Chapter 127:

Total Reality Cascade

I could imagine pretty easily what consumed the thoughts of the others in the crowd. Panic, fear, questioning their sanity.

But there was one thought that went through my mind as the clear blue sky was replaced by a starless abyss, and the primordial deities of space and time clashed.

The movies really downplayed this all.

Palkia peered through a hole in the sky and into our reality the same way a kid would look at a fish inside an aquarium.

Palkia towered above the buildings. Around the dragon, space itself collapsed and expanded into impossible dimensions. The air folded like it was made of cloth, and at the center of this paradox was a soft white-pink dragon, casually defying the laws of nature by just being present.

Looking at Palkia felt horribly wrong, like looking at a black hole that would suck you in the moment you observed it.

On the spot I decided that Palkia was a she. Nothing wrong with humanizing the eldritch gods. Conversely, I decided that Dialga was a he.

Dialga luckily didn't have any space warping effect around him, so I could just say he was colossal and terrifying, but at least there was no spatial fuckery going on. He was literally easier on the eyes.

It said a lot that I felt relieved that at least one of the giant Pokémon floating in the sky wasn't folding space around him, and was just your regular Kaiju Pokémon.

Though I was extremely certain that Dialga had tricks of his own; I just couldn't see them yet.

This is it. I let out a whistle, hoping to convince my own body that I was calm.

The two monsters roared at each other. The air quivered and shook, and all the humans and Pokémon could do was look up and watch, utterly powerless.

The air buzzed with energy. The roar was powerful. I could feel it rattle my bones as the sound waves passed.

"What are they saying?" I slowly pulled my gaze away from the two legendaries and back to my Pokémon.

Luna looked pale, sweat pearled down her face, yet she still stood on her own two legs. She took a deep breath. {I have no clue.} Her voice shook a little.

Fay held a glowing aura sword and kept it in front of her. It was larger and shone fiercer than it had ever been before, ghostly blue flames flashing around the hilt and blade. It looked majestic. If my theory of Pokémon becoming more powerful under stress were correct, then she was in for one hell of an upgrade.

But Fay didn't look stressed; her expression was utterly calm and collected.

Her ears twitched and she narrowed her eyes, as if she struggled to hear the roars. After a few seconds, she gave up. "They don't speak with words I understand," Fay admitted.

Somehow, it made sense.

As the sound waves rippled through the air, I could feel that the roars weren't standard Pokémon speak. No, they felt more primal. Guttural even—

"You're shitting me," Midna hissed. All of us gave her an incredulous look. Her eyes nervously darted between us and the gods in the sky. They were not doing anything yet, but how long would that remain?

Midna saw our perplexed looks and coughed. "You don't hear them?"

Luna and Fay shook their heads.

"But you can," I finally said, urging Midna to continue. Maybe her weird DNA had something to do with it.

I quickly looked at Palkia and Dialga. They hadn't moved from their positions, but even a blind person could tell that their conversation was becoming more violent.

A wind blew through the street. Though there was no sky, a quiet somber flow of air still brushed through the streets, like the earth itself was heaving its breath in anticipation.

It reminded me eerily of my dream encounter with Darkrai.

"I can't completely make out the words, but from what I can catch, they are arguing. Accusing each other of something." Midna bit her lip.

"Of what?"

"I don't know!" the black fox spat back. "It's hard to translate in the first place. They don't talk with words! But if I had to give it a name I would call it… world breaking."

I wanted to ask what the hell she meant by that, but judging by her expression, she had no clue either.

Above us, Dialga roared.

Pallkia retaliated as the glass windows shook in their frames, flower pots fell from balconies and airborne Pokémon dropped to the ground, as if they had suddenly lost their wings.

Around me, people winced. Panic began to rise.

"What are those two!?" a man next to me mumbled. He clutched the hand of his partner. "I am not imagining things, right?"

Similar statements of disbelief were uttered. I had never seen any other Legendaries in the flesh, but even to those who had, Palkia and Dialga were apparently something alien.

"They are Palkia and Diagla," a voice in the crowd finally uttered. I was pleasantly surprised they recognized the two gods. They were urban legends. No more real than the monster of Loch Ness or Bigfoot from my own world. But a deep part of people knew instinctively this was indeed them.

I couldn't spot who said it first, but the names spread like a plague, jumping from mind to mind, until everyone soon knew their names.

"That can't be real."

"They are real."

"Space and time."

"What do we do?"

{Well, phase 1 of your plan succeeded,} Luna's sharp words cut through the voices. {Now what?} It sounded more like an accusation than a genuine question.

She was right. Phase 1 was completed; Palkia and Dialga were here.

Unlike all the gaping terrified faces in the crowd, I knew this was coming, expecting it and even wanting it.

I shouldn't have been terrified like they were. And with this realization, my confidence slowly returned. I wasn't like one of them. I was here with a purpose, brought to this world deliberately. And I would knock on God's door to demand answers.

I cracked a smile at my team.

Just as that thought passed my mind, everything went to hell.

I didn't know which of the two fired first. What I did see was a bright beam of light cutting through the sky as explosions ricocheted against the black skydome.

Whoever had fired the first attack didn't matter. Both beings shifted into actions, and with their size, that meant the earth rumbled and the earth shook.

A purple sunset exploded and shot towards Dialga before drilling into him. The airborne dragon was pushed towards the edge of town, slamming into the black miasma wall. The light kept flaring brightly and tearing into its body, as if trying to burrow itself like a worm.

Dialga's eyes flashed blue, and the air around him began to shimmer and ripple. Suddenly, the light reversed directions and went straight back towards Palkia.

The spear of light, now on its path back, shaved off the tip of the tallest buildings, dragging concrete, roof panes, and shards of broken glass with it, before slamming into Palkia.

Palkia fell to the ground.

Below, the ground rippled and folded in on itself. I didn't have a clear view of what was happening, but it was as if the ground swallowed it.

The buildings bent inwards like a maw, while at the same time, far above Dialga, space bent outwards, causing parts of the street, houses and lamp posts to be spat out alongside the pink dragon.

A nauseating feeling burrowed itself in my stomach as I realized that the dragon Pokémon wasn't the only thing to come through the wormhole.

Palkia landed on top of Dialga and tried to wrestle him down but failed to get a grip and was thrown away. She crashed through the east side of the town, tearing through everything in her path as she bounced, sending rubble and debris flying in all directions before finally taking to the sky again and shooting strange waves into Dialga's direction.

The shockwave of each attack sent ripples through the buildings underneath her. It was almost like looking at something through water, but the ripple was not merely a visual distortion. As the wave passed, it left behind jagged houses that contorted in strange directions. I briefly wondered what happened to the people near those shockwaves before discarding those thoughts.

I peeled my eyes away from the impossible scene and brought it down to earth. Around us, people and Pokémon were slowly starting to move— something I should be doing as well.

There was no coordination. If anyone wanted to put up a united front against the Legendaries, they had already wasted their chance.

Some people ran past us, to where I did not know, but they clearly wanted to be anywhere but here.

Others locked themselves in. Pokémon dug into the ground or flew high up while the humans locked themselves into houses, stores or anywhere else that provided the illusion of cover.

Then there were those who were preparing to fight. Some were counting their Pokéballs, preparing potions or heading towards the center of the action. I couldn't say which one of them were more foolish— the ones who tried to run or the ones who thought they stood a chance against these two.

I urged my Pokémon to follow me as I walked away from the main road, heading into the nearest alleyway.

Tall walls blocked my view of the conflict, but I could hear the groaning of the earth and sky, the screams and panting of people trying to run, and the occasional bright flashes that lit up the black sky above.

My Pokémon followed me without saying a word.

We walked past an old lady trying to contact someone on her phone. She was looking at it, her expression unreadable. Above us a dark blur shot past.

When I finally determined we were out of earshot of anyone, I stopped and reached for my Pokédex.

No one said anything. I thought that most words would be lost anyway. I just tried to blank out most of the noises I heard.

Sweat pearled down my forehead. I swatted it away and tried to navigate through the menu of the 'dex.

My fingers pressed down on the confirm button.

Red bolded letters jumped onto the screen. NO CONNECTION AVAILABLE.

"Fuck," I murmured softly, trying not to make it apparent something went wrong.

"What?!" Midna asked.

{Plan A is a bust,} Luna coldly said.

"What do you mean Plan A is a bust?" Fay questioned.

I navigated through the other menus in the Pokédex. The internet connection in this town had been bad before but now, it has gone down the drain completely.

The air screeched, and the smell of ozone followed. I heard a building near us collapse, and the ground shook.

"Dialga and Palkia," I thought out loud, "their presence somehow fucks with the network. Both long range and short range."

Plan A.

In the movie, the song Oración calmed the two Pokémon and made them cease their battle. It sounded stupid, even to myself back then, but in this world, there were multiple historical and well documented records of people subduing or communicating with Legendary class Pokémon via music.

The idea was simple. Get a recording of the song, play it on the speaker network across town, and bingo.

Getting the song itself was stupidly easy. I just sent an email to the staff who managed the Space-Time towers. I thought I had to do some trickery to get the song but I could actually buy it.

Next step was slightly trickier: getting into the speakers. They had been installed for the Sinnoh Knight Festival, almost as if Fate itself wanted me to use them for this moment.

I paid a good amount to some underpaid maintenance intern for access. Turns out, they hadn't even changed the factory password to the network.

It was a good plan, simple but good.

So of course it wouldn't work.

"We go for Plan D," I finally concluded. I put away the Pokédex.

{I'll protect you from anything coming our way.} Luna levitated a piece of pebble in front of her before shooting it away.

"Plan D?! What happened to B and C?" Midna complained. "How the fuck do you want to reach the Space-Time towers when they are fighting like this?"

{Slip between the gaps, remain unseen, and don't make noise,.} Luna said, tilting her head. A flash of worry crossed her face. {Though they're even more powerful than you described.}

Fay's voice quivered slightly. "Yes" was the only thing she managed to say.

I grinned and decided it was a good time to joke. "Come on, girls. I came here, chosen by the gods themselves. What's the worst that can happen?"

The sky suddenly darkened.

I looked up.

A crash heavier than anything I've felt before tore through the buildings. The ground cracked like a mirror and dust stirred up, momentarily blinding me. The earth shook, and I fell. A horrible sound tore into my eardrums, and I felt shockwaves roll past as something heavy impacted the ground.

What was happening?

I coughed and panted. "Luna, Disarming Voice!"

In contrast, Luna's hellish scream was, for once, almost soothing. She blew away all the plumes, and I could breathe and see again.

I gasped for air and rubbed my eyes clean. "What the hell was that?" I coughed out, still blinking. I tried to take in my surroundings, which had somehow changed. I was standing in the middle of a sea of debris that spilled around us in a perfect circle. "Guys?" I asked again.

My Pokémon remained silent, their eyes focused on something else.

I quietly turned around.

The wall I had been leaning against had collapsed. That, and the entire block behind it had been razed to the ground, crushed utterly by the weight of Palkia.

The dragon was lying on her side. For a brief second, I could look into the red pools that were her eyes, and they stared back at me.

I couldn't decipher the emotions.

Dialga roared, the air began to vibrate. The destroyed neighborhood began to shake, and all the debris began moving on their own. They pieces slid across the floor, flew back to where they came from and began piecing themselves together. The sea of rubble around me began to drag itself across and climbed up the walls until it found a suitable place to be stuck. It was like watching a video played in reverse, insanely absurd to see in person.

The houses began to put themselves together with Palkia still lying on their remains.

Palkia roared, and as if all the invisible strings had been cut all the objects fell to the ground once more. She got up and planted her feet firmly into the ground before flying up. Her departure floored whatever parts of the area had managed to restore itself.

Palkia flew higher until she was above the town once more, where Dialga was waiting for her to continue their brawl.

They were right above our heads.

I felt my hand begin to shake uncontrollably. I lacked the words to articulate my thoughts.

The clash between Palkia and Dialga continued.

"Dust, watch out!" Fay yelled.

A shadow burst out of the ground right next to me, shooting into the sky to meet the two Legendaries.


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