Deep within the forest

In the Forest of Lamentations

I, Vio Rinku, roam across

The darkness of the forest


Many creatures were talking about him

Being a young and dark Shadow

As I, Vio Rinku, roam the forest

I heard it from the moonlight


There laid the Shadow

Falling down beside me

With I, Vio Rinku, the lone hero

Being sedative by the Shadow


The Shadow leaned close to me

To I, Vio Rinku

Telling me all sorts of things

That we are pretty much in common


My friends weren't really close

They would always fight and argue

But I, Vio Rinku

Had something in common with the Shadow


I, Vio Rinku, was a lonesome one

The Shadow needed a friend

Both of us have no one

But each other


The Shadow came close to me

Saying, "My dear Vio Rinku"

We are so similar, you and I

You, Vio Rinku, got potential


The Shadow was right

I, Vio Rinku, got potential

No one needs me

Other than my dear Shadow