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Chapter 3.

Harry and Dudley left gringotts and made their way back out into Diagon alley, they had been in gringotts for almost three hours and Diagon alley was now bustling with wizards and witches doing their shopping. Harry looked up and down the alley until he saw the dingy sign pointing to Knockturn alley.

"We should head to Knockturn and go to Borgin and Burke's first, then we'll get your wand and come back to Diagon" Harry said.

Dudley nodded his agreement and the two made their way through the busy streets. The boys window shopped as they passed through, examining the different magical items each shop had on display. Dudley was especially excited about a store that sold magical combat gear and camping equipment and couldn't wait to get inside and have a proper look around.

Finally, they made it to Knockturn alley. They walked through the gloomy streets keeping their heads down. Eventually they made it to Borgin and Burke's. The store was in desperate need of repair, it was centuries old and the age was showing, some of the bricks at the front of the store were crumbling and the sign at the top of the store was barely hanging on.

"Are you ready to head in? Harry asked his cousin nervously, knowing that Burke was a rather shady character. Dudley nodded his head and together they walked into the store.

They walked into a complete hovel, dust and spider webs covered every available surface and boxes were stacked haphazardly around the room. The walls were almost black with mould and pieces of brick and concrete were scattered across the floor.

Harry carefully ventured into the room, extremely grateful for the glamour Tom had put on himself and Dudley. To the left side of the room, there was a small desk with a bell on it, Harry walked over and rang the bell, several seconds passed and nothing happened so Harry rang the bell again. Dudley had wandered off towards one of the shelves and was looking through some books that had definitely seen better days when an elderly man appeared from around the corner. He was wearing black robes, and his long grey hair was matted leaving large clumps of knots scattered around his head.

"What can I do for you today boys"? The man growled. Dudley slowly wandered back over to Harry, keeping a cautious eye on the strange man. Borgin and Burke's definitely wasn't a place they wanted to stay in for long.

"Are you Mr Borgin"? Harry questioned. Borgin gave him a long assessing look before grunting in reply.

"And who might you be? I very rarely get new customers; most folk don't come around these parts".

"We were sent by Sharpaxe from Gringotts, we're looking for some items that might be difficult to get and we were told that you're the best person to come to".

"And what exactly are you looking for"? Borgin questioned.

"We need two trunks with compartments, preferably ones that won't detect magic that is done on the inside" Harry said. The old man nodded briefly before disappearing back around the corner, when he returned, he was holding two small boxes. He placed the boxes on the floor and tapped each box.

"They've got shrinking charms on them amongst other things" Borgin grunted.

"What are the other things" Dudley questioned hesitantly.

"They've got Feather light charms on them, they've impervious to certain spells, they are waterproof and Jas you stated, magic done on the inside of them cannot be detected. Now, these trunks have seven compartments, what you do with each compartment is completely up to you, but the fifth compartment in both trunks has cooling charms on it, I would highly suggest using this as a potion's storage area. The seventh compartment on each trunk is an apartment, a rather large apartment at that. Inside the apartment, you can charge the colours and decorations and such as you like, just press your wand to the walls or floors and think of how you'd like them to look and it will happen" Borgin stated.

"Thank you, Sir," Dudley said excitedly.

Borgin snorted and shook his head.

"Don't go calling me Sir, just call me Borgin, Kid, now I don't think you two told me your names". Harry and Dudley glanced at each other briefly, Harry wasn't sure it was the best idea to tell Borgin their names, the main reason being that most of his customers were death eaters".

"Mr Borgin, we are not sure if we should give you our names, as most of your customers are, rather dangerous individuals". Harry said in the politest way possible so he didn't offend the man. Borgin gave another gravelly chuckle.

"Customer confidentiality is a big thing for me, for a large bribe I would be willing to give away information but that's only to regular customers. If you were to return yourselves, I would not give away any of your details and would be willing to give you information on certain things you may need" Borgin suggested.

Harry thought this over for a minute before decided it couldn't hurt too much, the information could be helpful in the future.

"My name is Hadrian Peverell, and this is my cousin, Dudley Beaufort" Harry said nervously, and Dudley gave an awkward wave in the back ground.

"Well it's nice to meet you boys, I must say it is refreshing to have customers that don't serve the dark lord" Borgin growled.

"You don't follow him then"? Dudley questioned.

"Lord no" Borgin chuckled.

"I don't follow anyone, politics isn't my thing, I'm just here for the business. I don't agree with the Dark lords' motives but Dumbledore's ain't much better".

"Now, are you boys after anything else or is that it"? Borgin questioned.

"Oh, no we're looking for a few more things. The next item we are looking for might be difficult to find but we'd be willing to pay a large fee for it. Do you happen to know where to find a time turner"? Harry stated. Borgin's eyes widened and he looked like he was choking for several seconds.

"You're testing me now boy, I don't happen to have one, but I can definitely find one, it might take a few weeks though. In the meantime, I have something else that may interest you". Borgin shuffled off around the corner again, this time he was gone for several minutes and Harry and Dudley could hear him banging around in another room.

"This place is kinda scary" Dudley muttered as he glanced around the store.

"Yeah but I'm starting to like it, I think there's a lot more to Borgin than what meets the eye" Harry whispered back, getting a nod in reply from Dudley.

Borgin came back into the room carrying a rectangular box.

"This, is what's called a time bubble" Borgin stated, pulling an object out of the box.

"If you place this in any room, it changes time. One day in the time bubble equals to one minute on the outside. I've been trying not to sell this item, in the wrong hands it could be very dangerous, but I don't think you boys will use it for nefarious purposes". Borgin said before putting the box on the counter along with their trunks.

"Wow, I didn't think such a thing existed" Dudley said.

"Me either, is it legal"? Harry questioned.

"Well, yes, sort of. It's frowned upon for regular individuals such as yourselves to have them, they're commonly used in healing for people undergoing intensive treatments and most people tend forget they exist. But they will come in handy if you're looking to train for anything".

"We're also wondering if you have anything that could help with Glamour's? Obviously, there's a glamour spell but is there anything more permeant"? Harry questioned.

"We have a wide range of Jewellery that is used for Glamour's, we have jewellery that is used for other things as well, if you are interested"?

The boys nodded at this and Borgin retrieved a case from the back of the room.

He pulled out two necklaces.

"These are the more advanced models; they can change your appearance and voice tenor. You can change the glamour around as much as you'd like too so you can have a different look for every occasion".

"We'll take one each" Dudley piped up.

Borgin placed the necklaces on the counter before pulling out several rings.

"This one can change your magical signature, and these ones, when activated, disillusion you for up to half an hour, they work a lot better than the disillusionment charm".

"We'll take two of each of those as well please, I think that's enough for the jewellery today thanks" Harry said in an amused voice.

"Do you happen to have any Dragon hide cloaks and boots; I don't know of anywhere that sells them" Harry asked.

Borgin lead them over to a coat rack in the corner of the room.

"These are your standard dragon hide cloaks, these ones are invisibility cloaks although they aren't of a good quality so I wouldn't suggest purchasing one. These ones have a disillusionment charm in the hood of the cloaks, and have expanding pockets".

"We'll take those ones please, and two pairs of dragons hide boots". Harry stated.

"Do you happen to have any duelling dummies? Particularly ones that have different difficulties on them? I think they would be rather useful for training against" Harry asked.

Borgin brought back several more boxes and placed them on the counter.

"Is that everything for you boys today"? Borgin questioned them as he was putting the rest of their purchases on the counter.

"Are these all of the books you have"? Dudley asked, pointing to a shelf at the back with a rather small collection of books.

"I have a library in one of the other rooms, not many people come in here looking for books. Since you've spent so much in here, I'll sell you 10 books for a galleon, you'd be doing me a favour. The offer only stands today though so I'd get as many books as possible" Borgin smirked at them before leading them around the back of the shop into a library. Harry started around the room in wonder for several moments. There were several shelves each piled high with books, Hermione would fall in love with this room.

"Just be careful, most of the books in here as re rather dangerous, I'll stay here in case you end up in trouble" Borgin warned them. Harry and Dudley nodded in response before wandering off through the aisles.

"I never thought I'd be this interested in books" Dudley gushed as he scanned the aisles. Harry laughed in response.

"I never thought you'd be this interested in anything". Harry chuckled. Dudley gave him a light shove and the two chuckled quietly as they scanned the shelves.

Harry picked out, how to summon your inner animal; a guide to becoming an animagus, 101 hexes, jinxes and their counters, the dark arts and how to defend against them, 1000 spells every wizard and witch should know, obscure spells to use in duelling, Runes and warding for dummies, potions moste potent and 250 pranking spells to use on your enemies. Harry gave his ten books to Borgin as he carried on looking through the aisles, he found a few more books on defensive magic, runes, potions and transfiguration that he found interesting and he passed those to Borgin as well.

"Do you happen to have any of the Hogwarts books in here? I'm also looking for some books on parseltongue" Harry asked cautiously.

"I happen to have the Hogwarts books for every year in this library, I'll find them for you, I don't have any books on parseltongue but I have some very old scrolls, I'll sell them to you, but it will cost you a fair amount" Borgin warned. Harry agreed to this and Borgin ventures off to find the rest of the books Harry asked for. Whilst Borgin ventured off to find the books Harry had asked for, Dudley had returned, a massive pile of books in his arms.

"Wow Dudley, how many did you get?!" Harry asked in shock.

"This isn't all of them, I've got another stack over there" He panted back in reply. Harry just stared at him, his mouth hanging open, it was very strange seeing Dudley this interested in books.

10 minutes later found Harry, Dudley and Borgin back in the main area of the shop, the counter was full of their purchases, it had taken the three of them several trips back and forth between the library to bring all of the books back through, between the two of them, they had almost one hundred books.

"I guess we can start our own library" Dudley chuckled. Borgin began ringing up their purchases, and Harry browsed through the aisles as he waited.

"Will you be paying separately or together"? Borgin questioned.

"We'll pay together, we can go halves" Dudley grinned.

"Could we put our purchases into our trunks"?

"Of course, oh I forgot one thing, the Trunks have a lot of safety measures, they are keyed to your magical signatures, finger prints, blood types, and they have passwords, I'll give you each a manual to show you how to set up the security system". Borgin handed them a manual each and began putting their things into their trunks.

"Is there a way we could have our family crests and initials on the trunks"? Harry questioned.

"I can do that myself, it will cost you 30 galleons each and will take me around an hour to complete both trunks. I know what the crests of your families look like, I'm asked to do this a lot" Borgin smirked.

"Your total comes to, 27,000 galleons, 14 sickles and 24 Knut's" Borgin stated. Harry and Dudley stared at him in shock for several moments.

"That's a lot of money" Harry said warily.

"The time bubble and trunks are expensive and I have also taken a deposit of 9,000 galleons for the time turner, when you return to collect it, it will cost you a further 5,000 galleons. If you would like, I can take that off the order?" Borgin questioned.

"No, no I'd like it stay on the order. I didn't realise it would cost that much" Harry said in shock.

Harry and Dudley got the required amounts out of their money pouches and counted it out for Borgin.

"I'll start the crests for your trunks now boys, return here in an hour and they should be done for you" Borgin said with a toothy smile. The boys nodded and waved goodbye to the man before exiting the shop.

"Sharpaxe said the wand store is across from Borgin and Burke's, I'm guessing it's that one" Dudley stated pointing towards a rather smart looking store across the street. They crossed over and entered the store, it was remarkably similar to Ollivanders, with wand boxes piled high all over the room. A man dressed in smart grey robes was stood behind the counter.

"Hello boys, I'm Howard Drummond and I am the owner of the store. How can I help you today"?" He asked with a large smile.

"I'm looking to buy my first wand" Dudley said nervously. "You look rather old for a first wand my boy" Howard asked in confusion.

"I had a block on my magic sir, I've only just had it removed this morning". The confusion cleared off of Howard's face and he gave them both a smile.

"I'm also looking for a secondary wand, I think Dudley would like a secondary as well, we'd prefer it if none of the Wanda had the trace on them" Harry said.

"None of my wands have the trace on them no need to worry" he said pompously.

"Well, let's find your perfect wands then boys" He gushed before rushing off into the shelves.

Dudley rolled his eyes at the man's antics and they both chuckled softly. Howard was rushing back and forth through the store grabbing wands and then putting them in stacks on the counter. He returned after several minutes puffing and panting.

Once he'd gotten his breath back, Howard handed the first wand over to Dudley.

"Try this one first m'boy".

Dudley waved the wand and several stacks of boxes shot off their shelves. Howard snatched the wand back and replaced it with another. This continued for several minutes until finally, Red and gold sparks shot out of the end of the wand Dudley was holding.

"Vine wood, basilisk horn, 10- and three-quarter inches. This is a very interesting choice for a first wand m'boy. Vine wood wands often choose witches and wizards who seek a greater purpose, and who frequently astound those who think they know them best. Vine wood wands are often attracted by personalities with hidden depths" Howard stated with a smile.

"Wow, I didn't know wands could think" Dudley said in awe. Howard chuckled at this.

"I wouldn't quite say that they can think, but they are definitely sentient. The wands choose the wizards!" Howard boomed.

"Now, onto your secondary" He said to Harry before shoving a box at him.

Half an hour later found both boys leaving the shop, Dudley with his first wand and a second and Harry with his second wand. Harry's secondary was made out of pine wood, thunderbird tail feather and was 8 and a half inches, it was very good for non verbal magic and would easily adapt to new methods and spells. Dudley a secondary was made out of willow wood, unicorn tail hair and was 9 and a quarter inches, it was very good for healing and protective magic.

Dudley couldn't keep his eyes off of his wands and Harry was happy for his cousin. He was in awe when he got his first wand and he new Dudley would go on to do great things with them.

"I think it's been around an hour now, we can probably head back to Borgin and Burke's" Harry suggested. The two of them made their way back over the road and into the store to find Borgin sat behind the desk reading a newspaper. He looked up when he heard the bell over the door go and gave them both a smile.

"Hello again boys, your trunks are done and I have packed away your things into the second and third compartments, I have placed the time bubble in Mr Beaufort's trunk". Borgin stated as he perused the newspaper. The two boys thanked him profusely before tapping their trunks to shrink them and leaving Knockturn alley.

The boys made their way back to Diagon alley and stopped at Fortescue's ice cream parlour first, they had a few more hours left before their Glamour's disappeared and decided to get something to eat before they carried on shopping. They each got a cone and sat down at one of the outdoor tables to enjoy their ice cream in the sun.

"That definitely went better than expected, and I'm surprised we managed to get almost everything we needed from Borgin" Harry exclaimed.

"I'm really excited to start using that time bubble, we could spend weeks in there and only a few minutes will have passed on the outside!" Dudley gushed.

"I can't wait to use it either, we could do everything we need to in there to prepare!" The boys grinned at each other thinking over everything they needed to learn.

"What shops do you want to go to next Dudley"?

"we could do with finding a clothing store, we stick out like sore thumbs down here in normal clothes. I'd also like to get a pet of some kind" Dudley said.

"We'll go to Madam Malkin's and the magical menagerie then" Harry grinned.

Once they'd finished their ice creams, they walked over to madam Malkin's and were instantly greeted by the kindly old witch.

"Is there anything I can help you with today? She asked with a kind smile.

"We'd both like a full wardrobe, with both wizard and Muggle clothing with items for hot and cold weather" Harry stated. Madam Malkin nodded before measuring both of the boys and sending them over to the changing rooms.

"I'll start with formal wizarding clothes, 3 sets of dress robes each should do" She hummed as she wandered through the racks picking out different dress robes for each of them to try. This carried on for awhile but finally they were kitted with every possible clothing item they could need. Madam Malkin put their clothes into several bags, and the boys stored them in their trunks. They both thanked the woman before leaving the store and heading off to Portage's potions shops, there they each bought a copper cauldron for 25 galleons before leaving the store and heading to the apothecary for potions ingredients.

They walked into the shop and Harry headed straight over to the aisles for Hogwarts students where he picked out several potions starter kits. Dudley was looking at the shelves containing obscure potions ingredients and muttering to himself about how wizards could possibly use ingredients that disgusting.

"Harry, what the hell is flobberworm mucus used for" Dudley shuddered making Harry laugh.

"Its most common in sleeping droughts, it's usually used for thickening" Harry said as he looked through the jars.

Harry grabbed several glass containers and begin filling them potions ingredients, he grabbed as many rare ingredients as he could find, hoping to start brewing some of the more advanced potions, and he advised Dudley to fill some Jars up with ingredients as well. When they had all of the ingredients they thought they would need, they headed over to a secluded corner of the room where potions knives were being stored. Harry grabbed a few different kinds of knives and began storing them in pouches when he noticed that the staff door had been left open. Just beyond the door, he saw a set of eight blades, each tinted red with large ornate handles. He gathered all of his supplies and decided to ask the store owner about the strange knives in the staff room.

Harry and Dudley piled their ingredients on the counter and the store owner began to ring them up without a word.

"Excuse me, when I was getting my knives I saw an interesting set in your staff room, the door was open and I noticed them" Harry said hesitantly.

"Are they for sale"?

"You won't want them boy, they're blood magic knives, I shouldn't even 'ave em I'm takin' em over to me brothers shop in knockturn". The man griped. Harry thought this over for a minute, blood magic was illegal in England, but he knew it was very useful in certain rituals. He'd heard stories of what it could do.

"How much" Harry asked. The man stared at him for several seconds before shrugging.

"They're high quality knives, I'll give ya the full set for 50 galleons"

"Deal, how much all together then" Harry asked.

"That'll be 109 galleons and 15 sickles all together, I'll go and get the knives" he grunted as he hauled himself up out of the chair.

"What could you possible need blood magic knives for" Dudley frowned.

"Blood magic is used in lots of rituals and is used in some protective magic, it might come in handy to have mastered that kind of magic" Harry said.

Harry counted out the required amount of money and the man came back with the knives stored in a large ornate box.

"Make sure you keep these stored somewhere cold, heat can damage the metal" the man grunted.

"Harry and Dudley stored everything the potions section of their trunk before heading off to flourish and blotts.

"So, we're going to need some stationary and we can look for some more books, some history books and magical creature books will come in handy" Harry suggested.

They headed in and each grabbed a basket to put their items into, before walking around the first floor which contained stationary items. Harry grabbed several rolls of preachment, some quills and ink, envelopes to send off letters, dictating quills and some Muggle pads and pens. Dudley grabbed all of the same things and found some coloured quills.

When they had all of the stationary they would need, they headed upstairs into the book section.

"I'm going to look at the herbology and magical creatures' sections for no Dud but I'll probably check out some other aisles as well, should we meet back downstairs in twenty minutes" Harry suggested.

"Sure, I'm not sure if that'll be enough time thought" Dudley chuckled. Harry rolled his eyes before walking over to the herbology section and picking out several books that looked interesting, they would have to go exploring and see if they could find anywhere that had magical plants growing.

Harry wandered around some of the aisles and picked out several books, he found himself at the back of the store and was facing a bookshelf that said "rare, unusual and forgotten books" On the bookshelf, he found several books about runic and warding magic, and found some old curse breaking books. He also found intro books to soul magic, battle magic and blood magic and put those into his basket. When he had finished, he made his way downstairs and waited near some shelves selling Muggle items as he waited for Dudley to appear. Several minutes later, Dudley appeared his basket filled with books. "I've found all sorts of things that look interesting" He said excitedly as he pulled Harry over to the counter.

"You're starting to turn into my friend Hermione" Harry laughed.

They put their baskets on the counter and Harry crossed his fingers, hoping the woman behind the counter would turn a blind eye to some of his book choices.

She went through Dudley's basket first and all of his purchases into bags for him before taking his money, then she moved onto Harry's basket, she raised an eyebrow at some of the books but didn't say anything and soon enough, the boys left Flourish and Blotts and once again headed down the alley.

"I'm going into Eyelops to get some treats for Hedwig, you should think about getting an owl whilst were in there. We should go to the magical menagerie afterwards and see what we can find" Harry suggested. They headed into Eyelops owl emporium and Harry grabbed all of the owl treats he needed whilst Dudley looks at the different owls they had for pets.

Dudley finally picked out a handsome spotted eagle owl, and paid for him at the front of the store, he decided to name him Talto.

Once they had both paid for their purchases they head over to the magical menagerie. Harry wanted to look at some snakes, he was hoping to practice parseltongue magic and wanted to find a magical snake.

They headed into the magical menagerie and both of them headed over to the snake section.

The store had a large selection of magical and non-magical snakes and Harry looked through each glass vivarium before finally addressing the snakes.

"Hello, my name is Harry, can you tell me which of you are magical snakes and what you can do" Harry politely asked the snakes. Hearing his voice, each snake lifted its head and look at Harry, each snake talking over the other and admiring the speaker.

"Hello Harry" one of the snakes replied

"I am a magical corral snake; I do not have and magical abilities but I have a poisonous bite and I am impervious to certain types of magic" The corral snake hissed to him. Each snake replied to his question, but Harry didn't feel any of the snakes were right for him, until a smaller snake slithered out from the bath of the vivarium.

"I am a North American horned serpent, I can change my size and make myself smaller, when I am grown, I will be bigger than every snake in here, my horns grant me powers of invisibility and flight and I am impervious to harmful magic's". The serpent said to him.

"I didn't know snakes had powers" Dudley murmured next to him, staring at the snakes in awe. The snakes once again began hissing as they raised up to look at Dudley.

"Yeah" Harry agreed with a chuckle before he caught on.

"Wait a minute, you just spoke parseltongue!" Harry exclaimed as he rounded on Dudley.

"It just sounded like English to me" Dudley said in confusion.

"It does to me as well, try again, speak to the snakes!" Harry encouraged. Dudley gave him a look before sighing and turning towards the snakes.

"Hello, my name is Dudley, can you understand me" He asked hesitantly. He got several hisses back in reply.

"Hello speaker, we can understand you". Dudley abruptly turned to Harry.

"I'm a parselmouth" He whisper shouted at Harry.

"Apparently so, we can learn parsel magic together" Harry said joyously.

Dudley picked out a magical coral snake and they both bought some mice and other little critters for snake food before buying their new pets. Finally, they left and headed back towards the leaky cauldron. They only had about 25 minutes left before their glamour charms wore off so they had Tom show them straight up to their rooms when they got back.

After an hour or so of looking through their purchases they order room service and sat down on the couch with a pad and pen each and began to plan what they'd need to do next.

"So, first of all what are we going to do about your parents' house, do you know when they're going to return"? Harry asked.

"All I know is that they've been placed in Scarborough for the foreseeable future and they've got somewhere to live so I don't know when they'll be back. I imagine they'll come looking for me if I don't call them though" Dudley mused.

"We need somewhere to live then, preferably somewhere out of the way where we can get everything we done, one of the houses I have access to is in a remote area of Manchester near a small magical village, we could move into there for now?" Harry questioned.

"Okay, we can get the train down to Manchester tomorrow and check it out".

"Why get the train when we can just get the knight bus and get there quicker" Harry asked in confusion. Dudley rubbed his forehead and chuckled.

"I completely forgot about that!".

"What's next on the list anyway"? Dudley asked.

Harry looked back down at the pad and scanned through its contents.

"Okay, this one is big, what do we do about Dumbledore, and Sirius? We need to figure out how to get Sirius free and we also need to figure out how to bring down Dumbledore.

It's going to take a lot of work" Harry frowned.

"Well, we should definitely start with training, you complete your OWL's and take over the head of house mantle for all of your houses and then start allying yourself with families. That's should help at least a little" Dudley suggested.

"That's a great idea Dud! We'll start training tomorrow then" Harry said with a small smile.

"Are you going to get in touch with any of your old pals from Hogwarts?" Dudley asked making Harry frown once again.

"Honestly, I'm not sure. I was at least expecting to hear from Ron and Hermione, they were my best friends and I haven't heard from them" Harry said sadly.

"Well, just think about it, I'm sure there are other people from Hogwarts you can get in touch with" Dudley suggested.

"Well, Fred, George and Neville are all great I should probably send them each a letter. And I've been thinking" Harry hesitated. Dudley looked at him and gave him an encouraging smile.

"Well, I've been thinking about sending Draco a letter. I know he was an arse to me at Hogwarts, but there were times when he was different, almost like he was putting on an act most of the time, and I'm guessing that was due to his parents. I reckon he could probably help us out with some things. I just can't decide if I should contact him" Harry revealed.

"Well, after the stories you've told me about him, I can't say I'm excited to meet the bloke, but if you think there's something more to him then I say get in contact with him and see what happens".

"I'll sleep on it" Harry murmured.

Finally, their room service arrived and the two boys sat and ate their dinner together as they talked over their day out.

"What are you most excited to learn about then"?

Dudley thought for a moment as he swallowed a mouthful of stew.

"I'm not sure to be honest, healing looks really interesting and so do transfiguration and potions, I'd say those three are the ones I'm most curious about".

"I've never done healing before, but I'm not amazing at transfiguration and potions aha always been horrible for me, although that could have something to do with Snape" Harry muttered.

"From what you've said it sounds like Dumbledore has some sort of hold over him. Maybe that's why he's such a wanker" Dudley smirked.

"I highly doubt it Dud, but we'll find out" Harry promised.

Once they'd finished eating, the two boys said their goodnight and went to bed after a long and tiring day. Harry got in to bed and fell into a fitful sleep within minutes.

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