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A Comical End

All it takes to completely change your life is one moment, and it doesn't even have to be something that seemed important at the time. You can take this one for instance. My one little tumble would force me into something that would make Fight Club look like a Sunday afternoon cartoon. (1)

Just before I tumbled down on top of the woman I tried my best to push her out of the way. Being half drunk and well me, things didn't go as planned. If I would have stayed still I'd have probably hit her on the back of the head.

As soon as I came into contact with her Karasuba's head twisted to face me. Unable to control my body, I lurched forward and smashed my face into hers; the gray-haired lady let out a girlish "Eep!" as our lips touched.

For a second I saw her eyes go wide then they narrowed into slits. Unlike her usual demeanor, her entire face burst into a violent shade of red. We landed on the ground with me on top, either of my hands on each side of her while her sword was knocked a few feet away.

Her eyes started to dull as I pulled myself back; From where I was situated I could see a bright gray light start to shimmer from her back. The small light no more comparable to a dull candle started to grow with each breath we took. After a few scarce seconds, the light turned into a blazing sun.

From behind her nape came two enormous, luminescent wings. Each one of them was gray in coloration while the skin (If you could call it that even. It looked more akin from something out of an old Ghost Busters movie.) was almost completely see-through. Inside the wings themselves were thin wiry bones that started to slowly outstretch as the woman lost more of the light in her eyes.

As the transparent wings reached their full-length Karasuba's mouth seemed to open of its own accord as she muttered, "Sekirei number zero four, Karasuba. May the blood of our enemies pour and their bones be ground to dust, forever and ever."

From where I stood, I was slack-jawed at the display. Slowly but surely the light show died down as the sinister appendages disappeared into the woman's back. I looked back down the woman below me and stuttered, "W-What the?"

Underneath me, I saw the woman's entire body tense as vitreous fury built up in her eyes. From behind me, I heard the now almost naked snow woman mutter, "It's not fair."

With the same stupid look on my face, I turned my head over my shoulder for a split second and caught sight of her. The snow woman had the same dejected expression from before starting to slowly build upon her face. Her right eye trembled then a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Emotionless this time the woman whispered, "It's not fair."

Below me, Karasuba seemed to finally get her wits back as she slowly pulled her legs up. Knowing the hidden power behind those seemingly frail legs I did my best to get off her. Pulling her leg up even further the gray-haired woman growled, "I'll..."

" harm done right? It was just a kiss, come on were both adults here." I pleaded while trying my best to put on an award-winning smile.

Karasuba didn't take it well as a sickly sweet smile washed over her face and she ground out, "I'll..."

She arched her back almost as if she was going to jump up, only her feet were on my chest. Looking down I felt a little bit of bile in my throat and asked one more time, "please?"

My body got lifted into the air as she roared, "I'll strangle you with your own intestines!"

This is the part where the wall comes in. (2)

Pushing me up into the air, Karasuba flung both of her legs upwards. I proceeded to let out a girlish scream as I went head over heels towards a nearby shack. It looked like something a gardener or some type of groundskeeper would use. The small hostel looked to be well taken care of with the only noticeable dilapidation being a broken window. The glass panes were cracked in a long spiderweb-like fashion from the top right corner all the way down to the wood of the shack.

A thundering crack resounded out into the park as a new hole appeared in the side of the building, with me in it. You always see people on T.V. or in action movies do crap like that but let me tell it to you straight.

It's worse, a whole hell of a lot worse.

At first, I didn't really feel much pain, only a sense of something warm trickling down my forehead and a couple of small pokes. You could compare it to a splinter only there were thousands of them all over my body. As a fog started to cover my mind, I brought my hand up to my forehead trying to wipe off the crap that got stuck on it.

My hand didn't look to be too torn up, only a few small cuts here or there, but the thick sloppy substance that I could only assume to be blood was worrying. I gave each of my limbs a sort of test run by stretching them out while thinking, Ugh, I gotta move...

My muscles groaned in protest, but I didn't think anything was broken. Doing my best to get up, I flipped over onto my stomach and stretched out my arms. That's when the fog blowing in my mind started to fade away. All at once the feeling in my body came back as I let out a lone, solemn moan.

Meanwhile, Karasuba sprinted over to where her sword was just a few feet away from the fountain. Not checking her surroundings would be her last mistake that day (at least for that one).

When she leaned down to grab her nodachi, the snow woman finally got out of her funk and got back into the fight. The brunette woman haltingly brought down her open hand as blue ice appeared in it. Quietly the snow woman made her way over to Karasuba.

The ice seemed to form some type of club as she gripped it in both hands. The club itself looked like some crossbreed between a baseball bat and a mace. It had some form a handle as well as little sharpened flangs on the head but I doubted it would do much against a sword. At the time I couldn't see it, but the look on her face was almost vindictive as she finally reached Karasuba.

The gray-haired psychopath having finally picked up her sword was too preoccupied with rearranging my innards...God, I could have stated that better. Hmmm...She was too preoccupied with trying to make my insides my outsides than to notice the other woman sneaking up on her. That doesn't quite sound right either. Oh well, moving on!

At a speed no human would be able to see, the snow woman brought down her ice-mace onto the back of Karasuba's head. An almost comical "Bonk!" played out through the night as Karasuba unceremoniously crumpled to the ground.

While this was playing out a few scarce feet away from me, I finally got back on my feet. Deciding to do the sensible thing, well for whenever you come across a homeless ice witch and an inhuman swords-woman, I looked around to see what was going on.

My eyes slowly traveled over the cold grass and debris to reach the scene of the now almost entirely naked snow woman standing over an unconscious Karasuba holding nothing but a club of thick, blue ice in her hands.

My eyes looked down at the comatose woman on the ground then they slowly trailed back up to the nude woman standing over her. I walked over to them while gripping the cut on my forehead. All in all it didn't seem to be too bad, but I'd rather not bleed to death. A few choice thoughts brushed into my mind as I looked down at the woman who started all of this.

As I reached the two of them the brunette's eyes locked onto mine. Doing my best not to look down again I took off my jacket while thinking, It's better than nothing at least.

I brought half of it over her shoulder then encouraged, "Here wear this. I don't know how you're not freezing to-" I stopped myself mid-sentence then continued, "-Oh yeah. Ice powers...God, it's been a long day."

She didn't say anything at first, but her almost glacial stare started to melt as the splinter covered cloth wrapped around her shoulders. I saw her cheeks darken a tad as she quietly muttered, "Ah." followed by her looking down at her feet.

"My name..." She hesitated.

The woman's pale skin started to take on more and more of a rosy complexion as she continued with, "Akitsu."

I opened my mouth to respond but the phone in my left pocket cut me off with three loud rings. (3)

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(1) Fight Club is a pretty good movie and a really good book. You guys should check it out if you have the time. This line is comparing something kind of horrific to something completely mundane and ordinary.

(2) This is a reference to the end of chapter one.

(3) I wonder who this could be?