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The old cat turns around to face me.

"Ah, Anubis. It is lovely to see you this morning."

"Likewise Jaga. I was wondering if I could ask you something."

"Go right ahead."

I take a moment to collect myself. I need to explain myself correctly. As he is not a force-sensitive, Jaga might not have the answers I seek.

"You give advice to the royal family, correct? Could you offer some to me?"

Jaga smiles softly. "I would love to converse with someone as interesting as you Anubis. Unfortunately, I am needed for a meeting with the king today."

"Oh." My mood drops after that. I could have used some advice. But Jaga's hand on my shoulder draws my interest.

"However, if there is something you wish to do today, perhaps you could at that craft you arrived in."

My eyes widen. "You have my ship?"

"Is that it? Well, yes, we do. It is locked under the castle in the royal cellar. Only those who can pass..."

He pulls out a key in his hand.

"Can enter that room."

Smiling I take the key from his hand.

"Thank you, Jaga. Can we still talk later?"

"I see no reason we should not. Good luck Anubis."

I run to find this cellar after that. There are things I need to check.

It takes me a few minutes, but I manage to find the room where he valuables are housed. I use the key to unlock the door and walk inside. And there is where I see it.

My starfighter.

The front is a little dented. I must have landed the ship on its front. That would explain its current state. Everything else looks... fine. Nothing else is falling apart. Even the paint is fine. The only thing that's out of place is...


That doesn't make sense. The droid was never a part of my ship. It always went with my master. I never even needed it. I always used...

"Wait a minute," I mutter as I jump to the pilot's seat of the craft. I never would have left without it. I always took it with me. I don't remember what happened to me, but there is no way I would leave...

"Here you are."

I pull out what looks like a metal rectangle with legs attached. it was shut off. Whatever happened must have been serious. He hated being hut down.

"What is that thing?"

I turn around to see Cheetara standing at the entrance.

"Did Jaga tell you to follow me everywhere?"

"Only in important places. I'm surprised he let you in here," Cheetara says as she takes a look around. I don't think she's been in here before. "So what is that thing?"

"It's my starfighter. I used it in the Clone Wars."

"Starfighter? You mean that thing can fight stars?"

"No, it's designed to fight in the stars. It's a jet, it's meant to fly."

Cheetara's eyes widened. "That thing can fly? Is it because of magic? Or is it that Force thing you were talking about?"

I chuckle. "No, there's no magic or Force involved. It's a machine, one built for the purpose fo flying. It's technology."

Cheetara narrows her eyes. "Technology? Are you saying it actually exists?"

"Of course it does. Almost every civilization in the galaxy has some level of tech. It plays a part of everyone's life. Even the Jedi."

"What about that thing on your belt? Is that technology also?"

Grinning, I pull out the hilt. "This is my lightsaber. It's the weapon of all Jedi."

"Lightsaber? What does that do?"

"Do you want to see?"

Cheetara nods. In response, I press my weapons activation button.

A long yellow blade erupts from the hilt.

Cheetara stares at it in awe.

"Is that- a sword?"

"Basically. Though I suppose "energy blade" is also a good descriptor."

I swing the weapon for effect. I usually don't like showing off, but It feels nice right now.

"That's incredible."

"I suppose. Do you want to try it?"

Those words come out before I can stop myself. A lightsaber is supposed to be a Jedi's weapon. Outsiders aren't supposed to...

"May I?"

The smile on her face convinces me to let her anyway.

"Careful. It's lighter than you might think," I say as I hand it to her. She grabs on to it.

And immediately almost drops it. The blade starts cutting into the floor.

"Woah, careful!" I grab her hands to help steady the blade. Once her grip on it is secured, I let go.

"I didn't expect it to be so light," she says breathlessly.

"That's why the handle is heavy. We focus our grip on that and focus on using the blade for other things. It doesn't have weight because it's made of light. It's not solid."

"How is that possible?" She asks, with the glow from the blade accenting her features. She does look good holding it.

Why am I thinking about that?

"There are a few complicated reasons. The most simple one being technology."

"So it is real," she says as she continues to stare. "Do you have any other pieces of technology?"

"Well, there is the ship here. And there is also..."

I grab the metal rectangle from before. I press the button on the back to turn him on. As the little droid moved its legs, I notice Cheetara staring.

"Come on BD. I'm here."

I put my friend on the ground, and watch as he takes his first steps on the new planet. He seems happy to be active.

"What is that?" Cheetara asks as she walks up to me, handing me back my lightsaber. I turn it off to prevent any more damages.

"This is BD-3. He is an exploration droid. His programming is to go to new areas and study them."

"You make machines for that?"

"Occasionally," I shrug. "I keep him around because he's great at storing information in his memory, and he's good company."

"Information? What does he keep a record of?"

I'm about to answer when BD brushes against my leg.


"Oh. BD, this is Cheetara. Cheetara, I told you about him."

Cheetara stares back and forth between him and me. "Did you understand it?"

"Yes, I know Binary. Actually, I was surprised when everyone here was able to speak Basic."

"Basic? What does that mean?"

"Basic is..."


Both of us look up when the horn goes off.

"What is that? Another new arrival?"

"No," Cheetara's face hardens. "That's a war horn. Someone is marching here to attack."

I frown when I hear that. I had heard of Master Kenobi's defeat of General Grievous. I had hoped my experiences with war and battle would end there. It would seem I was wrong.

"How can I help?"

Cheetara looks at me in surprise. "Anubis, we can't ask you to fight. This battle is not something that concerns you."

"I've spent the better part of the past three years fighting in battles. I want to help."

Cheetara looked conflicted. "I can get you to Jaga. He can tell you."

I nod to her. Then I look at BD. "I'll be back, little buddy. Stay with the ship and with R-7. Stay out of trouble."


Me and Cheetara walk out of the cellar.

"You will remain here."

Jaga is standing next to the prince, was just speaking to the king. It seems that everyone except him will be heading to meet the threat. I would feel bad for him, but right now I have more pressing concerns.


"Ah, Anubis. I take it you have heard what has happened."

"Yes. How can I help?"

"My friend, I could not..."

"Jaga, Cheetara gave me the same explanation. And I'll tell you what I told her. I'm used to fighting. I've been doing it for years. Now, how can I help?"

Jaga seems slightly taken aback, but he responds. "Unfortunately, I do not possess the authority to send you to aid the front lines. Only the king has that power, and he has left. However, I can ask you to guard the castle."

"The castle?"

"Yes. On the slight chance that the outside forces are overwhelmed, we would need warriors to defend the walls protecting Thundera's royalty. If you are as powerful as I have been led to believe, then your help there would be invaluable."

I would like to go and help the king and the other soldiers. Not because I am narcissistic or that I enjoy battles (no one should), but because I feel that I could do the most good there. But Jaga has asked me, and my choices are limited.

"Very well. I can defend the structure."

"Excellent. I have made aware you enjoy the top of the Thundercat statue. I believe that would serve as a good vantage point for you."

I mull it over for a moment, then I nod. "I could work."

"Good then. Cheetara, I want you to back him up."

His decision comes as a surprise to both of us. Though Cheetara seems more worried than shocked.

"But master, the clerics are supposed to stand by you. You will need us."

"I have other warriors Cheetara. I'm asking you to do this in case something does happen. Please."

Cheetara relents, but she doesn't seem happy about it. "Very well master."

"Alright. Both of you go. We will need everyone in their positions soon."

Both of us leave after that. I'm fairly certain Jaga goes to speak to Lion-O after that, but I have other things on my mind.

Such as how to make use of my station.

"I'm sorry."

Cheetara looks at me in surprise when I speak. The two of us had spent the last few minutes in silence. We had seen the rest of the warriors ride out to the front gates. We saw them go to battle, while the two of us are stuck on the roof.

"What for? It wasn't your decision for us to remain behind."

"True. But I am the person you were assigned to shadow. I should have guessed they would place you with me. I apologize for that."

"Don't. Really, don't." Cheetara sits down, crossing her legs and gazing to the distance. "This happens sometimes. Masters ordering their students to do things they don't want to do."

"Tell me about it," I say as I sit next to her. "I remember when my master ordered me to stay behind on some missions. He made sure to leave a few clones behind to make sure I stayed."


"Soldiers. Every Jedi had their squadron to lead. My master and I were assigned members from the 104th Batallion. They called themselves the Wolfpack."

Cheetara chuckles. "Did they name themselves after you?"

I grin. "Surprisingly, no. They chose the name before we met. Though a lot of people did assume that. It didn't help that the commander was also called Wolffe."


"I know. But believe me, I played no role in that."

The two of us chuckle over that before falling into a comfortable silence. We decide to spend our time watching the event.

Even from our distance, we can hear the gates open and the warriors exit the walls of the kingdom. We see them go to beat back their enemy. We see as... the lizards retreat almost immediately.

"That's not right."

Cheetara frowns. "What isn't?"

"Why would the lizards mount an attack if they wouldn't win? Why go to all the effort?"

"Perhaps it was desperation? It's no secret that the lizards hate the cats."

"If that were the case, they would have been willing to die for their cause. They wouldn't just surrender so soon."

"How do you know this?"

I stand up and look at Cheetara. "I fought in the Clone Wars. The only reason the droid army ever fell back was that they were defeated after a long battle, or they had another plan."

Her eyes narrowed. "Another plan?"

I look down beneath the statue. What I see confirms my suspicions.

There are lizards on the ground. They are all wearing armor that is different from those at the gates. It was more... advanced.

"You need to warn the others. There are lizards here."

Cheetara's eyes widen in shock. She looks down from the statues head to see the lizards on the castle grounds.

"I could reach them in time. But what about you?"

I pull my lightsaber hilt from my belt.

"I'm going to try and stop them. Just make sure the other's get the message.

Cheetara looks like she has a response to that, but I don't stay to hear it. Instead, I jump off of the statues head.

Maybe I should have been a bit more clear with what Cheetara should do. But I just focus on using the Force to cushion my fall. I won't be much use if I crush myself on arrival.

I land right in the center of a plaza. There are lizards all around me, but it takes them a moment to realize I am there. Once they do, I decide to follow the Jedi way. Give them a chance.

"Lizards, listen to me! I am Anubis, the apprentice of Jedi Master Plo Koon, and the captain of the Wolf Pack, a squadron of the 104th Battalion. Right now, you are all engaged in what can be described as an act of war. But if you lay down your arms, I promise to do everything in my power to address your plight. I only ask that you not resort to violence."

There is a long silence after that. Many of the lizards simply watch me, none of them making a sound. Until one of them does.

"Shoot the Dog! He's thrown his lot in with the Cats! Let hi get buried with them!"

They all aim their weapons at me. Somehow, they all have blasters.

Seems negotiation didn't work. Oh well, I tried.

I ignite my lightsaber. The yellow blade contrasts the dark night, making it easy for anyone to see it. It momentarily distracts the lizards, who clearly have never seen an energy sword before.

I use that distraction to my advantage.

I jump in front of a group of three lizards. With one swipe of my blade, I cut all of their blasters. And with one solid Force Push, I send them all into a nearby wall.

I can hear a shot behind me, so I turn around quickly. I use my blade to deflect the shot back to the lizards that fired. The poor soul falls down instantly.

I rather stout and ugly lizard yells at the rest. "Stop wasting time on the dog! Everyone, complete your assignment. Backup, kill the mutt!"

A few of the lizards run away. I would run after them, but there are more lizards that stay. All of those lizards fire at me.

I deflect as many as I can, taking a few lizards down. When the bolts stop being overwhelming, I move on to attacking them head-on. My master always said that Djem So always worked best with a direct approach.

I start tearing through blasters and lizards, making sure not to let myself get hit.

When more lizards start surrounding me, I make a split-second choice. I gather as much Force towards myself as I can. Then I expel it.

Dozens of lizards get shit towards the walls. Most are knocked out, but a few get back up.

The ones that do start screaming at the ones on the ground.

"Get up! It's one its way. We need to move!"

I question "it" is that they are talking about when the Force starts tingling in my mind. I turn around and see something in the sky that I had not expected to find on this planet.

A missile.

And it's headed right for the castle.

My work for tonight isn't over.

When Cheetara saw Anubis jump off the statues head, she was worried would get hurt. When she saw him land safely and proceed to give a speech to the lizards, she thought he had lost his mind. But now, seeing him hold his own against a small army of lizards armed with dangerous weapons, she realized that it was probably for the best that she not get in his way.

Cheetara began making her way to the gate. She had cats and a master to warn.

So the attack has begun. Anubis will now have to fight to protect his current place of standing. Maybe now he'll get some respect.

I got the idea for that last scene from Clone Wars. The season seven episode "Unfinished Business", with Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi. I did enjoy his little moment with the droids.

As for the fight itself, I got inspiration from the 2003 2D animated Clone Wars show. Lookup a character named Voolvif Monn. Check out the fight scene he had in the show. That will give you an idea of what I was going for. It will also just be a cool fight to watch.

(Genndy Tartakovsky is a national icon. You can't convince me otherwise.)

Anyway, the next chapter will focus almost exclusively on some action. That ought to be fun.

Until then, please leave reviews, tell me what you guys think, and I will see you all next time.