Chapter 110:

From The Shadows

Pokémon List:

Luna (Kirlia)

Fay (Riolu)

Midna (Zorua)

Next Opponent is: Sylvia Chronicler The robotic voice of my Pokédex called out. The battle area designated for your match is at Arena 2b, in Godey's Garden. Meet your opponent within an hour or lose your spot by forfeiting the match.

I closed the Pokédex and put it away. Luna dutifully returned back to me, leaving behind a Squirtle and a man both with their minds blown. One literally, the other figuratively.

"Congrats, that was in under a minute!" I knelt down to high five the Kirlia. She gracefully jumped up and high fived me.

My opponent stared at Kirlia aghast. Like she was some terrible monster that only disguised herself as a Kirlia. His mouth was still open, stuck in that Magikarp expression meant for catching flies.

I turned to face my fellow competitor. "Hey man, thanks for the great match." I faked a smile before quickly turning around to hide the disappointment.

It had been a rather quick 1 v 1. And Luna didn't get hit once. Honestly, that guy's Squirtle was most likely more of a 'family pet' kind of Pokémon than a competitive beast.

Before the main Sinnoh Knight games began there were mandatory battles between the players, to root out the weaker trainers before the actual games began. Something about more players than expected showing up. Or,what I call, grinding.

I turned to Alicia.

She had been patient enough to watch me fight 3 people who genuinely didn't care much about winning and just wanted to have some fun in a friendly competition. I would feel bad for having her wait for me to continue her guide, but she was getting paid overtime and since she just spent her time on her phone whenever I was engaged in battle, I feel we found the perfect cooperation.

"That was over faster than before." Alicia idly noted.

"Yeah, Luna's getting impatient." I took a look at Kirlia. She ignored my gaze and started a pathetic attempt at whistling.

"You could have let yourself be hit once," Fay offered, "that way, everyone would have left the fight feeling accomplished."

"That Squirtle couldn't hit a Snorlax if he used Swift," Midna mocked.

"Your Pokémon are really cute together," Alicia complimented me. "They seem really happy as a team."

"Ugh, it might not sound like it, but they are arguing." I told Alicia.

"We are having some light hearted intercourse." Midna told the guide with a giggle, before turning her attention on what was ahead.

We had to work a little bit to navigate through the crowd. Besides all the usual stuff you'd find for a festival there were now also designated match areas for players to fight the preliminaries.

Not all of them were as boring as mine. Some of the trainers and Pokémon looked very competent. I saw some familiar faces in the crowds and fights as well. Particularly, a girl with a Dragonite really stood out to me. I wondered if I'd face her in one of the actual games. Then I started to wonder what the actual games were. As far I was concerned, they weren't going to be regular battles. But the problem of crowds remained.

Some of those matches drew quite a lot of onlookers and well, it caused streets to be completely inaccessible. Luckily Alicia knew all the back alleys and shortcuts of this city like the back of her hand. And she even told me something new every alley.

"And in this alley, the architect Gdey used to wander around drunk at night, true story." Alicia told me when we wandered through some weird narrow street.

At some random well at the edge of town she started to tell me about it. "At the bottom of this well, legend says, rests an Ancient Pokémon that awaits the end of the world."

And she had something to say about each of the restaurants and cafes as well. She stopped in front of the restaurant. called: You are what you Eat. "This restaurant is extremely famous, as it always challenges its customers to consider their own place in the food chain."

Not all of her stories and facts were made equal. But they were pretty entertaining nonetheless.

Finally, when we got away from all the festival activities we arrived at Godey's Garden.

I did some digging on that guy, but found mostly just folklore and myths surrounding the guys.

Alicia started talking about him once we entered the garden.

Godey was an architect that lived in Alamos Town. He's responsible for the Space and Time Towers, a few official government buildings and the temple.

Now, that is the official and boring version of the truth. There were stories about how Godey could catch glimpses of the future and incorporated that into his building style. That's why most of his work still stands to this day, because he could use and apply building techniques no one of his time was able to do.

Allegedly, he also uses this foresight to make some investments and lo and behold. He became a rich fellah. Tragically however, Godey couldn't handle his own blessings and ordered his own Pokémon to claw out his eyes. After that he started going off on the deep end and ultimately he died poor and alone.

"What the fuck." Midna said. "That's the story?"

Alicia nodded. "That's how the story goes. Alamos Town is a place full of legends and myths."

"You tell this story to everyone?"

"If there are kids I leave out the last part," Alicia admitted. "But I think it's a nice story. It does explain his artistic choices." She waved around at the gardens.

Despite Godey tripping on lsd 24/7, the gardens were truly beautiful. The garden used all the differences in height and levitation to its own advantages and crafted a beautiful mix match of styles across the place. They reminded me slightly of MCEscher's style of drawings, with all the interesting curves and bows that were made.

Pokémon were also everywhere, turning the garden into their own civilized jungle. Rivers and tall trees provided shelter for certain species while bridges and rope ladders connected other parts of the garden.

I could practically spend my entire day describing the garden because it was huge and had so many details, but I wasn't here for the garden. Or the fight really. Nor was I here to learn some new facts about the mad architect.

I came here for a special Pokémon I wanted to meet.

As we traversed the gardens I tried to relax my entire body. To appear more confident than I was. Both for appearance sake and to reassure Fay and Luna.

I might be completely wrong about this entire endeavor, and wasted a lot of time hiring a girl to be with me from dawn to dusk. But if not, well, opportunity was on the horizon.

I found my opponent in the form of a girl that kept staring at her Pokédex, cluelessly scanning around for, who I assumed to be, me.

I waved at her and made a short jump across a small creek and arrived at a small clearing. White lines were sprayed on the grass to mark the borders of the battlefield. The number 2b was put in the middle.

"You must be Sylvia, right?" I approached the field.

Sylvia appeared to be older than me, though it couldn't be more than a few years. She had long green hair that she kept under a red cap. She had energetic eyes of the same color and a black bodysuit.

She nodded and put away a green hair lock behind her ears. "Ah, you must be my final match. Then we can finally move on to the real games."

"I hope so. So, do you want to add any special win conditions or are we just gonna d 1?" I asked. Just to be nice.

"No, let's just get this started." She walked over to the other side of the field. Talking to the Pokéball that lay in her palm.

"This should be the final match of today," I gave the guide an apologetic shrug.

"It's okay," Alicia dismissed my concerns. "Go ahead and battle all day, easiest job I've ever had."

I frowned before shaking the idea and kneeling down to meet my Pokémon's gazes. Luna and Fay were more useful off the field than on the field, so that left me only one choice. "Okay, Midna. I choose you, are you okay with that?"

The Zorua grinned, "Sure thing boss."

I rolled my eyes before getting up.

"Midna!" I pointed forward.

She lazily took one step forward and left it at that.

The opponent, Sylvia, opened her own Pokéball. The bright flash materialized into something around Midna's size. Also a fox, but a different color scheme.

Whereas Midna was red with gray and black, her opponent was much softer, with brown and beige colored fur.

"Eevee!" It yapped excitedly.

"Please don't…" Midna sighed.

An unevolved Eevee? A curious choice.

"Eevee, quick attack!" The trainer called out. Not wasting a second. I decided to return the favor.

"Wait for it and Bite!" I countered.

"Bounce off your target!" Sylvia added with a smirk.

Eevee appeared in front of Midna and butted its head against her body, before jumping away. Using Midna's body as a jumping board. "Nice one!" Her trainer called out.

Midna took the hit and jumped off, recovering rather fast. The brown fox Pokémon yelped in surprise as Midna chased right after her, the fangs inside her mouth glowing white.

Eevee twisted its body out of the way but its tail moved half a second too slow. Midna bit down.

"Eevee, Quick Attack down!"

"Let go!" I tried but I was too late. Eevee did a suicide bomber attack and dove straight down. White energy cracking around her body as she did.

Midna was dragged along for the ride and slammed into the ground as well. Eevee landed on its paws, Midna, not so much.

"Night Daze!" I ordered.

Midna finally let go of Eevee's tail. "Eevee, Quick Attack upwards now!" Sylvia shouted.

What was up with people spamming moves in real life?

"No you don't!" Midna groaned and got up.

Dark waves exploded from out of her body and traversed the ground around her. Eevee tried to jump up but the waves of energy pulled her back, draining her energy as they did.

"Scary Face!"

"Noooo!" Sylvia cried out.

Midna's gaze began to glow a rigid red. Dark Aura began to exclude from out of her eyes and mouth, giving her an almost demonic look.

"Eevee! Quick Attack away!"

Before the poor fox could do that Midna was already upon her, using a frightful combination of fear, claws and fangs to shred through Eevee's defenses. Comboing each attack perfectly into the next one.

Eevee was tossed all the way to her trainer where it lay still.
Wow, guess that was it. Guess I placed myself for the first game. That wasn't too much of a struggle.

"And that's a victo-" I declared but was interrupted.

"Not so soon!" Sylvia pointed her finger at me. "Eevee is still moving."

She was right, but moving was a big deal. More like, twitching and twirling. Tethering on the edge of unconsciousness.

"Eevee, use your secret weapon!" Sylvia called out.

"What secret weapon?" I asked out loud.

Eevee slowly got back up to its four feet. It glared defiantly at Midna. Before all of a sudden it started retracting its back. Dug its claws into the ground and started puking.

As if something was stuck inside its throat it began throwing its head back and forth. Making coughing noises and generally, really making me feel uncomfortable.

"Uhm, is your Eevee sick?" I asked, trying to sound as polite as possible.

"I wanted to use this in the actual tournament!" Sylvia proclaimed. She rested her hands against her hip. "But I fear you backed us in a corner."

Eevee finally managed to spit out whatever was bothering her. I don't know what I expected, but it definitely wasn't a gray colored stone.

Then it hit me.

"Hit her!" Too late.

Midna was blown away by a gust of energy that exploded around Eevee. Her form began to take on a white glow, energy began swirling around her. Blinding everyone present with a brilliant shine, Eevee's shape began to change, to grow even. Her legs grew longer, her ears more pointy. Finally, when the light faded Eevee was gone.

In its stead stood a blue eyed Pokémon with pink and white fur. Long ribbons extending behind it's back and a proud smile upon her face,

"Now Sylveon!" Her trainer said confidently, "Moonblast!"

A silver coloured orb was summoned in front of Sylveon.

"Dodge it!" I called out.

Only barely was Midna able to dodge the sphere racing past her.

"Moonblast again!"

I gritted my teeth and gave Midna the proper instructions to dodge the onslaught of Moonblasts.

Soon, Sylveon turned into a spamming cheeky bastard. Throwing around the silver orbs all over the field and generally, making the battle a bullet hell.

Midna jumped out of the way one second too late. She got hit once and was blasted backwards by the orb exploding.

She remained unmoving for 2 seconds before slowly moving again.

With a pissed expression, the fox got up, her glare sending a thousand daggers to the enemy. Her fur was shaken up and she was sweating, her chest was heaving.

"Okay, this is just stupid," Midna growled. "Dust, I say we should show our hand as well!"

I nodded. "That's what I thought as well. Midna, Tail slam!"

Midna jumped up in the air towards Sylveon.

"Moonblast!" Sylvia, predictably, shouted. Midna's shape began to glow radiantly, just like Sylveon did a minute before.

"Impossible!" Sylvia cried out.

A deep roar that almost sounded like a laugh erupted from the dragon Pokémon.

It was hard to describe what Midna exactly had become. She was definitely a large reptilian Pokémon, but it wasn't a dragon per se. More like a cross between a bird, and a dragon. She had large yellow scales covering parts of her gray body. A Kommo-o. Weird choice, but I guess it works.

She swept her scaled tail across the battlefield, catching Sylveon by surprise.

"Scary Face!" I shouted. Smoke and flames erupted from Midna's eyes. Her appearance became obscured by a hazy mask.

The Kommo-o roared and almost pushed back Sylveon's frail body with her bad breath.

When it died down and the effect faded the fairy type remained frozen on the spot. Its expression frozen onto Midna.

"Sylveon…" Sylvia tried. "Moonblast, your opponent is right in front of you."

Sylveon fell over, its eyes rolled up in their sockets and the ribbons unwinding themselves. The lights went out before she hit the grass.

Sylvia gasped "-But how?" She stared aghast at Midna.

I shrugged. "Pretty good fight," I mean, her playstyle was completely degenerate, but at least it was interesting. "Was that an Everstone?" I pointed at the rock that lay on the field, carelessly puked out and discarded.

"-Yes." Sylvia walked over to it and knelt down to grab it. "And it was such a brilliant strategy as well." She complained. She knelt down next to Sylveon and picked it up with her hands. She put the newly evolved Pokémon in her arms and got up. "Well, that was a piss poor performance. Hope my other victories were enough to let me participate in the first round." She smiled at me and offered me her hand. "You got to tell me what your Pokémon did though?"

I shook it.

{Code Black.} Luna suddenly yelled into my ears.

And that's when reality stopped working right in front of my eyes.

The sky above me had suddenly taken on a weird purple color. Red colored shockwaves vibrated through the air uninterrupted, clashing against everything and bouncing back. As if I was looking at several versions of reality at the same time.

The air began to ripple and my vision began to swim. I tried to bring up my hand and studied my fingers. They too were giving off a red and blue color, leaving an echo behind as I moved. But still my own fingers.

I bit my tongue and felt a sharp pain. My eyes darted around.

I was no longer standing in the garden. There was no garden at all. Shocked, I turned around, but I was alone. Fay, Midna and Luna were gone.

The scenery around me had changed completely. Now, big walls surrounded the place. Brickwork constructions that blocked off the sky. The town itself was also changed. Gone were the big towers for space and time. Gone was the cheerful atmosphere and sounds of laughter. Smoke was coming from the buildings. Lighting streaked across the sky. And I heard a loud roar-

A loud chime began to echo through the world. I couldn't find the source but it was everywhere. Echoing off against the walls, the town and the blood red sky.

The sound of bells ringing slowly grew in strength. Each chime made the world around me fade away. Until, with the final chime of the tune. I was back in the garden.

I looked up and heard the chime repeat itself. It came from the Space and Time towers.

The purple sky had disappeared completely, and now, the spotless blue sky had reclaimed its place.

I waited for a few seconds, making sure the world was still there. That I was still there.

"What the fuck." I muttered.

Sylvia and Alicia all had a similar look on their faces. Alicia had been clutching her head while Sylveon was dropped to the ground by her trainer.

We all wore the same expressions of confusion, surprise and dread.

"What just happened?" I turned around to face my Pokémon. I almost didn't believe what just happened was real. It was simply that off putting.

However as I focused my eyes on my team, I saw something on the edge of my vision. A black smudge sinking through the floor.

And for the briefest of moments; a pair of stark blue eyes met mine.

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