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Now, about some questions that I receive about Kushina and why she leaves, that was because Obito used his Sharingan on her while she was hurt and weak so she couldn't defend herself. Over the years the effect of the Genjutsu that she receives from Obito Sharingan got weaker and that is why she has those nightmares.

I had in mind something that will help her in the future, at less to explain what happened in the future, in fact, I already give a clue about what she will do.

Chapter begins.

Yamanaka clan home.

With Ino

"That was great Ino, you had improved a lot," said Inoichi.

"Thank you, father," said Ino as she removes the sweat from her face.

Ever since the last event and with her new assignment, Inoichi has taken personal care in giving Ino all the training and advice that he could.

He is proud of her progress but at the same time he was also worried, he never expects that his little girl would have joined the ANBU right after she graduate from the academy, but he understands that given the current circumstances he cannot be avoided.

There is also the fact that just a couple of years ago he was worried about her future since she was too focused on that Boy from the Uchiha clan, that she ignores her training, but now she has friends that not only train seriously but also behave like normal kids and that is something that has a big impact on Ino.

"By the way dad, who is going to take my place with Shikamaru and Shouji?" asked Ino because she knew that it was expected that she will part of the new Ino-Shika-Cho group.

"That will be the daughter of my cousin, her name is Shiho Yamanaka. She is a smart girl that loves to resolve puzzles"

"Do you think that she can resolve the mystery about how to motivate Shimaru and Chouji?" joked Ino.

"If she ever did all the women of the Nara clan will thank her for the rest of her life," said Inoichi. "Tomorrow will be your first day, so we will stop here, go take a bath and have some breakfast after that you can take the rest of the day off"

"Thank you, dad" - Ino.

After taking a bath, Ino went to her room to get ready for the day. She was covered in a towel while she places the clothes that she is going to wear today in the bet, then she walks towards the full body mirror that she has in her room and when she stood before it, she dropped the towel as she began to see her body in the mirror, lately, Ino had been doing this every morning as she moves her hands over the lines of her new muscles. In the past, the idea of having muscles that will damage the image of her perfect body is something that would make her mad, but now she is proud of her figure, but the lines of her new muscles are the proof that she has changed, that she is no longer that stupid kid that was after that idiot of Sasuke, that she has taken control of her life and future, but also, she was proud of her beauty, because even in her opinion now she looks more secure and decided.

Taking one last look at the mirror she turns around and began to dress. When she was ready, she went to the kitchen to have breakfast with her family.

"By the way, Ino, do you have plans to see your friend Naruto today?" asked Ino's mom.

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"It is just that I had his share of the money of the sale of his furniture so if you are going to see him you can give it to him"

This little arrangement where Naruto can sell the furniture that he creates with his wood release was thanks to Ino. It all happens when Ino hears her parents talking about using the store next to them to expand their business, and they were trying to come out with an idea, that is when Ino told them how Naruto uses his powers to create furniture to sell and get some money. Inoichi saw this as a business opportunity and took advantage that their store is on the main street of the Konoha, which will make it easier to sell his furniture.

After that They make a deal, The Yamanaka will run the store and sell his furniture for a share of the profit.

"Sure mom"

After they finished their breakfast, each one of them began their daily routines.

While she was walking to the home of Naruto, she began to realize how much time she had been spending in the home of her friend, and not only she but Hinata, Hanabi, and Yakumo as well, and she love it, she then took a key from her pocket, Naruto has given her a copy of the key of his home to she and the others girl and that make her feel happy.

When she was on the border of the forest that the way to Naruto's home she stopped, look around to see that no one is seeing her, and then smile.

"I little practice won't hurt," said Ino as she closes her eyes as she began to feel the energy of the nature that is around her, how it penetrates her body and make contact with her chakra, and has the sensation that she was hit by a fresh wave of energy. Violet's marking appears around Ino's eyes and when she opened them the pupils of his eyes have a vertical line, similar to the iris of a fox's eyes.

Ever since Naruto give her that mark, she can access this new power easier than before, not only that but controlling it becomes simpler, and not only she, but Hinata, Hanabi, and Yakumo as well, more than that, each one sees how her family jutsus and techniques become more powerful.

Making sure one more time that no one is around she smiles as she gets ready to run and one moment later, she wasn't there as she runs at a speed that only an elite jonin could run and she loved this feeling.

It wasn't long before she arrives at Naruto's home and the others were already there. Unlike other days they weren't training, mainly because tomorrow they will begin their official careers as shinobis and decide to just relax for the day.

"Hello Ino"- said Hanabi that was the first one to see her.

"Good morning everyone" – Said Ino as she release her Sage mode.

"Did you come here using the sage mode?" – said Yakumo, it wasn't a real question but an affirmation.

"Do not worry, no one saw me after all my sensor abilities grew so much when use this mode" -Ino.

"It is good to see that all of you had gotten used to your new powers. Normally it would take years of training and practice to be able to use it without danger but thanks to the mark that you receive you now can use it safely" said Naruto as he come out of the house with many things in his arms. "Now, who is ready for a barbecue?"

For Naruto this was something special, to be able to share with his friends like this is something some time ago he would consider an impossible dream but now it is possible and he will enjoy every moment that he shares with them.

"Let me help you" – Said a happy Hinata.

"Thanks, Hinata-chan," said Naruto as he gives her some of the ingredients that he was carrying.

"The fire is ready," said Yakumo from the grill.

"And I had the music," said Hanabi as she turns on a little radio.

This moment was perfect for all of them and decide to repeat it as often as they could, that and because they enjoy barbecues.

And while they were having a good day, in another part of the fire nation.

"I will kill that old monkey" – Tsunade.

"Please Tsunade-sama, I know that you are mad but you can go inside the village and hit the Hokage"- Shizune.

"Just watch me"

Tsunade and Shizune had been traveling ever since they receive that letter and they expected to arrive at Konoha this afternoon. They had been traveling for days now and in all that time Shizune had been trying to calm her master but nothing seen to work, it is seen that the only thing that she could do is use her medic skill to trade the Hokage after her master has released her anger if there is something to cure after that.

But they weren't the only ones heading to Konoha as a small group was heading to the fire country in a boat in the middle of the ocean.

In the frontal deck, we can see how Kushina is looking at the horizon, it will be still a couple of weeks before they could see the lands of the fire country, but being in a boat there is little that you could do.

Over the past days, they had begun to train next to the boat using the water walking technique, either they run next to the ship or they push the boat when there is no wind, but today they are resting.

All but Kushina that expend all the time when she wasn't teaching the girls in this place, looking at the horizon, in the direction of her former home.

"Been here will not make the boat go faster, you know" – Tokiwa

"I just cannot sleep" – Kushina.

"Had you planned what you are going to do when you meet him?" – Tokiwa.

"I had expended all my time thinking about that in the last years and even now I do not have an answer"- Kushina.

"Then what do you plan to do?" – Tokiwa.

"I need answers, how I can face him if I do not know what happened in the first place" – Kushina.

"Nice idea, but where are you going to find them, it had been around 12 years since that day," said Tokiwa. It had been years since Kushina told her about her past and her son.

"There is a way, my clan used to have a temple in Konoha that had very dangerous objects stored there, one of them has the power to give me my answers" - Kushina.

"Why do I have the feeling that it will be dangerous." – Tokiwa.

"Because you are a smart person, but do not worry, I do not have any death wish, not until I had made up for what I did to my son"- Kushina.

"It won't be easy, it would take time, decades even" – Tokiwa.

"I know but what else I can do?" - Kushina.

"I wish you good luck and I had a little advise, do not try to give him orders like a mother would, even if you do not agree with his decisions, that will only make him furious". – Tokiwa.

"That almost sounds like it comes from experience." – Kushina.

"Because it is, as you know there is no male born in our clan, all are females, that force us to look for spouses outside the village, and while keeping a friendly relationship with the neighbor's farmers and we make business with them, they weren't strong enough to be our husband, in one occasion I went to see a farmer so I could buy part of his harvest, I had known him by years and his family, but that day when I saw him he and his son looked very sad, by a moment I thought that something bad has happened to his wife. Later I found out that she just abandoned both of them to marry a man with more money" – Tokiwa.

Kushina listens that that story with great attention. "What happened to the son?"

"Thankfully the farmer has a sister, she and her family step up and help them, so while the farmer was working on the fields, his sister and her children take care of the farmer's son, as the time passed on the son grew and was able to help his father, until one day the mother that has abandoned returned, it is seen that the man that she chose over her family while having money, was a monster in the inside, it is seen that even with all her new wealth she wasn't happy, she even tries to leave him many times to escape from the abuse of her new husband but that man will not allow her to leave him, however after many years that man died, and the wife was now the rich widow of that man and the first that she try to do was to come back to her old family and beg for forgiveness and ask for a second opportunity"

Kushina that has listened to this story could see that even if their circumstances were different, she could see similarities in her current condition and the ones of that wife. "Did her family receive her?"

"By that time the farmer married a new woman and create a new family with her, the former wife was not welcome in their home" – Tokiwa.

"And the son?" asked Kushina.

"The son just ignores her, the wife then tries to buy his forgiveness with presents and money but that just anger the son, there was one occasion where the son tries to do some dangerous journey to open a new trade route, the former wife tries to stop him and order him to not go. That didn´t end well as he told her that she has no right to give him orders, thankfully the journey ended well and he open a new trade route. It took years for him, but he become civil when he was with his mother, he never calls her mom again and their relationship was never the same as it was before she leaves them. She ended up living in a small house on the border of their town, trying to be part of her son's life, even if was just small parts".

Then Tokiwa looked at Kushina and tell her.

"Your circumstances may be different but I want to give you this advice, One. Do not try to buy his forgiveness with presents, that will not end well and he may get very angry with you. Two. Do not try to give him orders, even if you do not like what he is doing, he will not recognize your authority and even try to do more things like that just to hurt you. Three. You must be ready to accept that you may never have the relationship that you want with your son and that it may take you years to even had a civil relationship. You had been a great friend in all these years and I do not want to see you suffer, that is why I am telling you this, so you can prepare for the time when you meet him".

"Thanks, Tokiwa, you had helped me a lot, and do not worry, I will first find my answers and then I will face my son, just promise me that if he tries to punch me, do not stop him, he has all the right to do it and vent his anger on me"

"It will be hard but I understand your point."

Then the two friends keep looking at the horizon in silence.

Back In Konoha.

In Naruto's home (Former mask temple).

The group of friends has spent all the day together just enjoying each other company but as time advanced the time for them to depart to their own homes arrived and they began to say their goodbyes.

"Well, we better get home and had a nice night of rest," said Ino.

"I never expected to become an ANBU so soon, I wonder what will happen tomorrow" – Yakumo.

"I don't know but I am sure that we can overcome anything that we face if we work together" – Hinata.

"That's right"-Hanabi.

"Be careful on your way home, are you sure that you do not want me to send some clones to escort you?"- Naruto.

All the girls denied with their heads but they had a smile on their faces.

"Thanks for the offer but we aren't damsels in distress" – Ino.

"And if anything happens, we can always use our new powers or call for your help" Hinata.

With that said, the girls began their way home.

However, when they are about to depart, they go to their respective homes.

"One-sama, could you please wait for a moment," said Hanabi as she creates a shadow clone.

"What happened Hanabi?" asked Hinata wondering why her sister create a shadow clone.

"Nothing it is that Yakumo told me about some new pictures that she has been working on and want my opinion so I will send a shadow clone with her so it can see them and give her an opinion," said Hanabi with a smile.

Hinata on her part knew that that is not all true, because that smile of her is the one that she uses when she is plotting something, but she just let it pass as a small game that she has with Yakumo while she and the original Hanabi began to walk towards their home. The Hanabi clone turn to see Yakumo once she saw that both Hinata and Ino were no longer close to them.

"Do you get it?" asked Hanabi clone.

"Here is it," said Yakumo as she took a small store scroll from her clothes and release what is inside.

It was a book, but not any book; it was one that has some drawings and paintings divided into panels that were telling a story.

Hanabi and Yakumo have begun to work on this story for a couple of months by now, all began when on their way to Naruto's home by accident Hanabi dropped one of her books which happened to be The Two Moon Princesses and the Rōnin.

Yakumo knew about those books and was surprised that Hanabi had one of them, it was at that moment that Hanabi told her that this book has given her new hope about the future.

Yakumo didn't understand what she was talking about, so Hanabi explain to her that she has feelings for Naruto, but she was afraid to move on them because her sister love him before and she do not want to hurt him Hinata or betray her.

Yakumo could understand that feeling because over the last year she has come to also develop feelings for Naruto, but she just like Hanabi didn't dare to move on those feelings because she about Hinata's love and because she was the first to see him as the wonderful person that he is, she believes that Hinata deserves to be happy with him. But that does not explain why Hanabi has that book.

That is when Hanabi drop the bomb and told her.

"The plotline is about how two sisters feel in love with the same man but instead of forcing him to choose one and hurt the other, they agree to share him," said Hanabi.

That surprised Yakumo for a moment before she can react.

"Hanabi, I understand your love for Naruto, but that book is a fictional story, not a real one, you cannot expect something like that happens in real-life," said Yakumo, who was expecting Hanabi to deny what she just said. But to her surprise, she just smiles and took another book, this one is an old book that has the symbol of Konoha on the cover.

"This is a book that has Konoha clan laws written on them and there is a special law on it about clans where the only male surviving that also has a bloodline limited can have more than one wife," said Hanabi with a big smile.

Yakumo took the law book and began to read and saw that what Hanabi said was true.

"That is why I am making my research, to protect the happiness of my sister Hinata, my happiness, and more important to protect Naruto's future"- said Hanabi with a serious face.

"Protect him?" asked a confused Yakumo.

"It is only a matter of time before girls that do not know Naruto the way that we do come after him because of his clan thanks to that traitor and when that happens to tell me how do you would feel to see some useless fangirls after Naruto?" said Hanabi with a serious face.

Yakumo didn't like the feeling that she was having inside her.

"That is why I am making my research, to find a way to get closer to him without hurting Hinata and at the same time to open her to the idea that we need to be ALL together to protect Naruto," said Hanabi.

Yakumo remained silent for a few moments as she returned the law book to Hanabi and took the Icha-Icha tactics book.

"Do you mind if I borrow this one?" asked Yakumo with a blush on her face.

A couple of days later, Yakumo returned the book to Hanabi, and that day they ally to work together to ensure that they will be the ones that joined Naruto and Hinata.

It's funny how all their plans ended in an illustration book, where Hanabi writes the ideas and Yakumo paints them. They didn't know but their work will later end in the creation of the first Hxx manga on the elemental nation and the plotline of their first story is about how a group of female ninjas joined their powers and skill to protect a powerful but clueless ninja heir while they deepen their love.

Back to the present moment

"That is great, you had improved," said Hanabi.

"Yes, but I am a little concerned about something, when will be the right time to tell Hinata and Ino about this?" asked Yakumo.

"To be honest I am not sure, we are about to start our ANBU training so we will need to wait a little more but at the same time we cannot wait too long because new rivals may arrive"- said Hanabi.

"You are right about that" Yakumo.

"For the next weeks we must focus on our training after that we will make a decision," said Hanabi.

"Yes editor, I mean Hanabi"

With that Hanabi, the shadow clone takes one last look at the illustrations and then disappears.

In the Hokage tower.

Sarutobi was very tired and was hoping to end this paperwork so he can go home and rest, but as always life didn't care about what he wanted.

"It had been a long-time sensei"- said a voice from outside the window.

"Jiraya what I had told you about using the door" – Sarutobi.

"Did you send me an emergency call just to talk about doors?" asked Jiraya.

"No, a lot has happened and I will need your help here for a couple of weeks" – Sarutobi.

"I never liked Danzo, I never understood why you didn't kill him when you had the chance"- Jiraya.

"I see that your spy network is as good as always"- Sarutobi.

"So, you want me to find any root agents that may still be inside the village?" – Jiraya.

"Yes, but there is another reason, it is about Naruto"- Sarutobi.

"What happens with him?" Jiraya.

"It has to do with a secret about his family that not even his father knew about" Sarutobi.

"Tell me everything," said Jiraya with a serious face as this information involve his late student.

End of the chapter.

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