Chapter 10: Asta and Fanzell

It's been about a week since Asta and the others came back from their mission in the magic dungeon, due to Fuegoleon "request" Asta used this time to rest and relax due to his intense battle with the Diamond Kingdom and their forces.

But soon after that the magicless boy was right back to his daily training currently Asta was running around the whole Crimson Lion King's base because he realize that he needs to get faster when using his big sword. For Asta it was great that he has gotten a sword that he can easily use and move around better in the battlefield and also it can also absorb magic as well. But their could be a chance that an enemy could knock his shorter sword away forcing Asta to use his much heavier sword.

Not to mention Asta knew he couldn't be dependent on just one sword he needs to see which weapon would be more suitable for him depending on the battlefield.

"Maybe after this I could try to test my new sword out some more I could ask Leo Leah and maybe Ruben for a spar" Asta said while he was running.

As he got to the front of the base he looked and saw that Urel and Margert and it looked like Margert was dragging somebody in...chains?, in any case Asta went up to see what was going on with his fellow magic knights.

"Please I'm telling you this is just a big misunderstanding!" the man with red haired said that was wrapped up in chains said.

"Uh-huh that's what they all say you have plenty of time to explain yourself to our captain" Margret said in her quiet and calm tone.

"Although Margret I think you may have been too rough on the poor man" Urel said.

"It's his fault for coming at us like a pervert Urel, I mean he was naked for goodness sake" Margret said.

"I for one thought the entire moment was hilarious" Lexion said giving Margret the urge to not roll her eyes at her devil.

"Hey!" Margret and Urel looked and they saw that Asta was running up to them.

"Margret, Old man Urel what's going on did something happen?" Asta asked his fellow crimson lion king members.

"Hello Asta Margret was assisting me on a shopping trip to gather some magic tools and as we got back..." Urel started to say.

"This guy started to attack us and.. he was naked" Margret said as she looked at the man in slight disgust.

"I'm telling you this is a misunderstanding its just that the magic tools you were carrying looked like they were crafted by my wife!" the man said he then looked at Asta as he gasp in shocked.

"Asta!" the man said.

"Old man Zell what the heck are you doing here!?" Asta said to his first teacher.

"It's a bit of a long story but it looks like you finally became a magic knight" the man Asta called Zell said.

"Hold on,you know this guy Asta?" Margret asked.

A couple of minutes later it wasn't long until Asta Zell Margret and Urel was in Fuegoleon office and it didn't take Fuegoleon to recongize Zell or his real name Fanzell Kurguer. But Fuegoleon wanted to wait and here out Asta and his side of the first, it turns out that Asta had met Fanzell while he was out in the woods training for the magic knight exams several months ago and Fanzell was living in a cabin in the woods and Asta stayed with him for a few days in order to train and teach him on how to use his sword since Asta really didn't have any swordsmanship training before he acquired his Grimiore and sword.

Before that Fanzell and his wife then fiancée Domninante were from the Diamond Kingdom with Fanzell being a former instructor and Domninante use to be a magic tool craftsman for the Diamond Kingdom. But since they were fed up with how things were running in the Diamond Kingdom with the cruelty having children being experimented on and killing each other. The couple decided to flee the kingdom but sadly they were attacked by assassins' and were separated from each other. Asta even helped Fanzel fight off some assassins as well.

"I see I never would have expected one of the Diamond Kingdom top fighters to flee the kingdom but I can understand why" Fuegoleon said.

"It would also explain why Asta was capable with his sword during the exam from what I heard from his sword instructor they said it seemed that Asta must have learn some pointers on how to wield a he was the one who taught Asta" Fuegoleon thought.

"So it was a misunderstanding...sorry about that" Margret said as she slightly bowed at Fanzell.

"Ah no its my fault for scaring you guys like that by the way old man the magic tools you got I'm for sure they were crafted by my wife Domnia" Fanzell said.

"Ah so that young lass was your wife I must say she is very gifted to make such fine quality of magic tools although she always drives a hard bargin with the prices" Urel said the last part with a grumble.

"I could also tell that she was witch but didn't she said that her name was Code Urel?" Margret asked.

"Yes that was the name she gave me while I was buying her tools" Urel said.

"That's it her full name is Domninante Code please tell me where did you get those magic tools from?" Fanzell asked Urel.

"Oh from the black market in castle city I sometimes go there to shop" Urel said.

"I see thank goodness" Fanzell said as he was crying tears of joy happy to know that his wife is alive.

"That's great old man Domnia is alive you should go right away and see her" Asta said with a smile on his face.

"Your right thank you guys so much" Fanzell said to the Crimson Lion King members.

"If you want lad I could lead you to where your wife is" Urel said.

"Thank you old man Urel because of you I get to reunite with someone very important to me thank you so much" Fanzell said.

"My boy their no need to thank me all of this happened by chance just tell your wife to lower her prices" Urel jokingly said.

"So captain Fuegoleon can I go now?" Fanzell asked Fuegoleon.

"Normally I would bring you in for some questioning...but since your not causing any trouble for the clover kingdom and just want to reunite and be with your wife I can let you I'm sure Lord Julius would agree with my decision as well" Fuegoleon said.

"I'll have Elaine send you to where you need to go with spatial magic" Fuegoleon said as he pulled out a magic communicator to contact the servant.

"Well Asta it wasn't very long but I'm glad i got to see you again lets meet again and make sure you become the wizard king" Fanzell said to the anti magic boy.

"Heh sure thing and you better get your happy ending!" Asta said as he and Fanzell were about to fist bump a loud explosion happened.

"What was that?" Asta said Fuegoleon stood up.

"Are we under attack somehow?" Urel wondered as he brought out his grimiore.

"They're probably the assassins who were after me I'll leave right away" Fanzell said as he looked and saw Fuegoleon he sweated a bit as he felt his magic power rising.

"Yes go find your wife right away in the mean time I'm going to give those assassins a lesson on attacking the base of the crimson lion kings" Fuegoleon said.

Meanwhile at the same time two figures was watching the base one was a girl with short black hair and purple eyes and she was wearing a cloak and the other was an older man who was wearing a white cloak and he had brown hair and he had a brown beard.

"I don't see any movement knowing instructor Fanzell I thought he would come out by now" the girl said.

"Let's see how this plays out squads one through four maintain formation and advance, squad 5 and 6 on standby" the man said.

"This is the base of one of the best magic knight squads so we should be careful" the man said.

"Yes, I will be going now commander Galleo could you use your spatial magic?" the girl asked.

"In case that the surprise attack fail huh..I don't think its necessary but fine even if the crimson lion king is one of the best squads in the clover kingdom we'd be a laughing stock if a plan like this actually failed" Gallo said as he created the portal and looked at the girl.

"What's with that glare did you forget who let you live" Gallo said.

"I know, I owe you my life" the girl simply said.

"Don't you forget it" Gallo said.

"So I'd like to give you some advice my instuctor is very strong" the girl said as she went through the portal and disappeared.

"Scout from unit one reporting we are about a few meters away from the building" a scout said to Gallo over the speaker.

"Good prepare to attack" Gallo said as they said that Asta Fanzell Margret Urel and a tall girl with shoulder length brown hair with golden highlights who was wearing a white tie in dress with a red brooch tied in the middle, came out of the base.

"There the target don't let him get away" Gallo said as two assissans came out to attack the group from the front but Leo jumped from the side and attacked tem.

"Flame Magic: Spiral Flames!" Leo said as he launch his spiral flames at the diamond assisans roasting them as they fell to the ground.

"You guys got some nerve attacking us like that" Leo yelled.

"Thanks Leo your a life saver ok Elaine now!" Asta said to the brown haired girl who was now known as Elaine opened a golden portal and soon the group that was with Fanzell went inside the portal and disappeared.

"There are sure a lot of you guys" Leo said.

"Lucky for you Leo, we got your back" Leo turned as he saw Leah and Jacob joining him.

"Heh thanks guys lets show these guys why they shouldn't mess with the Crimson Lion Kings!" Leo said as he lit his fists on fire.

"Damn it they got away hmm if we can keep attacking then-"

"So I take it your the commander"

Gallo then turned his head and saw that Randell was currently flying through the air.

"I'm afraid this is the end of you my friend" Randell said as he got into said and held his hand out forward.

"Air Magic: Explosive Air Wave Palm" Randell said as he sent an a air blast at Gallo.

"This power" Gallo said as huge gust of air blew threw the area meanwhile Fuegoleon was currently dealing with a lot of mages as well.

The captain of the crimson lions king took out his grimiore and generated a huge amount of fire around himself that it took shape of a lion

"Fire Creation Magic: Leo Rugiens" Fuegoleon said as the lion fired a huge blast if fire causing an explosion and knocking out a huge bunch of the diamond kingdom assissans.

"Now then Asta and the others should have reached Fanzell's wife by now I have no doubts they will be able to protect her" Fuegoleon said having absolute fate in his subordinates.

At the same time Asta's group managed to reach the black market and they were greeted to quite a site.

"Just how long does it take you to come get me you worthless finance!" a brown haired woman in a pony tail said as she was punching Fanzell.

"How dare you leave a delicate flower like me alone!" the woman said before crying and hugging Fanzell.

"I...was so worried I was afraid you were hurt" the woman said.

"You're kind of hurting me right now" Fanzell replied.

"Thank you old man I never thought you'd do this much for me even though I gave you some extra tools" the woman said to Urel.

"Ah its no problem Code or should I say Domniante maybe once this is over we can discuss some things about magic items and other tools in order to help your business" Urel said to the woman now known as Domniante.

""Sure but you can just call me Domnia" Domniante said as she turned to look at Asta.

"And you must be Asta" Domniante said.

"Hmm how do you-" Asta said as he was about to ask Domniante how did she knew his name.

"You look as gusty as I heard" Dominante said.

"Who told you that?" Asta asked.

"Who?" Domniante said as she looked and Asta gasp as it was the same black haired girl who was with Gallo standing behind Fanzell.

"You're Mariella" Asta said recognizing the girl.

"Hold on does Asta know this girl?" Elaine asked.

"Oh yeah that's right you weren't there when he told his story on how he met Fanzell I can fill you in later" Margret said causing Elaine to nod her head.

"I won't do anything violent what are you expecting a single girl to do, anyway" Mariella said.

"Well you and your men are trying to kill your instructor how do we know your not plotting the same thing" Asta said as he narrowed his eyes.

"I mean no harm but please allow me to use you" Mariella said.

"Use?" Asta said

"What do you mean?" Fanzell asked.

Meanwhile back at the base Fuegoleon and Randall managed to catch Gallo and he was being restrained.

"As expected of one of the best squads in the clover kingdom"

"Did Mariella told us our plan would work on purpose" Gallo thought.

"I see so you pretty much had those guys attack the crimson lion king base so that we would take care of them" Asta said.

"I must say that was actually pretty clever of you" Urel said as he was drinking his tea Dominante made for everyone.

"While that was happening I headed to the black market to tell Miss Domina that the instructor was coming so we were getting prepared though I didn't think you'd get here so fast" Mariella said as she put a piece of paper on the table.

"I've drawn out a safe escape route on this map" Mariella said.

"I don't understand why are you doing this for us?" Asta asked.

"Mariella?" Fanzell was also confused on why his former student was doing all of this.

"Inculding the ones that were sent to the city we'll be able to take care of about sixty assassins at once, on top of that instructor Fanzell and Miss Domnia will be able to escape" Mariella said.

"I'm sure these incidents will set the organization back substantially, this is my revenge aganist the organization" Mariella said.

"Revenge?" Margret said.

"Just like instructor Fanzell I'm tired of this job" Mariella said causing Fanzell to look down and Urel, Margret and Elaine to narrow their eyes.

"But I'm not prepared to go on the run for the rest of my life like instructor Fanzell and Miss Domnia, so in the end I decided to exact a huge revenge then present myself to the clover kingdom's magic knights" Mariella said.

"So you just plan and decided this all on your own?" Asta asked.

"I was waiting for all of these circumstances to align, I just happened to see instructor Fanzell being dragged into the crimson lions king base so I thought if you guys got involved you'd annihilate the assassins" Mariella said.

"Did you really know that?" Elaine huffed in annoyance a bit.

"She makes it sound so easy but thank goodness we got some members in our squad" Margret said.

"So please capture me then this will end happily ever after" Mariella said.

"Do you think it'll work out that well?" Fanzell said as he picked up the map.

"Considering everything you've done you'll probably be severely punished and you might face retaliation from the organization while you're serving time" Fanzell continued saying.

"That's perfectly fine I'll be content with accepting anything other then death" Mariella then looked at Asta and smiled.

"Remember when you said you're suppose to find a reason to live for yourself?" Mariella asked Asta.

"Yeah I did what about it" Asta simply replied.

"It was condescending who do you think you are?" Mariella said.

"Huh!" Asta yelled.

"But your words resonated with me you were really cool" Mariella said as she blushed a bit.

"Oh really I didn't think I said anything that special" Asta said as he rubbed his head.

"I can tell he matured a bit" Mariella said noticing Asta slight growth and change.

"How amusing it seems like that brat is becoming popular with the ladies" Lexion said.

Margret of course knew her devil wasn't kidding thanks to Asta training his body to the limit everyday some of the female squad memebers and the female servants back at the base would blush and admire Asta and his muscular body.

Elaine was thinking the same thing and thought "if Asta continues to do more missions with some nobles..there's no doubt a noblewoman would want to make him his lover...god imagine the scandal a peasant and a noble.." Elaine couldn't help but shake her head reminding herself of her situation regarding her mother and how she was really a bastard child.

"The punishment I receive will be the cost for me to restart and atone for everything I've done, that's why I believe I need to accept the punishment no matter how severe it may be" Mariella said.

"Mariella" Fanzell said.

"I don't think so!" Galleo said as he appeared from the spatial portal.

"Galleo you're a commander and you deserted your squads that's awful!" Mariella said.

"You're the last person I want to hear that from if you want to be executed that badly I'll personally do it for you right here and now" Galleo said.

"Everyone please run he might not sound too dangerous but his magic is a bit troublesome" Mariella said as he got out her grimiore.

"Spatial Creation Magic: Unopening Red Room" Galleo said as a red attack moved through the ground and Asta and Margret moved pretty fast towards Mariella as they along with Fanzell disappeared into a red room. Once they landed Galleo wasted no time in doing another spell.

"Spatial Creation Magic: Crevice Men" Gallo said as figured appeared from the ground.

"He able to create those things with spatial magic" Asta said.

"Yes and he is able to create those soldiers by using his magic in the room he created with his spatial magic" Mariella said.

"They are strong but more importantly what were you two doing why would you throw yourself in front of a spell without knowing the consequences if that was an attack spell you be dead right now are you two stupid" Mariella said causing Lexion to laugh.

"HeheHAHAHAHA clearly this girl doesn't understand what we are capable of, Margret its about time don't you think?" Lexion asked his host.

"Please if that means letting someone else die I rather be stupid plus I'm not the same guy you met all those months ago, I'm now Asta a proud member of the magic knights in the crimson lions king the best magic knight squad in the clover kingdom!" Asta said.

"But I'm your enemy" Mariella said.

"I don't care, when there is someone in need I can help them out as much as I want, whenever I want" Asta said shocking Mariella said.

"Margret do you think you can help me out?" Asta asked the witch who just smiled.

"Of course Asta this is our first time fighting together I have a feeling this won't take long" Margret said as he increased her power and everyone in the room felta chill go down their back.

"Her magic power increased...but why does it feel so ominous" Mariella said as she looked up.

When Margret looked up her silver eyes were replaced with red demonic like eyes and created a long chain like spear.

"Chain Creation Magic: Torque Spear" Margret said as she swung her spear.

"Now then Asta and Fanzell I think its time to end this don't you think" Margret said with a smirk on her face.

Meanwhile back at the crimsons lions hideout later in the day Fuegoleon had just finished calling headquarters so they can detain the assinans and bring them to prison since they managed to captured and tied up most of them. Fuegoleon was currently with Randall Leah and Leo.

"I'm not fully caught up on the details sir but who exactly was that guy to have so many diamond kingdom mages come after him?" Leah asked Fuegoleon.

"His name is Fanzell Kruger he used to be one of the commanders of the diamond kingdoms armies I haven't fought him personally but Yami and others had fought him in battle in the past" Fuegoleon said.

"But from what I heard from reports he became a instructor for other soldiers based on what happen he must have defected that's why all these mages were after" Fuegoleon said.

"But wait brother doesn't that mean we just helped a major enemy escape" Leo said

"Yes we did" Fuegoleon smiled

"But I think we could break the rules just this once Fanzell won't be a threat to us or the clover kingdom" Fuegoleon said.

"It's odd for you to break the rules captain" Randall chuckled.

"Yeah I would have expected that from sis but not you brother" Leo said.

"Why go after man who just wants a peaceful life, it will serve no benefit to us" Fuegoleon said as he turned to look at Leah Leo and Randall

"Now I trust you guys and the rest of the squad keep this a secert, I won't tell lord Julius Fanzell was here as well" Fuegoleon said causing Leah Leo and Randall to smile at their captain and his profound words.

"Of course captain" Leah said

"Our lips are sealed" Randall said

"Yeah brother we won't say a thing" Leo said.

Fuegoleon smiled "thank you guys".

Later on Margret Asta and Fanzell managed to overwelmed Gallo and managed to defeat him in little time and managed to capture him and report him to HQ as of right now they were saying their goodbyes to Fanzell and his group.

"Are you sure its alright to leave?" Dominante asked.

"I have a feeling we'd be causing you trouble if we just disappeared" Fanzell said.

"Well normally we would capture you guys as well and send you to HQ for questioning but captain Fuegoleon seemed like he was willing to let you guys go" Asta said.

"Which is a bit odd Fuegoleon is always a stickler for the rules" Urel thought he then looked at Asta.

"Maybe you are also influencing him to a degree as well my boy" the dwarf thought.

Margret and Elaine nodded in agreement.

"So I take it your going to have Marriella with you?" Asta asked.

"Sounds like she can be a handful with that personality" Eliane jokingly said.

"I didn't choose to have this type of personality" Elaine said.

"I heard they were going to try to kidnap but she put a stop to that" Domniante said as she placed her hands on Mariella shoulders.

"Also if you think about it she's the reason I was able to reunite with Zell" Domniante said.

"She might just be too nice" Margret thought.

"Even though you guys are strong, you are a bit of pushovers that's why I can trick all of you so easily, besides I didn't ask you all to do this even if I didn't have help from you pushovers-" Marriella said.

"You think you can survive on your own just like you have been all this time" Elaine said.

"Sure it might be easier and you can tell yourself as long as you can get through it you'll be fine and you don't have to think about anyone around you" Elaine said as Asta Urel and Margret looked at her.

"But that's not possible anymore since when people care about you, your problems aren't your own anymore" Elaine said as she pointed at Fanzella and Domniante and Mariella turned to look at them as Domniante smiled and nodded.

"You have to think about those two as well" Elaine said.

Mariella looked at Elaine "I can tell you have a very kind and understanding personality" Elaine said.

"It helps that I had a great mom who raised me" Elaine said thinking about her mother.

"Well, if we linger too long the goodbyes will be-" Fanzell said as he started to cry

"Hey there is no need to get all emotional go on old man, time flows differently for those who actually try to get stuff done and those who don't, right" Asta said.

So get going and make Domnia happy" Asta continued saying with a big smile on his face.

"Yeah I will, I won't waste this precious time that's was given to me, from now on I'll do my best to live along these two" Fanzell said.

"Good, that's the sprit" Asta said as he and Fanzell locked arms together.

"I'll write you a letter once everything settles down" Fanzell said.

"Sure take care" Asta said.

"So uh... I hate to ask at a time like this but you known I lost all my belongings to the assissans right before you guys hauled me into your base..." Fanzell said as he picked up a cat.

"Ugh don't tell me" Asta said.

"Could you lend me some money?" Fanzell asked.

"Ahh I should have never saved you!" Asta yelled.

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