Chapter 1: Black Lion

Fuegoleon Vermillion was carefully watching the applicants that was currently taking this years magic knights exam. For him as a captain this was very important because he was choosing mages that he believes will honor the crimson lions with pride and will no doubt will be excellent magic knights that will be defending the clover kingdom.

There are two mages that certainly have caught Fuegoleon eye one was a mage who can use wind magic and he has the four leaf clover grimiore. He was indeed very skilled and talented and no doubt in Fuegoleon mind that the other captains from other magic knight squads would raise their hands and try to recruit the boy with the four leaf clover grimiore.

How ever the other mage that caught Fuegoleon eye was a boy who didn't even have a ounce of magic within him. Fuegoleon has seen the boy try to pull off the simplest task that even a normal person could do but he couldn't because he didn't have any magic at all. Fuegoleon couldn't sense a drop of mana from the boy.

It was strange that the boy didn't have any magic but Fuegoleon saw something in the boy he has the firey determination of never giving up. Not to mention he could tell the boy was willing to work hard and do what it takes to become a magic knight. Yes those were the qualities Fuegoleon was looking for in a mage and with the right amount of training he could be fine addition to his squad.

It was then time for one of the earlier battles and Fuegoleon was watching this one carefully since the boy who had no magic was battling next. He was battling a taller guy from what Fuegoleon could tell was pretty arrogant and full of himself he could cross that one off the list of joining the crimson lion.

He then said something to the boy and the two broke apart with the agorrant boy had a smirk on his face while the other boy had a more calm intense and serious look on his face. Once the match began the boy surrounded himself in some sort of defensive done which had attacking capabilities

"He has decent magic I'll give him that" Fuegoleon thought.

Though with decent magic like that there was no doubt that this guy would most likely go to the lower squads possibly the black bulls but most likely the green mantis. Then the magicless boy caught Fuegoleon off guard in just a second he appeared in front of the taller boy and with his old and worn down grimiore he managed to take out a long black sword and with one quick swing of the sword. He completely destroyed the magic and managed to take out the taller boy with him.

"He fast and not only that he was able to negate his magic as well this boy..." Fuegoleon thought

The rest of the matches went by quickly and none of them left a impression on Fuegoleon expect for the anti magic boy. The matches went by so fast that it wasn't long until it was time for selections. Selections went by quickly how ever there was a few people that was chosen which was no surprise. Only the best of the best get chosen to be a magic knight and if you don't have what it takes then you have no right to be a magic knight.

Next up was number 164 and it was the boy with the four leaf grimiore Fuegoleon noticed he was a commoner and he was speaking to the anti magic boy earlier. It was Fuegoleon guess that the two of them must be friends. Not long after he approached ,every magic knight captain including Fuegoleon raised their hands.

But to no one surprise the boy has chosen the golden dawn as the squad that he wants to be in. Now it was time for number 165 the anti magic boy to appear and see which captain would allow him to join their squad.

Many consider Fugeleon very smart and reasonable not to mention he has great leadership qualities and see the best in people weather they are a noble or a commoner. Many people are going to question Fuegoleon about bringing a commoner into the crimson lions which was one of the best magic knight in the clover kingdom.

But he doesn't care this boy has the potential to be a great magic knight and with his anti magic he would be a huge trump card for not only the Crimson Lions but the clover kingdom in general. He just needs to train and study in order to get to the level of being a proper magic knight. But from what Fuegoleon seem he knew that this boy will work as hard anyone in order to reach his goals and those are the traits Fuegoleon was looking for in a magic knight in his squad.

So to the surprise of many Fuegoleon Vermillion has raised his hand.

Asta couldn't really believe it he was part of the magic knights he wanted to scream and cry but he figured that it wouldn't be a good look while his captain was watching him. Just from one look Asta could tell that his captain was a very stern and no nonsense kind of guy. But at the same time he could tell that he was pretty kind and reassuring and his presence brings awe and respect to anybody in a room with him.

Asta could here all of the whispers around him.

"Captain Fuegoleon must have a made a mistake"

"How can a commoner like him join the crimsons lions its unthinkable"

Asta didn't really care what these guys had to say he has heard it all before, with people looking down on him being a commoner. But his captain from the looks of it was a royal, a royal who obviously saw that he had what it takes to be a magic knight gave him a chance. He was grateful towards his new captain and he will not let this opportunity goes to waste he will become the wizard king no matter what.

Asta then turned to look at his friend the boy with the four leaf clover grimiore.

"Yuno we finally did it all of our hard work and six months of training finally paid off we're both magic knights now" Asta said to his best friend and adopted brother.

The boy now known as Yuno smiled at Asta "Yeah I didn't doubt it even for a second I knew for a fact that we will both be magic knights Asta" Yuno said.

Meanwhile Fuegoleon was leaving the coliseum and as he was he was greeted to the sight of a boy that was around Asta and Yuno age. He had orange spikey hair and it was braided in the back in a long pony tail. He wears a white tunic under a dark blue shirt with a high collar with gold trimmings. He is wearing a red slash to hold the shirt together. He was also wearing white pants and blue shoes and he was wearing a red magic knight robe.

"Leo I assume you were watching?" Fuegoleon asked the boy now known as Leo.

"Haha yeah I was brother I have to admit you chosen a curious one into our squad I can't sense any mana in him what's so ever" Leo said to his older brother.

But you saw his fight didn't you he has potential with the right guidance I know he will no doubt be a fine addition to our squad" Fuegoleon said.

"If you saw something in him brother then he must be special I can't wait to meet him and work together with him as his squad mate" Leo said as he grinned.

"Yes things are about to get interesting come Leo lets go and get our new recruit" Fuegoleon said.

Back to Asta the boy had just gotten out of the bathroom and he was greeted to the sight of Yuno.

"Yuno isn't it awesome your in the golden dawn and I'm in the crimson lions those are the two best magic knight squads in the clover kingdom" Asta excitingly said.

"You have a point Asta if was as if we were both meant to be apart of those magic knight squads" Yuno said with a bit of a smirk on his face.

"Well just you wait Yuno because soon the crimson lions are going to be the number one magic knight squad just you wait!" Asta yelled.

"Hahaha that's the sprit new guy I like you already" a voice said.

Asta turned and he saw that Fuegoleon and Leo walking towards him and he knew that by them being here, they were ready to pick him up.

After giving Yuno a quick goodbye Asta went and walked up to Fuegoleon and Leo and greeted them by doing the magic knight salute.

"Sirs its a honor to meet the both of you I'm Asta of Hage Village" Asta said.

Both Leo and Fuegoleon did the same as well.

"The honor is ours Asta I am looking forward to having you on the crimson lions I'm captain Fuegoleon Vermillion first son of the Vermillion household" Fuegoleon said.

"I'm Leopold Vermillion but you can call me Leo Asta I'm the second son of the Vermillion household so I'm Fuegoleon younger brother" Leo said.

"Really that's pretty cool so I'm assuming captain you and Leo are here to pick me up" Asta said.

"That is correct Asta now then are you ready to come to your new home and began your journey as a magic knight, I must remind you your journey will be a long and hard road are you willing to take that path so that you can become a proper magic knight" Fuegoleon asked Asta

However Asta just smiled "of course sir I'm willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal and I'm looking forward to learning under you and the other senior members of our squad"

Fuegoleon could tell that Asta ment every word he said because he could see it in his eyes that same firey determination that made Fuegoleon interested in him in the first place. But he was curious about one thing about Asta so he decided to ask him.

"I see and tell me Asta what is you dream exactly?" Fuegoleon asked his new recruit.

"My dream is I'm going to become the wizard king" Asta said with a grin on his face.

When Asta said that Leo laughed "Ahahaha you really are a interesting one Asta hahaha".

At the same time Fuegoleon smiled at Asta yes he could tell that crimson lions will get more lively from here on out. The only thing that things would get even more lively and crazy was that his older sister would return home and rejoin the squad. Fuegoleon doesn't know what the future will hold but he will certainly be ready for it and he is sure that Asta his new recruit feels the same way.

A/N: How everybody doing I actually read a few stories about Asta joining the sliver eagles. So those stories inspired me to write this what happens if Asta joins the Crimson Lions and Fuegoleon is his captain how will Asta fair in his journey to becoming the wizard king as a member of the crimson lions. I just thought it would be interesting to write though I hope you guys like I don't think I would update this story as much as my others because I would have to refresh my mind a little bit of the previous arcs of black clover and possibly make some original arcs of my own. So yeah let me know what you guys think and if you have any ideas Ill be happy to hear them. Anyway don't forget to read review and follow the story. Until next time guys see ya.