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*2 Days later, Queen henrietta's pov*

I was just finishing with a council meeting when a courier boy ran into the throne room. Covered in sweat and grime. The smell wafted over to me and I held up my delicate white hand to halt him in place.

"Palace guard, please take the letter and deliver it over here. Letting a courier boy into the throne room is quite a big breach of security, what if he was an assassin or something?" I order the guard with authority. I had to learn how to use what my advisors call a 'commanding tone' so that people do not question me, I do not like having to do it… But I am a queen, I will make sacrifices for my country, both big and small.

The guard walks over to the courier and takes the letter, hand delivering it to me after checking it over for any kind of mechanical traps. "From Osmond the principal it says" The guard proclaims proudly. The amount of palace guards that can read can be counted on a single hand, only nobles are taught how to read at childhood. Learning how to read as an adult is… impressive.

I open the letter after receiving it from the guard and read through it carefully. Only emergency letters are delivered to me directly, if every letter I received was delivered to me directly then I would be drowning in letters, marriage requests, warring advice, job applications, beggars… Too many.

My face progressively turns from a natural smile into a forced smile, and then into a frown as I finish the letter. This is...

"Your majesty, frowning can lead to wrinkles at a very young age…" Advised the queen's most trusted guard and confidant, Agnès Chevalier de Milan. Captain of the Royal Musketeers.

I ignore her for the moment as I fetch a blank parchment and quill from a servant boy and write back a short and direct response.

'Keep an eye on him. I am coming earlier than planned.' Is all I write before sealing it into a letter and whistling for a royal hawk to deliver it to the academy. It should arrive in a few hours. The familiar showcase was meant to be done in 5 days time, however I am going to set off right now and hopefully should arrive within the day.

Osmond did not say who this 'king' chose as a supposed guide… and I think I may know the reason for that, it's simply way too suspicious not to name someone. It's probably… I shouldn't think about it, maybe it's just a mistake? I hope that it is. I really do.

"We are setting out for the academy, prepare my carriage right now. We must arrive within a day." I command

"Your majesty is that really a wise idea? Why are we moving up the visit date? The noble mage's in the academy have only recently summoned their familiars! They are more than likely underprepared. Please reconsider." Pleads agnes the captain

"No, we are heading out. Prepare my carriage, stop wasting time." I proclaim in an iron filled tone. Why am I in such a hurry to see this man for myself? Is it curiosity? Or is it something else?

*Ira's pov*

"I- I still don't understand what you're trying to do? What do you mean by all this?" Louise asks me as I begin to explain for the fourth time, this time with much more detail

*Sigh* "I don't see how you do not understand. Primitive ape. I will use my vast knowledge and superior brain to educate you in your faulty ways. Why you ask? First of all and most importantly because I see this as a conquest opportunity. Secondly this is a reward from a king to a subject for the merit of summoning me into this world. Why is it a merit you ask? Being a king of over 2 billion subjects is very taxing. I cannot act in the way that I wish, I have to focus on the good of the country. I cannot hang out with friends. I cannot have fun. I cannot act immaturely. I cannot talk to people without them groveling at my feet. It is extremely lonely at the very top of the world." I finish with a somber tone while using acting to its maximum potential.

Louise's eyes widen in recognition as her tear ducts start flowing since that is exactly what happened to her friend! 'Henrietta used to be so carefree… So fun and light hearted, but now they barely see each other. This man is just the same? How long has he carried this massive… burden?'

"How long?" Louise chokes out

"How long what? Use your words like a proper noble. Don't make me force it out of you." I snap, I already know what she's trying to ask since this is exactly what I manipulated her into asking, but I have to make her ask by her own volition or else the impact is less then if she asks the full question.

"How… How long have you been king for?" She finally gathers up the strength to ask without sounding like a bumbling mess

"Ever since I turned 6 years old. My father died in a civil war and when I was about to be executed alongside him, I begged. I begged for them to give the royal family another chance. Begged them to spare my sister. I used my charm and intelligence to delay the rebels until the royal guards arrived back from quelling the rebellion. A stupid decision on my father's part. He sent out our only protection to stop the attackers. 'The best defence is a good offense' he said, a whole lot of good that got him. Ever since then I've governed over my subjects and avoided the mistakes that my father made. I crushed countries under my foot and ruled over them with an iron fist. All the while not realising the one thing that I was missing from my life. I had wealth, power, women, and yet I was not happy. I only realised recently, and then a mysterious portal opens up in front of me. I broke free of my chains at that moment and took a leap of faith into the unknown. My scientists will research a way to get me back sooner or later but it'll take them a while hopefully. This is a vacation for me. And that is why your actions of summoning me is a merit. A merit that deserves a reward. Understand now?"

Louise wiped her eyes with her sleeves, not even realising that here she was, a noble, crying in front of a king. "I- I understand, but how will you, how will you help me?"

"I already told you, did I not? My patience is finite. I will use my vast knowledge to help you out with 1 problem. It can be anything, any topic, any question, you can ask me for the answer to life itself and I will grant it to you. All you have to do is ask."

"A-Anything?" Louise asks in quivering voice

"Well, if you asked me, what is your weakness? I would obviously not answer, but yes. As long as it's not about me or my country's weakness. Then yes, anything." I reply patiently.

"How… How can I become better at magic?" Hook line and sinker. I am presenting this as a reward when it actually works towards my own goal. If I teach her how to utilize her magic better, then she will gain respect and I will get rewarded by the natural dungeon even faster. I don't want to stay more than a month here if I don't need to. And if someone has suspicions about why I'm teaching her about magic, I can just say that she asked. It's the most flawless plan in the entire world.

"You're going to need to be more specific. Do you want to have more powerful spells? Do you want to learn how to control more then one element? That question is very broad."

"I- I cannot use any magic! Every time I try it results in an explosion! I am called louise the zero for a reason, it's ruined my life! I AM A FAILURE!" She shouts in frustration

"An explosion you say? And this happens for every spell? Also stop shouting, you are in the presence of royalty." I reprimand and question at the same time

"Yes… An explosion happens every single time, and sometimes the spell even does the opposite of what it's supposed to do, it's completely random and irrational." The void mage utters with a downcast expression

"I have a theory, however to confirm I will need you to cast a spell… On me." I declare

"B-but you might die! I can't do that…" Louise cries out

"I highly doubt that anything in this world can do more than scratch me. I'll be fine, trust me." I assure with a confident voice

"O-ok but only if you're sure" She asks, I nod and she begins casting a spell.

"Light heed my call and answer to my desires! Light up my darkness and cast away evil! Special light!" She proclaims and points her wand at me.


An explosion rocks my world and vibrates my insides, nothing gets damaged but it's more powerful then I first assumed.

I wave away the smoke and after it all dissipates I'm left staring at a passed out louise… with barely any clothes on.

I immediately get hard and realise that her clothes got evaporated… or something by the spell, this shit makes no sense? Her skin is not even touched and yet her clothes are all but gone, is this anime physics at its finest?

This isn't the time to mess around, if my calculations are correct then the familiar showcase is going to be moved ahead of schedule, meaning the queen would find out inevitably if louise shows signs of physical assault, or in this case rape.

But… That won't stop me from having a little fun.

I put her up by her remaining clothes so that 'we don't make any skin contact' and accidentally rip off the rest of her clothes, along with her bra and panties. Woops?

Her perky and budding breasts are free from their constraints and her tight little pussy is out in the open. I place her on the bed and decide that taking it any farther might be too much, she might wake up in the middle of it all and… Yeah, not taking that risk.

I sit down into a chair and wait for her to wake up. But the bulge in my pants is simply not going away, it is painfully tight and I decide to get rid of it manually.

I take out my rock hard cock and start stroking it with the intent of getting rid of my erection, but it only gets more and more painful as I stroke it.

I mean, as long as I don't penetrate it's fine, right? Yeah of course. Makes sense, can't prove anything if there's no proof to be had.

I walk up to her bed and hold her little nose shut with my fingers, she tries to breath through her nose but she can't, so her brain automatically signals for her body to breath through her mouth. She opens her little mouth and I immediately slide inside her mouth and start moving in and out.

Slowly at first in case she wakes up, before speeding up into a steady pace. I climb onto the bed and put my legs on either side of her head as I tilt her head back and fuck her throat directly. It's kind of weird that she's not waking up, but plot convenience I guess?

After fucking her throat for a while I can feel my balls churning and I sheathe myself fully in her throat as far as I can and cum straight into her stomach as her throat milks me dry.

I pull out and sit back down after making sure there's no cum on her face, all of it was deposited straight into her throat. Good.

After 20minutes of waiting she finally starts stirring,

"Uhhhh my head" She hissed in pain

"It's good that you're finally awake." I coughed

"Did the explosion knock me out? Thats weird, it never happened to me before…" she moaned

"We're in a very enclosed room, I probably should have seen this coming, however to my defence I had no idea the explosion would be this big." I defend myself, in the anime it was a lot smaller and weaker looking.

"W-why am i naked!?" She squeaks while covering up her budding chest and pretty flower with a hand each

"And why does my throat feel so raw?" She adds as an afterthought

"The explosion destroyed your clothes, and your throat is probably sore due to smoke inhalation" I smirked, Smoke inhalation and me fucking your throat that is.

"Oh- c-can you turn away? Have you just been staring at me while I slept? T-that is improper" she squeals like a certain other pink haired girl from another franchise

"Why would I turn away? Is it not normal in this world for a king to own nobles in all 3 ways? Body, heart and soul? What's wrong with looking at my possession?" I ask while pretending to be genuinely confused

"W-well you're not my king, at least not officially? My family serves queen henrietta and that includes me…" She tries

"Hmmm… Alright I suppose you have a point, I'll give you a few seconds to get dressed. My theory was confirmed by the way, I'll tell you after you dress." I say as I turn away. Louise is smarter than I gave her credit for.

She quickly scrambles for clothing and puts it on at record speed before sitting down in front of the king

"Did you figure out why I cannot cast spells?" She questions with a desperate hope in her voice, as fickle as a candle ready to be extinguished by any tiny gust of wind.

"Yes." The flame grows from a fickle flame to a steady fire.

"And you will never be able to cast regular spells." The steady fire gets immediately extinguished by a waterfall of depression

"But, you shouldn't see this as a bad thing. I said that you wouldn't be able to cast regular spells, I didn't say you couldn't use magic at all." I explain slowly

She seems confused but then asks "But, what do you consider a regular spell? Aren't all spells regular?" She asks, definitely smarter than I gave her credit for, she already picked up on it.

"No, of course not. Every mage is aligned with one of 4 elements, you know this do you not? All of the spells cast by these mages who are aligned with fire,earth,air and water are considered regular by my definition." I explain

"However what many people don't know, barely anyone in fact, is that a fifth element exists. This is called the void element. It is an element that is mainly aligned with destruction, spatial tactics and confusion." I continue to explain

"These spells are not regular spells since they are very specialized. Tell me, what can you use a basic fireball spell for?" I ask

"Well… To light a campfire, attack someone and light a dark path?" She answers, unsure of her own answer

"Exactly. It has many uses, it can also be used to burn a body, clear grass, burn down a forest, and many other things. However, what can you use a spell that is called 'explosion' for?" I ask

"Uhm? To create an explosion…?" She asks with confusion

"No. To destroy. That is the only purpose of this spell. To cause objective destruction, uncontrolled death and trauma. This spell has only one purpose, and that is why it is not considered a regular spell in my dictionary. You Louise Françoise le Blanc de La Vallière are a void mage. You can only cast a select few spells, however those spells are extremely powerful. That is the reason that every spell you cast backfires. Whenever you cast the spell your affinity is trying to make it into a line, a single directional cannon that only fires forward. Not the tree branch that all other affinities grant." I explained indepthly, most of this is bullshit but she doesn't know that. Void magic is just weird and I have no idea how it actually works, also, magic is magic. Nuff said.

"So… I can only cast void related spells? Like 'explosion' for example?" She gulps with a face filled with an unknown emotion

"That is correct, your affinity is a rare one. I will be honest with you, it is mostly used for destruction from where I come from." I inform her

"If you are unhappy with this, then you shouldn't be. It is a rare gift, if I was in your place I would embrace it and make the most of it. You may not be able to turn stone into bronze, or create a hill out of nowhere, but so what? You can make that bronze disappear within seconds, and you can level a house with little to no effort. Not even I can do that" I lie with a smile

"If you wish to learn my knowledge of void spells, I would be more than happy to give it to you, I did promise to answer your question to my fullest afterall. You can take your time in deciding" I encouraged with a soft tone

I began to head towards the door before small dainty hand grabbed my sleeve

"Please… I'd like to know, I'll embrace it! I'll show everyone that I'm cooler than them! So what if I can't create bronze valkyries? So what if I can't wield fire! SO WHAT IF I CAN'T FREEZE A LAKE? SO WHAT IF I CAN'T CAUSE AN EARTHQUAKE? I'LL JUST BLOW THE FUCK OUT OF THEM ALL!" She blurted in a massive explosion of emotion.

*Clap clap clap* "Well done, although your display was not very noble" I laugh

"You passed my little test, if you had let me leave I would not have taught you anything, even if you asked afterward. Well done." I reassure

She goes bright red and stutters out "T-thank you"

"However, I do not like when people spy on me. Come in. Or I'll come get you." I say as I snap my head towards the closed door.





"Not coming in? Then don't be surprised if I am a little rude." I say as I seemingly disappear from view and show up right in front of the fleeing redhead.

"Care to explain why you were eavesdropping?" I coldy mocked

"Well… I was curious, about you, so I decided to see if you were just an actor hired by Louise to make her seem like a real mage, and I think I was right" She teased in a sassy voice

"You think an actor could move at speeds that you cannot perceive? Must be a pretty good actor to deceive your eyes, no?" I mock her stupid logic, atleast now I know that I won't have to mind wipe her, she probably didn't hear much of what we talked about. She only eavesdropped near the end when I applauded her, thus making her think that I was giving her acting lessons.

"You also did not refer to me as your majesty. Do so next time you address me or you forfeit your righ-"

"Oh, quit your god damned act you con artist! I've seen hundreds of your kind in germania, from 'fortune tellers' to 'cat whisperers, I know it's all an act. You are no king." She spat with venom

Did she somehow see through my 100/100 acting? Obviously it's not omni-potent acting or anything, but it should be able to fool a simple human…


*Do you wish to use Inspect? A random event based on a numerical scale will happen. From number 1-100000, the higher the number, the worse the event will be for you. However, the number you receive will be based on the forbidden skill that you use and various other factors. Do you accept?*

So let me get this right, if I use inspect then the highest number I could get would probably be 10 or something right? Since this inspect is a really weak skill and I'm only using it on Kirche, a side character. Right?

*Incorrect, the maximum you can receive is 100000, however the chance of receiving 100000 for using 'inspect' is less than 0.0000000000000001%. However if you nuked this world then it would be the other way around. You would have a 99% chance of getting 100000 and 0.000000000000000001% of getting a 1. Do you understand?*

That is… Wow. Okay. That's kind of fucked but in a weird way also fair. Alright. Will the event happen as soon as I use the skill or can I redeem it or something?

*It will happen 1 minute after using the skill. You will receive a notification of the event when it happens and what it is.*

Okay. Kirche is starting to stare at me weirdly since I've been staring into space for at least 2 seconds without replying

'Inspect, minimum information mode' Hopefully this reduces the chances of getting 100000 even more, 0.0000000000000001% is a bit high for my tastes.

Name; Kirche Augusta Frederica Von Anhalt Zerbst

Level; 19

Class; Mage-Noble

Race; Human 97%/3% unknown (dna defects)

Alignment; Chaotic-good

Current thoughts about you: Thinks you may be a fraud, but has no concrete evidence. Looking for you to fuck up and accidently drop the act.

*Event roll=4*

"No one has dared to disrespect me in such a way. And if they even tried, their heads would be off their bodies before they could even apologize. You have forfeited your right to live" I say as I reach for my sword

Before I can behead her she backs up and her familiar stands in front of me. Kirche probably thought that it would fight me for her, but animals often have much better instincts than humans. So it lowered its head in a submissive pose and reduced it's flame output from its tail as much as possible, probably a racial thing. It appeared to be begging for its master's life to be spared.

"Give me one reason why I should not dispatch you and your familiar right this second." I demand, I think you see where this is going.

"I- I can be useful, I have information on this world that zero louise would never possess!" She blurted.

I doubt she saw what I did to that fatass who's room I now own, otherwise she would be shivering and much more panicked then right now.

I swing my sword fast enough to break the speed of sound and shred all of her clothes without touching a single cell of her body. She is now terrified as she tries to cover up her nakedness.

"You did not address me as your majesty once again. Get in my room. I have not been serviced since coming to this world. Why don't you stop flaunting your body and actually put it to use to save your tiny and insignificant life?"

"A-are you talking about what I think you're talking about? Your majesty?" The fiery redhead stutters

"Obviously. I would assume that one like you would have experience in this field, do you not? I can smell that you are not a virgin, so there is no reason to lie." I question

"Yes… I was trained by my mother. Germania is… Very patriarchal so I had to be prepared. She took my virginity as well." She sniffled

"Stop trying to get pity out of me, it wont work." I almost laughed. Pity? From me? Hahhahaha

The sad look on her face instantly disappears into a small smirk as she leads me into my own room and sits down on the bed, facing me. She spreads her legs and does a 'come here' gesture with her finger

I decide to obey for the time being and get close enough for her to reach my pants, she starts to undo my robe and my hard dick springs up and hits her in the chin as it comes loose.

"Oh my!" She jumps back as it was unexpected

"This is the biggest I've ever seen! Monster!" She giggled.

*Event activated. Hyper sensitivity in you know what ;)*


She forms a ring around my cock with her lips and my world goes white, it takes my entire will power and focus to not explode into her mouth right then and there. I swear to god if I prematurely ejaculate and she witnesses it… I will kill all witnesses.

She tries to take it all but can only take 7 inches into her mouth as once before she starts gagging. The gagging feels even better and my world once again goes white as I try to restrain my orgasm… It's not going well.

After 5minutes of torture I finally can't hold back anymore and explode inside Kirche's mouth and she tries to swallow it all but my balls produced a truly impressive amount of cum, it leaks out from the sides of her mouth and onto her impressive chest.

After I finish cumming she stands up and gets ready to leave. "Who said you could leave?" I pant, I'm not going to be the one to lose.

"I was just closing the door, since you forgot. Your majesty" She purrs and winks, I realise now that the door was indeed wide open.

"I see." I reply with hidden embarrassment, at least no one saw us?

I sit on the bed and face her with my dick sticking straight up.

"Ride me. That's an order." And like a good little slut she descends on my cock with no hesitation and hilts herself on my rock hard cock. Wrapping her hands around my neck she goes to kiss me, which I swiftly block with my hand. "You just had cum in your mouth. Do not attempt to kiss me with such a dirty mouth." I command

Kirche looks surprised for a moment before going back to riding me. Setting a fast pace I have to hold my moans in, which Kirche does not bother to do as she moans loudly and throws her head back while touching my pecs and abs.

Reaching around her back I grab her firm ass with both hands and fondle them as she rides up and down on my cock. I lean forward and start licking her nipples as she moans loudly in my ear.

Thrusting up and hilting myself completely inside her I cum, filling her womb with my cum. I finally can't hold back my moans as she cums and her insides milk my dick dry. She collapses on top of me and nearly suffocates me with her breasts.

After a few minutes of rest she stands up and calmly walks in front of me, licking my dick clean and standing back up straight.

"Will that satiate you, my majesty?" She asks as she stands in front of me with cum dripping from her pussy and down her leg.

"Yes, I hope you learned your lesson. You can leave." I command. What lesson? I dont fucking know, I just wanted to fuck her.

"Err… I don't have any clothes since you cut them to shreds…" She mutters. Oh yeah, I did do that, didn't I?

"Hm, Maybe it would be good punishment for you to have to walk naked inside the school halls, no?" I tease with no real intent to make her do that, if I did then other people would see her naked. And I don't like that idea.

"Did you- Did you just tease me? The high and mighty king teased a little noble like me?" She chirped

"Maybe I did. I don't have any female clothes, you'll have to do with this." I proclaim mysteriously as I read into a black void (my inventory) and drag out a robe that is smaller than mine and has no special features

"Thank you my king, I'll be sure to treasure it" She jokes, the robe is a cheap garbage robe that you could get for 5 dollars in the modern world, but here it's probably the best quality robe that not even a king could afford.

She puts it on and her eyes widen in surprise 'Woah… This is so comfortable, is this silk?!' she stares at the king with wide eyes and her theory of him being an actor completely crumbles to dust. An actor would not give something so valuable away just like that…

After Kirche leaves I dump water on my head to get rid of any… residue and after that I return to Louise's room.

Louise is sitting on her bed contemplating what it would mean to her family if they learned that she could only use void related spells and she decided that she wouldn't care, at all. It's not like they tried to help her understand why she was such a failure, they just sent her to an academia and told her "learn it yourself" and yet this king shows up and solves all her problems in a single day. Not even a day, a single hour. Could she fully believe him? No of course not, but it's more information then she ever received from her family.

I appeared in her room and coughed lighty since she was really focused on something.

"o-Oh, did you get the eavesdropper? Ah, why is your hair wet~?" She asks, forgetting to address me, but I'll let it slip this time. It's tiresome to remind them every time.

"Yes, I got the eavesdropper, I'm wet because I went for a swim afterwards. Anyways, let's get back to your affinity. Void is very good at destruction. Learn this magic spell, but don't cast it inside here or everything will be destroyed." I say reaching into my robe and bringing out a scroll.

I hand the scroll to Louise and as soon as she unrolls it I can see a glint appear in her eye, it appears that her comprehension is being boosted due to the spell being void related.

I wait patiently for her to finish studying the spell and after 20 minute she hands the scroll back to me. Which I store back into my inventory, If you're wondering I just bought the scroll from the store shop for 30000credits, it can't be used by people without void affinities tho. And it's a rather bad spell.

"Can I try it somewhere? Pleaseeee?" She pleads and gives me the infamous puppy eyes, I can't say no to this can i?

"No." I reply

"Hiccup… but why?" She says with little tear drops in the corner of her eyes. My willpower was stronger then tiamats. You cannot defeat me.

"Because the explosion would cause a massive probl-..." Wouldn't this be a good opportunity to get a lot of reputation? Wasn't void magic seen as heretical or something like that in the anime? I can't really research it right now… Hmm I can't remember.

'When you aren't sure of doing something, just do it anyways, even if it's child rape and mass genocide' -Great general Sun Tzu

Ah, thank you general for your infinite wisdom. I'll do it. I'll rap- I mean, I'll let Louise show off her new spell! Thank you!

"Alright, but on the condition that everyone from the academia sees it, and before you ask for the reason, It is to raise my own reputation as wise and knowledgeable. Think about it. The king teaches and corrects one of their most problematic students in a few days, and gives a purpose to her magic. I have a reputation to uphold and this will help me, that is why you'll need to give a speech to everyone and make me sound great and benevolent. But don't tell them it only took an hour, tell them at least a day. Understood?" I lied, it's not a complete lie however, it's just a half truth. I need to raise someone's reputation, it just isn't mine.

"Y-yes your majesty! But what will I say? I don't have much experience with this…" The pinkette shyly says

"You are a noble and yet you do not know how to publicly speak? I cannot do it for you, or else it will be less credible. I'm sure you can think of something. I will tell Osmond to gather every student outside the gates. You wait here and prepare until I get you. By the way, try to aim as far as you can see, my instincts tell me that the explosion is going to be large. It was already quite large beforehand and you weren't even focused on making it bigger." I warn before disappearing in a burst of speed and reappearing behind Osmond without him noticing.

"Hello Osmond" I greeted

Osmond froze up for a second before realising who it was and turned around in his chair.

"Hello there your majesty, do you need anything?" Osmond asked, but in his head he was thinking 'please say no please say no please say no pl-'

"Yes, I do." 'fuuuuuck'

"What is it that you would like?" Osmond asks back without revealing anything, 'Did he find out about the royal eagle's message? How is that possible?'

"I'd like you to gather all of the students in the academy, I have something I'd like to show everyone. Don't worry, I won't kill them or anything hahaha" I assure him, I don't think he believes me… He has no choice tho.

"What do you… need them for?" He asks warily while reaching for his wand

"Your wand won't help you, I can move faster than you can perceive. You won't even be able to utter a single syllable before you die. I truly just want to show them something. Tell them to gather in front of the gates, no need for any personal belongings. It's just a quick trip." I say

'This definitely sounds like a death trap… 'No need for personal belongings, so you don't have to clean them up alongside the bodies!? Just a quick trip? To hell?!' He picks up his wand and chants a loudening spell that allows him to broadcast his voice across the campus.

"All students head to the front gate and line up. I repeat, all students head to the front gate and line up." Osmond says before looking back at the king and noticing he was gone.

*30minutes later*

All of the students were gathered in front of me and Osmond was standing next to me. There were at least 600 students and all of them were watching me and Osmond impatiently. Kirche was watching me with curiosity and send me a smirk when my eyes crossed hers.

"Alright, I will assume everyone is here. I have something that I'd like to show you, but we will need to go outside these walls to do so. Please follow me." I say and don't give anyone time to complain.

We walk about a kilometer into an open field and I turn around once again and wait for everyone to come to a halt.

"Alright. This is far enough I suppose, I'll be right back. I'll let her do the talking." I say and disappear and reappear instantly with a pink mass in my hands that looks like she's about to throw up. I pat her back a little and push her forward while telling osmond to cast an amplifying spell onto her.

"H-hello everyone!" Louise meekly calls out.

"You're gonna have to be louder than that, I could barely hear you even though I'm right next to you." I grin

"HELLO EVERYONE!" Louise blasts everyone's eardrums with a high amount of air vibrations.

"Get on with it!"



"Can I go now?"

"What is this?"

"What is zero doing onstage?"

Various responses were responded and made Louise feel even more anxious.

"As you all know, I have a nickname, this nickname hurts my pride and my noble standing. I am Louise the zero. Or just zero for short. This nickname was given to me because all of my spells fail. When I was guiding his majesty around the courtyards I happened to mention my problem to him, and he benevolently offered to help me. Over the course of a day he has solved a problem that has plagued me for over 5 years! A problem with which even my own family could not help me. His majesty has brung you all here so you could witness the very first spell that I can call successful! All thanks to his majesty's vast knowledge of the magical arts and wisdom!" Louise finishes, no applause. None at all.

"What the hell is this facade? I'm leaving, Louise the zero casting a spell? A commoner flying is more likely!" Said a particularly arrogant noble who thought he was above everyone else.

Not even a second passed before Louise started having tear drops in her eyes and getting ready to run.

"Do not look down on those that I teach, you doing so insults me directly, I do not like being insulted." I say as I vanish and slice that noble in half, from tailbone to skull.

I reappear in my original spot and sheathe my katana as that noble freezes in shock and falls to the ground… In two pieces of course.

All the students around that noble are wide eyed and the students behind those students are trying to get a good view of what happened

"You promised you wouldn't kill any of my students!" Osmond roars as he takes up his wand...His wand that is chopped into a swan.

"I said I wouldn't kill unprovoked, that was a provocation." I replied as his eyes bulged out of their sockets at what happened to his wand.

"Anyone have anything to say?" I ask

No response.

"Good. Keep it that way, Louise, proceed." I command

The command thankfully unfreezes Louise and she stares at the body on the ground, With… No emotion in her eyes? Interesting.

"Yes your majesty." Louise brings her wand up and starts chanting like a certain crimson demon.

"I call upon the abyss to provide me with darkness that is darker than dark" Osmond seems confused at this sentence, everyone else is too.

"I beseech thee, combine with my void and fill me." Osmond's eyes widen 'the void? Is it a coincidance? Wait…. Explosions at every spell… No… It cannot be, right?"

"The time of destruction has cometh" Osmond starts turning pale

"Let the collapse of reality begin as we strive to uncover the truth"

"And let everything return to dust as it began"

"That which came from the abyss"

"EXPLOSION" She finishes with a shout and points her wand at a nearby forest flourishing with life.

A deep orange glow brighter than 1000 suns quickly spreads outwards from a single point of origin and consumed half of the forest before stopping and instead going upwards, forming a mushroom from the smoke and explosive particles

A loud bang was heard by everyone spectating and followed that was a fierce wind that nearly pushed everyone off of their feet.

The aftermath after everything settled down was… intense.

Half of the forest was gone while the rest was raging with flame, some of the students threw up and were quivering on their feet. Some fainted, and some were excited.

*Respect gained*

Current progress: 100%

You may leave whenever you wish.

Rewards can be claimed whenever you wish.

I could just leave right now, but I need to experiment with something before doing so. The reason that I acted as a king, the entire facade, was for this. We'll see if it works later, there are still some preparations that I need to do, If not then I'll need to think of something else.

Louise fainted from the massive amounts of willpower it took to make a blast that large, so I caught and softly placed her on the ground. Don't want her accidently dieing before I get to fuck that virgin pussy of hers.

"That forest was at least a kilometer in diameter, half of it is gone… Is this the power of the void affinity? I had no idea there existed a person who had it." Osmond mutters to himself

"You were quite ignorant not to notice, an explosion at every spell gave it away within seconds. You should have known if you were such a good mage." I reprimand, he really should've known.

"You're right. I should have known and should have helped my student with her problems, and yet I didn't. You realise louise may be forced to join the military now right? This kind of power will be very useful in it." Osmond informs me

"I can see why you'd do that. I am a king after all, the country above personal desires. I don't mind if you do it but what I do mind is people taking away my possessions, after I leave you can do whatever you'd like with her, but before then she is my guide. No more and no less. If you try to force her into the military before I leave then do not expect your country to survive. Anyways, dismissed." I say before disappearing with louise in my hands.

Osmond shivers from the look in his eyes before looking at the forest fire and realising that it's spreading to the another nearby forest

"All students that can use water magic, help me put out this fire." Osmond announced

"Man, the queen coming here is going to be a complete disaster…" Osmond muttered to himself as he began casting powerful water magics.