is just like you, she will gangraped all night by us."

Fleur actually came from what the Death Eater was describing as her mind let her see what it would actually look like. Her mother and sister being gangbanged while she pleasured her master. Or better yet, all three of them getting gangraped together. That thought actually sent another wave of pleasure through her.

"Yes." Fleur whispered out. "Fuck my mother and sister. Fuck them like your fucking me."

The Death Eater grunted and came with a smile. "Oh we will."

Lily meanwhile was now sitting in her master legs, bouncing on his hard length, moaning and crying out in delight everytime he bottomed out in her. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I love your cock master. I missed being fucked by it." Lily cried out as she came from riding her master, but did not stop.

Voldemort chuckled. "Oh don't worry my dear Lily, you will be ravaged by me and my Death Eaters soon enough." He said as he placed his hands on her slim waist and, holding tightly, began to slam the red headed MILF onto his cock even more.

"YES! THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT MASTER! FUCK THIS MUDBLOOD WHORE! YES!" Lily screamed as she came again from the sudden turn of events.

With a grunt and harsh pull so that his cock was fully inside, he exploded into his slave. His throbbing cock letting out spurt after spurt of white hot cum into her womb. That set Lily off into her third orgasm. Panting from the exertion, Lily moaned in loss as she felt herself be pulled away from her master's cock and turned to face the room, only to cry out in delight when her master speared into her ass and began to ream into her. She panted and moaned in delight as she was fucked in the ass by her master, gave out cries of pleasure as he played with her pussy and mauled at her breasts.


Meanwhile Violet was now being suspended in the air between Lucius and Crabbe as they pistoned in and out of her ass and pussy respectively, eliciting cries from the 14 year old.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy and ass like that. Pound me until I can't walk!" Violet cried out.

Lucius and Crabbe grunted in exertion at the tightness from her holes, all the while the other three Death Eaters watched eagerly stroking their dicks. They continued to pound into the teen until with a few more jerky thrusts, both men came into the girl causing all three of them to moan. Dropping the girl on to the ground, they watched as Violet began to play with her own pussy, scooping some of the cum that oozed out of her pussy with her finger and sucked on it, tasted herself and Crabbe's spunk.

"Mhmmm. I love the taste of cock and cum. Especially if it's Death Eater cum." Violet moaned as she sucked on her finger. She the rolled onto her stomach and spread her ass cheeks apart. "Won't you come back rape your little toy?" she asked cutely, shaker her ass slightly for emphasis.

A Death Eater chuckled as he stepped forward. "Oh we'll do more then just rape you." he said before jamming his cock all the way into Violet pussy and slamming right into her g-spot.

"FUCK! THAT'S THE SPOT!" Violet screamed.

She was suddenly silenced when Lucius grabbed onto her head and shoved his cock into her open mouth. As soon as she registered what was in her mouth, she began to suck it and down the whole length until it was in her throat before pulling back and repeating. Another two cocks appeared on either side of her where she quickly grabbed onto them and stroked them, all the while Lucius was hammering his dick into her throat. Crabbe, who was left without any way find pleasure from the girl's body, grabbed a fistful of her black hair and wrapped it around his cock and began to stroke.

Suddenly, Voldemort, who had thus far blasted his spunk into Lily's ass, dropped Lily onto the floor and stood, catching his followers attention. "My friends, I believe that it is time end our reverie. Bring the slaves to me and stand in a circle." He said.

Knowing what the Dark Lord had in mind, they brought the thoroughly fucked girls to their master and dropped them next to Lily. Voldemort then, with a flick of his wrist and wandless magic, positioned the three females so that their heads were touching each other in a smaller circle. The girls meanwhile, also knowing what was about to happen, just laid there played with pussies and tits, giving Voldemort and his followers an extremely erotic show as the three females moaned and groaned as they fingered themselves, mauled their own tits and flicked their clits all for their masters pleasure.

With the erotic show in front of them and the last few hours of debauchery, it did not take long for everyone to reach their peak. Lily, Fleur and Violet all came with a scream while Voldemort and his Death Eaters roared out their release in a shower of cum. Rope after rope splattered on their slaves, most of it covering their tits, stomach and face. By the end of the cum shower, Fleur, Lily and Violet were totally covered in cum. They moaned in pleasure at being covered in cum as they rubbed it all over their body and even swallowed some of it.

The crowd all smirked at the sight knowing that this was not the end.

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