"We haven't finished our fight"

Vegeta remained seated. "You really want to get your ass handed to you again? Do you think you get special treatment just because you're my granddaughter? I've already seen what you can do. You're not worth my time."

Vegeta put as much malice as he could muster behind his words but he was doing so on purpose. He had planned to taunt her earlier before realizing who she was. Vegeta wanted to see how far he could push her by simply making her angry. It was the same way he had helped Cabba. But Cami was controlled. Her body tensed, her eyes reflected the rage within but the girl remained still and, Vegeta noticed, on guard.

"I know you were holding back Vegeta. Your power goes far beyond what you displayed this morning. But what makes you so sure that you've seen all I can do? How do you know I'm not holding back?"

Cami spoke with a steely confidence. She knew the game Vegeta was playing. He was baiting her. It was infuriating but she wouldn't fall for it again. She maintained her cool, as best as she could, while glaring at her grandfather. Vegeta was silent. Without a word he began to walk past her, a jerk of his head the only indication he gave for her to follow him. She obeyed the silent command and followed.

"What are they doing?" Krillin asked the question as Vegeta and the teenage girl that Trunks introduced as a Time Patroller in training, flew a short distance away from the rest of the group.
"Oh this should be good!" Goku said excitedly. "I'm gonna get a better view, you guys coming?"
"Wha- Vegeta isnt really about to fight that kid is he?" Krillin asked in startled confusion as he watched the two take on a fighting stance.
"Aww come on Krillin, it's just training" Goku laughed, completely unconcerned and then flew off in the direction of Vegeta. Future Trunks followed but the rest of the group watched or ignored whatever was about to happen from where they were already seated. Krillin supposed then that it really wasn't so out of the ordinary for Saiyans to randomly spar with guests so he just settled into his seat beside 18 and watched the fight from a distance.
Goku and Trunks landed a few meters from where Vegeta and Cami were about to face off. Trunks turned to Goku with a questioning look on his face.
"You dont think Father will go to far do you?" Trunks said with a note of worry.
"She'll be fine Trunks. This is what she wants and she's not as fragile as you think," Goku answered with a gentle smile.
Trunks was shocked and began to argue "I don't think she is Fragile, I just-"
But Goku interrupted him. "You dont go all out when you train with her. You hold back because you're afraid she'll get hurt. But when you hold back she cant move forward. She has to face strong opponents to improve. That's why she's so frustrated all the time."
Trunks was taken aback. Goku was not usually this insightful.
"How do you know she's frustrated?" Trunks asked.
"Well I dont really but that's what Vegeta figured," Goku explained. "He said the only reason to come looking for him was if you weren't pushing her. Plus, aren't most teenagers frustrated for one reason or another? Teens are grumpy, like Vegeta!" Goku laughed at this silly jab at the other Saiyan. But he had also made a good point. Trunks had held back. In his timeline, training and fighting had always been about survival. Unlike his counterpart in this timeline Trunks didn't thrill at fighting as much as other Saiyans. He didnt hate it as much as Gohan but he fought to bring about peace. He never imagined that his sweet little girl, only 1/4 Saiyan, would carry the instinct that he felt he lacked, the thrill for battle. But looking out at her now, the gleam in her eyes said it all. She was loving this. And he was extremely proud.

Vegeta and Camisole faced each other in the open field. Camisole powered up, her black hair flashing blonde as she went super and then her energy surging as she pushed past that to the next level. Vegeta powered up to meet her level and then lowered to a fighting stance.
Once again, Cami was the first to charge. Coming up behind him so fast the movement was unseen but Vegeta anticipated her attack and blocked it. They traded blows but nothing was landing until Vegeta caught Cami by the ankle as she'd aimed a kick toward his side. Vegeta tossed her across the field and she landed hard on her back but she quickly gets to her feet. Launching herself into the air and then bringing her arms above her head, Cami let out a barrage attack of blue energy balls. Vegeta brings his arms up to take the impact as dozens of energy balls collide with his body, bursting like glittering fireworks on impact. But when the barrage ends Vegeta is virtually unscathed.
Vegeta smirked. It was a decent display of power but Cami wasnt winded. She hovered above him looking annoyed. He could tell she had more in store and while he knew she had a long way to go, he couldn't help feeling proud. It was a shame that he would forget her after today. That was the Kai of Time's condition. In order to avoid damage to the timeline, his memories of today would be erased. As if Cami had never been here. It made him wonder about his own future. The two versions of his son were vastly different. Their circumstances had made an impact on their personalities. A Cami born here in his timeline might not be a warrior like this one. She would be an entirely different Cami. Would his own future granddaughter want to train with him this way? Would she be anything like the Cami in front of him? Vegeta pushed the thought aside. It didnt really matter anyway. What did matter was that This Cami would remember today. This Cami was here to learn from him, so he would give her a lesson to never forget. He would teach this girl what it means to be a Saiyan warrior.