Chapter 12: Attack at the Capital

Everybody expect for Yuno and the crimson lions were shocked at Asta declaration of him becoming the wizard king, but after a brief moment the silva siblings Solid and Nebra had started to laugh as they brought out their Grimiore.

"You're going to become the next wizard king?" Solid said as he Nebra and Alecdora all went to attack Asta but Solid and Nebra attacked Asta together.

Water Creation Magic: Hydra Wrap" Solid said as he sent a water like snake attack at Asta.

"Mist Creation Magic: Strangling Mist" Nebra said as she sent a mist like attack at Asta however the new intermediate magic knight of the crimson lion kings was ready for the incoming attacks as he quickly jump and with two fast pace swings with his new sword he was able to cut down the magic.

"As I thought he has the ability to negate magic like lord Julius said, he is no ordinary street rat" Alecdora said as he summoned a giant sand knight to bind Asta.

"Sand Creation Magic: Sandman Restraint" Alecdora said.

"Hey sis shouldn't we go and try to help Asta?" Rico said not liking how his squamates were attacking Asta but Leah only just smiled and said.

"Nah it's fine, Asta's got this" Leah said.

Asta without wasting anytime had his grimiore right in front of him and he summoned his first sword and he freed himself by effortlessly cut down the giant sand knight.

Solid only gritted his teeth in frustration "you really think just because your in the crimson lions that you just do what ever you want, in the end your nothing more then a peasant and people like you should know your place!" Solid yelled as he created a water like drill.

"Water Creation Magic: Planet Buster Bullet!" Solid said as he fired his attack at Asta.

"Asta!" Noelle said.

However Asta with his first sword managed to swing his first sword and deflected the attack back at Solid and it managed to hit him causing him to slide back a bit causing him to fall on his knees.

"Impossible was I actually forced down to a knee by this street rat!" Solid said.

"Now then I think it's about time you apologize to Noelle" Asta calmly said but he then widen his eyes as he felt a huge presence behind him.

"Solid" Asta and Solid turned and saw Nozel.

"Big brother Nozel" Solid said.

"Don't use your magic against common folk like that" Nozel said as he increased his magic power.

"So that's him the captain of the silver eagles Nozel Silva he letting out such overwhelming presence, similar whenever I see captain Fuegoleon. I'm not surprised he is a captain for a reason" Asta thought.

"Now then how should I correct a rat especially from Fuegoleon squad, who doesn't show proper respect to royalty" Nozel said.

"That's quite enough Nozel" Nozel turned and he saw Fuegoleon walking up behind him.

"Asta is a member of my squad I can't let you and your siblings do as you please and attack him like that" Fuegoleon said.

"Captain Fuegoleon" Asta said touched that his captain was defending him.

"Man you sure put on a show Asta it never gets dull with you around haha" Leo laughed.

"I'll say you even got captains Fuegoleon and Nozel fighting each other now" Margret quietly said as she looked at Fuegoleon and Nozel said.

"What do you think Margret?" Margret then found herself in another realm and and she was standing in front of a large creature the figure had long wavy hair that reaches the back of its neck and he has a pointed bear and two long horns at the front of its head. He has two long wings and pointed teeth this was Lexion a high ranking devil that is partnered up with Margret.

"How do you think we would fair against the captains?" Lexion asked his host.

"Hmm it might be though honestly I think we might have to go one hundred percent to even have a chance and even then its going to be hard for us to beat them why do you ask?" Margret asked her devil.

"You know why Margret, you know we have to get stronger for the upcoming threats" Lexion said.

"I know Lexion, you don't have to worry you seen how hard I have been training I pretty much mastered your power and besides...I really think Asta will be the key in the upcoming battle against Lucifero" Margret said.

"Hmph that brat I will admit he is a funny and interesting one hehehe hopefully you will tell him about us Margret I am curious about that devil he has and its power" Lexion said.

"Yeah I hope so too I mean I get along fine with Asta but it will be cool to have a stronger bond together as devil hosts" Margret said as she left her mindscape and looked at Fuegoleon and Nozel.

"Asta was promoted just like your siblings and he was recognized by lord Julius himself despite his status he has earned the right to be here don't you think" Fuegoleon said to his rival.

"You know I never thought you would bring in a peasant into your squad and defend him no less, I guess you and the rest of your squad has gotten soft Fuegoleon" Nozel said before continuing by saying.

"Besides I'm the one that calls the skies my road why should I acknowledge the insects so far below me" Nozel said as he and Fuegoleon are just staring at each other and are just releasing their mana.

"There just releasing their mana and I can't even stand" Klaus said.

Suddenly the doors were opened an a robed figured entered "we have trouble our kingdom is under attack!" the figured yelled shocking everybody.

At the same time explosions were happening all over the kingdom and a long haired guy who had his left eye being covered in a wrap was laughing at the destruction all around him.

"Hahahah kill,kill,kill,kill,kill!" the guy said.

"Who the hell is that?" a male citizen said in a panic like tone.

"I'm going to destroy this stupid kingdom that didn't understand my true worth" the eyepatch man said as he was controlling the corpses.

"What sewer did these freaks crawl out of and who would be suicidal enough to attack the castle town" a member of the defense squad said as they shot down the corpse but they keep getting back up.

"What the hell are these guys, they look like beehives yet they keep coming!" another member said.

"Calm yourselves this is our kingdom and we're going to protect-" another squad member said but the eye patch man interrupted him.

"Like hell you will, you're weak, be gone trash, turds, scum" the eye patch man said.

"how powerful is this guy" one member thought as they were overwhelmed by the corpses "ahhhhh!" the members screamed.

"You're more powerful then I am right then come stop me magic knights!" the eyepatch man said.

"We're under attack!" Fuegoleon yelled in surprised.

Siren got out his grmiore and created a map of the entire kingdom.

"Stone Creation Magic: Stone Model of the World"

"Is this the live look of the castle town" Klaus said as he pushed up his glasses.

"It even has the people voices and their remaining voices, is he sensing all of the mana in the town, and building a replica at the same time" Klaus said as he was amazed at Siren ability.

"This is a much higher level of magic I used in the dungeon" Mimosa said as she was also impressed.

"How on earth could an attack with this kind of mana go unnoticed by us?" Alecdora said.

"The enemy must have a powerful spacial mage and got them in here instantly" Fuegoleon said.

"But captain that shouldn't be possible right there are always protecting mages who always set up a barrier right?" Asta said as thinkig back to the countless knowledge he learned on how to be a proper magic knight.

"That's true maybe the enemy could have broken through somehow or did they bribed on of our men regardless we are dealing with a pro here" Fuegoleon said.

"But how should we divide the members we have here?" Fuegoleon said.

"Shouldn't we consider the castle first?" Alecdora asked.

"Captain Fuegoleon I can go to whoever behind the attack and beat them with my anti magic I can take Leo and Leah with me since they can sense Mana" Asta said.

"That's good thinking Asta now-" before Fuegoleon could say anything Asta was already running.

"Awesome thanks captain come on Leo, Leah!" Asta said.

"Hahaha I'm right behind you Asta!" Leo said as he running after Asta.

"Oh Asta your a reckless and energetic as always sorry Rico I need to make sure that Asta doesn't get killed out there" Leah said to her brother as she ran after Asta and Leo.

Fuegoleon sighed "it seems like Asta hasn't lost his eagerness and energetic sprit thought I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing" Fuegoleon said as he turned to look at the others.

"Listen I know you may not be happy with me taking the lead, but please listen to me my fellow magic knights" Fuegoleon said.

"I'm going after Asta and Leo to deal with the main enemy after we defeat him I'll head over to the northeren section, silver girl come with me" Fuegoleon said as he created and got on a fiery lion.

"Order of the silver eagles take care of the middle section which has the greatest concentration of mana" Fuegoleon said as Nozel created a mercury eagle and him his siblings and Rico got on it.

"Try not to get in our way Rico" Solid said.

"Don't worry I promise I won't look as foolish you did a few minutes ago, Solid" Rico said to his unpleasant squadmate.

"Why you little!" Solid started to say but Nozel stopped him.

"That's enough both of you, lets just go and deal with the enemy to our kingdom right now" Nozel said.

"Yes big brother" Solid said.

"Understood, sir" Rico calmly said to his captain.

"Ladies of the blue rose to the east" Fuegoleon said as the tan skinned girl created a large golem as she and the captain got on top of it.

"Taking orders from a man makes my skin crawl but I'll let it slide this time" the captain of the blue rose said.

"Golden dawn split into two and take the northwest and eastern areas" Fuegoleon said as Yuno created a wind tornado to carry himself Alecdora and Mimosa.

"we'll protect the citizens under attack" Alecdora said.

"lets get a little after meal work" Hamon said.

"Margret I'll leave the south section to you" Fuegoleon said knowing Margret is powerful enough to handle a section alone.

Margret simply nodded "understood sir I won't let you down" Margret said.

"Finally some action looks like it might be time to flex our power Margret oh and save the rest of the humans thats important too" Lexion said causing Margret to resist the urge to shake her head at her devils antics.

"There will be no greater shame to us knights if we can't protect our kingdom show our enemies no mercy!" Fuegoleon said as everybody left and Margret was outside.

"Ok it looks like nobody is around well expect for the girl that's too busy eating under the table" Margret said.

It was then that Margert had grew two sets of horns and her eyes went from silver to demonic red and she grew and sprouted two bat like wings, after that Margret flew up in the air and started to make her quickly to the southern part of the kingdom to deal with the threat.

That girl that Margret mentioned was Charmy another member of the black bulls as she eating some food "I tagged along with Noelle and her group but now things have taken a turn for the worst" Charmy said as she then had a excited look on her face.

"It's time for me to shine if I do well out there, I might be able to eat more tastier food" Charmy said after that she began to smell something

"Something smells delicious, what is the source of that heavenly magic" Charmy said as she left.

Meanwhile we are back at the capital and the people of the clover kingdom keeps on getting attacked and at the same time the eyepatch man was looking and talking with a little girl.

"Little lady, do you like the clover kingdom?" he asked the little girl.

The little girl was in tears "I do like please don't do this to me" the little girl said.

"Well I hate it with a passion" the eyepatched man said.

"That's why I'm destroying it all the town, the people in it and you too girle" the man said he then heard an explosion and Asta with his second sword managed to run through the many dead bodies has he was prepared to face the eyepatched man.

"I'm the one who going to protect them" Asta said as the man turned to face him.

"What's this a kid and he a part of the crimson lions" the man said.

"Get the hell away from the girl you freak" Asta said.

"You're a fool if you think that attack of yours will stop my army" the man said as he noticed his undead army wasn't getting up.

"What the hell?" the man said as he was distracted the girl then went up to Asta and hugged him.

"I was so scared!" the girl said.

"Woah haha hey it's ok just get behind me" Asta said as he patted the little girl on her head.

"Oh I get it now your that anti magic kid, oh hell no you have got to be kidding me" the eyepatch man said before he started to yell by saying.

"I didn't do all of this so a little shit with no magic like you would be the one to oppose me!" he yelled.

Meanwhile at the south region of the clover kingdom Margret was facing the undead corpses and she looked around and saw that she was alone at the moment.

"It seems like I'm alone at the moment I guess I can let loose a little bit" Margret said as she had a bit of a smirk on her face it was always fun to use Lexion power she can't wait for when the time comes she meets Asta devil and to see what else Anti-Magic can do.

The undead corpses all went to attack Margret but the witch merely just held her left hand up at the corpses.

"Hellblaze Magic: Jetburn!" Margret said as she unleashed a powerful wave of black fire from her left hand completely incinerating all of the corpses she had to face.

"Just stay down and be burn to ashes by my flames" Margret said.

"Excellent Margret your amazing as always so much potential that's why I'm fond of you humans in general. You guys have so much potential regardless of what the rest of my kind think" Lexion said with a smirk on his face.

"Well I'm glad that we are making things interesting for you Lexion, I should go and see if there are any more enemies near by" Margret said as she was starting to go to another area to see if any more enemies are near by.

"Hey check it out it's the silver eagles, the magic knights have come to save us!" the citizens of the clover kingdom said.

"Citizens stand behind us" Nozel calmly said.

"The captin sir Nozel is here we have nothing to fear" the citizens said.

Meanwhile the other magic knights were fighting some corpses at their locations.

"What's with these guys they get up no matter how many times we put them down" Klaus said.

"I was considering what to have for dessert when we got back, but after seeing these guys I've lost my appetite" Hamon said.

"Boss these guys are giving me the creeps" Sol said.

"You're right I feel like vomiting at just the sight of them" the blue rose captain Charlotte said.

"There no end to them" Mimosa said.

"They must have some weak point" Yuno said.

"It'll take time to actually find it" Alecdora said to the young magic knight.

"These guys have some magic power but they aren't living beings if that's the case" Fuegoleon said.

"We just gave to break them to the point where they can't move anymore!" everybody said.

"Take this!" Leo said as he unleashed sprial like flames from his hands and destroyed the undead corpses Flame Magic: Spiral Flames.

Leah then jumped into the air and she went ahead and did two kicks with both of her legs and created two wind like cresecent attacks and sliced down the corpses in half Wind Magic: Angelic Moon Dance

Meanwhile at the same time her brother Rico created some silver wing boots around his feet from his wind magic and he created some brass knuckles with long blades as well. "Wind Creation Magic: Boots of Hermes, Wind Creation Magic: Blades of Destruction"

Rico face was completely serious and with just a blink of an eye he managed to get by and without any effort cut down the corpses with his blade.

"Man this is so troublesome I thought we were suppose to do a ceremony not fight a undead army" Rico said.

"Be gone!" Solid said as he destroyed more of the undead army with a water like snake attack "Water Creation Magic: Spiral Blade Hydra"

"You'll pay for making the boss feel sick!" Sol said as she used her golem to destroy the corpses "Earth Creation Magic: Wild Gaia"

"At least you'll look good as you get ripped to pieces hoho" Hamon said he created sharps of glass to pierce through the corpses "Glass Creation Magic: Verre Fleur

"I can't even play around with these guys how disappointing" Nebra said as she created clones and she and her clones destroyed the corpses Mist Creation Magic: Infinite Clones.

"Fall prey to my magic" Alecdora said as he created a giant sand knight to cursh the corpses "Sand Creation Magic: Heavy Guardian

"No one is allowed to touch me" Charlotte said as she trapped the corpses with her briar magic "Briar Creation Magic: Briar Trap"

"Ok Noelle you can do this remember the training you put yourself through" Noelle thought as she fired multiple bullet like shots at the corpses and tore through them Water Creation Magic: Hydro Bullets.

"I did it!" Noelle said as she smiled a bit happy that she was able to take down some of the enemies forces.

"Incinerate!" Fuegoleon said as he created a giant flame lion and it breathed fire and destroyed the corpses "Flame Creation Magic: Leo Rugiens"

"Your all guilty" Nozel said as he created silver like bullets up in the air and it rain down on the corpses Mercury Magic: Silver Rain

"You are charged with attacking the citzens of this kingdom" Nozel said.

"If anyone was injured please come over here" Mimosa said as Yuno was taking care of the corpses.

"Yeah they did it that's our magic knights" one citizen said.

"That was some amazing magic" another citizen said

"You guys are awesome" another citizen said.

Meanwhile we go back to Asta the young member of the crimson lions has just finished cutting down some more corpses "come on I can do this all day" Asta said.

"Wow Asta amazing he was able to take out all of the corpses with just his sword and he not even breaking a sweat" Leah said in amazement.

"Haha I expect no less from you Asta keep this up and you might become my rival!" Leo said.

The eyepatched man looked at Asta "my magic allows me to put my mana into a corpse and control it as I see fit, but with a single attack from him cuts all the mana I put into a corpse.

"What gives you the right to attack innocent people like that just for that I'm taking you down!" Asta said as he attacked the man however he saw a blast coming but Asta with his speed managed to dodge it in time but the attack cut his cheek a bit.

"Number four Jimmy" the man said.

"Did you seriously call them innocent anyone who doesn't acknowledge my power deserves death!" the man said as he was on top of a giant corpse.

Asta just narrowed his eyes as he was prepared to face this man and defeat him at all cost in order to protect the clover kingdom and its people.

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