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Restricted training grounds, near the ANBU HQ.

It was early in the morning, but many of the residents of the village were already up taking care of their business and duties. However, in this area where the elite of the elite has their base of operations, we can see a small group of kids that are heading towards a training area that was exclusive for this group.

Normally the guards that protect their HQ would send them back, but this group is special, as they know why they are here and how they had come to see.

"I wonder what we will do on our first day?" asked Yakumo.

"I do not know, my mom never told us what she did when she was an ANBU captain," said Hinata.

"Do you believe that the training will be too difficult?" asked Hanabi

"The ANBU are the elite, so I believe that it will be hard but we advance so much thanks to Naruto-kun teaching"

"It was all thanks to your hard work," said Naruto.

It was not long until they arrive at the training area that Mikoto reserved for them, in the middle of them, and in the middle of the training field, a figure was standing, waiting for them.


"From this moment you will call me sensei" – Mikoto.

"Really? I never expect you to be our sensei" – Naruto.

"As you are aware your circumstances are very different from other recruits, for that reason special measures are needed" – Mikoto.

Naruto and the girls understood what she mean, with the attack and kidnapping attempt from Mizuki they knew that their future would be full of challenges.

"What are we going to do now?" - Hanabi.

"Normally any new team will be tested to see their level of teamwork and skills but you manage to defeat a special squat of Orochimaru´s forces and a traitor to this village, so I believe that we can skip that part, for now, I would like to know more about your skill if I am going to be your captain, I need to know what you can do, so I can make plans based on that"- Mikoto

"And how are we going to do that?" asked Yakumo.

At that moment, Mikoto put her hands together in the cross hands signal that all of them now know too well.

"Kage Kunshin no jutsu"

A moment later, another Mikoto was standing right in front of them.

"You had to take down my clone" was Mikoto's simple answer as she began to walk towards a tree that was on the border of the training area. "By the way, the training began NOW!"

Just like that at that moment, the clone of Mikoto jumped and began attacking them.

All the while, the real Mikoto was standing under a tress.

"Enjoying the show? Sensei" – Mikoto.

"It is good to see that your skills are as good as always," said a voice.

"It is good to see you again, Jiraya-sensei" – said Mikoto as she keep her eyes looking at Naruto and the girl's battle with her clone.

"The last time that we saw each other was .." – Jiraya.

"In Minato's funeral" – finish Mikoto for him.

There was a moment of silence between them.

"He sure looks like his father" – Jiraya.

"It is more than just his looks; he may even already surpass Minato when he first graduated from the academy"- Mikoto.

Jiraya just keeps looking at Naruto, how he gives instructions to the girls as he coordinates their efforts, while he covers their backs.

"He is taking the role of leader" – observed Jiraya.

"And the girls trust him and follow him" added Mikoto.

"Are you going to train him?" asked Mikoto.

"I am still considering that idea" – Jiraya.

"With your old teammate after him, he will need all the help that he can get"- Mokoto.

Jiraya didn't say anything after he hear about Orochimaru.

"What are you planning to do now that you are back in the village?"- Mikoto.

"I will be looking for any other spy that Danzo or Orochimaru could still have inside the village, you know what they said, the best way to capture a spy is with another spy."

"That will be of great help"- Mikoto.

"By the way sensei, I hear some news that you may not like," said Mikoto, but unlike her serious tone of voice, she has an evil smile on her face.

"Really? What could be?" asked Jiraya.

"The women Hotspring is under new under new management and they are remodeling it, so for the news few days it will be closed"

"WHAT, but my research, how I can write if I haven't done my research and my editor is bothering me to send him the intro of my next book? How I can finish all that without my inspiration," said Jiraya with tears.

"Oh, but there is more, when the women of the ninja clans learned that you will be here they agree to only take baths in their clan's private baths, that is why the owner of the hot spring took this opportunity to remodel his business," said Mikoto with an evil smile.

"You enjoy torturing me, don't you?"

"I am an ANBU captain, that comes with the job"

At that moment, she feels something and turns to see how the kids manage to take down her clone, they were tired and on the ground as they try to recover their energy.

"It is seen that is my time to leave"- Jiraya.

"You could just take this opportunity to say hello to him and meet your godson" –Mikoto.

"It is too soon for that," said Jiraya as he disappears.

Mikoto then began to walk toward Naruto and the girls as if nothing had happened.

"Not bad, you did manage to take down my clone, to be honest; I believed that you would need more time to do that"

"I got the feeling that that clone went easy on us," said Hinata.

"My goal was to learn about your skills, not to kill you, now that I know how you work together in a fight; I still need to learn more about your other's skills."

For the rest of the days, Mikoto began to test them in all the arts of the ninjas, from taijutsu to genjutsu.

It was late afternoon when Mikoto finish testing them.

"Ok, that will be all for today, go home and get some rest, from tomorrow on you are going to need it" just after saying that she use her speed to disappear before their eyes.

At that moment all of the fell to the ground.

"I never imagine that Mikoto-sama could be so severe," said Hinata

"I agree," said Hanabi as she is sitting next to her sister.

"Well, no one said that this will be easy, but look at the good side, this day marks our first day as a team," said Naruto.

After hearing this Ino, Yakumo, Hinata and Hanabi smile.

"What if we go to the Ichikaru for some ramen to celebrate?" said Naruto.

Back with Mikoto

She changed her clothes in the ANBU HQ and was back in her civilian as she is walking towards her home. She was planning to make a special dinner for her family and was in the middle of shopping for the ingredients when she saw her husband in the street, for some reason the expression on his face told her that something was wrong.

"Fugaku" Mikoto calls him to attract his attention.

"Mikoto, are you done with your first day with your new team" asked Fugaku.

"Yes, but I can see that something is bothering you, what is wrong?" asked Mikoto to her husband.

Seeing that there is no point in keeping things from his wife, Fugaku answer her.

"It is about Sasuke"

"Is there something wrong?" asked a worried Mikoto.

"I don't know, ever since the truth about Danzo'sction become public and how he was involved in the Kyubi attack, the relationship with the clan and the village has improved, and now that I had more free time I try to spend it with Sasuke, to teach him some our clan techniques, but he keeps rejecting every time that I offer to spend some time with him"

Mikoto could understand her husband's preoccupations because she had also tried to spend some time with him but Sasuke always reject her.

"I believe that he is jealous of Itachi," said Fugaku.

"I don't know, he use to admire his big brother, so I believe that he will be happy when he learned that he will be the next Hokage, but he was seen to be mad all the time"- Mikoto.

"Do you think that this is just a phase? Itachi never had one so I hoped that it will be the same with Sasuke" – Fugaku.

"I do not know, hopefully, that is the case, I will try to talk with him tonight"- said a worried Mikoto. She had the feeling that Sasuke is walking away from their family and his clan, but every time she tried to get close to him, he just ignore her. She hoped that today it would be different.

Later that night.

"See you Tomorrow Naruto-kun" said Hinata and the girls that had just finished their meal and were heading to their homes as they knew that their parents are waiting for them to hear about their first day.

From Naruto's point of view, today was a great day and he cannot wait to see what they will be doing tomorrow.

He was walking through a small business area that has some small food shop because it was a shortcut to go to his home when his senses feel it, chakra is been manipulated.

Fearing an attack, he got ready. It was at that moment that a man come flying through a door that belong to a local business and hit the wall on the other side. Obviously, hit by some form of attack.

That surprised Naruto because it looks that the trouble, for this time, was not related to him.

Normally he would just ignore this situation and leave, he already has his own share of trouble and he did not want to get involved in a flight between strangers, in special when he did not know why they are fighting. However, his curiosity got the best of him and he take a look to see what is happening.

As soon as he look through the hole, he saw a strange man with strange white hair.

He was sitting while looking at a man that by his looks was the owner of this place.

"Please, I do not know what you are talking about," pleaded the owner.

"Do you really believe that I would be wasting my time here instead of been making my research unless I already know all that I need to know about you and your little operation?" said the man with white hair.

"I told you that I am innocent!" said the owner.

At that moment, the man with white hair took something from his clothes and throw it on the ground. It was a picture.

That picture shows the owner giving something to a man.

"That is .." - the owner.

"You giving something to a man that is part of ROOT, it is over, you better give up and tell us all that you know about your other friends that are still in the village," said the man with white hair.

"Damned you!" said the owner as he saw that there was no point in keeping lying, he jumped to try to punch that white-haired man, hoping that this will create an opportunity for him to escape.

Without standing out the white-haired man opened the palm of his hand and before Naruto's eye a chakra ball began to form in a second lather, he hit the owner with it sending him to fly, just like the first man.

"You can take him now," said the white-haired man, and a moment later a group of ANBU appeared out of nowhere and secure the two men.

"Take them to the interrogation team, get everything that you can from them"

"Yes, master Jiraya." Said one of the anbu.

Naruto was surprised by what he has just seen, not only by the actions of that men but that chakra ball.

Not wanting to get in any trouble, he leaves that place. However, that night he will have a dream, a dream about how that man with white clothes used a similar jutsu to drill a water hole, and later he will use a bigger chakra ball with three smaller ones to fight against that man with the red eyes.

The next morning, when Naruto woke up, the first thing that he said was.

"I remember."

End of the chapter.


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