Chapter 102:

Her Gift

Pokémon List:

Luna (Kirlia)

Fay (Riolu)

Midna (Zorua)

You know what's the thing about reality liquifying in front of you?

It would be really nice to be told about such things ahead of time. That's what I was thinking as my cheeks pushed against the cold marble floor of the room.

From my position on the floor I could, if I adjusted my angle, glare at Sabrina, who was supposedly 'in the know' about this entire ordeal. Sadly, she was knocked out so my passive-aggressive looks at her were meaningless.

It seems everyone got knocked out when that Orb fell. Heck, even I still felt nauseated and lightheaded. But I was still conscious, fighting against my fading vision.

Whatever just happened with the orb also must have had some mental effect.

Lovesick held the Lustrous Orb in her hands, holding it above me, almost as if she was taunting me. She probably was. That fucking bitch.

Her blue eyes fixated on mine for a brief moment. She seemed confused by something. Ultimately, I could see she concluded that I wasn't worth her time. She shrugged and gave me one final glance before turning around to face the gaping hole in the ceiling. I could hear her footsteps as she walked away from me, turning her back to me without any concern.

For some reason, this irked me.

Lying on the floor, amongst the shattered glass with my Pokémon knocked out, staring at the enemy taking away the orb. I felt pissed.

God damnit, why the hell did Luna suddenly have to throw a fit? Now would be a really good time for a helping hand. Damnit, I miss her presence.

She chose the worst moment to leave. I couldn't let that witch take the Orb.

She couldn't be trusted with it. Team Rocket couldn't be trusted with such an artifact. No one could.

Darkness filled my vision. Smothering the edges from the corners and threatening to take me to someplace far more peaceful.

At that point, I am pretty sure, I also began to hallucinate stuff. Just like when the orb dropped, reality seemed to swim in front of my eyes. Vivid images of a city, broken in pieces and floating in space. In the middle of it was a pink-eyed dragon. Images of my own bedroom, a sword that was a gift, a grenade disguised as an easter egg and countless more nonsensical imagery filled my head.

I wasn't sure if it was my own mind reeling from the aftermath or something else entirely, but some of the visions were too specific for my own mind to conjure up.

Also, they didn't explain anything, in fact. They confused me even more. If those weren't just hallucinations conjured up by my tired-ass mind, what the hell were they supposed to mean?!

How was I supposed to react to that?

A rope was thrown down from the plane. The psychic who had all the luck in the world, turned back to give me a final smirk.

At that moment, she embodied everything that was wrong with this world. Shows up, makes things worse and leaves without giving me any answers. Yes, that seems to be a running pattern in this world.

God, I really wanted to punch her in the face.

I groaned and forced myself to move. It felt very similar to forcing yourself to wake up from a dream. I got up, focusing on my legs first and working my way up my body.

Within seconds, the paralyzing feeling faded away and I felt my body starting to obey me again.

Great, I felt great.

I finally stood again on two legs. Heck, my body felt sore, but mentally I felt great, more awake and alive than ever. That's how you know the adrenaline is kicking in.

I grinned at Lovesick who was, for the first time, completely awestruck.

Quickly assessing the situation I tried to scan the room for anything that could give me an upper hand. My Pokémon were out, so were Team Rockets.

As much as I wanted to punch her in the face, I tried to stay level-headed. The Lustrous Orb was what mattered. And, luckily, Lovesick couldn't teleport while holding it.

In the worst-case scenario, I would keep her occupied long enough for someone else to interfere. Hopefully Sabrina wasn't the only qualified person to deal with hostile Psychics/Aura wielders.

Well, keep her busy and maybe get a punch in. That was starting to sound a lot like a plan.

I raised my fists up in a basic boxer's stance and motioned her to come closer.

"What, you thought you could cheese me like that?" I asked her.

A shiver ran up my spine all of a sudden. Goosebumps formed on my skin as I felt something in the air change ever so slightly.

I looked at the Lustrous Orb in Lovesick's hands.

The distortion effect was gone.

I spun around, and without looking, pummeled my left fist forward. Hitting the air in front of me.

But it still connected. I felt my fist collide with something soft and fleshy. The air around me shattered just like before.

Lovesick stumbled backwards, clutching her nose with her hands, blood was leaking through her fingers.

She stared at me with both rage and shock. Still clutching her nose, she glared at me.

Damn, that felt as good as I imagined it to be. Still, that wasn't the main objective. The Orb was.

I briefly glanced back, she had left it next to the pedestal. Right next to the open suitcase and the weird contraption that Team Rocket guy had been setting up.

I wanted to pay more attention to that but the blue-haired girl was right up in my face in the literal sense.

I backed away, just in time to dodge a glowing blue blade passing through the air. She moved forward again, a second dagger in her right hand.

Well, that was just plain cheating.

I quickly backed away. I dodged her attack, but just barely.

Still, despite this, I raised my fist and motioned her to come again.

Hey, I was keeping her occupied, and got to hit her. This was a win-win.

Lovesick's blue eyes glimmered with a purple tint and started to glow faintly. She took a good look at me, for what I realized was the first time. Her gaze scanned me slowly and I could see the gears turning in her head. That was until they all came to a screeching halt. The purple glow flickered out of existence. A confused and aghast expression made its way onto her face.

"..." She didn't say anything.

"Yeah, I am weird," I sighed. "It's hard, right? Not knowing the future? Imagine what I am-"

Before finishing my sentence I shot forward. My fist raised.

Her eyes widened and, for the second time, I hit her straight in the face. I aimed for her eyes, I think I got close enough.

A cry of pain escaped her lips. She tried to take a couple steps back to reorient herself but stumbled against a pedestal for some kind of fossil. I hit her in the leg with a kick before creating some distance between us. In case she would do something unexpected.

Lovesick got up again and straightened her back. Her disbelief turned to shock. Her eyes changed again. This time a blue Aura of flames surrounded them briefly before they flickered out of existence.

She opened her mouth to suck in air all of a sudden, causing some blood to trickle in. Her eyes were wide and she was breathing, as if recovering from a jumpscare.

Lovesick was looking at me like I was some kind of monster, or a freak. Very ironic, I thought so myself.

"I assume what you saw wasn't pleasant eh?" I asked, trying to sound very casual. My knuckles hurt from hitting Lovesick. I tried to pretend that they didn't feel like they were on fire. "Glad to see I got your attention, now, The Lustrous Orb, what does Team Rocket want with it?"

Safekeeping? Weaponizing it?

Whatever daze this revelation put her in, she shook her head and focused on the Lustrous Orb.

She took another look at me again, this time without any of the Psychic powers or Aura readings. Just calculating her odds.

I considered the time. How long before anyone more suitable arrives? I wasn't sure how long I could fend off Lovesick before she would start to adjust.

Her eyes drifted to the Lustrous Orb.

I assumed that she realized that I was distracting her from the main objective.

"Come on," I challenged her, giving my best grin. "Let's fight, or can you not even fight an unarmed person?"

Lovesick straightened her skirt and took a calm breath. Her eyes glowed purple and she jumped towards me. Her fist glowing blue with Aura.

Seems like she accepted the challenge.

I dodged to the side and threw out a kick. It connected and I thought it would make her trip but, unlike before, it didn't really hit her. Instead a blue layer of aura separated my shoe and her leg.

Well, now she was fully cheating.

She turned to throw out a punch but it was a bit clumsy. It was clear that she was definitely not used to throwing punches like that, Aura enhanced or not.

Her punch was thrown in a wide arc that I ducked under just in time. I hit her in the stomach with my shoulder and threw her off me.

She should have landed on the ground but invisible strings pulled her up and granted her a solid landing.

Fucking hacks. I decided to cut the crap and reached for my gun, safely stuffed away in my back pocket so far. If she wanted to play unfair, so could I.

Lets see how well you can jump around with your foot blown off.

Before she could do anything I aimed it at her leg, or tried to at least, and pulled the trigger. A blast followed along with a flash.

But no scream. The bullet dropped on the floor after making contact with a blue Aura shield that surrounded the girl.

Lovesick looked just as shocked as I was. I was surprised that she managed to react quickly enough and I could see from her reaction that she had only thrown up that shield on instinct.

She recovered faster too. She dropped the shield and clenched her hands around the gun, layering it with Aura as she did. She ripped it out of my hands and tossed it away, before giving me a push.

Aura bullshit happened and I was tossed away from her, far further than I should have. That simpIe shove sent me flying and before I could comprehend where the truck that hit me came from, I hit the floor with my back.

A flaring pain spread through my chest, a paralyzing tickling feeling followed it.

Staring at the window above me. I felt like I could lie there on the floor forever. God that fucking hurt.

Despite this, I knew I wasn't done yet. I couldn't let her get the last laugh. I managed to roll over, ignoring the pain and getting up.

I think I even managed to make it look painless. Not that it was.

Despite this I squared my shoulders and I raised my fist up, to protect my face and signal I wasn't down yet.

I wasn't particularly trained in any fighting style, but I knew that she wasn't either. She was dependent on Aura and Psychic powers.

I was out of firearms. But I still had a knife stored away in my pockets. If I could get close enough I could maybe get a swipe in. But even then, her Aura was far superior to my tiny blade.

I needed something bigger. My eyes caught something in the room. Something useful. Only, how do I get there?

Lovesick studied me, she would be onto me the moment I made a move.

I tried to focus on one single thing. Trying to get through her shield and try to get one extra stab in. That's all I wanted.

It was probably that single minded thought that gave me the courage, or stupidity, to get up. "Wow, you almost got me there."

I said with such confidence Lovesick even granted me a disappointed look before charging towards me. She took a leap and then threw out a punch. Again, it was glowing with Aura.

She doesn't seem to learn.

I stepped back, nearly tripping over a cable, before drawing a knife from my pocket and bringing it down on her.

The knife surprised her, and would have definitely taken a good rip at her arm, wasn't it for that damn Aura shield that she manifested, covering her on all sides.

My knife bounced off and I retreated. One side of the knife had been cleanly separated, Seeming to be cleanly cut away.

I tossed the useless weapon aside. Well, I was running out of options.

Blue eyes stared back at me from behind the shield, triumphantly. Her Aura shield faded. No, that was the wrong way. Her Aura didn't straight up appear, instead hers was moving all the time. From her hands, to her feet, to her center.

I really wanted to ask her a lot of things but seeing the current situation, that wasn't going to happen.

The girl in question spit some of the blood that had gotten into her mouth on the floor before turning to face me again.

Lovesick raised her fist to her face, the same way I did before. Taking a stance that looked completely off on someone dressed like her.

It felt like she was silently mocking me. Showing me how insignificant I was compared to her powers.

Blood was still dripping down her nose and she looked a lot worse than when she came here so at least I could claim that victory. Though I probably didn't look my best either.

A silent agreement was set between us. The agreement to beat the shit out of each other. At least I could respect that.

What I couldn't respect was that her wrists were fuming with Aura flames.

"What? Can't you do without Aura?" I mocked. I think it would have sounded more impressive if my voice didn't crack halfway through.

Regardless, she didn't answer. Instead, she waited patiently for me to make a move.

So I did. I moved closer and kicked her, hoping to hit her knee and incapacitate her. But again, a blue shield covered her body right before I hit her.

A punch was thrown right into my face. It didn't hurt too much luckily but it did unbalance me.

I covered my face with my arms as I retreated. A second punch followed but I blocked it with my hand. Still hurts like hell.

Okay, I might have underestimated things slightly. Fuck, where is Luna! I need any kind of power up I can get against her.

Lovesick's barrage continued, each hit felt like an insult. She got surprisingly good at a fist fight really quick.

All I could do was try to outmaneuver her and dodge her attacks. At least she was getting slower and unlike me, really seemed to like the stylish big punches instead of the small jabs.

I tried to sweep the legs underneath her but all attempts to harm her were futile and met with a shiny blue shield.

Slowly I moved across the room, dodging every attack as well as I could while trying to maintain focus, enduring a beating.

Half dazed, I tried to move backwards continuously giving ground until my back hit something hard. A pedestal. Finally!

I turned around and reached for the object lying on top of it. Fortunately, the glass casing had been smashed to bits by Team Rocket's entrance.

Lovesick gave me a pitiful look as I backed against it. Behind my back I blindly reached for something, anything.

I felt my left hand, now bloody and covered with sweat, wrap around the handle of the sword.

As I touched it, weird sensations washed over me. Reality, probably for the third time in an hour, was fucking twisting in front of my eyes.

I could see and feel things. Sensations normally not comprehensible bombarded my brain, as if I put it to a higher frequency I wasn't supposed to hear.

Imagery began to overlay my vision, or the room. Bleeding out from the flat surfaces were visions. I could see a castle, a rain of falling Pokémon, a promise to never leave and much more. And again, I didn't understand a single thing.

The point was, visions are really not great to receive when you are fighting for your life. Those are the moments you generally don't want that.

I ignored all of the imagery and forced myself through it. I lifted the sword and swung it in front of me.

Again, Lovesick had amazing reflexes and a sphere covered her entire body right before the blade made contact. The blade connected with the flaming shield but instead of bouncing off or melting, it cut straight through it, unhindered as if it was passing through thin air.

The Aura shield shattered like it was just another illusion while the sword completed its wide arc. Causing a small cut to appear on her cheek.

A horrified expression came over her the same moment I started to laugh. I don't know why, but it really seemed extremely funny to me at the moment.

Still having trouble believing what happened, Lovesick called upon her powers again, forming an Aura-shaped blade and she held it in front of her.

Realizing I was half slumped over I managed to get up straight and hold the sword in front of me, mirroring her own pose.

It came surprisingly naturally, which was odd. I have held swords before in my life. In a museum, just like this. Except those swords, I remember, were extremely heavy and back then, I had trouble lifting it.

This sword however weighted barely anything, no that was wrong. it definitely had some weight to it, but at the same time it felt remarkably light.

Lovesick, in an almost experimental fashion, lashed out with her blade. I decided to humor her, and met her blade head-on with mine.

The sound of her Aura shattering upon contact put a grin on my face, I must have looked like a maniac. Still, I couldn't help myself, I felt so tired and angry. But now, I felt like I could finally release some of that tension.

"Temporal object," I exhaled, "fascinating isn't it?"

The realization slowly came and when it finally settled in, her eyes pierced mine, glaring daggers as they did.

I just love all the stuff I learn at the museum. Especially about ancient weapons immune to both Psychic powers and Aura. And I bet that Lovesick also realized the true nature of the sword.

I raised the sword and aimed it at her. Despite my superior position I refused to let my guard down. I had made it too far to make a mistake and victory was within reach. My own victory.

I got closer, the point of my blade still focused on her, while checking for any signs that I was looking at an illusion.

The air around her started to alter, mirroring part of the ruined room like some half-baked illusion. That was odd, to say the least, but instead of the progressing distortion, completing a single twist of the sword in my hand dispersed the weird glitching reality.

"Give up, you lost." I sighed. "Tell your boss that the Lustrous Orb will never be his."

The girl glared daggers at me but slowly backed away, clearly seeing the point I was bringing up.

She teleported again. This time I immediately swung my sword in an arc. Just in case she thought to ambush me.

I didn't catch the spot she appeared on for an entire two seconds. Only when my eyes were drawn to the Lustrous Orb again did I spot her.

She stood right next to the pedestal that held the Orb. Her hands reached for something hidden between the folds of her dress.

Not now!

Her hands retracted from her dress, clutching three tiny round objects, colored red and white.

A cold look passed over her eyes as she threw all three of them up in the air where they grew to fully sized Pokéballs.

You are kidding me!

I wasn't imagining things. Three little nightmare balls. Ready to crush all my hopes upon landing.

But they never did.

A colored beam hit all three of them. Freezing them in the air for a short moment. Then, a white blur flashed by. Snatching all three of them out of the air before landing in front of the girl.

The three Pokéballs were safely put down on the floor, where they remained unopened.

A pair of glowing red eyes fixated on the witch. They were fierce and dangerous, showing a hatred that was borderline insane.

Lovesick was just as surprised as I was.

"Luna?" I asked, getting closer to Kirlia, to make sure she was real and not another vision.

But no, she gave me one glance and sent me a confident smirk, before turning to the enemy.

{Leave!} I could hear her voice ringing in my head. But it wasn't directed at me.

Lovesick assessed the situation, her gaze switching between me and Luna.

Her eyes landed on the sword I was still holding onto and then on my own eyes.

She then finally took a look at herself and saw the horrible state she was in. Her dress that had been so pristine was now covered in dust and blood, both hers and mine. Her hair was disheveled and her hands were torn open at the knuckles.

She gave me one final grin. Then, the device standing on the pedestal began to hiss violently. The cables coming from it came alive and started to bulge. They all simultaneously burst and exposed everyone to a bright flash.

All of a sudden the room was filled with a white impenetrable fog.

I started to cough as the fog worked its way into my lungs and filled my mouth.

"-Luna, Disarming Voice!" I coughed as I blindly swept the air in front of me.

A high-pitched scream separated the mist and pushed all of it outwards where it fled up through the window.

When I could finally see again, I immediately saw what had changed. The grunts, the Pokémon and the unopened Pokéballs.

They had all vanished.

The air above the museum was stark blue and devoid of any aircraft in sight.

Sunlight beamed unhindered through the roof into the room, reflecting off ancient relics, sleeping visitors and a ruined exposition.

Lying in the middle of said room was the Lustrous Orb, peacefully distorting the air around it with visual trickery.

Red eyes turned away from the orb and then landed on me.

I lowered the sword and released a tired sigh. "How long?"

{Long enough for you to miss me.} Luna replied, looking rather smug. However, her confident smile faltered when I didn't immediately reply.

I was a bit too tired to deal with this emotional crap right now. There was probably something I had to say, but I felt just tired.

{You look...badly hurt.}

"You are way too late," I replied immediately.

Another painful silence followed. I crouched down and moved some of the broken pillars aside, trying to find my weapons.

All the while I could feel Luna's eyes upon me, like a laser beam. Hyper-focused.

I started to chuckle.

Luna gave me a concerned look, which made it only funnier from my perspective.

{What's funny?} Luna scowled.

I let out one final laugh.

"We both are a special kind of stupid."

Luna scoffed. A small sound that sounded like laughter escaped from her.


End of Part Arc 5 - Part 1:

Gods Among Us

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