Chapter 116:

Something Out There

Pokémon List:

Luna (Kirlia)

Fay (Riolu)

Midna (Zorua)

When I asked my Pokémon to kill me they gave me shaken looks.

"What?" I asked when I saw the perplexed looks of Midna and Luna. "Don't you guys like Pokébowl?"

I paused, pretending to consider their input. "I can get you something else instead."

I was just trying to ease the tension. Clearly it didn't work. Well, there goes my plan not to bring down the mood.

"I rather like some answers." Midna said slowly, she gave me a hesitant look. Like she expected me to pull the rug from underneath her at any moment.

Luna on the other hand was…well, she wasn't looking too happy. In fact, she was looking like she was about to explode.

{Explain.} She said. Her voice was low and subdued even though all her voice was projected into my head, it sounded like a feral growl.

"Look, I am not crazy." I smiled to empathize my point. "It is better than it sounds."

Just because it sounds bad, doesn't mean it is. I had solid reasoning. I just should have asked the question a bit more tactfully.

I invited my Pokémon to keep walking and lowered my voice. We left the busy restaurant district behind us. The streets were surprisingly still filled with lots of people and their Pokémon. Several parties were slowly getting underway. Special nightclubs and bars set up for this festival opened their doors while the stores closed their doors.

"Okay, hear me out," I said. "The dead guy clawed out his own eyes. Blood on his nails and all. I don't think anyone would do that voluntarily." The image of his face was still fresh in my mind. The scars had run deep to the point I could see the muscle and part of the cheekbones. It seemed rather painful to me.

"I suspect something pushed him off the edge." I said. Something being Darkrai. A Pokémon able to phase through solid surfaces and can induce nightmares onto people and Pokémon.

"There were no other visible wounds besides the self-inflicted ones. Whatever caused him to do that was attacking him psychologically. Maybe he saw something horrible or terrifying. Regardless, something pushed him to the breaking point."

"Oh, and when did you become a detective?" Midna coaxed.

"I've had some experience in my past life." I didn't bother mentioning my experience was limited to reading a shitload of detective novels. And this the prime suspect was a lousy murder. "And we already know who did the killing."

{Darkrai.} Luna concluded. She paused. {You said he was one of the good guys.}

"And you still want to meet this lovable fellow?" Midna asked.

"Yes to both questions." I answered. "I still think Darkrai is one of the good guys." For now. "And I don't think I'll be clawing out my own eyes anytime soon. Hear me out, why would anyone drive a person to that point?"

"Hatred? A form of torture" Midna suggested.

{Information.} Luna said.

"Exactly, now in both cases. Imagine if you tried to kill me before Darkrai could get whatever information he wanted, or his cruel punishment. What would he do?"

{He would stop.} Luna came to my conclusion.

"So you don't actually want us to kill you. Just make it look like it." Midna said. She sounded less stressed now. A laugh escaped her as she slowly relaxed again. "You are one crazy person."

I doubted it would ever come to that. But having a backup strategy or two wouldn't hurt. I decided not to tell that I actually would rather die than claw out my own eyes.

Was it unreasonable to ask for such a thing? For now maybe asking them to actually end my suffering might be asking a bit too much. Not that I had any intentions of dying.

Luna seemed to be still conflicted about it. Finally she said, {I suppose that is acceptable.} she reluctantly caved in. {If I have to shoot you to save you I will.}

"I knew you two would understand." I knelt down to pet Luna on her horns. She blushed heavily. Trying desperately to look angry but she was failing to keep a straight expression. Works every time.

"See, everything I say makes perfect sense." I joked.

Two glares that were drenched in doubt were sent my way. I smiled lovingly back. Everything was going to be okay.

When I entered the Pokémon Center I was met with a large crowd in the lobby. I immediately sensed the overwhelming impatience hanging in the air as everyone was trying to talk, access the special terminals or had other business here to conduct.

I pressed my lips together and pointed at Luna and Zorua to climb onto my shoulders. I feared I might lose them permanently in the thick forest of legs and people ahead. Why was it even this busy?

While I navigated my way to the main desk I paid extra attention to the conversations around me. Evidently, the people here were still freaked out over the dead dude that showed up. And nobody knew anything about it so rumors started to spread like wildfire. Some people actually said out loud that Godey's spirit came back from the grave and came to take revenge. Allegedly the guy back in the days clawed out his own eyes. I recalled the girl I hired as tour guide saying something similar. I didn't pay it much attention but maybe I should have?

More reasonable people suspected a rogue Ghost type stalking the city. It was fairly uncommon but according to stories, someone knew someone who had experienced something similar. One guy however was happily chattering against his two friends that he suspected the murder was part of the next game.

Regardless of what caused it, people wanted to have their own Pokémon healed up and at the ready for whatever was to come.

I reached the front desk and found someone who hadn't been occupied with answering questions yet.

"Hey!" I called out.

The person in question, a young man wearing a labcoat over a colorful party suit, gave me one quick glance before hastily saying. "Sorry, we can not heal any of your Pokémon right now. You can leave their Pokéball here and we will send it back to you as soon as possible."

I raised my eyebrow. "What happened?"

The man gave me an annoyed look, making me feel like I was intruding on his time and being rude. Seeing how hastily he had dressed himself, I say he was off duty only mere minutes ago.

"Look," he threw his hands up in a dramatic gesture. "Some bad airwaves scrambled the machinery. Shouldn't be too hard to fix but we are just double checking to ensure optimal safety. We don't recommend sending Pokémon through the network until then."

He waved at the section where you can normally send Pokémon through the PCs. All of them were locked with an animated gif of a Bulbasaur sleeping and the text We are Experiencing Technical difficulties, underneath.

"If you leave your Pokéballs here we can send them to you once they start working."

Bad airwaves? What the hell caused this? Was it Darkrai, another group or was it really a technical issue?

"Is this affecting all the PokéCenters in the city?" I asked skeptically.

"No, the bad airwaves only affected this Pokémon Center," the guy sarcastically said. "That's why everyone is here, waiting for us, instead of going literally anywhere else."

"Unlucky," Midna commented dryly.

"Yeah, truly unlucky. So, when will the systems be back online again?"

"Just leave your Pokéballs over there and get out." He let out an exasperated sigh and turned his focus elsewhere.

{What now?} Luna asked when it became clear the machines were out of order..

It was a good question. Like everyone else here I kind of wanted Fay to be on top of her game the moment I actually needed her. Unlike everyone else I actually knew what was out there and what I needed Fay for. I wasn't sure when the party would crash but it was bound to happen. Fate just works that way.

"Let's leave." I said. I pushed through the crowd until I stepped through the big doors and felt the cool air of the evening hit me in the face.

If it was any other day I would have left Fay's Pokéball in the Pokecenter. But with Darkrai out there I didn't want to leave her unprotected anywhere thus this left me in quite the predicament.

Luckily the room I rented was close to the Pokémon Center so it was only a 5 minute walk total. When I got into my room Luna and Midna leaped onto the bed. I locked the door behind me and closed the window and curtains for good measure.

I clapped my hands. "Okay, let's talk about plans."

"We have plans?" Midna scowled. "I mean, besides killing you."

{Obviously we have plans.} Luna folded her arms. {We always have plans…} She frowned. {Although, I would love to hear what the plans are as well.} She looked at me in great anticipation.

"I just realized we have not eaten anything yet." I admitted all of a sudden. The empty feeling inside my stomach was slowly rearing its ugly head. "I think it would be a great idea to get something to eat."

Midna's scowl didn't drop. In fact, she only looked more skeptical. "And the entire Darkrai situation? Don't you consider that a bigger problem?"

"Well…" I began. I fished out the card I got from the dead body. It was a business card for the restaurant Poké Bowls. There was nothing inherently special about it.

Idly, I began flipping it between my fingers.

"There's this strange thing that left me to wonder. Our victim, he had to come from somewhere, didn't he? And unless Darkrai understands the value of money, papers and phones I would say it was an odd thing the man was found without them." He had a small amount of change in his pockets. But not nearly enough to eat an entire day.

"So what?"

"Well, might be a good idea to check out why oh why, the only thing he carried around was this?" I showed her the card.

Poké Bowls

"What do you say? We score a meal and see what's so special about this place?"

Luna's eyes suddenly lit up. {Dibs! I call dibs for a solo mission with only me Dust!}

What the heck?!

"What?" Midna stared at Luna.

She narrowed her eyes and tapped her own head. She took a deep breath and began; {Think Midna. I am the strongest member on the team. If we are to conduct this investigation it would be wise to remain unseen. You can stay here with Fay while Dust and I will continue delving into the matter.}

I wasn't able to keep track with her train of thought. She didn't mind.

Luna turned towards me, she cracked a small smile. {Midna spent the entire day outside her ball and stalking you. She's not at the top of her strength. But if things go awry, she can get back up to help us out. It all makes sense…doesn't it?} At the final part her pupils dilated and even though her voice was cast telepathically inside my own mind, she somehow sounded breathless.

"Uhm," I began, slowly catching up. "I suppose that might make sense."

So Luna wanted to do this with me alone?

"Wait, I haven't had anything to eat either!" Midna said. As a response her stomach made a weird and very disturbing churning sound.

"That's your only objection to Luna's plan?" I asked.

Luna and Midna exchanged looks I couldn't quite decipher. Eventually the Zorua shrugged uncaringly. "Eh, I'm not gonna get between the two of you. And she's right. I am a bit sore from flying all day." She briefly turned herself into a Fletchling before turning back into her usual self. "So, if you two go on a lovely date, does that mean I get unlimited access to room service? Can I order like, drugs and hookers?"

Things were going way too fast for me. I am glad Luna and Midna worked out a deal, but I'd love to be included in the discussion.

Luna averted her eyes and avoided my gaze.

"I am just going to see the place," I rolled my eyes and put the card away. Why would someone without anything carry this around?

Having both Fay and Midna out of the picture was a minor inconvenience. Especially with the uncertain future that lay ahead. I did not know when Diagla and Palkia would break out nor could I predict Darkrai's behavior with complete certainty. Although I assumed that the big event would happen under the light of day, as it did in the film.

{We are just checking out the place,} Luna suggested. {Besides, you promised to spend more time with me.} The last part almost sounded like an accusation.

A ping of guilt rose..

"Yeah. I can work with this." I said.

{Yes!} Luna did a twirling pirouette that ended with a fist to the sky. At least she was really happy with it.

I turned to Midna and exhaled. "You know what to do when the world ends?"

"Yes. I won't open the door for strangers and if something is wrong I'll yell and go to the neighbors." Midna melodramatically mimicked a small girl's voice.

"Find Ash instead. He and Brock are both very capable during emergency situations. If Darkrai emerges, do not agro him. He'll be looking for me."

"Narcissistic much?"

"And do not go over the spending limit!" I pointed my finger. I drew Fay's Pokéball and laid it on the bed. "Also, you are watching over Fay in case she wakes up and wants out."

Midna gave me a sly smile. "I'll behave."

I really doubted it.

However, I really wanted to follow the trail. Before it got cold. For strange reasons I found the idea of tackling an unknown threat with only Luna exciting. A dangerous game for sure.

Luna beamed expectantly at me. A glazed look had gotten over here. When she caught me looking, her pale face turned a shade of red. {What are we waiting for? Let's go, I am hungry.}
"I bet you are." Midna mumbled.

I sighed.

A murdering Pokémon, a mysterious body and two primordial Gods all in one town. And I have to worry about what weapons to bring to a date.

No way this was normal.

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