I have almost worked for a year in a cosmetic's company in Africa. The previous firm where I labored also produced cosmetic products. This was a company mutually owned by Romania and Hungary located in Transylvania, for 5 years I had been an employee there. We exported our toll-manufactured goods to various points in the world from France to Japan, moreover the Australians trusted us in the mass production of a few of their products. Our private label products scored full marks in the domestic market and in the international market as well. We began generating higher profits when we soon adopted the new trends we discovered during market research such as halal, vegan, paraben-free and natural cosmetic.

We had so many orders in my 4th year that we didn't possess the proper capacity to be able to fulfill all of them. In the same year our executive director resigned, he found a better workplace. In a short time we hired Jürgen, who came from an Austrian pharmaceutical fine, as new director. Under his management the negative changes started. He spent the firm's money on appearance, he preferred the beautifying of the exterior to the correcting of the internal processes and to the replacing of the old machines. He did not listen to the other managers, his inferiors, who have been part of the staff for a longer time than he. He also disregarded their complaints, only the implementing of his own concepts interested him. The neglect of consumer research and searching for new partners started. Our old partners withdrew several products from circulation, as a result we toll manufactured fewer products. Every one of these factors together called forth decreasing proceeds then, some of us resigned, several colleagues were dismissed. The managers allegedly lamented to the company owners about Jürgen's faults. Later we parted with Jürgen by mutual consent. The cutbacks continued, finally I was next.

I didn't think my job would be scrapped too, due to the fact that I know English quite well because I was born abroad. The firm used my English knowledge. Not even my parents suspected my becoming unemployed, they comforted me with the facts that I have 5 years of job experience besides my chemical engineering BSc, I'm a double citizen, my diploma has good qualification, I will find another job quickly. After the first day of my dismissing I already began job hunting. I applied for a lot of interesting positions advertised by chemical corporations, I went to multiple interviews, even proceeded to the 2nd round in several cases.

Even while travelling to interviews, I still sent applications to different positions, this is when I stumbled upon the most interesting one: the cosmetics company, Mama Africa, situated in Congo is looking for a person with a chemical engineering BSc qualification for the department of research and development for the job of cosmetic formulator, the workplace is in Congo. At first I couldn't believe my big hazel eyes and got excited. I found out that this is a new fine and they wish to employ a lot of people for diverse positions. I shared the news with a fraction of my ex-colleagues and let them know that I will attempt to get the job. I forwarded my curriculum vitae to the company. 1 week later I received the e-mail stating that they want to do an interview with me via Skype on next week Friday. That certain day came, the conversation went on in English with the African human resource manager. She promised that 1 week later I get a reply via e-mail whether I will move on into the second round or not. They kept their word, I succeeded in making it to the next level. The next interview was scheduled 2 weeks later, the place being the company in Congo. I have never travelled abroad alone before, but what calmed me was knowing that the firm manages the making of the reservation and the transporting me to the company from the hotel.

My flight was relatively smooth. However we ended up in the dispersing clouds of the remnants of a storm. Sometimes these nimbi scattered lightning about as thick as my arm in between themselves. Since I was sitting next to the window, I experienced them up close and personal, they were lashing out 1-2 meters from me. After the airplane landed the rain couldn't reach us anymore. Instantly, I noticed those folks who will drive me to the accommodation. One of them was holding up a sign with my name written on it. I walked up to them, we began chatting in English. After reaching the hotel I felt so tired that I would have took a nap. After preparing for the next day and setting the morning alarm on my phone I got to bed and dozed off pretty quickly. I slumbered so deep as if the time between entering dreamland and waking up were cut out of my life.

I was surprised when I noticed that I didn't wake up in my room, a minute later I realized that I'm staying in Congo. I ate breakfast then, I was picked up and given a lift to the firm that was built close to the jungle. My future boss, a middle-aged African man named Oldulayo, who's got a chemical engineering MSc degree, was also present during the interview. How lucky are Africans that they age slower than light-skinned people! I had to wait 3 weeks for the outcome of this conversation. After I travelled home, I still visited various places to be interviewed.

After the 3 weeks I received the e-mail that I am hired. I reacted similarly to these news as I did when discovering the position of this company. I can now move to Africa! At least it's not cold there, this continent yields a lot of tropical fruit and holds a rich flora and fauna.