Happy birthday to civilizedrevolutionary! :)

Allow me, sir, to speak about the master of the roll,

Who alas, I fear, was stricken with a heart as black as coal,

Whose displeasing pale complexion and whose smell of year-old bread

Gives me uttermost conviction that this Blondeau now is dead.

Here I offer most sincere regrets and sympathy to those

Who now mourn the loss of history's most famed malicious nose,

And I gaze upon his headstone now with gladness in my soul,

For no absence but his own now marrs the everlasting roll.

Ah, monsieur, how fondly now I recollect his ways!

How his pen in ink was blackened in the hope he might erase!

How he called the names with wicked grin and eyes that searched the room,

Ah, the tables now have turned, for it is Blondeau in the tomb!

And the tiger's voice that said the name, the mocking tone, the scoff-

All the virtues he possessed have now, like Blondeau, been crossed off!

Please forgive me, sir, the eulogy; I fear I've said too much,

But 'tis only fair to Blondeau to remember him as such.