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Third Earth- Thundera

King Claudus sighed as he sat on the bed of his chambers. Once again, his son Lion-O, his heir, had been late for his lessons that day. And not for the first time. Not only that, but he barely passed his lesson.

It was becoming a recurring problem. His son would consistently sneak out of the castle and into the streets with the commoners. All in the hopes of finding technology.

His son, the future king, was chasing after childish fantasies.

"Why can't that boy take his responsibilities more seriously?" Claudus muttered, mostly to himself.

"Do be patient, your majesty," Jaga said in his soothing voice. "The prince is still young. He is more than capable of learning."

"I know that he has great potential Jaga. I'm just frustrated by how little of it he demonstrates. Why can't he be more like Tygra? He never disappoints."

"As I recall your majesty, your father was not always pleased with you either" Jaga reminded his king. "I can sometimes still feel his angered gaze."

"You can still feel it? I had to live through it" Claudus chuckled. His face then turned solemn.

"Perhaps, I need something else to break through to Lion-O. Something..."


It was at that moment that the doors to the king's chambers burst open. Two guards ran inside, both out of breath.

"My Lord! Something is coming!" One shouted.

"What is it? And attack?" Claudus yelled as he prepared the Gauntlet of Omens. The legendary sword it housed still sheathed inside.

"We don't know your majesty" the second guard stated. "It is- a ball of fire. A giant one! It is coming at us from the sky!"

"What?! What sort of nonsense is this?! Do you intend to make a fool of your king?!"

"No my Lord!" Both guards yelled at once.

"Perhaps we should see what this is. Confirm the situation" Jaga advised.

"Very well" Claudus announced. "Lead the way."

The two guards took their king to the balcony. One that allowed him to observe all of Thundera. And gave him a complete view of the starry sky.

One such star, indeed, seemed to be heading directly towards the ground.

"By the ancestors" Claudus whispered in both awe and fear as he saw the ball of flame descend ever closer to the land. It became more visible as the distance closed. Thankfully, it did not land within the kingdom. Unfortunately, it landed too close to the gates of Thundera for Claudus's liking.

"My king? What do we do?"

Claudus did not hesitate before answering.

"Gather as many available guards as possible, and get their steeds ready! We will ride out and uncover the source of this mystery! If it is a threat, we will destroy it!"

"Yes, sir!" Both guards left to get the cats ready.

"What of the princes?" Jaga asked.

"Leave them be. Should this prove to be a powerful threat, Thundera will need someone to lead it should I fall."

"I understand. I am coming with you."

Claudus looked at Jaga in shock.

"Jaga, what are you talking about? You are not a warrior, you..."

"I know this, my king. But I sense something... interesting, about what we just saw. Something I have never felt before. I believe my guidance may be necessary."

Despite his reservations, Claudus realized that having Jaga with him might just be advantages. If the threat were to be magical, then having his strongest sorcerer by his side was the most strategically sound move.

"Very well, my old friend. Let's go."

Once the Thunderian Mounts were prepared, Claudus and many of his soldiers rode out past the gates of Thundera. Beside them, Jaga and his clerics ran at high speeds. The ball of fire from the sky had left a smoke trail. One that the battalion could follow to their destination.

"Come now, my warriors! Whatever this is, we must reach it!"

The words of their king spurred the soldiers, and they charged with greater speed. Jaga made sure to follow close to his leader's side. They rode out past the barren land, into the forest. Once there, they rode through the trees, on the unpaved road, until they reached a small clearing.

What they found shocked all of them.

It seemed to be a large metal kite. It was white and red, and it was smashed face-forward into the ground. There was a glass dome in the center of it, one that was too foggy for anyone to look inside.

"What is that thing?" Claudus asked.

"I do not know" was all Jaga could say.

Claudus did not like this. His sorcerer did not know what they were facing. That could only spell trouble.

"Stay sharp cats. We need to..."


Suddenly, steam began to pour out of the glass dome as it began sliding back. From the smoke, a figure began to emerge.

Claudus and his soldiers unsheathed their swords. Whatever was in that thing, if it was a threat, it would be destroyed. The figure stood up from the smoke. It moved forward slightly, allowing all present to view its features.

What they saw gave them pause.

It looked like one of the dog people. It had onyx fur for skin, thin and thick, with a dreadlock braid on his head, clawed hands, and canine feet. Although its face was much flatter than that of any known dog, almost resembling a cat's face. But the eyes were unmistakably canine, and they were amber in color. Its clothes were just as strange. It seemed to be wearing a burgundy robe shirt, with beige leggings, a brown hooded vest, and white gauntlets over black fingerless gloves. It also had toeless socks, leaving the claws on its feet open.

There were also markings on its face, above its nose and its eyes, silver in color.

And on the belt around its waist, attached to its hip, it had a long metal cylindrical device.

It also looked weak, and it seemed to have trouble standing.

"My lord? Do we kill the dog?"

Claudus turned to the guard that had asked. He was pondering the same question. The dog may possess a threat. And the craft it had just crawled up from was not like anything he had ever seen. It almost looked like the technology spoken of in the old stories. But that was impossible. Technology did not exist.

But then what was it? And how did it relate to the dog?

"H-help" the dog suddenly said in a weak voice. Its throat sounded dry and hoarse as if every word was painful to utter. "where...carrier?"

The dog's eyes rolled to the back of its head, and it lost consciousness. It slipped and fell off the craft, landing on the ground. Jaga immediately ran to it.

"Jaga! Be careful!"

Ignoring his ruler, Jaga bent down to examine the dog, who resembled a jackal in many ways. He checked his pulse, and his breathing.

"He is stable, my lord. But he needs help."

"Are you mad Jaga?! This dog could be an enemy!" Claudus' voice thundered through all his cats. Most of them agreed with him, muttering their consent amongst each other.

"I sincerely doubt that my king" Jaga calmly said, ignoring all the whispers. He asked his favorite student to help him lift the stranger. "There is something special about this one. I will explain more, but we must help him first."

Claudus was worried about the path his friend was taking. Even if the dog wasn't a threat, it was still a dog. And an enigma. Showing mercy might not only endanger them, but it could also make them look weak. Something no cat could stand.

But Claudus trusted Jaga. His wisdom had never failed him. So the decision was obvious.

"Send word to the healers to prepare for a new patient. And get more cats out here to drag this craft to the castle. In secret! I want to know what it is as soon as possible. Now get moving!"

"Yes, your majesty!" Every single soldier hurried to their assigned tasks. Jaga and one of his fellow clerics walked up to Claudus, the two of them still holding up the dog.

"Are you certain of this Jaga?"

"My king. I assure you, this dog is not a threat. But there is something interesting about him."

"Interesting? In what sense Jaga?"

"When he awakens, I will question him."

"We all will" Claudus announced. "My son will face a trial tomorrow. If he awakes, we will question him in the hall. Clear?"

"Yes, my king."

"Good then. Now come on. Let's get back."

With the plan set out, all parties returned to the castle of Thundera.

"Keep yourself calm young Padawan," The Jedi Master instructed his apprentice in his synthesized voice through the loudspeaker. The training facility aboard the ship served as a useful tool. It allowed him to change the environment of his student's practices to better fit the lesson at hand. Such as right now.

"Yes, Master" the young Padawan responded as he continued to float in the zero-gravity room. He maintained a meditative posture, with his legs crossed and hands held together.

"Remember, the purpose of this exercise is for you to surrender yourself to the Force. To trust in its course. Any moment now, the gravity will reset itself. When it does, you must land on your feet, regardless of what position you are in."

"I understand master. Exist only in the Force."

"Good," Master said as he and his student waited for the exercise to end. For several more minutes, the gravity remained deactivated, as the padawan remained afloat within the room. When the gravity reactivated, it was time for the test.

He was nearly at the ceiling when the system rebooted, meaning that the fall was over twenty feet. But there was no need for concern, as the padawan allowed his body to move freely. His torso and legs twisted appropriately, allowing him to land on his feet.

"Good job Padawan. Now tell me, how did you accomplish this?"

"I trusted the Force, master. I let it guide my actions, just like you said."

"Exactly. And that is the lesson you must remember. Always trust in the Force."

He awoke, despite some difficulty. The first thing he saw was an empty, brick room. One with a plain, hard bed that he was laying on.

He also had a headache, likely from the turbulence he faced as his ship had descended. Emergency landings were never fun. And they never left him feeling all that well either.

"What happened?" The question was rampant in his mind as he tried to dispel the dullness in his body. He remembered the transmission he had received from his master, telling him to get off the ship. That was when the clones suddenly lost their minds. All except for the commander. He had actually helped him get to the ship to escape. But the commander had to stay behind. But what happened to him? What happened to his master? Were they both alright? And where was he?

"I see you're awake at last" a voice suddenly said, directing the padawan's attention towards a door ahead of him. He almost jumped back when he saw what it was.

There was a male standing at the door. He was feline in nature if the ears were of any indication. He actually resembled a Zygerrian. Thankfully for him though, not quite. He had humanoid features as well, and his ears were too small for a Zygerrian. "It's certainly earlier than I had anticipated. The sun has just risen."

"Where-where am I?" The stranger asked, his voice now healthier. His body no longer seemed as fragile.

"You are inside the castle, in the kingdom of Thundera" Jaga informed his guest.


"Um, alright. What planet is that on?"

The not-Zygerrian frowned. "Planet?"

"Yes. Is this still the inner rim? Or am I somewhere completely different? This world doesn't look like it's part of the Republic. Or the Separatist movement, for that matter."

The elder sighed, clearly not understanding what the stranger was talking about.

"Perhaps, we should start with something simple. What is your name young one?"

Despite being confused by the avoidance of his question, the stranger answered.

"My name is Anubis, of Lothal. I am a Jedi Padawan."

"I see. Well Anubis, my name is Jaga, head cleric of Thundera."

"It is an honor to meet you Jaga."

The old one smiled at the politeness he was shown. "The pleasure is mine Anubis. I have come to inform you that the king wishes to see you. Your arrival made quite an ordeal."

"The king?" Anubis was now even more confused as to where he was. He didn't know of many planets in the inner rim that had monarchies. Most served the Republic, acting more as business planets.

But that would mean he likely wasn't in the Inner Rim anymore. If that were the case, then where was he?

"Yes, King Claudus of Thundera. He requests your presence. He desires answers from you, as do many."

"Answers? For what?"

"Your appearance caused quite a stir, as I said. As such, we are curious as to your origins Anubis. It would also be beneficial to you. You seem to want answers yourself."

"He's not wrong" Anubis admitted.

"Ok. Lead the way then Jaga."

"Excellent. Come along."

The two of them started walking towards the throne room when Anubis noticed something.

"Hold on a second Jaga," Anubis said as he checked his belt. He needed to make sure he still had it. He was almost defenseless without...

"Still got it" Anubis whispered as he felt the familiar metal clipped to his hip.

"Ah yes. I had been meaning to ask what that is."

"It's my weapon. My lightsaber" Anubis stated.

"Lightsaber?" Jaga inquired. He had never heard of that term before. And the cylinder on his belt certainly did not resemble any weapon he had seen before.

But then again, appearances could be deceiving.

"That's what it's called. Shall we continue on our way?" Anubis said.

"Yes. Let us continue discussions in the throne room. Come."

The Thunderian Cleric and the Jedi Padawan continued their walk through the castle into the throne room. Both parties waiting to gain answers from one another.

Unaware of any of the events to come.

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As for pairing, I think I will have Anubis get with Cheetara. He is named after the ancient Egyptian god, the same one who at one point was married to the cat goddess Bast. So I think it could work. If not, I could try either Pumyra or an OC. Let me know what you guys think.

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