Author Note: Okay, this contains Selfcest/sister x sister. Sort of an AU where May still has the short hair and April sticks around instead of dying, enjoy!

"We'll be back, girls! We better not come home to find the house a mess." MJ called, leading her husband out the door.

When the two were gone May looked over at her clone, sister, whatever you want to call her, with a shrug of her shoulders. She turned back to her cereal and kept eating, munching away.

"We should do something fun. How about truth or dare?" April suggested, glancing over at the other Parker girl with a glint in her eye. She elbowed May lightly in the ribs, causing the other to raise a thin brow slightly.

"We aren't even dressed yet, but alright." May replied, finishing her breakfast before dumping her bowl into the sink. She squeaked when April grabbed her wrist, dragging her to their room, the family decided that it'd be best for the two to share a room just so May could teach the other what it meant to be her own person.

"Alright. I'll go first since I suggested it, truth or dare?" April asked, sitting on the edge of May's bed along with the other.

"Easy. Dare." May replied, immediately imagining something stupid. Like bark like a dog or prank call someone.

"I dare you to kiss me. Right on the lips." The clone said with a smirk, watching as the other practically froze in place.

Whoa, whoa whoa! She wants me to do WHAT? May thought frantically, her eyes going wide right away. She blinked a few times and stared, finally finding her voice, "Are you serious?"

"Super serious." April replied, brushing her fingertips against the other's jaw slowly.

"Just a peck?" May questioned, a quick peck on the lips wouldn't be too bad. When April shook her head she practically deflated, sighing softly.

The two leaned in slowly, their lips parting slightly and eyes drifting closed. May let out a soft sigh when their lips touched, she was surprised that her clone's lips were so soft and gentle, almost like velvet.

Tentatively, a hand reached out, cupping April's cheek as the kiss deepened. The two moaned together, beginning to grapple for dominance reflexively, their tongues wrestling for control.

May smiled into the kiss and shoved the other back onto the bed, straddling her. Slowly she leaned back down, capturing April's lips once again. A soft chuckle escaped her when she felt her clone's hands slip beneath her tank top, the copy's hands brushing against her sides.

The two pulled back and April watched hungrily as the template pulled the shirt off, a black bra clinging to May's chest. The clone grinned softly and leaned in, gently kissing the other's tight stomach, adding in a few gentle nibbles.

"Mine..." April whispered, kissing up May's body. She reached the collarbone and sucked roughly, leaving a small bruise against the skin, slowly her hands drifted towards the clasp of May's bra, she sent a curious glance up to the other, grinning at the nod she received.

Slowly her fingers worked the clasp free, pulling the bra away before tossing it aside.

She's mine... No matter what. April thought possessively as her lips gently brushed May's neck.