Everything is dark

As darkness covers the whole tower

Am I truly happy?

I'm not entirely sure...


As I stood there

Stood the Dark Mirror

Lone and behold

Shining the minimum of light over my tunic


With a hammer in my hand

I came entered with guilt and sorrow

Taking aim

Ready to end darkness


Is this the right thing?

I can't quite tell

How am I supposed to be the smart one

If all I do is be traitorous to both light and darkness


I sighed

Looking at my reflection

Of my tunic

Full of sorrows


No, I can't do this

I can't betray him again

My beloved Shadow

Is who I care about now


I don't care what happens to the light

I don't care what happens to the darkness

As soon as I'm close to the Dark Mirror

I, Vio Rinku, stand forth to protect the only one I have left