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It was afternoon and we find a young girl walking alone towards the Hyuga complex. She had a thoughtful expression that would look strange on someone so young. The young girl had lavender pupiless eyes, long brown hair, and a fair complexion. This girl's name was Hanabi Hyuga.

Hanabi Hyuga is a prodigy of the Hyuga Clan's main house, one that some of the Hyuga elders hoped would one day surpass Neji Hyuga of the branch house.

All the clan expects great things for her, but does Hanabi want? That is something even she did not know.

Her beloved older sister Hinata was always so kind to her, even after the fight for succession of the clan. She always took time to have fun with her and even spent time with their sick mother and made her smile, despite feeling so ill.

Unfortunately, since that fight their father forced them to have, she didn't know how to face Hinata again. She felt she stole her place in the clan and her destiny. At least that is how she feels, and now she is afraid that her sister hates her and for that reason it was hard to be close to her.

For that reason, she tries to avoid her sister, with the exception of when they see their mother. Then they try to show their mother that they are happy, if only to make their mother happy. After that she could see how sad her sister was and how bad the other members of the clan treated her. She hated herself for being too afraid to talk to her sister again, to be close like they use to be.

In the last few months, however she had changed. She has more energy and is more active, not only that but there is a light in her eyes that showed how her older sister was doing just fine and how happy she was. She was, just like she used to be. No, that wasn't quite right, she looked a lot better than before, but she wondered why and what changed?

Don't get her wrong, she was happy to see that her sister is doing fine, but at the same time she was curious. Mostly because that change happened too soon and her young mind couldn't understand what could have happened. Now that the academy is on holidays, she was hoping that maybe this time she could finally get the courage to talk with her, but her sister always leaves the clan complex early and returns late afternoon. When she returned she always looked tired, but happy.

Something good must have happened to her and she wanted to know what it was. She was hoping that maybe that would help restore their relationship as to what it used to be and still should be. She was however afraid, much too afraid to ask. So she did the only thing that she could do, one day that she didn't have training with her father that morning she followed her sister. What she saw surprised her more than anything had before.

She follows Hinata to a training ground in the farther part of the park where Hinata meets a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. She remembers seeing the boy on the streets with the other villagers glaring at him, she also remembered how her guardian told her to always stay away from him.

But now her beloved sister was not only in that boy's company, but she was smiling a large beaming smiling that the boy returned. They sat in front of each other in a meditation pose, and because of the distance and she didn't want to reveal her location she couldn't hear what they were saying. They remained like that for a while and when Hanabi was about to leave, she saw them stand up. After a few moments of stretching and warming up, the two got in their stances. It was obvious that they were about to spar with each other.

She was surprised at the level of skill and power her sister was showing, Hanabi thought that those attacks and form was of the same level of their cousin Neji. The way she attacks the blonde and how she avoids and blocks his attacks, it was amazing. Both of them were simply so amazing.

After a while she saw how Hinata managed to kick the boy in the stomach, winning the spar. But that match only made her wonder, 'If Hinata-oneesan is this strong, then why did she lose the day of the duel?'

That was the only thought that occupied her young mind as she walked home. She would have liked to stay longer, but that was impossible as she needed to head home for her afternoon training session. She knew she would have to either further spy on them or ask her sister up front, she did not know what she should do.

Back with Naruto and Hinata, at the beginning of their day.

For Hinata this day promises to be a good one, after all it will be the first day in the midterm holidays. That means that she will be spending every day beginning to end with Naruto. She didn't bother to explain where she would be to her clan, because they never ask for her. However, she always made sure that she would be back home to have tea with her mother and sister, that tea time was something that was special between them.

She leaves the complex and in a few moments she was already in their training ground, Naruto was there already and was waiting for her.

"Hi Hinata-chan, are you ready for today training?" Naruto asked smiling at her.

"Good morning Naruto-kun, and of course" Hinata replies smiling back.

"Great, now let's begin as always." Naruto said as he sits down in a lotus poise with Hinata doing the same.

"Do you remember what we had talked about in our last training?" He asked.

"About chakra being everywhere?" Hinata replies.

"Yes, chakra exists everywhere in this world connecting all living things, that is why it should be possible to connect each other's chakra, but to do that we first need to master our own chakra." Naruto explained, confusing Hinata.

"That sounds different from what Iruka-sensei told us." Hinata said, wondering what he was talking about.

"I know, but that is what that strange man from my dreams was telling those kids, to be honest, I don't fully understand it myself. However, so far the things that I have learned in those dreams hadn't failed me." Naruto replied.

Hinata only nodded, normally if someone would tell her that they were learning from strange people that show up in their dreams she wouldn't believe it. Since it was Naruto-kun however, that is different because that is the only way that she could explain not only his fast advancement in training. But also how he knew how to teach and train others.

"Now let's begin our training for today. We should try to strengthen our chakra, but at the same time try to feel the chakra that is already around you." Naruto instructed

"Yes, Naruto-kun!" Hinata exclaimed and began to focus.

"Focus on your chakra, a little at first just like the fire from a match, and then let it grow inside you, can you feel it?" Naruto asked.

"Yes." Hinata replied.

"Now while keeping that fire inside you, try to feel the chakra around you and then lead it towards the chakra that is inside you and allow it grown inside you." He further instructed.

"It is too difficult to do." Hinata said after trying his suggestion.

"I know, but even if it is too hard, we must begin somewhere and then advance one step at the time. But you know what? Even if it takes us years to do that, we will be doing it together." Naruto reassured.

The two friends continue doing that exercise for an hour and then they move to the next part of their training, sparring.

As the two of them got ready and then began to train, Naruto noted something.

"Hinata, are you holding back again?" Naruto questioned, but it carried an undertone of being an accusation.

Hinata just remained in silent, giving it away since she couldn't lie.

"Hinata you can't keep doing that." Naruto said in exasperation.

"But I do not want to hurt anyone." Hinata explained, trying to defend her actions.

"I know, but you will hurt them even more if you hold back." He reasoned.

Hinata now has a concerned look on her eyes.

"What do you mean?" She asked, trying to figure out whether or not she's been unintentionally hurting those close to her.

"Hinata, tell me how you would feel if I hold back while we are sparring?" Naruto asked, and the look on Hinata face when she looks down was all the answer that Naruto needs. He continued his explanation by saying, "Hinata if we hold back we will be stopping the growth and improvement of our sparring partners and ourselves. We are training to be ninjas, it will be a cruel world and our best hope to survive is to get better every day. To do that we must give our best in every training session, not only for ourselves but for the friends that are training with us."

Hinata was amazed with Naruto's personality, one moment he was a funny kid with lots of energy, and the next moment he shows a maturity beyond the adults that she knows. Only to return to being the same boy that has become her first real friend.

"Even if we get hurt, we will get better in a little while and stronger in the long run. So Hinata if you really care about me, come at me with everything that you got and then try to break that limit." Naruto finished, he could see that she was thinking about and considering his words.

"But what if I am not strong enough, just as my clan said?" Hinata asked him sadly.

"You must stop worrying about being exactly what your clan wants you to be, and begin to focus on what you can be by yourself. I am sure that you will be even more amazing than what you would ever dream, just believe in yourself because I sure believe in you." Naruto replied, trying to alleviate her stress and sadness.

Hearing his words, Hinata blushed a little, but them with a determined look in her eyes she got ready.

"Byakugan!" Hinata said with confidence and then asked, "Are you ready Naruto-kun?"

"I born ready!" Naruto exclaimed before getting in his starting position.

With that they once again begin to spar. With each movement Hinata's stance began to change, you could still see the traditional Hyuga Jyuken stance when it hit, but Hinata's version is more relaxed and agile. She no longer seemed to care about keeping the image that her clan expected her to keep. In doing so, she began to release her instincts and relied on them. In doing so, her movements had become faster and faster each second, until she finally lands a kick on Naruto's stomach that sent him flying and he landed on his back. For a moment she was scared that she may have hurt him and now hated her.

"Whoa, that was amazing Hinata-chan! I knew that you were super strong, but not that you were to this level" Naruto excitedly said with a smile on his face as he stands up. He continued by saying, "I guess that now I need to improve my Taijutsu, if I want to be a good sparring partner for you. By the way what were those moves that you did?"

"You are already an amazing sparring partner Naruto-kun and to be honest I didn't know; I just let myself go and relied on my instincts." Hinata explained, thinking about what just happened when she finally let go.

"Well you should do it more often and not only in your ninja training. Do it in everything because this free Hinata is amazing!" Naruto said, clearly excited and wanting to see what this version of his best friend would be like, what she could do.

Those words made their way right to Hinata's soul, no one has ever motivated her and encourage her as Naruto did. It also helped to know that she will not be looked down for just being herself, made her see herself in a new light.

"Are you ready for round two?" Naruto asked, getting back in position.

"Yes Naruto-kun" Hinata replied doing the same.

And so, they began the second round, and then a third one and a fourth one, all of them with Hinata winning, that as they continue to spar got she more confident. Naruto for his part, each time that he fell a new set of memories flashed before his eyes showing new forms and moves. However just because he could see them, it didn't mean that he could master them in the moment. Still he was getting better at passing each moment while they sparred.

At noon they took their lunch and talked about everything and nothing at all, just enjoying the moment. After that, they keep practicing for a few more hours until it was time for Hinata to return to the clan complex.

"I have to go now; my mom must be waiting for me" Hinata said, feeling tired and a bit sad to leave.

"Well, I will see you tomorrow Hinata-chan." Naruto replied, a bit sad that she's leaving. However, he understood and knew he would see her tomorrow.

"But before I leave, I have to give you something." Hinata said, as she took a packet from her backpack. When Naruto saw what it is, he rose his eyebrow in confusion.

"A book?" Naruto asked curiously

"Yes, is the academy text book that we need to have to do our middle term holiday homework. You said that you don't have one." She explained and hoping he would take it.

"yes, I tried to get it, but it was to expensive, and the old lady of the library always said that all the copies are borrowed" Naruto explained after he realized what she meant.

"But this is just an academy book, it shouldn't be that expensive" Hinata replied, not understanding why it would be expensive.

"That is what they told me, but are you sure that you can lend me this book, won't you get in trouble because of that?" Naruto asked, not wanting his friend to get in trouble.

"That is ok, there are many like that one in the clan library and you need it to do the assignment on the Hokages." she reassured, after hearing this Naruto went silent for a moment while he was thinking.

"Thanks a lot, Hinata-chan and do not worry I promise that I will return this book in the same state that you give it to me." Naruto said and with that they said their goodbyes and then went their separate ways.

With Hinata

When Hinata arrived at her clan's complex, she took a quick shower and moved to her mother's room. Where she will have tea with her mother and sister, like they always do.

"Mother, can I come in?" Hinata asked.

"Of course honey" A gentle voice said from inside.

When she entered, she saw that her sister Hanabi already was there, sitting in from of her mother with the private nurse that is always behind her mother.

"How was your day honey?" Her mother asked smiling at her oldest daughter.

"It was fine Oka-sama." Hinata replied taking her seat.

"Oh, I had told you that you do not need to be formal when we are alone honey." Her mother said.

"Yes, mother" Hinata replied.

"You know that Hanabi and I were talking about what we could do during these holidays; I am sorry that because of my state we can't go to any place to have a vacation trip." Her mother says feeling guilty.

"Do not worry about that mom, we like to be with you even like this" said Hanabi.

"But I feel that I am letting you down." Their mother once again says guilt filling her.

"You will never let us down, mother no matter what happens we will always be happy to be with you." Hinata reassured.

Her mother took that moment to see her older child with a smile.

"You have changed and in a good way, I wonder what the is the cause of that change, did something good happened to you?" Her mother asks.

At those words Hinata remained silent, wondering if she should tell her the truth.

"Could it be that you meet someone?" Her mother asks

Hinata began to blush, giving it away.

"Would that person be a boy?" Her mother continues

Now Hinata faces was a deep red and she began to play with her fingers. Her mother smiled at her reaction.

"I have a great idea; why don't you introduce me to your friend?" Her mother asked

"But mom the rules about visitors say that .." Hinata replies, but…

"Don't worry about that, I will have Naomi-chan here make sure that he has no problem getting in" Her mother interrupts.

"Are you sure mom?" Hinata asks, feeling nervous about all this.

"Of course, I want to meet my little princess' friend, tell you what, why don't you bring him here tomorrow when you get home so he can join us." Her mother answered smiling at her daughter.

Hinata was worried, because even if she knew that her mother wouldn't have any problem with Naruto-kun's presence, she knew that the rest of the clan will not be happy. Then again, she couldn't say no to her mom's request, she probably wouldn't be allowed to see her best friend again in that case.

"I will invite him tomorrow" Hinata said in resignation, knowing there was no way to prevent or escape this.

"That is great, I will have all your favorites snacks waiting for you" her mother said excitedly.

And so, they keep taking for an hour but then their time together ended.

"Hinata-sama, Hanabi-sama, I am afraid that it is time for Akane-sama's medicine, then and she needs to rest" Naomi said.

After they exchanged goodbyes, they leave their mother room.

"Hinata-oneechan?" Hanabi asked after they leave the room.

"Yes Hanabi-chan?" Hinata asked in surprise that her sister is talking to her like she used to.

"I just want to say that you look great lately" Hanabi said as she quickly speeds up in the other direction leaving Hinata wondering what just happened.

Back in their mother's (Akane's) room

"Are you sure that it is a good idea, Akane-sama, to bring an outsider to the clan complex?" Naomi asked

"It is just a kid, but more importantly. You were with me when the doctor gives me my last test results weren't you?" Akane replied

Naomi lower her face and nodded a little.

"I am living on borrowed time and I could leave this world at any moment. Before that happens I want to do things that a mother is supposed to do, in especially with the boy that is helping my little girl when I can't do anything" Akane explained sadly.

"I understand, but wouldn't it be better to spend your time alone with Hyashi-sama and the girls?" Naomi asks

"He is afraid, afraid about what is happening to me and for that fear he is making terrible mistakes. However unfortunately, I no longer have the strength to help him overcome this." Akane morosely says, wishing she could do more for her family.

In Naruto apartments.

Naruto has finished preparing his instant ramen cup he is having for dinner. He was tired after today's training and he just wanted to finish that boring homework, so he can return that book as soon as he can. He was sure that he could do it all in one night, after all how hard can it be to do a stupid report about the previous Hokages?

He sits in front of his old table and opened the book. To see the same pictures that Iruka-sensei used to give his class.

He began with the Fourth Hokage, ever since he saw his picture he realized that they looked alike. He began to wonder if maybe he was his dad. He knew that all the orphan kids dream that their parents were famous heroes or that they were in a far away and dangerous mission had to leave them in Konoha. However, if the Four Hokage really was his father, it would mean that he can't be with him like all the other fathers with their kids because he died as a hero saving the village. That all the things that he had been hearing since the orphanage about how his parents were monsters that abandoned him and criminals and many others mean things were just lies. So gathering his will he raised his hand and asked Iruka-sensei if the four Hokage was married or in a relationship with someone or even had a child.

He knew that some parents have kids without being married, also hoping to learn more about him and maybe learn if there was a woman that could be his mom. But the answer that he got broke that dream. "As far as I know he was married but his wife died in the Kyubi attack along with many others, but he never has the chance to have a child." Iruka had answered his question.

Of course, he doesn't, and he feel so stupid to have that little ray of hope. He knew from the beginning that that was impossible, because if he really was a Hokage son, even as an orphan the villagers wouldn't have treated him the way they did.

He moved to the next page and he saw the old Hokage, he already knew him because from time to time he came to give him some money. He read some more stuff about him, before he moves to the next page and that is when the things began to get weird.

Once he saw the face of the second Hokage, Naruto felt a sense of déjà vu. "That face, I have seen it before, but where?" Naruto keeps reading about him, his achievements and with each thing that he read the déjà vu that he has got stronger. But when he read that he was the younger brother of the first Hokage he jumped to that page. What he saw froze him in his spot.

"It can't be!" Naruto exclaimed when he saw the picture of the first Hokage he immediately recognizes him as one of the people that he saw in his dreams. Then he realizes that is why he recognized the second Hokage, he was with the first Hokage in those dreams!

So far, he didn't know what to think about those dreams because he didn't know who those peoples were. However, now he had recognized one of them and it was the first Hokage! He didn't understand how that was possible, but in that moment, that didn't matter. What mattered is that somehow he was seeing the first Hokage, on his way to become a legend and if he paid more attention he could turn out to be as amazing as he was. That night he read all that he could about Hashirama Senju.

Oh man he can't wait to tell Hinata about that.

The next morning.

Naruto got early to the training ground, he could hardly keep his excitement in check. Last night he read all that the book had about the first Hokage. Which included his battles, victories, hardships, just everything the book could offer him.

He was deeply impressed by the man. Though more important is that he read that he had a unique power, the wood release Mokuton.

At first, he didn't understand what was so great about making trees grow and controlling the wood, but when he read the things that he could do with the wood, he was impressed.

Now all that he need to do is learn who is the other guy that appears in his dreams. That is why he wanted to talk with Hinata, maybe she could lend him another book that has pictures of legendary ninjas and who knows, maybe that other guy will be one of them.

So, while he was waiting for Hinata he took one of the seeds that he found on his way here and began to focus on it, but to his disappointment nothing happened.

"Ah man, how he could do all what book said he could do?" Naruto asked himself, as he tries again with the same result. After a few more tries he chose to try to add some chakra but still nothing happened.

"What are you doing Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked from behind him.

"AHHH, you scare me Hinata-chan!" Naruto exclaimed while trying to calm his heart rate.

"Sorry, but I was calling you and you didn't respond me. Any way what you were doing that you hear me?" Hinata replied

"You won't believe what I find out last night thanks to you" Naruto said excitedly.

And so, Naruto told her what he learned the last night.

Hanabi has the day off, as her father must attend some clan's business all day, lately he had been busy all the time.

For a moment she thought about following her sister one more time, but she decided against that, she didn't know what to think about what she saw yesterday.

'Hinata-oneesan was amazing, but why did she lose against me if she was this strong? Could it be that she lets me win?' thought Hanabi, not liking the felling that she has in her belly when she considered that possibility.

'Or it could be that that blond boy did something to help her become this strong? AHH I can't get it what is happening!' She continued thinking, she was getting frustrated by this situation as well as the fact that she didn't know what to think.


The day has advanced and now it was time for Hinata to return home. However, this time, she wasn't alone and looks nervous.

"Are you sure that they will let me in?" Naruto asked feeling anxious

"My mom said that she will make sure that there will be no problem." Hinata replied as they walk to the compound.

"But what about the rest of your clan? You know that the adults don't like me" Naruto asked, he was deeply worried about how this could turn out.

"They will not defy my mom orders." Hinata simply answered in a matter of fact tone.

"But they still will not like me…" Naruto says sadly.

Hinata remained silent, knowing that what Naruto said was true.

"But I was really surprised when you told me that one of the men in your dreams is the first Hokage." Hinata said trying to change the topic.

"I know, I mean I never even knew that he was a Hokage until I saw his picture in that book, but it was him from when he was a kid all the way to his days as an adult." Naruto replied, remembering what he read and how surprised he was.

"But how is that you see him in your dreams?" Hinata asked, when Naruto told her that one of the men that he had been seeing in his dreams was the first Hokage. She believed him, not because of their friendship or loyalty to him, but because she just felt it was true.

"I don't know, I only have those dreams when I am sleeping. Oh, and remember that time with those bullies? When the leader hit me, I saw the first Hokage teaching some kids some of his moves, and somehow I feel that I could do it" Naruto answered.

"That is amazing, Naruto-kun" Hinata said in awe of her best friend.

And so they kept talking until they were in front of the Hyuga complex, Naruto looks nervously to the two guards. Who were looking at him with a cold look in their eyes, but said nothing as Naomi showed up, she also looks at Naruto with that same look. She didn't say anything as she leads them to the room where Hinata's mother and sister were waiting for them.

"Hello, nice to meet you young man. I am Hinata's mom, Akane Hyuga and this is my younger child Hanabi." Akane said from her wheelchair.

"N-nice to meet you" Naruto nervously said, he never liked to be close to adults, they are always mean to him.

"Oh, you don't have to be so nervous, after all I was the one that one that wanted to meet Hinata's friend" Akane tried to soothe the boy.

"Why?" He replied, trying to understand. No one wanted to meet him, so why did she?

"I suppose it's just natural for a parent to want to meet their kids' friends." Akane answered

"I don't have parents, so I wouldn't know" Naruto replied in a sad tone.

That answer made Akane, Hanabi and ever Hinata feel bad for him.

"I just wanted to thank the boy that is making my little Hinata happier in these days" Akane said after a moment.

"Mom" Hinata said while blushing.

"It is ok honey, I am just complimenting him." Akane said with a tired smile.

"Mom, are you ok? You look tired" Hanabi asked concerned.

"I am fine honey, just a little tired" Akane answered her youngest daughter.

"Maybe I should leave so you can rest?" Naruto offered, he was nervous to be in this situation and had no clue what to say or do.

"Don't worry, beside I am curious about you and want to learn more about you." Akane denied and so, Akane began to ask little questions like how they met, for how long have they been friends and what they do when they are together. The normal kinds of stuff that a mother would ask.

All this was a new experience for Naruto, that an adult would talk to him without calling him demon and try to keep their children away from him. But there was something wrong, because even he could see that Hinata's mom didn't look to well.

"Naruto, I want to thank you for being Hinata's friend and I hope that your friendship can continue for many years, because I can see how happy and strong, she has been since she met you." Akane said tiredly.

"That will be no problem, because Hinata-chan is my best friend and we will always be together and will help each other with anything that may happen." Naruto replies though he was concerned.

"Akane-sama I am afraid that is time for your treatment" Naomi said.

"It is a shame, I really wanted to keep talking with you but I have to leave now. Please enjoy the candies and feel free to .." that was all that Akane could say as she collapses to the floor as she lost t conscienceless.



Were the screams of Hinata and Hanabi, but her mother didn't respond.

"I will get help, you stay here!" Naomi ordered after she confirm that her mistress was still breathing.

"Mommy please wake up!" Hanabi said with tears in her eyes.

"Mom, please mom open your eyes" added Hinata also crying as she saw how the pale face of her mother didn't react and she began to feel the fear grown in her heart.

All this was happening while Naruto was watching the events that happening before his eyes. All this had begun with nice talk with Hinata's mom and for the first time he wasn't hated by an adult. Because he tried to be friends with their child. Hinata's mom looks to be as nice and gentle as Hinata and now something terrible happened and he didn't know what to do.

The fear and tears in Hinata's eyes hurt him like nothing that has hurt him before.

"Damn, if only there was something that I could do" Naruto said in low voice. Then an idea hit him and he thought, 'Wait, that day with the bullies I manage to cure the injury on Hinata-chan's face, maybe I can do it again'

With that idea in mind, Naruto kneels next to Akane and took her hand and began to focus chakra into it. After the event with the bullies, Hinata had told him that what he did was medic ninjutsu and that used chakra. So far, he tried to do it again many times, but always failed.

"Please lest this work, please lest this work, please lest this work," Naruto chanted in his mind.

"What are you doing to my mom!" Hanabi demanded as she moves to stop him, but she was stopped by her sister. "Onee-san!"

"He is trying to help our mom, please give him this chance" Hinata said. "Please Naruto-kun, I believe in you" Hinata pleaded as the blue shine of Naruto's chakra began to grow but after a few moments began to lose power.

"Damn, why I can't do it? Am I really this useless? Hinata-chan will lose her mom because I can't do anything right…no…not yet." Naruto said as he began to put more power into his efforts. He wasn't going to fail this time, he would save her!

Inside Naruto's seal

The wave of emotions woke Kurama from his nap. After seeing what had just happened from Naruto's perspective he smiles.

"Interesting, it looks that the story is repeating itself. If the story that Ashura told our father about how he met his wife is true, but this brat doesn't have the power help her." Kurama said as he saw his cage.

"This seal is made so that if I have evil intentions towards this brat it will cut the connection. However, if I do not have those intentions it should be possible for me to send him some of my chakra. Normally I wouldn't care what happened to those humans, but if he is really Ashura's reincarnation I guess that we are related and share a bond with the old man. And maybe, just maybe he could be the one that father told us about before he dies" Kurama concluded

Back with Naruto.

Naruto's chakra was about to fade.

"I guess that I am truly useless." Naruto said in despair as he felt that he no longer has the strength to keep trying. In that moment he turns to see Hinata, he was about to said that he was sorry that he couldn't do anything, but in the moment that he saw her and how her tears were falling from her face. Something happened.

In a blink of the eye Naruto was no longer in that room in the Hyuga complex. He was on a road deep in a forest, but he wasn't alone there were other people there and in the middle of that group it was him, the other man that also appears in his dream with the first Hokage, from there many more images began to show up, the problems that these people have, the danger of their situations, and then he saw her. A young woman that begged him to save her mother. And just as they began the images leave Naruto that now was looking at Hinata's pearl like eyes and said."I remember"

Right after he said that the chakra in his hands began grown again as it changes color from blue to a light golden color as Naruto put more efforts in what he was doing.

It was in that moment that the servants began to arrive to help Akane and stood frozen when they saw what was happening.

"What are you doing to Akane-sama you demon brat!" said one of the servants as he steps forward to kick Naruto out of that room.

"NOOO!" exclaimed Hinata as she moves between the servant and Naruto who was too focus on helping her mom, to know what is happening around him.

"Hinata-sama. Please get out of the way, we need to remove that demon so we can help your mother!" The servant pleaded with the girl.

"NO! He is not a demon, he is my friend and, right now, he is helping my mom!" Hinata yelled standing firm.

"He is just a useless brat and we are wasting time here, now please move or I will be forced to made you move" The servant demanded, losing his patience.

"He is not useless, and I will not move from here!" Hinata declared as she activates her byakugan.

"So be it, I will explain this to Hiashi-sama later" said the man as he advances to remove Hinata and Naruto out of the room.

That man wasn't expecting too much resistance from Hinata, the weak child of the clan head that everybody believed that she would be sealed when she comes of age. That impression ended when he felt a powerful strike right to his stomach, unlike anything that he has ever felt, not even in the last war. He looks down to see how Hinata arm is making impact with him, just before he is sent flying against the wall that is behind him and hit some of the others servants that were behind him.

"No one will stop Naruto-kun, right now he is the only one that can save my mom and I will protect him!" Hinata said as she took a battle stance.

It was in that moment that something happened, when a soft voice come from behind her.

"What is happening?" Akane asked as she began to wake up as if from a deep sleep.

"MOM" said Hinata and Hanabi as they move towards their mother that was trying to get up.

"What happened? Why I am on the floor?" Akane asked, not yet understanding what has happened.

"Akane-sama, please don't push yourself." Naomi said, she had managed to avoid the servants that Hinata had strike.

"I am fine, or at less I feel far better than before" Akane said as she tries to get up to a sitting position. when they saw that she was getting some troubles for that, Naomi helped her.

"What happened?" Akane asked

"You fainted mom and while Naomi-san went to get some help, Naruto-kun helped you" answered Hinata, that was kneeling next to her mom with Hanabi at her side.

After saying that she turned to see her friend, who remained still in the same place when he began to help her mother, but with his face low.

"Naruto-kun, thank you for helping my mom" Hinata said, but for some reason Naruto didn't respond to her words. "Naruto?"

Hinata got close and when she touches his should to see what is happening, Naruto fell unconscious.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata exclaims, worried for him.

The people gathered there began to react and the chaos began again.

Hiashi was running as fast as he could with a feeling of fear growing deep inside him as he gets close to his home.

The reason for that is the message that a servant has managed to get to him when he was in a council meeting.

"Akane-sama has collapsed, it looks serious you must return to the complex!" said the servant and in the next second he was running as fast as he can towards his home.

He didn't bother to stop to ask what is happening to the guards and headed to the medical wing of the clan because he believe that that is where his wife would be, and he was correct.

At the doors of the medical wing he could see some of his clan member gathered outside what must be his wife's room, but soon made room for him to get into the room.

Those last few steps were the longest in his life, where he was waiting to see the dead face of his wife in one of the medical beds. So, taking a deep breath to gather his strength, so he can still keep the dignity that a clan head is supposed to have even in this circumstances. Even if all that he wanted is to cry over the death of his wife, giving a final step he saw..

"Get off me! I already told you that I am fine, so you better go and help the others to take care of Naruto-kun" said a furious Akane.

"Please Akane-sama, the other medic is already looking at the kid and said that he only fainted because of chakra exhaustion." A young nurse tried to argue.

Hiashi, didn't understand what is happening, not only was his wife alive, but she looked a lot better than she did in a long time. Which is strange, because when he saw her before he left in the morning to that meeting. He saw how tired and weak she looked and that hurt him, seeing how his wife who to him was one of the strongest women he has ever seen. That she was being reduced to so a fragile state made him feel even worse, after all it was all his fault that she ended in that situation.

But now even if she was lying down in a nursery bed, he could see the same fire and determination that he remembered when she was younger and was with her friends Kushina and Mikoto.

"What is happening here?" asked Hiashi, who the very second Akane turns to see him, he knew from that look that she isn't happy to see him. He just knew he was in for it.

"Just giving her some instructions so she can take a better care of my guest" The young nurse informed his clan head.

It was just a second after he heard the nurse that he turned to see the other person that is being treated in the nursery. Not only that, but Hinata and Hanabi who were standing in the corner seeing everything.

"What is he doing here?" Hiashi asked coldly

"HE" said Akane with enough strength to make sure that everybody hears her. "Is my guest and not only that, but he got hurt saving my life. I will make sure that he receives the best treatment available." then she turned her eyes towards him. "And you and I are going to have a serious talk about what you had been doing!" She declared towards her husband.

In that moment Hiashi realized something. That not only is his wife going to live, but that she has regained her old fire and that that will be both be good and bad for him.

That night on Hanabi's room.

It was late at night, but the young girl couldn't sleep. All the emotions that she has experienced today were so intense that even now she could still feel how her heart was beating like she has been running for hours.

She was still confused about how all this has happened, but she was certain of one thing. The miracle that she had been praying for, has just happened. Many of the adults of the clan believe that she is still a little child, but she knew things. Things that they tried to keep from her, but that she knew.

About how they hoped that she will be the new leader of the clan, how they had been losing prestige, how they saw her sister Hinata, but more than anything to her. How they believe that the clan will change after Akane-sama pass away.

She remembers how hard she cried in her room the night that she heard a couple of maids talking about that, they didn't see her, and she managed to leave to her room without any one seeing the tears in her eyes. Those maids had said that they overheard the doctors of the clan talking. Saying that she can die at any moment and how sad it is seeing her try to be strong and spend as much as time as she can with her children.

After that she tried to be strong for her mom, but as the days pass on and she saw how she got weaker and she feared that the end was close. But she was a Hyuga and she need to be strong in all moment, at least that is what her father told her.

But today everything changed. The boy that her sister has said is her first real friend had done the impossible.

Everything began when her sister brought her friend, Naruto, that is a funny name. Her mother began to talk with him, the kid sure looked nervous, but he didn't see like a bad kid. Then after a while talking and drinking tea. Her mom collapse and from that point everything seemed to move too fast.

She remembers how Naomi ran outside to ask for her, how she froze in the moment, but more important she remember him. Naruto, how he kneeled next to her mother and trying to help her, at first she tried to stop him but her sister prevents her from do it that.

"I believe in him" her sister told her; she has never seen her sister so secure of anything. At first it looks like all was for nothing and that her mother would really die.

But after a few minutes something happened as the chakra that Naruto was using began to change to a golden color, that color was something so beautiful that she has never seen before. She remembered how she asked her father, the same day that she activated her Byakugan for the first time, if the chakra that she is seeing could be of others colors besides the blue one that she saw. Her father told her however, that is not possible and the only way that the chakra can change of color is when the shinobi is using a jutsu.

But before her eyes Hinata's friend's chakra was turning to a beautiful golden color. She active her Byakugan and saw that Naruto's chakra network was amazing, some parts of it was blue, then some parts of it was red and in the end, it changed to golden. The arrive of more clan members made her come back to the present. Just to see how her kind sister not only face the clan members, but also hit Taka Hyuga, a veteran of the last war and send him flying against the wall behind him pushing the other two clan members behind him.

Before anyone else could do anything else, her mother woke up, god her mother was alive, and she looks better than what she had a moment ago.

She ran towards her and along with Hinata she gave her the biggest hug that she could. Her sister turned to Naruto to said thank you, but then the next thing we knew he collapsed and was taken to a hospital room in the medical wing. Other things happened afterwards, but nothing as important since.

Now in her bed looking at the roof, every time that she closes her eyes, she sees the golden chakra that has saved her mother's life. When she saw her sister training with Naruto and how strong she was really surprised her and now she is wondering if training with Naruto has that effect on her.

Naruto, that blond boy that is so different to anyone that she had met before, she now understands why her sister is so interested in him and to be honest she was as well.

"I wonder if I could see that golden chakra again" said Hanabi as she finally allows the exhaustion of the day to overcome her and falls asleep. "So beautiful" were her last words before she fell sleep.