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Chapter 8: A Day in the Desert

"Holy shit that old lady had a level 24 cooking skill!" Bulma randomly muttered to herself while she worked on breakfast.

The night had been entirely uneventful giving the teen time to simply ponder on her current situation. The "system" was truly odd and the possibilities seemed endless. On some level Bulma knew magic existed, after all, she was running around the world trying to find seven magical orbs in order to summon a dragon to grant her wishes, but actually using it, channeling her mana in order to create spells, was absolutely mind-bending.

That's not even considering the fact that she had been in real danger multiple times in the last week. Sure she had brought her guns to protect herself, but she never really expected to actually use them. And now she's hanging out with an alien, because that runt's totally an alien, and a unique half-human, half-beastkin woman.

The craziest part… was that Bulma loved it. She loved it! School and learning had always been a joke, she blasted past elementary, middle, high, and college getting two masteries in part because she was bored with the education system. She learned on her own terms and the game seemed to reward her for it constantly. A week ago Goku shrugged off her bullets like nothing, today a fight would not be so one-sided.

The genius sighed as she plated the scrambled eggs she had been cooking for everyone. "Cooking is boring as hell, maybe I can get Akane to do it."

The true beauty of the system was that combat was hardly the only way it could be taken advantage of. None of her Skills were actually combat-oriented and she had actually got a level in Tinkering last night! Though the stat increase was disappointingly low…


Description: You just like messing with stuff. Figuring out how something works and learning how to pull it apart and put it back together fills you with joy.

Requirements: 50 Int

Level: 5

Type: Passive, Item Targeted

Range: Touch

Effects: Grants the user basic knowledge of all mechanical and electrical devices.

Higher levels increase the amount of knowledge the user can glean from a device.

+4 Int

Bulma had gotten bored and busied herself by messing around with her junk capsule, a capsule full of electronic odds and ends that are leftover from other projects, and seeing if she could use anything in there to upgrade her weapons or make something new. Her pistol had been the obvious choice as it dealt less damage than her uzi and she would not miss it if she made a mess of it.

Alas, the teen's genius truly knew no bounds, and with a few wires, batteries, and good old fashioned elbow grease she had turned it into a railgun… sorta. It wasn't a true railgun, but the bullets would go faster and deal more damage which the new description confirmed.

Bulma's Baby Railgun

Description: A tiny pistol that has been modified into a pseudo railgun. This peashooter can now deal some serious damage. Unfortunately, this augmentation has made the firearm quite… delicate.

Type: Handgun

Quality: Rare

Damage: 40 piercing + 10 lightning per bullet

Defense: N/A

Durability: 5/5

Enhancements: Might Explode

The durability reduction and "enhancement" were quite unfortunate, but the damage increase made it more useful, especially since the system had doubled HP. With the success of her tinkering, Bulma considered working on the uzi as well but decided to hold off until she was back home in her lab. No use turning both of her firearms into surprise grenades.

"Goku! Akane! Food is ready!"

Akane woke up bleary-eyed from the long night. The RV had surprisingly soft beds inside and she fell asleep the second her head hit the pillow. Bulma's call for breakfast was the only reason she was awake, otherwise, she would still be out.

'Damn laziness.' the redhead mentally groused as she stretched.

Akane, of course, knew it was not laziness on her part, but the more she distanced herself from her kidnapping the more she grew frustrated with herself. Years spent surviving on her own in the wilderness, facing dinosaurs and bandits with just her bare hands, just to be done in by a stupid fucking pig. And to top it all off she was saved by a magical city slicker and a little boy like some damn damsel in distress.

"Have to get healthy, have to train, need to use this system."

The redhead had not played video games growing up, but this system sounded like some of the RPGs she had heard of. Given how intuitive the system seemed to be she was not worried about being at a loss at how to progress. Do the thing, get the skill, practice/use the skill, level up the skill. Straightforward and simple, just how she liked it.

"Bulma?" Akane began as she, Goku, and the teen in question sat down for breakfast, "Are there any other skills you think we could all get easily?"

"Oh!" Goku perked up and stopped devouring food for a moment. "I 'ot a 'ew 'kill 'e 'oher 'ay."

"C'mon Goku don't talk with your mouth full." Bulma complained while Akane chuckled.

After a big gulp, Goku tried again. "I got a new skill when we were in the village. It's a martial art called… Piercing Rain. I can use it with the Power Pole."

"That's great Goku, keep thinking of stuff like that, but to your question Akane, yes, I spent some of last night thinking about easy skills-"

"Did you stay up all night?"

"Ye-" Bulma interrupted herself with a yawn. "Yeah. Goku sleeps like the dead and," Bulma leaned into Akane to whisper in her ear. "I don't trust Goku to recognize a real threat and warn us. He'll probably just fight it."

"Well, that doesn't seem too bad." Akane replied after Bulma leaned back.

"Eh, I'd be more comfortable knowing. Anyway, a skill you should get is Observe. It's literally about observation, you look at something and it tells you some information about it. It hasn't been all that important, but it's nice to know what loot you get."


"Oh… yeah. There were a bunch of monsters in Oolong's mansion that we had to… kill in order to get to the prisoners. They drop stuff and observe let me know what they are. I think it's an inherent skill we get because I never learned it, the system just told me to use it"

"Huh… okay. Anything else?"

"Totally, you can learn to shoot my guns which should give you two different things to learn and practice-"


"Err… okay. Cooking, if you want. Teaching Goku something might get you Teaching. I think you should concentrate on learning more martial arts. You're a stealthy girl so something related to that? Honestly, you could probably use some magic…"

"Magic seems interesting, though I don't wanna be some sort of backline fighter."

"Awesome, I still have my skill books. You can learn Manabolt which will help you understand mana which would also give you Raw Magic Mastery. From there it's just experimentation. I meditated upon my mana pool and got a good feel for it. I've tried manipulating it, but I haven't gotten anywhere yet."

That had been a sore spot for the genius as it had been yet another thing she had tried to do the night before. She knew she was missing something to make the mana shield tangible, she just did not know what it was.

"That sounds like a great idea. Thank you, Bulma." Akane stood and brought the now empty dishes to the sink and started washing them. "I'll clean this and start practicing, you should get some sleep."

Bulma yawned in response before nodding. "Thanks." was all she said before heading to her bed.

Goku was already trying to leave the RV before Akane stopped him. "Hey, kid. How old are you?"

The kid in question stopped and started counting on his fingers. "Uhh…. thirteen!"

Akane blinked in surprise. "Aren't you a little short for your age?"

"No? I'm gonna go train…"

"I'm sorry, just don't go too far, we don't know where those people who were looking at us are."

"Okay!" and he was out the door before she could say anything else.

"What a weird kid." Akane said as she dried the dishes. "Time to… learn? I guess?"


"Alright Yamcha, are you ready?"

The desert bandit nodded his head. After yesterday's intense exposure therapy he was starting to feel a little more confident about being around a real human woman. Sure he might have cried a few times and peed himself a little every time Puar came around a corner unexpectedly, but he never went into shock or ran away.

"Good. I'll start and you hit them in about half an hour."

"Sheesh I know, get to it already."

"Hey, no need to be snippy, and you're not even looking at me so I have to be sure."

Puar was already in her human form. It was one that reflected her age and, hopefully, how she would have looked if she was born human. An outside observer would describe her as an older teen, around 17 or 18, who was more on the petite side. She stood at a staggering 4'10" with long, wavy hair, the same teal color as her fur. Her figure was athletic and tight, so while she was not turning heads everywhere she went no one could call her too skinny. Her thin eyebrows rested above sharp, angled eyes that held purple irises. Between her eyes was a cute button nose and just below was her mouth which was on the small side. Her teeth were completely normal, no need to tip someone off to her non-human nature.

She wore, as planned, a tattered shawl over a dirty and torn up shirt and shorts combo. A little blood on her skin and the clothes made the disguise perfect… hopefully. Her clothes were also why Yamcha was not making eye contact, they left her a bit exposed.

Nonetheless, Puar's rebuke made the bandit turn his head and look into her eyes before nodding.

"Alright, see you soon."

And with that their plan had begun.


Akane had just finished learning manabolt and was luxuriating in the awesome feeling of having mana and being able to use magic when she heard the desperate cry of a woman.

"Help. Help me. I… I need w-water. Please. Please help."

"What the-?"

A small distance from their camp Akane spied a woman limping towards her. Blood ran down the stranger's leg and she looked ready to fall over at any moment.

The redhead almost jumped up to help but, 'I'm not going to be much help, besides… it might be a trap.' She would not soon forget the lessons Oolong had taught her.

As quickly as she could Akane entered the RV and woke Bulma up. "Hey, there's someone outside. They look like they've been attacked and are asking for help."

"Huh? Wha-? Let's… let's help 'em."

Bulma was too tired to be thinking, she wanted to be asleep, but she got up anyway and followed Akane outside to greet the now much closer woman.

Bulma gasped. "Holy shit, you look horrible!" Seeing the sorry state of the stranger reminded the teen of Oolong's prisoners and her gut twisted.

Just then the stranger lost her balance and fell over. Bulma immediately rushed to her side. She then looked at Akane who had not rushed to help and was fidgeting with her clothes.

"Can you get some water for her and maybe start the bath? I'll get her inside the house."

"…okay, but… okay."

Bulma lightly tapped the shorter girl who she had helped stand up. "Stay with me. I know first aid and there's water inside. Who did this to you."

"B-bandit." Puar choked out. "He- he came out of nowhere. My boyfriend! He- he- he-" she interrupted herself with a cry of anguish and collapsed into Bulma who nearly fell over.

"Hey, uhh… calm down?" Bulma grunted as she pulled the hysterical woman into the RV and sat her down at the table. "You're safe here so don't worry about that bandit…"

"Buh- buh- buh- my Bwandon. He's dead!" Puar was such a blubbering mess that she could barely speak. 'I'm so fucking good.'

Bulma cringed as… 'Puar… level three! What?' Her discomfort around the crying woman fled as confusion took its place. 'How could someone so strong have been robbed unless… the bandit was even stronger.'

"Here have some water and try to breathe." Bulma offered the cup Akane had left for them on the table.

Puar grabbed the cup with shaky hands and carefully brought it up to her lips. She still spilled some for effect before gulping it down quickly. After taking a few deep breaths she calmed down and looked into her "savior's" eyes.

"Th-thank you. I thought I was going to die out in that desert."

Having said a full sentence finally, Bulma could now hear the posh upper society accent. 'I hope I'm not supposed to know this person.'

Neither her father nor herself cared for the "niceties" of upper-crust living, but they could hardly avoid it. You could not snub a famous politician or entrepreneur without there being some consequences. She could never forget her father's stories about when capsule corp and hoi-poi capsules first started getting big and he started getting invitations to galas and parties and charity events. He never cared to go and so he did not. Within a year of unintentionally making it clear that he was not going to play ball, he started getting unexpected pressure in the form of legislation. Hoi-poi capsules were nearly made illegal! Bulma shuddered at the thought.

"Can you tell me what happened?"

"B-Brandon and I were headed to a resort on the other side of the desert when out of nowhere a jet squirrel started pulling up to us. We just thought it was an odd encounter, but when he got close enough that- that monster suddenly pulled out a gun and- and-" Puar stopped and closed her eyes as her fists clenched.

Bulma gave the woman some time to get herself together before saying, "I understand that this is hard for you, maybe just describe the bandit?"

After shedding some crocodile tears Puar nodded and continued. "He was short, around five feet, and had short hair. He wore white pants and a blue shirt and… I think he had a spear. That is all that I remember though."

"That's more than enough. Thank you." Just then Akane walked in. "Hey, you wanna take a bath?"

"Oh… oh that would be lovely thank you."

"Uhh… do you… do you need help?"

"No, I'm starting to feel better already. Thank you again."

"Alright, it's right through that door Akane… oh kami, I'm so sorry we haven't introduced ourselves. My name is Bulma, that's Akane and a little boy named Goku is also running around somewhere."

"He went out to train."

"My name is Puar."

"That's a uhh… pretty name."

"Thank you. I will be going now."

"Cool. Relax. Get clean and maybe we can talk some more later."

With that Puar left to shower and Akane finally sat down at the table with Bulma.

"So what's your deal?"

"Something seems off. Maybe I'm being too cautious, but she's level three, it seems odd that a random bandit could get her. Her story did sound genuine though…" The redhead narrowed her eyes in thought.

"I almost thought the same thing, but look at us. Goku shrugs off bullets like they're paper while I would probably get killed by them as easy as a level one. Maybe she has low vitality too? Besides, if the bandit killed her boyfriend while he was driving she would have crashed leading her to look how she does."

"I guess that makes sense. We should probably try to get more of the story out of her just to be safe."

"I wanted to do that anyway. What if that bandit is the same one you saw yesterday?"

"Yeah, she did mention a jet squirrel… well, I'm going to try and play with magic some more. Have fun with Puar."

"I don't know if consoling her would be considered fun…" the teen grimaced.

Before Akane could leave a screen appeared above that table.

[Quest Alert]

The Desert Bandit!

Description: A woman has crawled to you seeking aid due to a brutal attack from a desert bandit. Was it the same person Akane saw out in the distance? Will you be the next target?

Objectives: Find out more about the woman and the bandit

Defeat the Bandit

Bonus Objectives: ?

Quest Completion Rewards: +2 to Int and Wis, ?, ?, ?

Bonus Rewards: ?, ?

Quest Failure: Death



"Welp… that's not ominous at all."

"Uhh, are you going to accept it?" Akane asked/

"Why not?"

"Well, if we don't accept it maybe we won't confront the bandit and that failure is not pretty."

"Huh… I didn't think about it that way. But then, does saying no mean failing the quest? Goku and I got a quest the day after we met to help a turtle get back to the sea and failing meant that I would also fail the Dragon Balls quest. One of the rewards ended up being a Dragon Ball and if we had said no we probably would have had a tough time finding the ball."

"But would it have been impossible?"

"…I suppose not, but then again I don't want to take that gamble. What if the bandit comes after Puar?"

"That's a possibility. I guess we can accept it. At least we get something out of it."

"My thoughts exactly."

"Alright… I'm going. Anymore surprise boxes?" Akane asked the air.

When nothing else appeared the redhead finally left the capsule house leaving Bulma all alone.

All the while Puar had been trying her best to listen in on their conversation from the bath hoping to find out where they hid their valuables. A long shot yes, but people talk about all kinds of stuff! But what she could hear baffled her.

'The fuck they talking about a quest for?' the shapeshifter wondered. 'Are they some kind of roleplayers? What a bunch of losers.'

The demon wanted to leave it at that, but they had mentioned something concerning: they were somehow aware of her strength.

Puar was hardly an archdemon, she didn't run her own clan, she never received sacrifices or worship, and she had yet to receive any promising marriage proposals, but she was still stronger than some low-level demons. If she was honest with herself she would admit that she was on the weaker side when it came to demons, she could kick the ass of most lesser demons, but a particularly strong one could kill her. Her mother's scary stories about greater demons were still the cause of some nightmares.

'But how did they know? The blue-haired chick had a decent amount of mana, maybe she knows magic? But I would have definitely noticed if she had cast something…'

Puar ruminated on her situation and the plan while she enjoyed the bath.


Goku did not like sand. It went everywhere and tasted nasty! It made it hard to practice because no matter how softly he threw a punch or swung his staff it would send some sand flying. Finally sick of the situation the twelve-year-old had a flash of inspiration. Ki!

Much like detecting the people in the village, he had never used it in an active manner, or really been aware of what it was! The adolescent was no deep thinker, but ki, at least how Bulma described it to him, was interesting.

During their conversations at night on the way to the village, Bulma had told him what she knew about Ki from the movies she had seen and the books that she had read. It was some kind of mystical energy that was within all living beings and some people could manipulate it to do amazing things.

"I might be able to do stuff like Bulma does with magic!" Goku yelled, suddenly excited. 'But how do I do it?' he wondered.

After several mind-bending minutes, he finally remembered his only ki skill. Without any other ideas, the boy concentrated on his passive skill. Due to the lack of any other living beings within his range, Goku immediately felt his own ki signature.

"Woah, weird."

He had never felt his own ki so clearly, living in the mountains surrounded by vibrant life it was often muddled by everything around him. Now that he had found it, he was going to use it. Taking the simple path, Goku concentrated on his ki and pushed.

The loud woosh that kicked up a bunch of sand around him nearly drowned out the ding.

Now that's what I call an idiot savant. I'll be honest, I'm impressed. As a reward, you'll receive all of the stats and learn all of the skills that you would have if you didn't have any of your debuffs. You lucky dog.

Goku coughed to clear his throat of sand while rubbing his nose and eyes before responding.


He dismissed the screen and immediately another appeared.


Through a special act, you have created a Ki Technique! A new category has been added.

Ki Pulse

Description: The user sends out a blast of Ki in a spherical area around their body. This is a very simple defensive technique.

Requirements: 50 Vit

Level: 1

Type: Active, Self

Activation Time: Instant

Cost: 10 KP

Range: 3 ft (1 m)

Damage: None

Effects: Pushes everything around the user to the edge of the sphere's influence

Effectiveness is calculated by pitting a target's combined strength and vitality against the skill's KP cost. Targets with a combined strength and vitality higher than the cost of the skill will be pushed back one foot less per order of magnitude that their stats outweigh the cost. Example: At level one a target with a combined strength and vitality 30 or above will not be affected by the skill at all.

Special Effects: NA

+2 Vit and Mnt

Goku stopped reading halfway through the first sentence in Effects.

"So that's why the sand went everywhere!" In a moment of brilliance, Goku decided that he would practice the skill on one of the rocks that towered above him. "No more sand!"

Once he had cleared a fifty-foot vertical leap to land on top of one of the rock columns Goku dismissed the screen that floated in front of him and was surprised to be greeted by yet another screen!


By creating your own Ki Technique you have earned a mastery!

Ki Mastery

Description: Measures the user's mastery of ki and ki techniques.

Requirements: Earn a level in a ki technique without being taught

Level: 1

Effects: Increases the damage dealt by staff type weapons by 2%

Special Effects: N/A

+2 Vit, Wis, and Mnt

"That's cool."

A supplementary skill did not interest Goku nearly as much as his new technique. After dismissing the screen and waiting for another one that, thankfully, did not appear Goku started spamming his new ability!

Things went well until Goku used the technique the 21st time. All of a sudden the skill he had been using so easily sent searing hot pain all throughout his body.

"Graaaaghh!" The prepubescent boy screamed in agony.

When he opened his eyes Goku saw a screen floating in front of him.


The use of ki techniques once the user has been depleted of ki is extremely dangerous. The cost is taken from HP and is multiplied by ten.

Goku sort of understood what he was being told and looked at his HP on the stats page only to find that he had lost twenty points.

"Okay. Pay attention to the Ki bar." he muttered through gritted teeth.

A look at the upper left-hand corner of his vision where his HP, MP, and KP bars were revealed that the yellow KP bar was empty and flashing red. After taking a breath Goku dismissed the screen only for another one to appear… again!


Through rigorous training to the point of self-harm, you have earned a level in Ki Pulse!

Ki Pulse

Description: The user sends out a blast of Ki in a spherical area around their body. This is a very simple defensive technique.

Requirements: 50 Vit

Level: 2

Type: Active, Self

Activation Time: Instant

Cost: 20 KP

Range: 4 ft (1.2 m)

Damage: None

Effects: Pushes everything around the user to the edge of the sphere's influence

Effectiveness is calculated by pitting a target's combined strength and vitality against the skill's KP cost. Targets with a combined strength and vitality higher than the cost of the skill will be pushed back one foot less per order of magnitude that their stats outweigh the cost. Example: At level one a target with a combined strength and vitality 30 or above will not be affected by the skill at all.

Special Effects: NA

+2 Str and +1 Wis and Mnt

"What happened to-" Goku remembered what the system had told him in its first message. "Oh yeah… that sucks."

Having no ki and disliking how long it had taken to level up his new skill Goku decided to return to training his martial arts.


While Bulma enjoyed small talk with Puar while trying to get a little more information out of her and Goku practiced out in the desert Akane attempted to use magic.

'I'm not like Bulma, I'm no spellcaster. If only I could do something like camouflage…"

Inspired by the idea Akane walked around the RV to the side with shade and tried to blend in.

"…nothing's happening." She complained aloud. 'But I'm not doing anything either.'

The redhead decided to meditate upon her mana and use it to cover herself and blend in with her surroundings. Nothing happened in the first ten minutes, so the half-beastkin decided to be more proactive and push her mana out through her skin to act as a second layer. Once again nothing happened until Akane felt a distinct shift in the mana she was covering herself with.



Description: The user manipulates mana to cover their skin and refract light around themselves allowing them to become partly transparent. The spell then tries to copy the area around the user to better blend in with their surroundings. This is a basic dark spell.

Requirements: Stealth Skill, 20 Int, 30 Aff

Level: 1

Type: Active

Activation Time: 5 seconds

Cost: 10 MP/s

Range: Self

Damage: None

Effects: User blends in with their surroundings helping to avoid detection

Sudden movements can disrupt the spell

Enemies with high Per will be able to see through the spell

Special Effects: N/A

+2 Dex, Int, and Aff

Halfway through reading about her new spell Akane was struck by an immense exhaustion and the mana covering her skin dissipating. A quick glance at her mana bar showed it to be completely empty.

Due to emptying your mana pool, you have contracted the [Mana Exhaustion] debuff.

-90% MP regeneration

-80% Str, Agi, and Dex

And you've got a headache!

This debuff will be removed once the player has filled half of their mana pool.

"Ugh! Bulma told me about this!"

Berating herself for her stupidity Akane promised to be more careful with the spell in the future. She then dismissed the pop-up and finished reading about her skill.

'Hmm… it's a useful skill, but it's so expensive! I need more intelligence and wisdom…"

Akane dismissed the skill screen and was pleasantly surprised when another screen appeared.

Dark Magic Mastery

Description: Dark Magic is a form of magic that converts mana into pure darkness both physically and metaphysically. Mastery of this type of magic opens the way for many spells.

Requirements: Gain a level on a dark magic spell on your own

Level: 1

Effects: Increases the damage dealt by dark magic spells by 2%

Special Effects: N/A

+2 Dex, Int, and Wis

Akane could not help but smile, 'Yes!'

Yet another skill was exactly what she had been hoping for and hopefully she could come up with even more spells.

'But right now, I'm going to sleep.'

Her headache was not getting any better and she felt nearly as bad as she did when Goku and Bulma had first found her.

Unfortunately, only minutes after her head hit the pillow in the RV she was awoken by a loud scream.


Goku heard the same exact scream and immediately pinpointed it to the capsule house nearby.

"Nimbus!" He yelled hoping to get there as quickly as possible.

Within a second his cloud appeared and Goku hopped on. As he sped toward the house he noticed someone approaching at the same time. He had no idea who it was and immediately assumed it was the cause for the scream and redirected. Luckily the stranger had not noticed Goku and was therefore completely unprepared when the preteen rocketed headfirst into his side.

You have dealt 200 blunt damage

Yamcha was sent flying off of the jet squirrel in blinding pain. All of a sudden the world was upside down and he was eating dirt. Before he could move he was attacked once again.

Goku took advantage of his opponent's vulnerable position of being stuck in the sand headfirst with his legs swinging in the air and used his new staff skill.

"Piercing Rain!"

Almost as if his body was possessed, Goku aimed the Power Pole toward Yamcha and repeatedly extended it in a series of intense blows that once again sent the desert bandit flying. He missed one of his blows and the other four hit his opponent's armor reducing the damage by a lot.

You have dealt 576 blunt damage

"What… is happening?" Yamcha groaned as he laid on his back staring at the harsh yellow sun.

His whole body felt like a bruise. His thoughts confused as nothing had prepared him for a surprise attack from an apparently powerful foe. But he knew he needed to get moving, he could die. Painfully the teen climbed onto his knees and faced his attacker.

"You-you're a kid!" He yelled accusingly.

Goku had approached slowly with his pole out in a defensive position. He would not be taken advantage of again.

"Yeah? And?" Goku then noticed the name floating above his opponent's head.

Yamcha Lvl. 3

The desert bandit had no words for the rage and confusion that whorled in his mind. "This was supposed to be an easy mark!" he complained, too tired to do anything else.

"Uhm… okay." Goku answered before slamming his Power Pole into Yamcha's head, knocking him unconscious.

You have dealt 204 blunt damage

Your opponent is unconscious

Would you like to kill him?


"Hmm… I'll ask Bulma first." Goku decided. He almost felt bad for this… Yamcha guy, he had beaten him so easily.

The twelve-year-old grabbed Yamcha by the left leg and started dragging him toward the capsule house where he could feel two ki signatures.


Meanwhile, in the capsule house, it had been Puar who had screamed upon hearing the sound of a jet squirrel.

"Oh shit, do you think it's him?" Bulma asked, but her guest had already curled up into a fetal position and did not respond.

Leaving her be, Bulma went to the capsule house's window in order to see if the jet squirrel was being ridden by the bandit Puar had described only to see Goku rocketing into someone that looked nothing like what she had expected!

"Huh… that's weird."

Before Bulma could turn around and tell the frightened woman that there was nothing to worry about she felt a swift kick connect with her head and she fell unconscious.

"Heh, stupid bitch."


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