Chapter 8 Sisterly Support.

Paige didn't like Piper telling her there were some spells, somethings magic couldn't help us with. She didn't like it because it was true. The following morning, Paige got up and dressed for work. Right now work is a welcome gift to the young witch. After getting ready, she heads downstairs. Her appetite hasn't fully returned, so she decided to have a small breakfast one that consists of a cherry muffin and cup of coffee. As she stood against a kitchen counter.

"You shouldn't be drinking in your condition," A voice commented making Paige turn. The voice belonged to Leo.

"One mug won't hurt Leo," Paige said as she sips her coffee.

"Still you don't want to subjugate your baby with anything that may be unhealthy for her or he," Leo pointed out.

"I tell myself if I never let myself fall for the prince, I wouldn't be having this problem. I would just be having adjustment problems, not pregnancy problems," Paige says.

"Adjustment problems?" Leo frowned.

"It's nothing it doesn't matter," Paige lied.

"Paige, I'm your Whitelighter, you can come to me," Leo responds.

"Except your not just my Whitelighter, you're Piper's husband and Prue and Phoebe's brother in law. I don't want to put you in an awkward situation," Paige said.

"I was put in the awkward place when they assigned me to all of you," Leo said.

"I'm okay with change, I'm quite good at it. But not at this scale, whatever decision I make, I'm going to have to live with. And the fact remains is that I'm not Charmed One and I can only guess I would be able to be one is that if one of them dies and nobody wants that," Paige replied.

"Why should not being a Charmed One be a factor in your decision?" Leo asks.

"It's a mother's responsibility to look after her child. I shouldn't have to rely on my sisters to do my job. I may have been born into their generation. But that doesn't mean I'm as strong as them. They have both offensive and defensive powers they can rely on. I only have defensive and that may not be enough," Paige answers.

"Your powers may not ever develop to be offensive as your sisters. But you can still build on your craft to become stronger and more capable," Leo pointed out.

"I have to be as strong as them to survive Leo, it's adapt or die," Paige replied.

Their conversation ended there when Paige left for work. Meanwhile still in the manor, we have the older Halliwell sisters and Leo in the attic. In the attic, we have the group standing around a pot. The pot is in the centre of a circle formed by six white candles.

"Alright it's done, I've cloaked her, but I can already feel outside magic trying to locate her," Leo announced.

"Then we better hurry," Piper responds.

"We call upon the Halliwell line and beseech their powers to cross the great divide. To take this Whitelighter in our mist take his powers and enhance them by six," The sisters chanted as Piper dropped a clay doll into the pot. One by one each candle is lit by magic and then one by one again each orange flame turns blue which then fly into Leo. The Whitelighter stumbles back overwhelmed with the power that has just been bestowed onto him.

Paige was hoping working would be a great distraction. However, it only added more to her mental worries and frustration. What if she accidentally tapped into the unborn baby's powers. What if she got nervous about something and caused a fire to just manifest or nearby plants to grow uncontrollably. Or the water she would hate it to perform tricks. It's not like she could get away with working from home. She really wants to prove herself prove that is capable of being a successful social worker. It's been her life goal well since she could remember. All she has to do was get through today. That's it she told herself one day at a time.

When work finally came to an end, she was relieved to leave and get home. She just hoped there was some witch business to handle. So, she didn't have to deal with any issues such as the decision regarding the thing growing inside of her. The drive home wasn't long since traffic wasn't as bad as she normally had to contend with. When she arrived home, she parked her car before entering the manor.

"Guys, where are you?" Paige called out as she searched downstairs. She hears nothing, maybe they were dealing with Charmed Ones business upstairs in the manor. When she arrives upstairs, she sees Phoebe coming out of Penny their deceased grandmother's old bedroom. Phoebe spots her.

"You're home good," Phoebe says with a massive grin.

"Why is it good?" Paige asks.

"Oh, you'll see follow me," Phoebe answered, as she walked back into Penny's room. Paige followed not having any idea what to suspect. Paige gasps at what she sees inside the room, she sees the bed that Penny used to sleep on has vanished the bedside tables gone to along with the window curtains. And dresser draws. The walls have different samples of paint painted on here and there.

"Holy cow," Paige said glancing all over the room, noticing even more. She spots an old wooden and crib were parts of the white paint is cracked falling off. In the crib lies different kinds of stuffed toys in all kinds of different colours. At the crib lies Prue and Piper standing beside it.

"We know, you haven't made your decision yet," Phoebe started.

"And whatever decision you make whether you want to put the baby up for adoption. Or deciding not to go term or keep the baby. We're on your side," Prue interrupted.

"The crib needs another coating or two and the walls would need redecorating but it's all doable," Phoebe said.

"And if you decide to keep the baby, well you have three sisters by your side," Piper says.

"You really mean that?" Paige asked.

"Of, course, sweetie," Prue answers.

End of chapter 8.