*This story takes place after the events of dragon ball super and includes the Kai of time/time patrollers concept from the xenoverse games.


Vegeta woke an hour before dawn, ready to begin another day of training. Bulma had snuggled up to him in the night and now lay with half of her body draped over his. As he slowly shifted his body out from under her, she murmured sleepily and held onto the arm she had pinned. He smirked at the women's unconscious effort to keep him in bed. A large part of him was tempted to hop back into bed and wake his wife for an entirely different morning workout. Instead he slowly pulled his arm away and tucked the covers around his woman. Sleep was much more precious since their daughter had been born. Though she might not protest a quick morning romp, Bulma might not take too kindly to losing more sleep. She sighed contentedly as Vegeta gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and moved to the dresser.
On the top sat a new set of armor. Bulma had been trying new synthetic blends to improve the Saiyan's battle attire. Vegata's endless training provided a steady stream of little projects for Bulma but she never seemed to mind. Vegeta almost believed satisfying his training needs was a pleasant hobby for his woman. She would practically dance through her lab with headphones on, bopping along to the radio as she worked. Then she would proudly display each new advancement to her tech with an adorablely smug grin. Last night, after finally getting their children off to sleep, Vegeta had emerged from the shower to find Bulma holding out a box to him. Her eyes were tired but she wore that same smile.
"Hey Babe, I've got a surprise for you," she said in an almost singsong voice.
"Oh really?" he replied keeping his face and voice expressionless.
"Don't you wanna know what it is?"
Without answering, Vegeta held out one hand to take the box from her.
"I'm sorry this took so long to finish," Bulma began to say before Vegeta had opened the box. "It should have been done weeks ago but Bulla has kept me so busy I've barely gotten down to the lab. That said, this is still some of my best work so I expect a lot of feedback to tell me how amazing I am and how it's such an improvement." She finished with her hands on her hips, eyeing him expectantly.
Vegeta took the new armor out of the box and carefully examined it. To anyone else it would appear almost identical to his last set but Vegeta could tell Bulma had made some changes. Even if he couldn't tell he only needed to wait a moment for Bulma to list off all the changes she had made such as improved durability and heat resistance.
"It will suffice," he said plainly but then looked down at her face and smirked so she knew he was teasing.
Vegeta donned the new armour and made his way silently through the hall of Capsule Corp. when he felt something unusual. A short surge of energy. Vegeta felt out the ki of his two children. They were still asleep but he quickly checked the rooms of each of his family members to make sure all was right. Then he felt it again. A quick rise and fall of energy. It was as if someone was powering up and immediately powering down while drawing closer. Vegeta stepped out onto the large balcony and turned his face up to a figure floating in the darkness.
"Alright you got my attention, now who are you and what the hell do you want?"

Cami slowly descended to touch down in front of the older Saiyan. The first rays of sunlight illuminated the teenage girl's face and she gave a cocky grin as she finally spoke, "Nice to meet you too."

*can you guess who is this mystery girl? Find out in the next chapter of Dragon Ball: Borrowed Time.