AN: Hello everyone.

This is my first story in English. I promised myself that I would write in English and finally, after years of postponing and hesitating, here it is. Oh it's nothing fensy, really. Just a short drabble on Ichigo's reflections about the difference between him and Byakuya. I'll write more if I ever feel inspired. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one :)


The distance between us feels like an ocean.

You follow the rules. I follow my heart.

You say laws must be enforced to punish the guilty and preserve peace. I say challenge them when they are unfair.

You claim that showing affection is a sign of weakness. I claim that it is the bond that we have with others that makes us stronger.

You turn your back on your sister when you should be the first one standing up for her. I would fight until my last breath to save mine.

The distance between us feels like an ocean. But oceans can be crossed.