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Chapter 11: The False Knight

I suddenly heard a familiar sound coming from my bedroom.

I didn't need to check, I was sure it was my mobile; apparently, I had left it on my nightstand the night before and forgot to bring it with me when the police came. The dull ringtone I had chosen a few years ago informed me that I got a message.

As I took the phone in my hand, I could see a few words appearing on the phone block screen.

15 message, all from the same person: Arthur, my….friend? Were we friends? Let's settle with colleagues. They were sent at different times, however.

The first ten or so were sent on Friday night, and by the language and grammatical errors, I could assume Arthur wasn't in his most sober state when he sent them.

A couple more were sent on Saturday morning, commenting how much his head hurt and asking me how I had dealt with the hangover.

The last one was sent just a minute ago, and it was just a "hey man, u okay?"

Well, wasn't he nice?

A bit too nice in fact, to the point I kind of regretted what I was about to do.

"Is something wrong, Master?" Belfast, appearing by the door, asked, maybe seeing my conflicted face or perhaps because I had just left the living room without a word.

"Not really, just making sure that I don't lose my job."


I was probably going to disappear for a couple of days, maybe more, so I needed an excuse for my absence, and I was going to use Arthur for that.

Thus I quickly invented a story about someone breaking into my apartment (a thing that actually happened) and that I was now dealing with police and legal matters (something that was also partially true) and sent it to Arthur. Ideally, I would have liked to speak with the director personally. Still, it was a bit too late for that, so hopefully, this would be enough to explain my absence in the following days.

"Master, forgive me if this question troubles you, but….Do you really think you'll be able to return to your normal life after this?" The maid's tone was serious.

That question surprised me for a bit, but I understood what she meant.

She was asking if I had what it takes to take my position seriously. I was now a "Commander" after all; of course, she would worry if she sees me thinking about the past instead of my responsibilities as a leader.

"I like to think that I would at some point." I answered as honestly as possible. "Even if it wasn't really my calling at first, teaching kind of grew on me."

"Master….even if we manage to successfully reinstate Her Majesty on the throne, the Siren threat will still exist." Her tone had a certain degree of pessimism."We still don't know their real objectives, and we have failed to gain a concise victory against their forces so far…it pains me to say it, but it's most likely that the impending war won't end anytime soon."

Yes, I was aware of that. Something inside me told me that this wouldn't end so quickly.

It was never that easy.

"Don't worry, I know what I have to do, Belfast. You can trust that I will put my all in fulfilling my duty."

That being, stopping your Queen before she does anything crazy. As for the Sirens…I would burn that bridge after I crossed it.

"I wasn't trying to imply otherwise." She made a reverence. "Forgive me if it came off that way, Master."


It had come to my attention that Belfast apologized a lot. Hard to imagine that this woman was the same that jokingly teased me when we first met.

And speaking of apologies…

"Tell me, Belfast; was the Queen's order for you to act flirtatious when we first meet?"

Her eyes opened a bit in confusion at the sudden change of topic.

"N-no, she just ordered me to approach you and invite you to the Royal Navy. I was the one who decided to act that way."

"I see. And can I ask why do you decide to do that?"

"I…" It seemed like she didn't want to answer but continued regardless. "I thought it would be easier to judge your character that way."

"Heh, is that so?" I chuckled. "Did I give you the impression to be an easily swindled person?"

"I am really so-"

"It's fine. Looking back, I think I overreacted a bit." I recognized. "I was on edge, and it was easy to shift the blame on you. I should be the one apologizing for my behavior."

"No, I did present myself as someone I wasn't to try to get your sympathy Master, I am indeed at fault."

I couldn't deny that my pride was a bit hurt that day, maybe because I haven't dated anyone in…a long time. The thought of someone interested in me was….no, it was not the time for such silly ideas.

Instead, I had to think carefully about my options and the possibility that Elizabeth wouldn't cooperate willingly.

"Think we can start over again?"


I needed all the allies I could get.

"It might have been your fault, or maybe it was mine. That doesn't change the fact that we are on the same side now." I extended my arm to her. "So, what do you think if we leave all that behind and start over again?"

She once again went silent and looked at my extended arm with a conflicted expression. Then, her eyes moved to her own hand.

"I…would like that, Master." She finally took my hand in a firm handshake, a fact that reminded me how stronger than me she was.

I smiled.

"Once again, my name is Fujimaru Ritsuka. Nice to meet you."

"And once again, I am Belfast, the maid." A small smile also appeared on her face. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance."

I couldn't see her betraying her Queen, but if things went in my favor, it wouldn't be a "betrayal," it would be…

"I really commend your ability to socialize, my Master. However, I think it's not the time or place to give up to your basic instincts." The other maid voice came from outside the room; she looked at us with a deadpanned expression.

We quickly separated, a bit startled by Sheffield's sudden appearance.

"Sheffield? Since when were you there?" Belfast asked.

"Since both of you started flirting without a care in the world."

"Who was flirting? Also, eavesdropping is bad, Sheffield."

"I was just making sure that you don't use your newly gained authority for perverse means, my pest of a master. Also, I came to inform you that the humans are tied up, so we are free to leave whenever you see fit."

"Did you make sure that they won't be able to scream once they wake up?" I tried to ignore that comment of hers.

"Any more tape on their mouths would suffocate them, or is that what you want, Master?"

"No, I'll believe your word." I turned back to Belfast. "Take Marcia with you. We are leaving in five minutes."

"Understood." Belfast agreed in the most businessmen way possible and exited the room.

"You'll be leading the way to the laboratories, Sheffield."

"You won't win her with pretty words, Master."

I was about to prepare myself when I heard that comment from the serious maid.

"I am not sure what you mean."

"You like her, right?"


"I mean, you are sexually attracted to-"

"Wait." I made her stop. "I understood the first time; you don't need to word it differently."

"So you don't deny it."

"…" I wanted to say something to deny that claim, but I couldn't. "And what if I do? It's none of your business, Sheffield."

I am not a teenager anymore; I can like someone and be completely fine with it, not going to lose sleep over that.

"Sadly, it is, Master, since you don't make any effort on hiding it." She gave me a look as if I were the worst person in existence. "Frankly, it's distracting and disgusting."

"What are you talking about…?" I was about to say something, but an idea popped into my head. "Could it be that you are actually jealo-"I couldn't finish, as I had the barrel of a pistol in my forehead.

"That's an interesting statement. Care to continue?"

"It's obviously a joke. You don't have to the point that thing at me."

"You are certainly quite the jester, my dear master. Don't you think "buffoon" would be a more proper role for you than Commander?"

"That would be hard. My jokes only work on you."

"Regrettably, I am not laughing."

"You seem to enjoy my company, though."

"The fact that you keep deluding yourself is worrying." She said with a straight face.

I chuckled, and I started to wonder when getting a gun on my head had become my idea of amusement.

"Hey, I made up with Belfast already, so maybe we can also-?"

"No." Instant rejection.

"…Alright, not going to force you to get along with me." I didn't want to push the situation too much. Besides, I was sure I had fewer chances of convincing Sheffield than Belfast. "But I did mean what I said before; I don't care what happened between us in the past. I consider you my companion now, Sheffield."


"Who knows, maybe with time, we can be friend-?"

"How did you do that?" She interrupted me.

I noticed how her arm twitched a bit, and the barrel of her gun moved a bit on my forehead. At the same time, a somewhat surprised expression appeared on her face.

"Huh? Did what? "

"What are you doing to me?" She asked, her tone suddenly gained a certain edge; she even pressed the barrel of her gun more strongly. "Is this also part of those abilities you have?"

"Sheffield?" I was dumbfounded.

"You have to stop, even if you are my Master now, I won't allow you to keep-"

"Sheffield." Belfast was back in the room. "It isn't good manners to put a pistol in your Master's forehead, don't you think so?"

Sheffield eyed the other maid, and wordlessly lowered her gun.

"Let's go we have to arrive before the sun appears on the horizon." She directed me a final look of distrust before abandoning the room.

I wondered, however, what had I done to get on her bad side this time.

I told the maids to go ahead, and I remained at the apartment for a couple of minutes.

I didn't have much time.

I quickly grabbed my briefcase, the one I always took with me to the classes and opened it.

"Here they are."

I took a small pencil case, folded a couple of paper sheets, and put them both in my pocket.

I didn't have time to try it at the moment, they would surely suspect something if I took too long to go. I would have to find time to do it at another moment.

Hopefully, I wasn't actually as rusted as I felt.

The man marked the phone number one last time, but the answer was still the same.

"The number you are trying to reach had been disconnected or is outside the-"

The phone was closed with force before the recording could end.

"Have you been able to get in touch with the laboratories?" The Admiral asked one of his subordinates, the man in question was one of many soldiers, sat around a giant machine that appears to be some kind of communication device.

"No, sir. They still haven't responded to our callings, not from the normal channel or the encrypted one.

"So, they have fallen already." He got up from his chair. "Call O'Dyne, tell him to get the new prototypes ready for combat. Also, warn the higher-ups, we are closing all the entries to the labs."

"Sir…? But Commander Marcia said twenty-four hours, she may be still…."

"She is dead, soldier. And we are going to follow her steps if we don't put an end to this madness once for all." The admiral declared, there wasn't a trace of doubt in his voice. "And hear me, we won't stand idle as a pair of defective weapons decide to rebel; we'll protect our country." His face contorted in one of contained anger. "Even if we have to use those."

"...Yes, sir."

"I see, so this is where this "subterranean" laboratory was."

It felt weird when Sheffield guided us inside the subway station, but it made sense. They couldn't just build an extensive underground base from scratch; the underground tunnels must have helped them build it, or maybe they repurposed a vacant area.

Whatever the case was, after walking on the rails for some time, and crossing a really stretch section between two walls, we arrived at a heavy metallic door, with a yellow and black sign that said "Authorized personal only."

Sheffield then approached the door, but it opened before she could touch it.

Behind the door was yet another maid. Aside from the now normal maid uniform, she was also wearing glasses, covering a pair of light blue eyes. Her stature was shorter than Belfast, but she had the same long silver air falling on her shoulder.

"Bel, Sheffield, welcome back." The maid made a reverence towards my companions.

"Thank you for receiving us, sister." Said Belfast. "I hope everything went well in our absence."

…? Did she say sister?

After looking a bit more carefully at the new maid, I noticed that she did resemble Belfast a bit. How curious to think that she had a little sister.

"As well as possible." She commented, a bit pessimistic. "I keep trying to serve her Majesty, but Warspite keeps getting in the way! I know they are close, but as a maid, I should be the one to…" The maid's sight finally fell on me; apparently, she had failed to notice my presence until now. "Huh, what is a human doing here…? Ah! Is this one of the new recruits?"

New recruits?

"Actually, he is…" Belfast tried to explain, but the new maid approached me before she could finish.

"Hmmm, let's see..." She tided her glasses and started inspecting me from head to toe."Huh, not bad, not bad, a bit on the weak side but beggars can't be choosers."

"Huh…excuse me?"

She put a hand on my shoulder, looking smug even though I was taller than her.

"But don't worry, we'll find something for you to do. Even if you can't fight directly, there are always jobs like mopping the floor or cleaning the bathrooms available. I am sure you can find something to be of use to Her Majesty!"

I looked at the other maids in confusion, only to see Belfast's troubled smile and well as Sheffield's tired stare.

Ah, I see

"So, you are going to teach me how to server Her Majesty?" I decided to play along.

"But of course!" Her eyes were shining for some reason."I, Edinburgh, will help you in all you need newbie! Who knows; maybe with a lot of hard work, I might allow you to take care of my du-to help me with my work!" She quickly corrected herself.

"I see, I thank you for the offer, but I don't think I will have time too much time to mop the floor while working as a Commander."

"Ah?" Edinburgh's face suddenly went stiff. "Commander? What are you talking about-?" She turned around only to see Belfast's smile.

"Sister, let me introduce you to the new Commander, Ritsuka Fujimaru."

"Co-co-commander?" Edinburg slowly turned towards me again; her face was now devoid of color.

" Hmm, yes, that should be me."

"Co-commander! Or is it Master!? Ehh…ahh…" She seemed to be at lots of words. "Master Commander! I am so sorry for my behavior! I thought you would be more…no, no what I am saying!? It's not like I am criticizing your looks! I think you are perfect as you are!"

"It's okay, calm down. I am not angry." I tried to reassure her. "As Belfast said, I am the Ritsuka Fujimaru. Edinburg, was it? Nice to meet you." I offered her a handshake.

Seeing that I genuinely wasn't angry, Edinburgh's face beamed again.

"Y-yes! Nice to meet you, Master Commander!" She took my hand with both hands and rapidly shook it. "Her Majesty had been waiting for you; I am sure she will be happy to finally receive you at last!"

I smiled. The feeling was mutual. I couldn't wait to meet this "Queen."

My actions after meeting her, would depend on the type of person she was.

We went downstairs once, and the scenery changed a bit.

The dark corridors around us were now more adequately illuminated, and I could see some walls displaying more warning signs like "Restricted Area" or "Use of deadly force is authorized against trespassers."

"They really wanted to keep people away from this place, huh."

"Marcia told us that this facility was in use before serving as a base for us; she never told me what they were doing, however," Belfast informed me.

"Well, maybe we can ask her once she wakes up." I looked at the woman in Belfast's shoulder; she was still out of the cold.

I really needed to think what to with her, or if she was at risk being here, we weren't on the best terms, but I didn't want anything too wrong happening to her.

We walked some more, and at some point, the tunnel separated into two. On my right, I could see a long corridor with a large number of doors. There were also a few standard things like air conditioners on the walls and a few water dispensers. In other words, that side of the tunnels started looking a bit more like a place where people could actually stay decently comfortable.

"Those are the soldiers' barracks." Edinburgh noticed my gaze. "Her Majesty's room is this way." She continued to the left tunnel.


She said, the "barracks", implying that people lived here as I had suspected. However, I had yet to see another human being in this base.


We finally arrived at our destination, the "throne room," so to speak, even though it looked no different from any other room, at least from the outside.

Belfast went to lock Marcia in another room, and Edinburg entered first to announce my arrival to the Queen, so it was just me and Sheffield waiting by the door.

"Anything I should know before I meet her?"

"Kneel down when I do, and let her do the talking; you only need to answer when spoken." Sheffield eyed me cautiously. "And remember, you are before her Majesty, the Queen, so don't do anything weird."

"Now I kind of want to do the opposite just to mess with you."

Sheffield gave me a judging stare that said, "don't mess up, you idiot."

I chuckled.

"Commander, you may come in." I heard Edinburgh's voice from behind the door.

"Ready?" Asked the serious maid while putting her hands on the knob.


She opened the door, and as I suspected, there was no enormous throne room, long red carpet, or fanfare of any kind. It was just an average room with some furniture; it was tidier than expected, considering it was underground.

Then I saw her.

If I had to be honest, I had formed a mental image of what this "Queen" looked like in my head. I imagined an adult woman, older than me but with a strong presence, someone who could be able to shut everyone up in a room with just a fierce stare. Someone decided, with clear convictions of what was right and wrong.

Actually, was I thinking about Artoria?

I didn't know, but I positively wasn't thinking about this.

"I, Queen Elizabeth, the first, welcome you to the Royal Navy headquarters, Ritsuka Fujimaru!" The blonde girl loudly stated, with a commanding tone.

Yes, "girl" was the right word, as she looked relatively young, indeed not older than the maids who served her with such devotion. This girl was seated in a big chair, a makeshift throne, and wore a dark blue dress with white motifs alongside white gloves and white knee socks. On her right arm was some kind of staff or scepter, and on her head rested a small red and golden crown.

If it was the first time looking at something like this, I would disregard someone like her as some girl trying too hard to look like a Queen. However, I had come to understand that appearance mattered little when it came to supernatural beings.

"Kneel before the Queen, human." Said another girl, who was by Elizabeth's side.

They looked alike, with blonde hair and youthful appearance; however, this girl actually exuded a particular aura. With her fierce gaze and a sword on both hands resting on the floor, I could tell that she was a warrior.

I was too busy staring at the two girls that I forgot I was supposed to show respect, a fact that became clear when I looked at the kneeling Sheffield, glaring daggers at me.

"I am Fujimaru Ritsuka." I quickly copied her, putting one knee on the floor while maintaining my posture with Lord Camelot. "I was told that your Majesty requested my presence, so here I am."

"Indeed, Fujimaru! It's a pleasure to finally meet the one that would be the Commander of my troops." Elizabeth sounded upbeat. "I have heard a lot about you."

"Hopefully good things."

"They are; having bested a Siren is not a small feat."

"…" I chose not to comment on that.

They kept blowing my confrontation with Purifier out of proportion; all I did was run and defend myself with Lord Camelot. I had no way of inflicting damage to her until she attacked Lord Camelot directly.

"And not only that, but you also fought your fellow humans and the corrupt government." Her voice adopted a severe tone after those words."You have passed for quite an ordeal before coming here."

"I only fought to protect my life, a life that someone important for me saved." Her smile appeared in my mind as I looked at Lord Camelot. "That's why; anyone who dares to disrupt that peaceful life I had built is my enemy."

And that includes the Royal Navy.

"You and I feel the same, Fujimaru." She stood up and began to approach me. "We were both unjustly deprived of our freedom, you have robbed your peaceful life, and my throne was occupied by a faker who calls herself Elizabeth II." She frowned with contained rage. "I think we both had enough of this affront."

"What do you plan on doing, you Majesty?"

"Naturally, I would recover the throne and expel those fakers."

"And when you do that." I tighten my grip in Lord Camelot. "When you finally are recognized as the Queen of the United Kingdom, what would you do with the people that supported the fake government, and with the rest of the common folk?"

"What would I do?" She looked into my eyes. "I would do my all to serve them as the Queen they deserve. I would guide them in the battle against the Siren to victory."

We stared at each other for a couple of seconds, her azure eyes meeting my own.

I only needed that look to tell: she was telling the truth.

If she had said something like, "I am going to enslave them." Or "I am going to put them in their place." I would have attacked her without hesitation. But she didn't, and she seemed to have good intentions, or at the very least, she did believe her own words.

However, that was not enough to gain my trust. I was deceived by one of her maids before; she would need more than a few words to convince me that her heart and actions were entirely unclouded.

"And to achieve that objective, I need you by my side, Fujimaru."

"I will put my all in leading the maids and fulfill my role as a Commander, Your Majesty."

"No, it's more than that." She corrected me. "I'll need you not only as a Commander but as my Knight."

"A Knight?" I asked with curiosity.

"We had a few human Commanders, and all of them failed in recognize my authority." She shook her head. "I don't want for that to happen again, Fujimaru. That's why I want you to be one of us; by accepting to be my knight, you'll be under my direct command, just like Warspite." She put a hand on my shoulder. "You'll become a part of the Royal Navy."

So, it was an even more prominent position of authority, with just a different title.

I didn't see a problem with that.

"Will you swear your loyalty to me, Fujimaru Ritsuka, so that we both can bring justice to those who wronged us?"

I had already accepted my position as Commander only to get close to her, and I have fulfilled that part of my plan. Now came the real challenge, gaining her trust.

Becoming her knight would be the perfect chance to do that.

"I swear…" I was about to accept, but my voice died in my throat for some reason.

I was supposed to say, "I swear to be loyal to you, my Queen." A lie, obviously, I would only accept to get close and gain her trust.

However, I couldn't say it.


It wasn't like I felt bad for lying. It was necessary for this situation. It was a different feeling, like a hunch….I felt like...something terrible would happen if I swore loyalty to her.

It was an irrational fear. Words were just that, words, and she wasn't a magical being who could bound me by a contract like one of Masters and Servants.

But that unrest didn't disappear.

"I swear I will serve your cause to the best of my ability." I avoided saying that I would serve her personally; hopefully, she wouldn't be bothered by the wording.

"Good, let's make it official, then." She turned around to look at the warrior girl. "Warspite, your sword."


"Are you sure about this, your Majesty?" She asked, as she took her sword by the grip and handed it to Elizabeth.

"Yes, I trust him." She looked at me again as she took the sword in both hands. "He is the same as me."

Wait, what was she doing…?

"By the power invested by my country and my lineage." She moved the sword first in front of her face and then above my right shoulder. "I hereby name you my-"

"No!" I shouted in a reflex.

Everyone in the room was stunned for a moment; even Sheffield looked at me, surprised. I, too, was surprised by my own reaction. The moment she touched me with the sword, I felt like I was losing something, that being her knight meant abandoning my will.

That's why I couldn't let her continue.

"No…?" Elizabeth looked at me with an expression of betrayal. "You don't want to…?"

"No…it's…it's the opposite….I am just not worthy of that title, my Queen."


"I am…I am just a newcomer. To be named a Knight without any achievements under my belt would be a mistake."

"Are you questioning the will of your Queen!?"

"No, of course not. But I would die of shame if I achieve such a prestigious position without doing anything for my Queen."

I tried my best to sound convincing, but Elizabeth was having none of this.

"That doesn't matter! I want you as my Knight, and I…!"

"Your Majesty." Help came from an unexpected source. "I understand how he feels; he has yet to prove the bravery of a Knight."

"You too, Warspite!?"

"Put his might to the test; have him show that the stories about his exploits against the enemy aren't just mere happenstance. Only then, he will prove to be worthy of the title as a knight."

"But…but… I wanted him as my knight….!" Suddenly Elizabeth began to throw what I could only describe as a child tantrum. Long gone was the determined leader I had seen a moment ago.

"Y-your Majesty…" Warspite didn't know how to react, as she had tried to act severe, but her Queen's response was miles away from that.

"I-I think it's a great idea." I tried to intercede before the situation could become even more uncomfortable. "If you Majesty agrees, obviously."

"But…but…" Elizabeth seems to be torn between what she wanted and her own code. "Ah…alright! You'll be tested, Fujimaru. But when you are done with that, you'll become my personal knight at once!"

"Sure…it would be my pleasure, Your Majesty."

I could hear Warspite releasing a sigh of relief, indeed relieved that the situation has not gotten out of hand.

"Besides, it's not like I hadn't had a task for you on mind already." Even if she said that she still crossed her arms, looking a bit unsatisfied

"Oh? And what could that be?"

"That could wait for tomorrow. As I said before, you have passed an ordeal to come here, so it's only fair that I allow you a moment of respite." She turned to the maid. "Sheffield, guide Ritsuka to one of the rooms, the best one in the barracks."

"Yes, your Majesty." Sheffield turned to look at me, and for a split of a second, I could see wariness on her eyes. "Follow me, Master."

"With your permission." I bowed to the Queen one last time and abandoned the room.

Sheffield didn't say a single word after we left the "throne" room, and as we walked towards my assigned room.

I, too, didn't know what to say; I could guess I made her angry with that little stunt with the Queen.

Once we were in front of the room, she wordlessly put a key on my hand and began to leave.

"Hey." I talked before she could go."Are you mad?"

She stopped but didn't turn to look at me.

"You rejected her Majesty's offer."

I knew it.

"Sorry, I didn't know how to react. I was not ready for-"

"You don't feel loyalty towards the Queen, and I suspect you don't care if Her Majesty regains the throne or not. Even so, you still accepted the Commander position."

"…to be fair, you didn't leave me much of choice; I would be still locked in if I didn't follow you."

"Lies." She turned towards me."With the abilities you possess, it would have been easy to escape from prison. Yet, you decided to accept her Majesty's help."


"Where do you want to go with this, Sheffield?"

"I began to wonder, my dear master, what's your real objective with coming here?"

My real objective was to stop her Queen, but of course, I couldn't say that.

"I don't know what you are thinking, but I am just doing my part to end this war, Sheffield," I told her a half-truth. "What I told Elizabeth was the truth; I only desire to return to my peaceful life once this is over, nothing more and nothing less.

She observed me for some time until she finally turned around.

"…I see, so it's like that."

And walked away, putting an end to the conversation.


"Good Night, Master." She didn't stop this time.

He was hiding something. The maid was sure of it.

In the short time she had come to know him, Sheffield's opinion on the strange man had changed a lot, but her conclusion was the same every time.

At first, she saw him as an enemy, an ally of the Sirens, someone to be eliminated at once. In conclusion, he was dangerous.

Then, she saw him as a potential ally, wielding a mysterious power that no other human seemed to have, thus, being an unknown factor. In conclusion, he was dangerous.

And now, she saw him as her Master, the person she was supposed to serve with devotion. However, that same person wasn't loyal to the Queen, their leader, and their motives for helping them remained a mystery. In conclusion, he was dangerous.

No matter what position he was in, the fact that his existence remained as a threat to them was inexcusable; in normal circumstances, she would have removed him without hesitation.

But she couldn't, not only because Belfast and Her Majesty were convinced that Fujimaru could help them; she also couldn't do it, psychically.

Whenever she thought about ending his life or harming him, she began to feel weird. Her chest ached, her throat seemed to go dry, and she had difficulty trying to put her thoughts into words.

That unrest wasn't enough to hinder her standard capabilities. Still, it was enough to stop her from doing anything to him.

This discomfort…it had to be his doing. He had done something to her with those strange powers; he must have messed with her mind in some way, hindering her abilities to fight him.

Sheffield couldn't allow this to continue. She had to find a way to stop him, even if it means disobeying her Queen.


Maybe that was the worst part; the fact that she couldn't focus on her duties at all.

Her thoughts kept getting filled with his image.


Sadly, my new room wasn't something out of this world, which made sense since this was meant to be a soldier's room in a secret base, but…it bothered me a bit that it resembled the jail I was locked in a few hours ago.

At least it didn't have a toilet in the middle of the room, which was an improvement.


I started inspecting the room, searching for small cameras or microphones hidden in the small spaces like behind the bed or between the closet and the wall.

Thankfully, I didn't find anything.

Then, I put my ear on the wall and tried to hear if anyone was outside the room.

I couldn't hear anything; Sheffield must have gone by now.

Just to be sure, I kneeled on the floor and looked through the small space between the door and the floor.

Nothing, everything seems to be clear.


I took the case and the sheets of paper off my pocket and stared at it for a couple of seconds.

It's been a long time since I last tried it; a part of me was actually angry that I didn't practice much in all these years.

But that was the past. What mattered now is if I could do it or not.

I was still a Magus, and it was time to prove it.

It was time to do some Magecraft.


AN: Full disclosure, this chapter wasn't supposed to end like this, I wanted at least 2 or 3 more scenes, but sadly, I am about to get busy, like really busy. Not only I have college exams, but I am also starting to work part-time. So yeah November is going to be a really busy month for me. If I manage to release a chapter that month, it's going to be a short one with the 2 scenes missing in this chapter.

Now, about the chapter itself, it's a bit of a transition chapter before the next big thing, but I think it worked well with MC meeting the rest of the Royal Navy, hopefully, you'll find it interesting too.

So yeah, that's about it, see you on the next chapter.