Six months later, Ashley and Robert were looking at houses with a realtor. They walked around the house that the realtor was showing them. Robert looked at Ashley.

"What do you think, babe?" Robert asked.

The house that they were looking at was two stories. It had a large kitchen. It had five bedrooms. It had a pool and a jacuzzi.

"I love this one. I think it is big enough for the three of us and there is still room if we want to add another baby" Ashley said.

Robert smiled and nodded.

"Even though that won't be for a while" Robert said.

Ashley nodded.

"So, do you want to make an offer on it?" Robert asked.

"Let's do it and see what happens" Ashley said.

"Okay" Robert said.

The couple talked to the realtor and made an offer on the house. An hour later, Robert and Ashley walked into their house and smiled when they saw Everly holding a crying Emma in her arms.

"She just woke up from her nap" Everly said.

Ashley lifted Emma out of Everly's arms. Emma's cries turned into whimpers which then eventually became silent.

"How was house hunting?" Everly asked.

"We put an offer on the house we saw today" Robert said.

"When are you supposed to hear if you got it or not?" Everly asked.

"Soon. How did it go with Emma?" Ashley asked.

"She was fine. I made her a bottle and she slept for a little while. She woke up a couple of minutes before you guys came home" Everly said.

The couple nodded.

"Thanks for watching her, Ev" Robert said.

"I'm her godmother. It was my pleasure" Everly said.

Robert smiled. He walked Everly to the door and said goodbye to his sister. That night, Ashley got into bed after putting Emma to sleep. Robert came out of the bathroom and looked at his wife.

"I know what I said earlier caught you off guard" Ashley said.

Robert shook his head.

"We wanted another baby eventually. I just didn't think you wanted to have one right after Emma" Robert said.

"I don't. I want to wait. But I want our house to be structured so that there is enough room for another baby. I don't want to have to keep moving. I want us to be able to grow into the house" Ashley said.

Robert nodded understanding Ashley's point. He got into bed and faced his wife.

"I get it" Robert said.

Ashley moved closer and Robert wrapped his arms around her.

"I want us to be settled in a house and Emma to be a little older" Ashley said.

"How much older?" Robert asked.

"Maybe three years or more. I would still want our kids to be close in age. I know how much that means to you" Ashley said.

Robert nodded.

"I like that plan" Robert said.

Ashley smiled softly. The couple fell asleep. A week later, Ashley walked into the apartment.

"Robert!" Ashley called loudly.

Robert came into the living room.

"I just put her down for her nap" Robert said.

"Sorry. I have good news" Ashley said.

"What is it?" Robert asked.

"We got the house" Ashley said excitedly.

"Really?" Robert asked.

Ashley nodded. Robert walked over to his wife and lifted her and spun her around. Ashley leaned in and kissed Robert's lips softly.

"End of an era" Robert said.

Ashley smiled.

A couple of days later, Robert and Ashley signed the papers for the house. They then started packing up their apartment. Emma was in her bassinet, sleeping soundly.

"Can you ask your mom if she could watch Emma on Saturday so we can move in?" Ashley asked.

"She already asked if that was going to be the plan. She said yes" Robert said.

"Okay" Ashley said.

"Mom said that she would pick her up on Friday so that we can start loading stuff onto the truck early in the morning" Robert said.

Ashley nodded.

"And are the boys coming to help?" Ashley asked.

Robert had asked Troy, Easton, Eli, and Chad to help them move.

"Yeah. They all agreed. Ev said that she would come to my parents' house to help with Em when she was done with her final" Robert said.

"I can't believe they are graduating soon. It feels like we were graduating yesterday" Ashley said.

Robert smiled.

"Yeah" Robert said.

Ashley smiled.

"You worried about them?" Ashley asked.

Robert shook his head.

"I know that they will be fine. I think that it is the fact that they are going to be actual adults" Robert said.

"They are always going to be your brother and sister" Ashley said.

Robert smiled. He kissed Ashley's lips softly. A couple of days later, it was Friday. Gabriella rang the doorbell of the apartment. Robert walked to the door and opened it.

"Hey mama" Robert said.

"Hi, bud. How is the packing going?" Gabriella asked.

Robert wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"It's going. Ash, my mom is here" Robert called.

Ashley walked into the living room with Emma in her arms. Gabriella smiled.

"Hi, honey. Tell me about her schedule" Gabriella said referring to Emma.

Ashley told Gabriella Emma's schedule and handed her the diaper bag.

"I put the number of her pediatrician and all of that in the diaper bag as well" Ashley said.

Robert smiled.

"Baby, she's had three kids" Robert said.

"Robert, let her tell me. It's your first time being away from Emma" Gabriella said.

Robert looked at Ashley apologetically. After going over Emma's schedule, Ashley placed Emma into her car seat. She kissed her daughter's head softly.

"I'll see you tomorrow, baby. Have fun with grandma and grandpa" Ashley said.

Robert walked over to Emma's car seat. He leaned in and kissed Emma's head softly.

"I love you, Emma. Be good for grandma" Robert said.

Gabriella took Emma's car seat and diaper bag.

"Call me when you want me to bring her back" Gabriella said.

"We will" Robert said.

Gabriella left the apartment with Emma. Robert closed the door and looked at Ashley.

"Our first time being alone in six months" Ashley said.

Robert smiled.

"Let's get as much stuff packed tonight so that all we have to do is load it into the truck and unpack it at the house" Robert said.

"Okay" Ashley said.

The couple continued to pack up the apartment. Later that night, Robert walked back into the apartment after loading his car and Ashley's.

"All that is left is the big stuff" Robert said.

"Okay. You ready for bed?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah" Robert said.

The couple walked into their bedroom and got ready for bed. Once they were both in bed, Ashley looked at Robert.

"Your mom hasn't called" Ashley said.

Robert smiled. He leaned in and kissed Ashley's cheek.

"She's fine. She has my parents, Everly, and East" Robert said.

"It's just this is our first time being apart from her" Ashley said.

Robert nodded.

"I know. But, it is good for her to be around other people besides us" Robert said.

Ashley nodded. Her phone rang. Ashley looked at the caller ID.

"Is it my mom?" Robert asked.

"No. It's mine" Ashley said.

"Put it on speaker" Robert said.

"Hello?" Ashley answered the phone and put it on the speaker.

"Hi, honey, how is it going? How's Emma?" Amy asked.

"Everything is fine. Emma and Rob are fine. What's up?" Ashley asked.

"I just wanted to see how you were doing. I haven't talked to you since Emma was born" Amy said.

"We are fine. We are moving out of the apartment tomorrow and into a house" Ashley said.

"Why didn't you tell us? We could have helped pack and move stuff" Amy said.

"We have a lot of people helping us already. Plus, you live far away, and you don't need to come down here for that" Ashley said.

"Who is going to watch Emma?" Amy asked.

"Gabi and Everly" Ashley said.

"Oh. I wish I had known that you were going to move. I would have helped" Amy said.

Ashley rolled her eyes.

"It's okay. She will be in good hands" Ashley said.

"I don't want you to be mad at me about coming to the hospital, Ashley. I just wanted to help" Amy said.

Ashley shook her head. Robert put his hand on Ashley's thigh.

"I specifically told you not to come. You hadn't been around my entire pregnancy. Why would I have wanted you there? I was fine with Rob being there only" Ashley said getting annoyed.

"Well it sounds like you are still mad so I guess I will talk to you later" Amy said.

The two women hung up the phone. Robert looked at Ashley.

"Are you okay?" Robert asked.

"She just irritates me" Ashley said.

"She wanted to call and see how you were doing. I think that's a good thing, babe" Robert said.

"Yeah, but she puts her nose where it does not belong" Ashley said.

Robert took a deep breath and released it.

"One of these days, you both are going to have to talk and work this out" Robert said.

"You were mad at your dad for not being around when you were a kid. This is like the same thing" Ashley said.

"Kind of. I didn't have control over my dad's situation. I was a kid. My mom and my dad both knew what was going on. You are an adult. You can pick and choose who you want in your life. I just hope you both work this out. We have a daughter to think about now" Robert said laying down and turning over so that his back was facing Ashley.

Ashley sighed. She knew that it was wrong for her to have compared her family's situation to Robert's. Ashley would try and work out these issues with Robert and with her family. The next morning, Ashley woke up early. She left the apartment to go get coffee for her and Robert. Once Ashley returned to the apartment, she saw that Robert was in the living room making sure that all the big furniture pieces were ready to go. Ashley walked into the living room with Robert's coffee and placed it on the coffee table. Robert smiled softly. He stopped what he was doing and walked over to his wife.

"Thanks for getting coffee, baby" Robert said.

Ashley smiled softly.

"No problem. I'm sorry about last night" Ashley said.

Robert picked up his coffee cup and took a sip of the hot liquid. He placed the cup back on the coffee table.

"You are upset and that is okay. I'm upset about it too. I was just trying to help" Robert said.

Ashley nodded.

"I know. Thank you for trying" Ashley said.

Robert smiled softly. He leaned in and kissed Ashley's lips softly.

"Let's start getting everything ready to go" Robert said.

An hour later, Troy, Easton, Chad, and Eli came to the apartment and started helping the couple move their belongings into the moving truck. Ashley was packing up Emma's room.

"How's it going in here?" Robert asked poking his head into his daughter's room.

"Fine. I'm almost done. How are you guys doing?" Ashley asked.

"We got everything from the living room. We may have to do a second trip for the bedroom stuff" Robert said.

"Okay. Your mom called me while you guys were moving the couch" Ashley said.

"What did she say?" Robert asked.

"She just wanted to tell me that Emma didn't cry at all last night" Ashley said.

Robert smiled.

"Good. Do you feel better?" Robert asked.

Ashley nodded.

"Yeah. But, I miss my baby" Ashley said.

"We will see her tomorrow night" Robert said.

Ashley nodded sadly.

"I'm going to go with the boys to the house to unload everything. Are you going to be okay for a little while?" Robert asked.

"Yeah" Ashley said.

Robert walked deeper into the room and went to where Ashley was sitting. He kneeled and kissed Ashley's lips softly.

"We'll be back soon to load everything else" Robert said.

"Okay" Ashley said.

Robert and the boys left the apartment. Two hours later, Ashley heard the door open.

"Baby, you ready?" Robert asked.

Ashley walked into the living room and nodded.

"Okay. Let's load up the truck" Robert said.

Ashley, Robert, Troy, Easton, and Eli loaded the truck with the rest of the furniture from the apartment. Ashley and Robert walked into the apartment one last time to make sure that they didn't leave anything. Ashley walked around the living room and squealed when Robert snaked his arms around her waist.

"Did we miss anything?" Robert asked kissing his wife's shoulder.

Ashley smiled.

"No" Ashley said.

"Okay. Let's go drop the keys off and drive over to the house" Robert said.

Ashley nodded. The couple walked out of the apartment that held so many memories and dropped off their keys. That night, the couple unpacked their bedsheets and blankets. They also unpacked all of Emma's furniture so that it would be ready for her tomorrow.

"We can continue unpacking tomorrow. We can at least sleep in our bed tonight" Robert said tiredly.

"Yeah" Ashley said tiredly.

"What time is it?" Robert asked tiredly.

"Eight" Ashley said.

"I am going to call my mom and see how Emma is" Robert said picking up his phone.

"Okay" Ashley said.

Robert called Gabriella.

"Hi, bud. How's moving going?" Gabriella asked.

"We just made our bed and we set up Emma's room" Robert said.

"Oh good. Are you guys exhausted?" Gabriella asked.

"Yeah. But, I wanted to call and check on Emma. How is she doing?" Robert asked.

"She's fine. She napped twice. Once in the pack and play and once on Easton" Gabriella said.

Robert smiled.

"Good. How did she do with the bottle?" Robert asked.

This was the first time that Emma had ever drank her milk from a bottle.

"She was confused at first. But, she was fine after a couple of minutes" Gabriella said.

"Good. She seems like she is okay. Has she cried?" Robert asked.

"Yeah. But, Everly handled that. As soon as Everly picked her up, she calmed down" Gabriella said.

"That's good to know. Thanks, mom" Robert said.

"She's my granddaughter. You guys get some sleep, okay?" Gabriella said.

"We will" Robert said.

Robert hung up the phone and looked at Ashley.

"How is she?" Ashley asked.

"Mom says that she napped twice. Once in the pack and play and once on Easton" Robert said chuckling.

Ashley giggled.

"How was she with the bottle?" Ashley asked.

"She was confused at first. But, she got used to it after a little while. Mom said that Everly is also helping out too" Robert said.

"Good" Ashley said.

Robert yawned and nodded. He took his shirt and pants off and crawled into bed. Ashley changed into her pajamas and got into bed.

"Our first night in our first house" Ashley said.

Robert smiled tiredly. Ashley snuggled into Robert's chest and kissed his lips softly.

"Night baby" Robert said.

Ashley smiled softly.

"Night" Ashley said.

The next afternoon, Ashley and Robert unpacked the kitchen and bathroom essentials. Ashley was currently in Emma's bedroom putting her daughter's clothes away. Robert poked his head into the room.

"How are you doing in here?" Robert asked.

"I'm almost done with her clothes. I just wanted to get all of her stuff done first so that we didn't have to worry about it once she came home from your parents' house" Ashley said.

Robert nodded.

"Do you need any help?" Robert asked.

"Can you get the breast pump from downstairs. I think it is in the kitchen" Ashley said.

"Do you want me to bring it up here?" Robert asked.

"Yeah. I want all of that stuff in her room so I don't have to go searching for it later" Ashley said.

"Okay" Robert said.

Robert walked downstairs and went into the kitchen and found the breast pump box. He picked it up and walked back upstairs to his daughter's room.

"Where do you want it, baby?" Robert asked.

"You could just put it on her dresser. I'll figure out where to put it later" Ashley said.

"Okay" Robert said.

Robert placed the box on the dresser.

"I'm going to start the living room stuff. Yell if you need me" Robert said kissing his wife's lips.

"I will. Thanks" Ashley said.

Ashley smiled as she watched her husband walk out of the room. She then continued to put away Emma's clothes. A couple of hours later, the couple was driving to the Bolton home. Once they parked their car, Robert and Ashley walked into the house.

"Hi, guys" Gabriella said.

"Where's my baby?" Robert asked.

"Napping on East again" Gabriella said.

The couple smiled.

"And the favorite uncle award goes to" Robert joked.

The couple walked into the living room and smiled when they saw Easton laying on the couch with Emma sleeping on his chest.

"For some reason, my shoulder is her favorite place to nap in this house" Easton said.

Ashley smiled.

"You probably remind her of her daddy" Ashley said.

"Maybe" Easton said.

"How is unpacking going?" Gabriella asked.

"We got the kitchen, bathroom, and Emma's room done. We have to work on our room next" Robert said.

"How did it feel to sleep there last night?" Gabriella asked.

"It was weird. I think I'm used to apartments. I almost thought that I was sleeping here" Robert said.

The couple, Gabriella, and Easton talked for a little while longer. Ashley, Robert, and Emma left the house. Onto the next chapter of their lives.