A long haired man sat alone in his chair, picking up an odd piece on a chess board and moving it. As he moved it by hand, a dragon-like projection seemed to move across the land, giving a mighty roar as it landed across a mountainous wasteland, giving a loud howl that seemed to shake the rock and bring the Lord of D. to his knees.


The dragon was all white, slowly vanishing once the game of Draconic Tactics seemed to end, the game pieces on the board vanishing and being replaced by a blue, crystalline orb. He began to lean back, staring into the fireplace before he heard the door of his study open. He stood up, and saw a Maiden with Eyes of Blue approaching him, her hands clutching something in her arms.

"What is it, Kisara?"

"..." The woman nervously bit her lower lip before holding it up in her hand.

It was a letter, the Smash Emblem upon it.

Slowly the long haired man grew a sharp smirk before taking the letter from the maiden. Kisara watched with a soft smile as she watched the man run for his desk and grab a helmet. It was white and shaped like his familiar.

He was now the Masked Master of Dragons: Kaibaman!

Kaibaman reached out a hand and Kisara immediately clasped it as they raised their intertwined hands into the air.

"Come! Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Kisara's eyes gave off a radiant blue glow as white scales grew over. The roof of the castle began to open up as Kaibaman soared into the sky, atop the back of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Kaibaman answers the call!

Now I did say popularity was a factor, right? Yeah, well, as much as I'd rather not, we simply can't have a Yu-Gi-Oh X Smash Bros game without representation of the other biggest star in the franchise: the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the counterpart to the Dark Magician and the base for almost every rival in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime; if every protagonist has a monster with 2500 ATK/2000 DEF, then every rival will have a monster with 3000 ATK/2500 DEF. In the original series, this was to push the idea that, while Yugi has weaker cards, he uses them in a more tactical way then to just rely on brute force. Not that Kaiba doesn't have strategy, it's just that his tactics usually revolve around overwhelming might.

So, why not the Blue-Eyes? Why Kaibaman? And what is a Kaibaman?


Cause the Blue-Eyes would be too big. Yeah, yeah, Ridley's a thing, but the Blue-Eyes is suppose to be this enormous monster of absolute might. As oppose to Ridley, who's size fluctuates between games, the Blue-Eyes is always a giant dragon. Why not use 'Maiden with Eyes of Blue'-aka, Kisara? Well, it wouldn't be too fitting, would it? In the game, the maiden is a target that gets the Blue-Eyes quickly on the field. She's not really intended to be a fighter herself. Which is why she will be supporting Kaibaman in her moveset, along with the other 'With Eyes of Blue' monsters since they synergize with the Blue-Eyes.

And who's Kaibaman? Well, if you're a whippersnapper, you may not remember, but back in the day, this was the card used to quickly get Blue-Eyes on the field. Kaibaman is a card version of, well, the anime character 'Seto Kaiba'. He's a weak card, but his effect is to special summon the Blue-Eyes onto the field. So why is he the fighter and not Kisara? Cause Seto Kaiba was a badass in the show. No, really, go back and watch the show, Kaiba was never afraid to throw hands. And unlike the Maiden, he can summon the Blue-Eyes without any outside support. (I mean, meta-wise, he's not a good card and has been considered obsolete for a reason, but shush.)

For a general idea of his playstyle: Kaibaman will be playing like a rushdown, close-range fighter, similar to Captain Falcon. He runs fast, gets in, and is meant to beat the ever-loving tar out of anyone and everyone in his way. And like I said, he'll be summoning the Blue-Eyes and the 'With Eyes of Blue' monsters to assist him, among other Kaiba paraphernalia. I guess you could say this is more like 'Kaiba, the Moveset'.

With that said, Kaibaman will get one more tool: He'll wield the awesome power of the Millennium Rod! Probably sounds random, but the Millennium Rod is closely associated with Priest Seto, Seto Kaiba's Ancient Egyptian previous life, and since Kaibaman is just Kaiba's Yu-Gi-Oh OC, even if he'd never do it himself, I think it makes sense to also give Kaibaman the Rod. He'll hold it during the match in one hand. Above his character icon will be a bar, we'll call it the 'Ba Bar'. It'll deplete whenever Kaibaman uses an attack that summons a monster to his aid. It fills whenever Kaiba deals damage-never when he takes it. And when he's running out of juice, then he'll be in trouble, as his moves will be objectively stronger when Kaibaman can lean on his allies.

After all, Kaibaman the card isn't a strong card on its own.

Weight: Heavyweight; he'd be a pretty modest heavyweight, similar to Captain Falcon and Link, with a value of around 19-22.

Speed: He'd have a running speed similar to that of Greninja, if not a little faster. Kaibaman's got some armor weighing him down if that spiky jacket is any indicator.

Movement: Kaibaman would have two jumps and would be able to wall jump. Cause Kaiba, at least int he anime, was surprisingly athletic for a computer nerd and businessman.

Basic Moves

Jab: Kaibaman will do a simple, 3-hit jab: one hook from the right, one from the left, and it ends in a strong uppercut to send foes back.

Dash: Kaibaman's dash attack will be him sprinting forward before shooting off a knee-kick.

Grab: When Kaibaman grabs you, he'll do it with one hand. In general, Kaibaman's grabs will be fairly decent. His forward and Back Throws are kill Throws, while his up and down throws, while much weaker and won't send you particularly far, will be at least okay enough for combo potential.

Pummel: The pummel of his grab will be Kaibaman delivering kicks with his knee to the victim's torso.

Forward Throw: Finally, we're getting somewhere interesting; Kaibaman's Forward Throw will have him summon the Protector with Eyes of Blue, who'll swing his sword and knock foes out of Kaibaman's grip just as he swings the Rod in unison. When the Ba Bar is empty, Kaibaman will just swing the Millennium Rod.

Back Throw: Kaibaman's Back Throw will have him summon the Master with Eyes of Blue, who'll appear behind the captured foe and will hold out his extended hand. A burst of white energy will send them flying backwards. Without Ba, Kaibaman will swing the foe overhead.

Up Throw: The Up Throw will have Kaibaman summon the Priestess with Eyes of Blue, who will hold her hands together in prayer and send the captured foe up into the air. Without Ba, Kaibaman will just throw them overhead.

Down Throw: Finally, the down throw will bring out the Sage with Eyes of Blue, who'll take his staff and bash the foe over the head, knocking them to the ground and they'll just bounce forward. No Ba, Kaibaman will throw them to the floor.


Side: For his Side Tilt, Kaibaman will swing the rod vertically, giving him a disjointed hit box and giving him a slightly longer reach.

Up: Up Tilt will have Kaibaman swat the rod overhead.

Down: For his Down Smash, Kaibaman will go down low and perform a leg sweep.


Neutral: For his Neutral Air, Kaibaman spin mid-air, rod extended to slice people.

Forward: Kaibaman will swing the Rod overhead from front to back. If it hits the sweet spot, it'll spike people straight down.

Back: The Millennium Rod will extend as Kaibaman thrusts it back to back from behind him. In the Anime and Manga, the Rod had a concealed blade at the end of the shaft.

Up: Kaibaman will swing the Rod overhead from the front.

Down: Kaibaman will thrust both legs down and stomp whoever's under him. (Yes, I'm aware what that sounds like, and yes, it'll spike.)


Side: For the side smash, Kaibaman will cock his hand back with the rod in hand before throwing a punch. Without Ba, it'll just be a punch. But with it, he'll summon another monster to aid him: La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp. His fist will appear above Seto's arm and will extend his hitbox. This comes from Priest Seto and how he's capable of summoning the ancient genie, much like his reincarnation, who has the monster in his deck.

Up: Kaibaman will bend down and hold his rod in preparation for an upward swing. When he swings without Ba, he'll swing Rod in an upward arc. With Ba, he'll summon the hands of the mighty Battle Ox, who'll swing his own axe with Kaibaman for a multi-hit attack as both blades cleave their opponents and send them flying.

Down: Kaibaman will hold up the Millennium Rod before smashing it down in front of himself. Without Ba, this will just hit foes in front of him. But with Ba, the Judgeman's hand will summon up behind Kaibaman and he'll swing down its mace on his opposite side. Judgeman's attack will do more damage, but Kaibaman will have more knockback.


Naturally, the Specials rely entirely on your Ba Bar. No Ba, the Specials won't activate.

Neutral, Burst Stream of Destruction!: For his Neutral Special, Kaibaman will hold his Millennium Rod and fire the Blue-Eyes White Dragon's signature attack: Burst Stream of Destruction! The attack is chargeable, by tapping the Special Button, Kaibaman will fire a short, weak beam. Holding it before releasing, Kaibaman will release a bigger stream, but of course, it'll use more Ba.

Side, Shadow Spell: The Side Special will have Kaibaman raise the rod and cast Shadow Spell, a trap card that Kaiba has used. Black chains will shoot from the rod and ensnare foes before reeling them in. This'll work basically like a grab and Kaibaman can even tether when using it in the air. Also, when in the air, it'll poke foes.

Up, Kaiser Glider: For the up special, a pair of golden, firery wings will sprout from Kaibaman's back and he'll shoot upward. This is in reference to the card of the same name, another one that Kaiba had in his deck.

Down, Lullaby of Obedience: This is a counter; Kaibaman will hold up the Millennium Rod to protect himself. Once struck, a sudden, loud noise will hit the foe and stun them. This is based off of the spell card of the same name that Kaiba used. In the card game, this will enable you to basically take a card from your opponent's deck. Obviously, that's not gonna happen in Smash Bros, but I think making it the equivalent of a shield break would make for an interesting counter, since Kaiba is all about crippling his opponents before mercilessly destroying them.

Final Smash!

You know exactly what it'll be. For his Final Smash, Kaibaman will leave the field and summon his mightiest servant: The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! It'll appear on the far end of the stage before unleashing his Neutron Blast Attack. Once the large beam dies down, Kaibaman will return to the field, unscathed as the three-headed dragon vanishes.


Side: Kaibaman will hold up a Yu-Gi-Oh card and smirk at the camera, much like his original card artwork.

Up: Kaibaman will huff and turn his back to the camera before asking, "is that all?"

Down: Kaibaman will give a short, triumphant laugh, fully confident that his victory's in the bag.

Victory Poses

1. Kaibaman will point his fingers to the camera and declare, "and that's checkmate." This is what Kaiba says in the Anime-Only Virtual World Arc.

2. "You're a third rate duelist, with a fourth rate moveset." Kaibaman will then turn away and cross his arms. That's one of Kaiba's quotes in Duel Links-well, sort of.

3. Three Blue-Eyes White Dragons will descend into view before Kaibaman jumps off of one of their heads and lands with a smirk on his face.


Kaibaman's standard outfit is little more than Kaiba's anime outfit: white jacket and Blue-Eyes helmet, red shirt, and black pants.

For an alternative costume, Kaibaman's jacket will become a dark blue with a teal suit, matching Kaiba's season 1 anime outfit.

For a second alt, Kaibaman will wear all white and his hair will be green, a reference to Kaiba's design in Toei's original Yu-Gi-Oh anime series, affectionately referred to as Season 0.

For his Red Alt, Kaibaman's jacket will turn red, as will his helmet. His shirt will turn green and pants blue. This is in reference to 'Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon'. Not a card Kaiba used, but it is sort-of related since Kaibaman uses the Blue-Eyes.

For a Blue Alt, Kaibaman's jacket and helmet will turn blue, but the rest of his clothes will be white. This is in reference to 'Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon'.

For a Black Alt, Kaibaman's clothes will turn all black, but the eyes on his helmet will turn red. This is in reference to 'Red-Eyes Black Dragon'.

For a Yellow Alt, Kaibaman's jacket and helmet will turn gold, his shirt black, and pants blue. This is in reference to 'Googly-Eyes Drum Dragon'.

And finally, Kaibaman's jacket will turn tan, but his shirt and helmet will turn blue with yellow pants. This is in reference to Priest Seto.


When entering the stage, a shadow will appear over his spot before Kaibaman jumps down and lands on his feet and pulls out the Millennium Rod. Naturally, he jumped off of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

When inhaled by Kirby, Kirby will wear Kaibaman's helmet.

And that's everything! Sorry this one took so long. I guess I just really wanted to give Kaibaman a lot of Kaiba references, but I didn't know just how to tie it all together until I remembered Priest Seto. I'm a little sad I didn't use more Kaiba-centered cards, as a lot of them I think could be used for an interesting moveset, but that just means if I do bring another card from Kaiba's deck, they'll have a lot to work with!

Tune in next time, where our next moveset will get a little heated!