Scene: Kitty's flashback)

(Situation: During one battle against Skynet, Jasper Collins gets captured and he is taken to a Skynet work camp. Kitty decides to rescue Jasper since he is her boyfriend.)

(Scene 1: The Battlefield-bombs are falling from the sky and there are robots everywhere. The Connor Crew along with Jasper are hiding in a safe place where the robots can't find them.)

Jasper(frightened, he screams): AHA..AHA..AHA

Kitty(frightened, she screams): AHA..AHA..AHA

Derek(to anyone): Can someone please tell the two love birds to shut up?

Sarah(to Jasper and Kitty): Kit and Jazz, please be quiet

(Obediently, Jasper and Kitty listen to Sarah until more bombs fall from the sky)

Jasper(screaming): AHA..AHA..AHA

Kitty(screaming): AHA..AHA..AHA

Derek(annoyed, he points a gun at Jasper and Kitty): I will kill both of you if you don't be quiet

Kyle(taking Derek's gun away from him): Derek, Kitty and Jasper are teenagers so please show them mercy

Derek(angry, he yells): Kyle, they are getting on my nerves

Kyle: I suggest for you to ignore them

Jasper(walking away from the fortress): I am getting tired of doing nothing so I am going fight

Derek(yelling behind Jasper): Jazz, you are an idiot

Jasper(yelling at Derek): I don't care

(Rebellious, Jasper makes his presence known to his enemies and he is captured never to be seen again)

Kitty(hysterical, she yells): Jasper

Derek(to Kitty): Sweetheart, you are better off without Jasper because he is dumb

Kitty(offended, she yells): Derek, please shut up

John(to Kitty): So what are you going to do now?

Kitty(standing up): John, I am going to rescue my boyfriend

Kyle(yelling at Kitty): Stand down, soldier

Kitty(to Kyle): No, Dad, I will not wait around for the end to come

Cameron(to Kitty): Kit, you will die if you rescue Jasper

Kitty(walking away from the fortress): Cam, I don't care

Sarah(yelling behind at Kitty): I will always find you

(Rebellious, Kitty makes her presence to be known to her enemies and she shares the same fate as Jasper)

(Scene 2: Skynet Work Camp-Kitty and Jasper are in the same jail cell)

Kitty(yelling at Jasper): Its all your fault for putting us in this situation

Jasper(yelling at Kitty): You didn't have to rescue me, Kitty, I can take care of myself

Kitty: You could've at least tell me thank you for thinking about about you

Jasper(laughing): Thank You

Kitty(with a smirk): You are welcome

Jasper: Anyway, how is your family doing?

Kitty: They are crazy as usual so don't worry about them

Jasper: I hope they are working on a plan to get us out of jail

Kitty(laughing): Yeah, I guess so

Jasper: I bet they hate me, therefore they don't want to save my life

Kitty(holding Jasper's hand): Not everyone in the world hates you

Jasper: Who in the world loves me?

Kitty(smiling): John and me

Jasper: I know I can make stupid mistakes in my life and yet you are not one of them. I don't regret being your boyfriend because you are kind to me.

Kitty(kissing Jasper): I love you

Jasper(with a smirk): I love you too

(All of a sudden two guard enter the jail cell and they take Kitty away from Jasper. Kitty is taken to the confrontational room to be interrogated)

(Scene 3: Kitty's interrogation)

Scene: The confrontational room-Kitty is being interrogated

Interrogator: What is your name?

Kitty: I don't have a name

Interrogator: You wouldn't be alive right now if you didn't have a name

Kitty: So just let me remain mysterious and unknown

Interrogator: You look like Sarah Connor

Kitty: You are very delusional

Interrogator: Is it possible for you to be her daughter?

Kitty: You are still very delusional

Interrogator: I will kill you if you don't tell me the truth

Kitty(annoyed): Alright, jerk, my name is Kitty Riley Reese. I am Sarah Connor's daughter and the sister of General John Connor

Interrogator(imprinting on Kitty's arm the mark of the beast): You shall work for Skynet as a spy

(And the rest is history)

Date: 12-7-2025

Scene: Kyle, Sarah and Kitty (15 ongoing 16) are decorating the Christmas Tree

Sarah, Kitty and Kyle (singing): Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Kitty: I am feeling a little bit childish especially at this time of season

Sarah: There is nothing wrong with feeling childish during Christmas time

Kitty: I don't know much about your past. I wonder how was your childhood?

Sarah: Why does my past matter so much to you?

Kitty: I want to know you better

Sarah: The truth...What is the truth? I can't remember life before this present moment. The past is a blur, a distant memory that I want to forget about. I was a different person back then and I don't want to go back there.

Kyle (to Kitty): Kitty, your mom is indeed a mystery

Kitty (laughing): definitely

Sarah (changing the subject): December 20 is almost here

Kyle: What is so important about that day?

Kitty (excited): Its my sixteenth birthday

Kyle: Thanks for the reminder, hope

Sarah: Hope, you were born five days before Christmas. It feels as if it was just yesterday that you were inside me and about to make your big debut.

Kitty: Hope is coming...I am Hope

Sarah (embracing kitty): You'll be safe right here in my arms

(Kyle grabs hold of a camera and takes a picture of Sarah and Kitty hugging each other)

Date: 12-19-2025

Situation: Kitty gets her Drivers' License just in time for her birthday. Kyle's truck breaks down.

Place: Driver Services Center-the Road Skills test results

Action: final Task-Kitty parks her car into a parking space. Kitty is using Sarah's car (a Honda) until she can get her own car.

Driver Instructor (getting out of the car): You made minor mistakes, but you passed the test overall

Kitty (getting out of the car): I thank you so much for your time

Driver Instructor: You can wait the lobby and a receptionist will help you from there. They are going to give you a paper copy of your license. You will receive the hard copy in a few days.

Kitty: OK

Scene: The lobby

Kitty (sits in a chair beside Kyle): I passed the test

Kyle (hugging Kitty): I am very proud of you

A receptionist: KITTY REESE

(Kitty gets up from her chair and tends to the receptionist. The receptionist uses a camera to take a picture of Kitty. Kitty receives the paper copy of her license afterwards. Kitty drives herself and Kyle back home)

Place: The Connor Reese House

(Confidently, Kitty crosses over the threshold with a different stride in her walk)

Kitty (with enthusiasm): I accomplished a huge milestone today

Kyle: So I guess all of that tough love did work after all

Kitty: You gave me motivation. I was determined to succeed and hope never once let me down.

Kyle: Practice makes Perfection

(Anxious, Sarah runs downstairs to greet Kitty and Kyle)

Sarah (to Kyle): How was the test?

Kyle: Why don't you ask Kitty?

Sarah (to Kitty): How was the test?

Kitty (shows off her license): I passed the test. Now I have my driver license.

Sarah (embracing Kitty): Congratulations. I am very proud of you.

Kitty: So when will I get my car?

Sarah (changing the subject): Kyle, we are running low on milk. I think you should stop by Walmart.

Kyle (walking out of the front door): I will talk to you later

Date: 12-20-2025

Scene: Kitty's 16th birthday party

Everyone (singing): Happy birthday to you

Kitty (smiling): Thanks

John (impatient): I am hungry so please blow out your candles

(Kitty makes a wish then blows out her candles. The sound of fireworks going off outside doesn't frighten Kitty at all. Everyone gets a piece of cake after the candles have blown out)

Kyle (giving Kitty a set of keys): Your mom and I brought you a car for your birthday

Kitty (embracing Sarah and Kyle): Thanks

Sarah: Your car is not a normal car. It is a time machine just like that one in the movie, Back to The Future. If you change the past, you'll change the present and future. You can't travel back to the past unless your dad or I accompany you there. You are only allowed to use the car for necessary important things such as shopping, work and school. Do you understand me?

Kitty: YES

Kyle: We'll see about that with time

Kitty: You can trust me

Sarah: I believe you

Date: 6-6-2026

Scene: Airplane Shop

Situation: Derek offers Kitty a jet plane

Derek (showing off the airplane to Kitty): This airplane is for you, sweetheart

Kitty (hugging Derek): Thanks, Uncle Derek

Derek: No problem

Kyle: Who is going to teach Kitty how to fly the airplane?

Derek: I will

Sarah (worried): Please be careful for you have my life in that airplane

Derek: You can trust me

Sarah (yelling to prove a point): You better not let me down

Kitty (pleading with Sarah): Please let me be independent for once

Sarah: We are dealing with fate here. I have to make sure you won't put yourself into any danger.

Kitty: My fate, please leave it alone. Aren't we all born to die?

Sarah (touching Kitty's cheek): I am afraid to lose you

Kyle (stroking Kitty's hair): Life is just too short for us to waste any time

Kitty (getting into the airplane): I will come straight home after my flying lessons, I promise

Kyle (to Derek): I am loosening the reins. Kitty is all yours, Derek.

Derek (excited, he gets into the airplane): We will have so much fun

(Sarah and Kyle watch the airplane take off then they head back home)

Time of Day: Evening

Scene: Dining room-Dinner time

Sarah: Kit, how was your first flying lesson?

Kitty : I felt like a butterfly

John: Derek never taught me how to fly an airplane. He never brought me an airplane as a matter of fact. Thats so unfair.

Kitty: We can always ride together in my airplane

John: No thanks

Kitty: Its your loss

John (yelling): Please shut up

Kyle (with a sigh): Young adults

Sarah (laughing): Yeah

Scene: Sarah's nightmare

(Sarah looks up and sees an angel falling from the sky. The airplane burns up into flames onto the bloody battlefield. Crying, Kyle pulls a severely
burned and wounded Kitty out of her airplane. Delusional, Kitty touches Kyle's face. "Hello, my sweet Jesus" Kitty addresses her father. "I am
not Jesus" Kyle laughs as he checks out Kitty's wounds. Speechless, Derek approaches Kyle trying to make sense of what had just happened.)

Scene: Reality-Nighttime-Bedroom

Sarah (hitting Kyle with a pillow several times): I hate you

Kyle (shocked and confused): Why?

Sarah (still hitting Kyle with a pillow): You took Kitty off of life support

Kyle: I don't know what you are talking about. Please explain.

Sarah (choked up): I had a nightmare about Kitty's death. She was in an airplane crash then lost consciousness. Bitterly, we fought over Kitty's fate at the

hospital. I never wanted her to be taken off life support. You decided to end our daughter's life anyway.

Kyle (falling back to sleep): Please go back to sleep, Sarah. Your nightmares will never come true because they are not real.

Sarah (crying herself to sleep): Only time will tell

Date: 10-6-2026

Kitty's p.o.v

Lost and stuck on a train to crazy town, I can make it on my own. I'll kill myself if will end my pain. The bloody rain offers me temporary relief.

Date: 10-13-2026

Place: Doctor's office

Situation: Kitty (16 ongoing 17) discovers Sarah (61) has breast cancer

Sarah (nervous): What did my test results say?

Doctor (reading Sarah's test results): According to the test results, you have breast cancer. You need chemotherapy asap.

Kitty (watery, her eyes grow big): breast cancer?!

Sarah (squeezing Kitty's hand): Just breathe and relax

Kitty (crying, she runs out of the room): Please excuse me

Sarah (follows Kitty into the hallway): KITTY

Kitty (sobbing, she sits up against the way): Our story doesn't have an happy ending

Sarah (sits down beside Kitty): Today is the day when everything changes for us. I can't change my fate or destiny. I hope you will be able to understand. We must live as if tomorrow will never come.

Kitty (rests her head on Sarah's chest): You have breast cancer. Please tell me that I am dreaming. I want to wake up from this nightmare.

Sarah (strokes Kitty's hair): Please stay strong for me, baby

Kitty (hopeful): Sometimes doctors can make mistakes. You might not have breast cancer.

Sarah: Unfortunately, the test results were one hundred percent accurate

Kitty (heartbroken): I wish I can change your fate

Sarah: You can't change my fate because I was born with it

Kitty (sobbing in Sarah's arms): Please don't leave me. I need you in my life.

Sarah (stroking Kitty's hair): I will enjoy everyday with the little time that I have left.

Kitty: You had Lymphoma when you were pregnant with me. If you could beat cancer back then certainly you can beat it again.

Sarah (laughing): Sure

Kitty: The pain, was I really worth it?

Sarah (emotional): Yes. You gave me something to live for.

Time Period: Midnight

Place: The Connor Reese House-The Kitchen

Kyle (entering the kitchen to get a late night snack): It is midnight and you are still awake.

Sarah (choked up): I can't sleep. The Big BC has been bothering me.

Kyle (running his hands through Sarah's hair): We will get through this

Sarah (fighting back tears): What if I die?

Place: The Dining Room

Situation: Derek has prepared lunch for his favorite niece and nephew. Derek, Kitty, and Chance are eating lunch in the dining room.

Derek: Do you like your meals, kiddos?

Chance: Yes

Kitty: Absolutely yes

Derek (with a smirk): That's good

Chance: You should cook for us more often

Derek: Your parents will not like it if I spoiled you

Kitty: We are teenagers. We are not kids anymore. They will understand.

Derek: Do you know why your mom has been acting so weird?

Chance: Maybe it is one of those crazy days for her

Kitty (choked up): You should prepare yourself for mom is sick and dying.

Place: A Courtyard

Sarah (sitting down beside Kitty on a bench): Hello, princess

Kitty: How may I help you?

Sarah: I have cancer. Someday you'll be the woman of the house.

Kitty: What about Cameron?

Sarah: Cameron is a machine. She can't handle a household. You are my legacy. I trust you.

Kitty: I am a teenager. I am not mature enough. I will never able to measure up to your level.

Sarah: When the time comes, you will know what to do.

Date: 10-29-2026

Situation: Kitty has a nightmare about Sarah's death

Place: The Hospital

Action: Everyone has gathered around Sarah's deathbed. John, Cameron, Derek and Chance are too emotional to speak. Crying, Kitty runs into the room and collapses on Sarah's weak frail body.

Kitty (in a childish tone): MOMMY! MOMMA! MOTHER! MOM!

Kyle (to Sarah): She approaches you like a little girl

Sarah (stroking Kitty's hair): She is such a child at heart

Kitty (sobbing, she holds Sarah): Please don't die. I need you to stay alive.

Sarah (touching Kitty's cheek): I love you

Kitty (holding onto Sarah even more tighter): I will never let you go. I want to rest here in your embrace forever.

Sarah: Please take care of your dad and brother for me. OK?

Kitty (sobbing): You promised you would live forever. You promised you would never leave me.

Sarah: That was then. This is now, I am dying. I am sorry to let you down, angel. I will always love you.

Kitty (still crying): I can't imagine living in a world without you. I want to die here with you.

Kyle (pulling Kitty off of Sarah): Come over here, girlie

Sarah (hyperventilating): My heartbeat is decelerating. Heaven's gates are beginning to open.

Kyle (emotional, he squeezes Sarah's hand): Please stay with me, baby

Sarah (becoming unconscious): I love you

(Sarah's heart stops beating and Kitty finds it hard to breathe. She feels as if her soul has been torn out of her body.)

Kitty (hyperventilating, she collapses to the floor): I can't breathe

Kyle (cradles Kitty): The storm will pass over soon

Kitty (gasping for breath): I am in pain. It won't get any easier or better for me. I can feel the darkness taking over me.

Derek: Who knew she would take the loss so hard?

Kyle: She had her mother's heart afterall

Kitty (hysterical, she shakes Sarah's body): Mom. Mommy...Momma. Mother wake up

John (pulling Kitty off of the body): She's gone

Kitty (pushing John away from her): Mom is not dead. She's just asleep. She will arise from her deathbed like Jesus.

Cameron: So you believe in the resurrection?

Kitty: Definitely

Cameron: Long live Sarah Connor

John: No fate? This concept sounds ridiculous

Chance: We were always born to die. There must be something more to our sacrifice.

(Sunlight breaks through the darkness and the nightmare ends for good. Kitty wakes up to find Sarah at her bedside as usual)

Place: Kitty's bedroom

Sarah (removes a strand of hair away from Kitty's hair): Good morning, angel

Kitty (studying Sarah): You look unwell

Sarah: I endure another round of chemotherapy this morning. I just wanted to just hello before I left. I made you pancakes for breakfast.

Kitty: Why are you in such a rush to be gone away?

Sarah: I blame my suffering on cancer

Kitty (worried): Are you dying?!

Sarah (touching Kitty's cheek): No

(Sarah hugs and kisses Kitty goodbye then leaves the room)

Place: The Beach

Jasper: You appear down. What is the matter?

Kitty: Jazz, my mom has cancer. She is preparing me to the woman of the house.

Jasper: That is just too sad and bad

(Kitty's cellphone ring and Sarah is on the otherend)

Kitty (rushing into house) I'm so sorry for being late

Sarah: I forgive you, future lady of the house

Place: The Kitchen

Situation: Sarah and a teenage Kitty are snapping green beans

Sarah: You are going a great job, Kit

Kitty: Thanks. Snapping green beans has been really easy. I am looking forward to devouring these green beans for dinner.

Sarah: Me too

Kitty: We are going to have a feast

Sarah: How is everything in your world?

Kitty: My life has been a metamorphosis

Sarah: Mine too

Sarah's p.o.v

Fading into the foggy mist, my thirst for knowledge and truth. I am already standing on the ledge so maybe I should

just end my quest. If I am not here with you anymore, please don't cry yourself to death. Every breath that I took was a blessing because of you. Please

remember I did exist once. Please remember and carry on my legacy.

Kitty's p.o.v

You are in your prime. Time is on your side or maybe not. I dread telling you goodbye. I tie really tight knot around your heart. You can't lie and say we are

not born to die. You paint the sky crimson, not blue.