Chapter 114:


Pokémon List:

Luna (Kirlia)

Fay (Riolu)

Midna (Zorua)

"It's over." I looked at my Hunter. He gave me a lost look. He was clenching his fist, his body was shaking on the spot. However, at this point, I didn't really care anymore, like I promised he was just another opponent in my way. And I didn't want to spend another second thinking about him or the Alakazam.

So I didn't. I saw him walk away defeated and he left both the battlefield and my mind. I spun around and looked at Fay. She was looking at me with big eyes. Her mouth ajar and her chest moving up and down in quick succession. "Y-you did it."

I shrugged nonchalantly. Making it look like it wasn't much of a big deal and that I wasn't almost shitting myself. "We are a team. You are not the only one fighting the battle."

It was a risky move. Putting myself into Alakazam's path and taking the Tattletail. But it was a gamble that paid off. And it taught me something I suspected.

My presence or at least my consciousness and all the thoughts contained within are very disturbing to Psychic Pokémon. I wasn't sure if that trait was special to me, or a side effect of being a blindspot. But, looking back, Sabrina's hostility to me made somewhat more sense. Though that raised some flags regarding Luna and how she could still affect me and why she was so comfortable around me. It warranted further testing. Or maybe it was just my charming personality.

Exhausted, Fay broke her heroic pose and lay down on the grass. Spread out like a starfish and look at the orange colored sky. She started giggling. First small light giggles but a salvo of laughter escaped from her as well.

She threw her fist to punch the sky. "We did it!"

I grinned back as relief was slipping into me as well. I was about to sit down next to her and join in on the celebration when a thought crossed my mind.

Shit- Flamera.

I had been so focused on my own battle I forgot how my partner was doing. I turned around to look at the sunset. Yup, by now the game was most definitely over. The deadline was up.

"Can you still walk, or do you need to rest?" I asked Fay.

"I am still fine," she croaked. She slowly got up but lost balance. She fell rather cutely

on her behind. She scowled. "Okay, maybe I'm not that fine." After having said it out loud her posture fell. She stretched herself out and a yawn escaped her.

"Take a rest. I need you on your feet once danger arrives." I took out her Pokéball and aimed the device at her. She briefly nodded before the flash interrupted her and sucked her in.

Deciding it was time for a switch, I tossed up another Pokéball.

The Pokéball grew and split itself open midair. I caught it the same time the light solidified into the shape of a ballerina. As always, Luna appeared before me. Doing a brief gracious pirouette before opening her red eyes to the world. A smirk followed.

She definitely has a flair for dramatics.

{I see,} Luna stretched out her arms above her. {So we won this round. Congratulations, where's Fay?} She stared around.

"Fay's taking a rest. You're on double duty now."

Her eyes grew big all of a sudden. A sudden smile crept up her face. {Does that mean it's the two of us now?}

"Three actually." A raspy voice breathed into my ears. I looked over my shoulder and I saw the outline of a Chameleon-like creature sitting on my shoulder. It was about the size of Luna and had a green scaled skin that covered it almost entirely besides for a red strike that split its body in half. A long tail was wrapped around my torso by the Kecleon to keep balance.

"Did you spot me?" The Kelceon asked. Her small pupils somehow managed to look extremely smug.

Luna's smile dropped slightly as she saw Midna hop off my shoulder and transform back with a short flash. "I was here all along," she claimed proudly as she was shooting Luna a teeth filled grin.

"But you can just pretend I'm not here." She winked playfully at the psychic.

Luna groaned loudly. "Kir…" she muttered out loud. Giving Midna an undignified shrug.

I chuckled. "Okay, let's see how Flamera's doing."

{Who?} Luna asked as I turned around to look for her.
Zorua chuckled loudly, almost maniacally. "Oh, yeah. You completely missed the part where Dust got himself a new Lady friend."

{I MISSED WHAT?!} A high pitched screech penetrated my skull along with a pair of red eyes that were fuming with power.

I sighed and turned my eyes up to the sky. Please kill me.

We ran across the ruins and walked past the statue of the Sinnoh Knight.

I found Flamera and her Charizard sitting against a half collapsed ancient wall. Right now under the orange colored sky she could practically melt into the sunlight and none of us would be any wiser. Next to her in the grass was Charizard. I saw its wings hanging low. Her opponent was nowhere to be seen. Flamera had her phone out and was just finishing a call as I came near her. She put down the phone. She saw the Alakazam's Tattletail I still clung onto. She gave me a nod of approval. "Congratulations." Flamera said.

"Where's yours?"

Flamera raised her hands, showing us the insides of her palm. There was no ribbon. "I suppose I lost."


She shrugged. Without looking her hands drifted towards Charizard's snout. She began to pet it. "Charizard's Tattletail was taken just mere moments before the game ended. Maybe I should have put my mind more into my own game. But I'd be damned if you taking that Alakazam's Tattletail wasn't the coolest thing I've seen so far."

"I'm sorry," I said. "If we focused on your target instead of mine you would have won."

Flamera shrugged again and gave me a lazy smile. "Don't worry. It was my choice. Besides, I don't think I'm fit to be the next Sinnoh Knight." She chuckled as if the thought was amusing to her. "I just wanted to play the game for the last time-"

{This is your new friend?} Luna stood next to me and was eyeing the woman suspiciously.

"Is that a Kirlia?" Flamera looked at me. She frowned. "And a Zorua?"

"Flamera, meet Luna and Midna." I pointed at the respective Pokémon. Luna was giving Flamera an intense look. I hoped she was just gathering her thoughts. To be honest, with how focused Luna could be sometimes, it was almost scary.

Midna didn't say anything however, deciding to stay silent. Probably because she thought it was hilarious to reveal she could talk all along at a later date.

Flamera answered their stares with her own. Seemingly evaluating my team within seconds.

"They're really cute." Flamera finally got up and dusted off her dress. "I hope they'll help you win the next game. Although, of course I can not be biased officially."

"Aren't you already biased by partaking in the competition you host?"

"Sshh!" Flamera put a finger over her lips.

"Psst, I kinda like her." I could hear Midna whisper behind my back to Luna.

{I don't.} Was Luna's short reply.

"Yeah, definitely not biased." I rolled my eyes.

Flamera grinned and loose. "I suppose we should get back to town. I should give a speech and all," she rolled her eyes. "Let's go." She turned around and faced town. Her Charizard straightened itself and stood behind her. She sent one last look at the fountain before her eyes turned to me.

I saw Luna's form flash white before feeling a sudden weight on top of my head. I glanced up and saw the ballerina with devil horns looking rather smugly. She cast her eyes towards Flamera. {Yes, you see this you witch? This one is taken already.} She stuck out her tongue.

"I think your Kirlia might be jealous." Flamera answered, keeping her expression neutral and straight. I had to admit she was damn good at that.

"You are delusional." I joked before heading back to town.

I carried Luna on my back like a toddler. And although she had evolved, become infinitely more powerful and fought monsters, I took great satisfaction from the fact she still enjoyed getting carried around. Some things never change.

"So, what's the next game?" I tried to pry for a clue. "We got 2 more games ahead, right?"

Flamera kept her expression straight. "I'm afraid I can't play favorites. You'll find out what the next game is tomorrow." Her grin darkened. "Although, personally, I am glad I don't have to partake in that game myself."

We were back in the more civilized parts of Alamos Town. Around us people did notice me and Flamera were back and I even saw photos being taken. That was slightly bothering me, but that was just because I was camera shy. Good news was, I saw some people who were sharing the pictures use InstaPoke to share it with their friends. At least they made me money.

With the sun under the horizon the nightlife of Alamos Town began slowly to awaken. Restaurants and bars began to open up to customers. Lights everywhere were turned on. My stomach rumbled as the reminder I had skipped dinner allured my senses.

{Dust, we need to eat.} Luna tapped me on the head. {I'm hungry.}

"Not yet," I murmured. "After we heal Fay we'll go to a restaurant. Okay?}
Satisfaction The sensation was shared with me through the telepathic link.

We reached the main square in no time and a small crowd had already gathered. The crowd was noticeably smaller than before. I doubted all of the people here were the ones who had survived this round because there were several food trucks and a small music performance on stage which had also drawn some people to the event. But when I counted the number of people who held a Tattletail it was a significant drop compared to when the game started. Which made sense. The competition was split in half.

I estimated there were about 50 people left. Which was both a lot, and not that many really. If we had one more round that split the competition again then the finale after that, whatever that may have been, would only involve 20 people.

At least the small crowd meant that Flamera wasn't immediately swarmed by her people, meaning we could have a normal goodbye.

We observed the crowd from a distance. The Charizard covered us with his wings. Giving us some privacy. Those wings were really useful.

It was another warm summer evening. The night sky was slowly getting covered by a carpet of stars. The chatter of friends, trainers and rivals filled the background. There was a warm nice breeze blowing through the place. Still, despite this I felt a shiver run along my spine knowing that this place could and would most likely be wiped out by 2 battling Legendaries.

It was a weird sensation.

Flamera and I looked at the crowd. I wondered what they would do if they knew their party would crash. Would they panic? Would they cancel it or continue the festivities knowing damn well they might as well enjoy it. Would they hate me for not telling anybody?

I shook my head. These thoughts always crept up at nights like this. I already made my decisions, there's no need to ponder on those decisions right now. Instead I savored the moment.

Finally, Flamera broke the silence. "You know, it's almost magical how even 1000 years later the Sinnoh Knight still unites people and Pokémon. Long after death the legacy carries on."

"I suppose legends never truly die." I answered. So far I didn't really get the obsession with the Knight myself but I admitted that I always have loved legends and heroes.

"I wish we had more people like the Knight." Flamera said. "Someone who could face a thousand enemies and still come out on top."

"Well, isn't that the purpose of the festival?" I looked at her. "Trying to find the next Knight?"

She shook her head. "Not what I meant." She scratched her head and sighed. "Okay, I believe I should prepare my speech," she turned around but her eyes didn't meet mine. At least I wasn't the only one who felt awkward. "Thank you for the great time Dust, and be sure to thank your Riolu as well."

"Yeah, good luck with the rest of the events. You two were good partners." I nodded at Charizard.

Flamera nodded and patted Charizard on the back. "Yes. It was the most fun I had in a while. A seductive smile crossed her face. "And even if you don't win, you are definitely my Knight."

And then, without elaborating, she walked away, disappearing in the crowd, subtly shaking her hips as she walked away.

"So, you're gonna sleep at the hotel tonight?" Zorua asked innocently. She didn't even wait for a response. She must have thought her joke was extremely funny because she immediately started laughing.

{You better!} Luna practically shouted.

"Shut it," I gave Midna a weak kick. Knocking her over. It only caused her laugh to become more infectious as she started rolling over the floor and laughing loudly.

Even a giggle escaped from Luna and me.

"Let's find Ash, I wanna see if he's still in." I said when the mood had calmed down a bit. I received two nods so I headed for the crowd as well.

Not long after I found the boy wonder standing next to a hotdog stand that was decorated with Christmas lights. His trusty Pikachu sat on top of his shoulder, consuming his own hotdog which had so much ketchup on it they should have classified it as a blood bath. Drops even fell on Ash's clothes but he didn't seem to mind.

"I swear," I heard Dawn complain as I got closer. "The way you two eat should be categorized as a Psychic attack!"

"Actually, you should have seen how they ate back in the days. Trust me, this is Ash being a civilized person."


Ash and Pikachu continued to ignore the blue haired girl much to her own annoyance. The worst thing that could happen, happened. A splash of Ketchup escaped from Pikachu's bun and flew towards Dawn, in a deadly trajectory that would ruin the light blue dress she wore.

Just before it would hit its target and color the long and sleek looking dress in a dreadful red, the blob was caught midair by a purple energy field.

"...Thank you Luna." Dawn said when we got closer.

The Kirlia sent the girl a thumbs up and a cheeky smile.

Ash's eyes lit up as he saw me. He said something that was literally unrecognizable as human speech. He waited, swallowed some bits of his food before finally saying, "Did you win?"

I showed him the Tattletail.

He nodded appreciatively before focusing solely on his food. I swear, if it wasn't for the fact he had a fit and healthy body, I would be very concerned for his heart and potential diabetes.

"So Dust," Brock said. "What have you been up to today?"

I shrugged. "Not much."

"Hello again," I heard Flamera's voice come from across the speakers. She tapped the microphone. The chatter and voices around us died down. The stage lights narrowed in on the lone figure that stood on stage.

"First of all, I want to congratulate everyone who is still in the game. This round was a brutal one. But such is the life of a knight. Danger can strike at any moment and rarely offers second chances. Some of you ran from danger and survived while others faced the threat head on." She paused. "However, a Hero's duty is never done. I hope you all still have your Tattletails because you will need them for tomorrow's game. The instructions for the game will be sent to each and every participant at 10 o' clock precisely. So be sure you are ready for the next game."

{Code black!} Luna screamed into my ear. I winced.

Flamera smiled at the people watching her. "This game is called: Outsiders-"

"Where?" I asked, my eyes were scanning the crowd for a pair of blue eyes. I saw nothing. Just more people. What the hell?

"-I won't tell what the game entails yet," Flamera went on, unaware of Darkrai's presence.

Luna pointed at the middle of the crowd.

How? I didn't see Darkrai at all. Where was he? Why was he here now?

Cries of shock and awe came from the people watching Flamera. Or so I thought, until the cries started to turn into panic and the crowd around the stage dispersed. Moving back as if a stone had been dropped into a pool of water.

{I can feel its psychic presence ahead!} Luna's telepathic voice quivered,

I got closer to where Darkrai was supposed to be, seeing nothing but people standing in a large circle-

I had to do a double take to make sure what I was seeing was right.

"Holy fuck." I muttered. And I was not the only one.

Lying in the middle of the crowd was a body.

I convulsed as I looked at the corpse that was so proudly displayed in front of all the people.

The body itself wasn't that miserable. If it wasn't for the state of his face I could believe he was just another Pokémon trainer who got unlucky and suffered a heart attack.

"Oh my god-"



"What happened?"

"Is that a -"

"-Who's that?"

The people continued to murmur.

{He's gone.} Luna shared quietly.

I didn't answer. Instead I faced the corpse.

Its head was turned towards me. But even if it was still alive it wouldn't have looked back at me.

Because wherever its eyes had been there were now only two empty holes.

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