Author's Note: This is an AU of season 4, where Prue survived Shax's attack barely. They were able to wound Shax enough so that he returned to the Underworld to recover for some time. He is however successful in killing the doctor. The Oracle discovered Paige and revealed it to the Source who sends Shax after her. The sisters learned this and went after Shax and were successful in vanquishing him.

Chapter 1 Not Foreseen.

This shouldn't be happening Paige thought to herself. She couldn't be pregnant she always took precautions. She always made sure she was protected. She never wanted this to happen. She wasn't ready for a child and she was still unsure if she even wanted children. Damn it, the youngest Halliwell witch thought to herself, she shouldn't have let the spelled prince from the past charm her. She shouldn't have let her guard down. She has only just moved into the Halliwell manor, she and her new sisters were doing okay but they aren't as thick as thieves.

It wasn't like they had normal problems; they had the Source of All Evil on their tails. And she still has so much to learn about the art that is witchcraft. Paige who is still staring at the bought pregnancy test quickly dumps it into the bathroom bin. Before leaving the bathroom and heading downstairs for breakfast. Thankfully today is one of the few days off she's had. Demons and Warlocks have no morals, hell Grimlocks steal children's sight! Her power was the least effective and impressive of her and her sisters. Due to the Whitelighter genes passed down to her from her father. Leo pointed out that her powers might not evolve to be as offensive as her sisters have and could. How would she protect a baby from demons and warlocks? She couldn't just rely on her sisters all the time.

It was a rare sight for all four Halliwell sisters, to be sat down for breakfast at the same time. Prue was normally first one out last one in. Cole was either on a fact-finding mission in the Underworld, trying not to be caught by Bounty Hunters. Leo was usually up in the Heavens talking with the always irritating Elders. Paige was either running late for work. So, it was a pleasant surprise for all four sisters to share breakfast together.

"Morning," Paige said making her presence known. The other three sisters look in Paige's direction.

"Decided not to sleep in, I see," Prue replied looking away from her newspaper.

"Yeah, I'd thought I would get up early to work on my craft," Paige said, it wasn't a complete lie. She did intend to improve on her craft, she needs to further expand on her skill and knowledge of witchcraft. Her control over her powers needed to be more refined.

"Well, the best way to start honing the craft, is one of Piper's famous breakfasts," Phoebe says.

"Sure, just no eggs," Paige replies as she sits down.

"I'd thought you loved eggs," Piper spoke up.

"I do but I'm on a diet right now," Paige lied, she didn't know much about pregnancies and does and don'ts. But she was certain doctors advised against consuming eggs.

"Andy and Darryl might have a case for us to look at after breakfast," Prue announced. Andy was Prue's childhood sweetheart and her on and off again partner. While currently together Prue apart of her always wonders if they were truly meant to be after all her grams was married a dozen times and her parents. Well, they never worked out. Sometimes it felt like she was asking for too much for her and Andy to be together and for everything else to work out. He has only recently been able to fully get around the reality that Prue and her sisters are witches.

"Another one it's been the eighth one this week," Piper complained.

"The boys think all the cases are connected and might be supernatural," Prue responds.

"How so?" Paige asked.

"Apparently these cases the victims, have certain intimate body parts removed and some strange symbol branded on their arms and legs," Prue answered.

"I can't help today, it's my first day at my new job, I would be making a really bad impression if I were late," Phoebe tells her sisters.

"Phoebe, I'm proud that you've found a job. That could possibly become a career for you. But our Charmed responsibilities have to always come first," Prue practically lectured.

"I know, but if I turn up late on my first day, I could kiss goodbye to a possibly great career," Phoebe replied.

"I can go with you, Prue it will give me some more experience, I may not be a Charmed One, but I might prove useful," Paige offered. Right now, the young hybrid needed to do anything and everything productive. Plus, the closer she grew to each the sister it might be easier to break her news eventually and whatever decision she chooses to make.

"I'm not so sure, about that Paige," Prue responds.

"Prue, we all agreed she needs to better hone her craft and her experience overall. She may not be a Charmed One, but every Halliwell witch is powerful in their own right. She can't just depend on the Power of Three for protection all the time," Piper points out to Prue. It was true Prue often made all the major decisions regarding witch business and any other business. While they haven't known Paige for long, Prue made it her business to put all her sisters' needs above her own. It was what Penny Halliwell instilled in her since their mother had passed.

"I suppose, but if this does turn out to be Charmed Ones business, Paige you have to stay out of it," Prue tells the youngest witch.

"I know, I know," Paige sighed, how was she supposed to progress as a witch if her recently discovered eldest sister tried to keep off the battlefield.

"Paige, I know I can come across bossy at times, but I'm doing this to protect you, the Source sent out his personal assassin to take you out. And tried to take manipulate you over to his side. He wouldn't do that for just any random witch, our line is old, powerful most magical beings desire the power we possess," Prue said.

"It's just sometimes, I feel like a substitute," Paige confessed.

"Paige, I'm sure you will have your chance to make many achievements in the magical community. You will be great in your own right," Phoebe spoke up.

"Why don't we cut the magic talk and talk about something else," Piper suggested.

End of chapter 1.